Author Topic: Guns of Icarus Minotaur Guide  (Read 14715 times)

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Guns of Icarus Minotaur Guide
« on: April 12, 2015, 09:04:49 am »
Hello Everyone!

So I made a Minotaur Guide and Review YouTube video, explaining things like the best ammos, good tactics and also how to do things like turn the enemy ship around.

Script: (If you don't want to watch!)
Hello everyone, my name is the teenage wizard and today we are going to be looking at the Minotaur Heavy Cannon. This
weapon is a support weapon, so if you just had a ship full of Minotaurs, it wouldn't be able to destroy ships. When an
enemy gets hit by this, they will be pushed backwards, which could throwe the gunners of aim, or make the pilot crash. If
you waited for the right moment, you could even use the Minotaur to prevent a ram, by blasting them backwards and
decreasing their speed dramatically.

If you are trying to spin the enemy ship, the best thing to do is try to aim at the furthest point from its center of mass,
as this will add more spin to the ship. Also raw damage will not affect the size of the knock back or spin, so there is no
use loading Charged Rounds or to buff the Minotaur if your aim is to knock the other this back.

Because the Minotaur has Shatter damage, it can be very effective to snipe out things like Guns and engines if you load the
ammunition Heavy Clip. When the enemy is up close, you could load Charged rounds, as this gives it the most damage, but it
isn't to be used for long range, because of the bullet spread which is why we would use heavy clip to counter that at

Like I said, the Minotaur Heavy Cannon is a support gun. It can be used defensively by pushing enemies away, or but turning
their ship, or offensivly by disabling weapons and engines and pushing the enemy out of the way.
Most of the time you can find the Minotaur with the Hades and the Light Flak or the Hades and the Heavy Flak. This means
that it isn't commonly seen on Goldfishes, as it only has one front facing gun heavy gun space. This means that it is
normally equiped on Spires and Galleons.
Becuase the Minotaur has a moderate armour piercing damage, it works well if you combine it with the Hades or Gatling Gun
and then a kill weapon to finish of the ship, such as a Mortar or Banshee.
The two most commonly used ammunitions for the Minotaur are:

Heavy Clip
Reduces recoil ritter
Lower damage per section
Clip size reduced from 4 to 3 shots.

This means that if you were sniping another ship with the Minotaur, you would load Heavy Clip to to reduce the bullet
spread and to increase the accuracy.

Greased Rounds
Maximized DPS, and force applied per sec.
Clip size increased from 4 to 5 shots.

If your up close, this would be the best ammunition choice, as it has high damage and also it has a bigger clip size.
Overall the Minotaur is a good weapon to have on a ship such as the Galleon, as it is a support weapon and might not be
effective if it doesn't have another Heavy Gun on the ship. If you used the right tactic and the right ship, you could use
the Minotaur to dominate the enemy, so I would say this is a good gun to load onto ships like Galleons and Spires.

I think that that brings an end to this Minotaur guide, if you think I missed something, please leave it in the comments.
If this video helped you in anyway or you liked it please press the like button and also don't forget to subscribe for
more. I will see you on my next video, goodbye!

Thanks for reading!  ;) :)

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Re: Guns of Icarus Minotaur Guide
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 09:27:55 pm »
Due to the slow velocity, lesmok is the primary choice for fast moving flanking ships or fast maneuvering.

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Re: Guns of Icarus Minotaur Guide
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2015, 01:49:03 pm »
With the recent nerf to heavy and the past nerf to the mino the current mino gun is all but useless.

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Re: Guns of Icarus Minotaur Guide
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2015, 05:26:25 pm »
It has its place, be that a very small place. I have my gunner bring lesmok, heavy, and incend. Lesmok for fast ships or long range. Heavy for non-moving targets. Incend for close range combat just to add some fire (15 chances to add a stack), and because normally you don't want to shoot the other ship more than twice at close range.

Damage modification ammo is, of course, pointless.