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Patch 1.4.1 News
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:31:25 am »
Similar to Patch 1.4 .0 News I wrote before.

Training Schools Open Around the World
In our age of Airships, concerns has been raised about the irregular instructions the Airship crews receive.

A dedicated school for training Airship crews had been proposed by several faction governments but never reached fruition, until last week.

A billionaire mercenary captain, Doctor of Engineering, Third Son of the Grand Duke Family of Fourth Fjordian Nobility, Grandson on the Mother' s side of the legendary Captain King Lear, Worshipper of Cog and Mog, Secretary of the Spanner - Mallet Brethren, a Member of the Grand Inquisition against Mallet - Spanner Heresy, Count Pegasus (He requested that his full title be published), have opened Airship Training Schools across the World.

Each School features a printing press, an elaborate obstacle course, a firing range, and a practice airship.At this school, one may obtain a printed copy of Evadne' s Reports and Wilson' s notes, detailing common airships and mounted weapons.

An enrolled student learns ways to sprint on a rickety airship, skills to fire mounted guns better, and tricks to move the ship better.

"It is my hope that my training schools can make better qualified airship crews," Mr.Pegasus said.

Chaladonian Retaliation on Anglea
A months ago, an Anglean raid on a secret Chaladonian gun powder refinery on a Fjordian coast raised further tension between the two technological factions.Several retaliatory skirmishes were reported on the Anglean borders, but a notable conflict occured last tuesday.

An Anglean manufactory, supplier of a key component in Heavy Clips, was razed.

It was reported that at 0500 hours, a dozen Chaladonian marked squid appeared North of the manufactory. They fired a high-payload Artemis missiles for three hours.

By the time Anglean military responded, the Chaladonian squids had disappeared and a heap of bent metals had replaced the manufactory.

"This is an aggression against every faction," Asger Ylfing, our correspondent in the Anglean Propaganda Ministry, "This manufactory was the only supplier of Ferromagnet that goes into Heavy Clips. Without Ferromagnets, Heavy Clip will be far, far less effective. This is a Chaladonian atrocity against all self-respecting gunners."

Heavy Clip is a popular ammunition among airship gunners due to its stabilizing ability, making every shot pin-point accurate. Without the ferromagnet, Heavy Clip is far less effective.

"It's a shame that ferromagnet was a closely guarded Anglean secret", said Liudong Zhong, a Yeshan engineer, "We've tried to make up for it, but its only a little more than 2/3 effective. Instead, we are trying to compensate by changing the guns."

New designs for Carronades and Hwachas will be available next Wednesday. It is highly recommended that the old guns get replaced with the new ones, which reduces the jitter of the guns.

News stories explaining Achievement Changes, Stamina, and Heavy Clip changes. I will write a few more, but I'm rather busy as it is AP Exam time in the high schools in America.

Thank you for reading  :)

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Re: Patch 1.4.1 News
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 03:26:05 pm »
Mind if I try one? An alternate take on engineer stamina

SCANDAL In Engineering Corps;
How Rampant Is Stimulant Use?

A new study has revealed shocking drug use among airship engineers. Doctor Leann Fullerton, the head of the research team, reported that its not a question of how man engineers use stimulants, but how often each one does.

"With new innovations in ship hardware," continued Fullerton, "the pressure has never been more focused on engineers. The use of stimulants is the only way for them to feel able to keep up."

While the long term affects of these stimulants is yet unknown the immediate is well documented. Ctamynaxproxin, or Stamina as its known is the most commonly used among engineers studied.

"Its amazing." Explained one anonymous swabbie. "A little injection before combat begins and its like I've got motors in my feet. I can run faster, and even jump higher. I kid you not, its like I'm flying."

There are of course drawbacks as he explained that the speed comes in bursts and after a few seconds he has to rest before he can zip along. Also there have been documented cases of these doped up engineers jumping too far and falling off airships.

While many are outraged, there are some pilots who encourage the use of Ctamynaxproxin among there engineers.

"We're in a war and sacrifices to health must be made." Angrily explained one grizzled pilot. "And if my engineers want to do their jobs more effectively why would I stop them? No one questions giving up a limb for the war, why the fuss about giving up a few brain cells?"

When asked whether he was worried about engineers falling off airships, he simply laughed, calling that "old news."

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Re: Patch 1.4.1 News
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2015, 07:11:45 pm »
I fucking love these!!! Keep it up!

Lemme give it a try (Its going to be terrible)

Harpoon productions are faulty!

These rarely made and installed piece of weaponary have re-shipped with missing pieces, however. Some individuals have found it to be better than the actual instalments.

"The harpoon no longer reels, but instead it hooks!
In order to reel, the person or guy on the harpoon needs to reach
in and pull a minor crank inside the harpoon to reel. This is great!
No longer is the harpoon a burden, instead i control the situation with my own ship!
Just crank some moonshine and pull the enemy ship with your own ship!
Too bad it is not good on my spire... But i found it a great way pulling condemned airships still afloat!"

-Masked spire pilot

As quoted from an anonymous spire pilot of the fjords. We do not encourage pouring moonshine in the engines, or using the faulty new instalments of the harpoon. But the factory that puts tools like the harpoon togheter consider having this faulty as their new blueprint.

"Our harpoons are, admitidly some of our least bought instalment.
But we persist and continue the production, each time making a new change.
But this one was accidental. We will try to work with this discovery."

-Director of harpoon creatives.

Hopefully our battling airships will soon get a FULLY functioning product. But for now, stay cautious.

God i suck at this.