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Short Guide to Picking the One Gun
« on: April 15, 2015, 12:59:48 pm »
Short Guide to Picking the One Gun
By Indreams

Most of us know gun pairs. Carro-Flame, Gat-Mortar, Hades-Flak, etc. etc. But it's a little difficult to chose a gun for that single slot. Like the back of the Galleon, front of the Junker, and all guns on a squid. You know, the guns that will often fight alone (unless with expert piloting).

This is another guide for relatively new Captains who wants to learn how to outfit that single gun slot.

Your Single Gun
Your single guns needs tho things: good arc and ability to hold its own. Arc is the guns turn. A good arc is a big arc. The ability to hold its own is the ability to excel in its job by itself. Mortar has a poor ability to hod its own because it cannot do much damage without the aid of an armor stripping (piercing) gun.
Your single gun must be able to cover a big arc and be able to hold its own. Big arc because it will usually be the only gun covering that side. Ability to hold its own is essential since it will usually not receive help from the other gun.

I have ranked a few recommended guns for the single slot loadout. I hope the following helps in choosing that one gun.

1.)Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower
The flamethrower has both good arc and ability to hold its own.
Horizontal arc of 60 degrees on both sides, 35 degrees up and down, are one of the largest gun arcs in the game. Furthermore, because flame particles expend, the real arc is even bigger.
Flamethrower's purpose is to set everything on fire. Well, it doesn't need any help with that (well, maybe a second flamethrower could help).

2.) Phobos Mine Launcher
I would have put this as the best single gun, but good gunners on a mine launcher is few and far between.
If you shoot it right, the Mine Launcher is the best gun in the game. If you can pop a mine right next to your enemy, you can wreck a massive hurricane of damage on the enemy. It comes with great arc (60 on each horizontal sides, 45 up, 15 down), and you don't need anything else to mine an enemy.
You know how great this gun is if you've ever faced a Munker.

3.) Artemis Light Rocket Launcher
Artemis has one of the longest range in the game (around 2000m) and one of the widest horizontal arc in the game (65 on each horizontal sides). With an accurate gunner, this gun can keep 3 to 4 enemy components disabled, by itself. Also, with its 125 direct explosive damage, it doubles as a flak once the armor is down.

4.) Barking Dog Light Carronades
Carronade is a solid gun. It is a little weak on the arc (55 horizontal on each sides, 35 up, only 15 down), but makes up with its buckshots. It's purpose is to pop balloons, which it can do by itself. If you put heavy rounds in it, it becomes a short range sniper (because all the buckshot/shotgun pellets gets concentrated to one point).
One draw back is, if you want a quick disable or quick balloon killing, the carronade will need some help, usually in form of the flamethrower.

5.) Whirlwind Light Gatling
Gatling gun is a decent on the arc (50 on each horizontal sides, 25 up and 50 down). It can strip armor very quickly, but that's about it. You'll want a mortar for the kill. You can snipe enemy guns, but flamethrower, artemis, and carronades are better. It's purpose is to kill, and it needs help to do that.

6.) Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
Really good arc (60 on each horizontal sides, 35 up and down), but not much else. It's a gun that's more effective with other guns, putting fires in enemy engineer's repair cycles and doubling as a weak flak once armor goes down.

7.) Javelin Light Harpoon Gun
Theoretically, its a good single gun. Good arc (60 on each side, 25 up and 40 down), with single purpose of 'pooning the enemy.
But its a broken gun with broken physics. Unreliable at best. You'd need a specific strategy that involves the harpoon to make this gun work.

Special.) Beacon Light Flare
Beacon Flare is not an offensive gun. So don't put it on the side you plan to attack with. Instead, put it in that one slot you won't use. With it's massive arc (best in the game with 80 on each horizontal sides, 50 up and down), it'll go where you want wherever you put it.
I've put it on that fourth slot of the pyramidion, and it can fire forwards.
Oh, in a pinch, you can use it as a long-ranged flamethrower. If you hit a component with flare, it'll immediately put 10 stacks of fire and bunch of lag on the enemy.

Guns You Should Never Use
These are the worst single guns. Don't put them in that single slot, ever!

Scylla Double-Barreled Mortar and Echidna Light Flak Cannon
These guns only work when you are seeing red, and you'll never see red firing this at enemy armor.

Hades Light Cannon
Poor arc (only 35 both horizontal sides, 40 up and 50 down). It also has arming time. It's not accurate or fast enough for reliable disables. It can strip hull, but can't touch the permahull. It's a great gun when paired with something else, but a bad gun by itself.

Mercury Field Gun
This gun is the worst gun you can put in the single gun slot. It has terrible arc (15 on sides, 15 up, 5 down). Put it on the slot that faces forward, with another gun. Don't put it on sides of goldfishes or back of galleons saying "Imma gonna mak' this side of dah ship dah snipa side!" It's just a terrible idea.

That Concludes the Short Guide to Picking the One Gun. Next up! Short Guide to Picking the One Ring to Rule Them All! :P