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Guns of Icarus Basic Engineer Tutorial
« on: April 10, 2015, 09:22:50 am »
Hello Everyone!

So today I decided to make a Engineer Tutorial! Spent ages making it, and I hope it helps some of you!

If you don't want to watch, you can read instead!

Hello everybody, my name is theteenagewizard and welcome to my guns of icarus engineer tutorial. In this tutorial we will be covering the best 3 tools to use as a engineer, what the role of an engineer is and also how to be a good engineer, so lets get right into it. The first thing we are going to do is select the engineer class by clicking on the wrench icon, and then press the character button. You should now have a screen that looks like this a bit like this.

As I discussed in my last video, when you select a class, which ever class you selected will enable you to have 3 pieces of equipment for that. As you can see here I have 1 piloting equipment, 3 engineering equipment and 1 gunning equipment and the reason for me having 3 engineering equipment is because I selected the engineer class. If you don't understand that, click on the screen now to visit my last video, where I explain the basics of many things.

For this video, we will be focusing on the section to the left, which is where you choose your items. The standard engineer class is normally like this ( Don't worry if you don't know what any of these things are, we will be breaking them down in a minuet): So, for the piloting equipment we will have a spyglass (This is the standard thing to have if you are a gunner or engineer, as other piloting equipment will not come in handy in most games ), for the engineering equipment we would have a wrench, then mallet and also a fire extinguisher, and lastly for the gunning equipment, well in fact that is the thing that depends on your ship and your captains tactic, but for now we will go for Lesmok.

So now we are in a practice match, which is just me in the lobby and we are going to be testing out some of these items. The first thing we have here is called a spy-glass. Its use is to spot enemy ships, so that your crew mates and in fact other ships will be able to see him. It will also help if he quickly dives behind a cloud, as you will roughly know where he is, until the cloud gets too thick, and the markers will disappear. Now moving on to the important things as an engineer. The first thing we have here is a wrench, if I go ahead and start destroying my ship, you will see that some of the things on my ship such as engines and guns will stop working. To fix this we need to hit it with an engineering item. For the class that I have here, it could either be the wrench or the mallet. If we test them out here, and by the way be are trying to fill this red circle with the gray, and we can see that if I hit it with a mallet, it repairs a little but, but with the wrench, it does a much better job. This is called rebuilding and you will need to rebuild an item on your ship, such as the hull armour, balloon, guns and engines, when it gets destroyed by the enemy, which will be appending allot in battle.

The second item here is called a spanner, and its job is to fix the item. As we saw earlier, it's not very good at rebuilding things, so what is it good at. Once we have rebuilt something, you will be able to see a health bar, if the health bar is full then it is fully repaired, if it is near the left side of the bar then it has low health, and wont work properly. To fix this we could try hitting it with a spanner, but that does hardly anything to the health. But if we hit it with a mallet, we can see that it's health increases a ton, but then it does have a cool down, where you can't do anything to the gun. The spanner doesn't have a very long cooldown, so if an item only needs to be repaired a little bit, then a spanner would be a good choice.

The last item is a fire extinguisher. When an item is on fire it will have a number from 1 to 20. 20 is the worst, and will most likely destroy the item in a couple of seconds, the least is 1 which wont damage the item to much. The fire extinguisher can put out a fire with any of these numbers, but it can't prevent a fire in the first place. That is the job of a chem spray which we will get to in another tutorial.

Now moving on to how to be a good engineer. You will need to know the importance of items around your ship, so that you don't repair and engine before repairing the hull armour! Here is my list of priority: The first thing to repair on your ship would be the hull armour, then the balloon, then the main gun, then the engines, then the other guns. Most ships, will have a main gun that the gunner is on, try to keep that one always up and running. The hull armour protects your ship, and stops you from dyeing, the balloon keeps you in the air and then the engines allow you to turn, and move forward and backwards.

Another few things that will make you a better engineer are to use the right items for the right job! Use a spanner to rebuild, and a wrench to fix! If the other engineer on your ship is going to hit something after the cool-down, don't wait with him. I have seen so many times 2 engineers both waiting for the same items cool down to finish, so that they can hit it first. And the last tip I have is to make a routine. If you are the main engineer, your job will be to stay on the main deck and normally to fix the hull, balloon and engines ( Unless you are on the pyramidion, for reasons that we will get to in my pyramidon tutorial later on )

I think that that brings an end to this video, if you think I've missed something, please leave it in the comments below. Don't forget to check out my other videos in the Guns of Icarus tutorials playlist, and don't forget to like and subscribe. I will see you on my next video, goodbye.

Thanks for reading!  :) :)