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VIP Match Week 17!!
« on: March 15, 2015, 11:31:52 pm »
Week 17
Hosted and Reffed By KitKatKitty and MacBernick

KitKatKitty and MacBernick will be hosting and reffing a VIP Lobby every Friday night from 9pm-11pm EDT (1am-3am UTC). Currently a variety of casters from Heldigris, Portable Grump and others will be casting these events every week. These are fun open community matches. There are no formal sign ups since there is no roster but leaving a comment if you can join is always appreciated. Come in for 1 match or stay for the whole 2 hours. Come with your clan, your friends or just yourself.

     Tropo and Richard LeMoon started this game mode just about a year ago but the community is always trying to make it the best that it can be. Posted will be the current rules for the VIP matches. We would like to know the opinions of the community that played during the matches tonight. What you guys liked and what may help improve it.


- A 3v3 played in any of the King of the Hill or Crazy King maps.
No capturing of the point, you ruin the whole game and the lobby has to be re-made.
Penalty for capturing the point: 1 VIP death granted to the other team per 100 points captured. (This is special to Desert Scrap)

- 1 Ship on each team will have a name of VIP.
       - This is the top most ship in each column.
       - The Ship must have VIP in the beginning most part of their name. (Ex. VIPineapple, VIP Pineapple, -VIP- Pineapple, etc)
- 30 minutes per match.
- 2 ways to win: 1) 4 Kills on the enemies VIP ship
                           2) Sweep Win: The VIP ship kills the enemy VIP two times and the other 2 ships - one time each. Making a total of 4 kills.
- Most wins at the end of 30 minutes takes the match.
- In the case of a tie there will be a sudden death in which the first side to kill the enemies VIP ship wins.
- 1-2 player as referee in spectate: keeps track of time and kills.
- Once the winner is declared the losing teams MUST surrender the match.
- No Pauses allowed.

Video archives:,5324.msg87469.html#msg87469

Twitch Channels:

You can see all the video's from the previous weeks posted in the comment section on each week.

Thanks to following, but not excluding, any names left out: Muse, Imagine, KitKatKitty, Richard LeMoon, Macbernick, Mr. Lambert, Heldigris, Ayetach, Ramjamslam, Celti, Portable Grump and especially Nietzsches Mustache.

Very special thanks to Imagine, there is no way this event would have stayed this smooth with out your amazing work.
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Re: VIP Match Week 17!!
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2015, 12:41:37 pm »
Just a note that came up last week. We strongly encourage teams and even crews to not 'clan up' during these matches. The most fun games have been the ones with crews mixed from clans and freemen from across the board, former crewmates now facing each other across the purple line. It is a lot harder to get mad at the enemy when you know it was your clan's gunner that just took you out.

Also, don't try to avoid the shuffle. Let it happen, unless teams get obviously over stacked. Each match should be fresh and new.