Author Topic: Making the most of matchmaking / Another gamemode possibility?  (Read 1214 times)

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So I have been out of GoI for several months because my desktop imploded for various reasons leaving me with a laptop that strained to run the game. Luckily it seems optimization has improved and I have been able to get back online this past week and should have another desktop by the end of the month. I am thrilled to see the number of improvements over the years and congratulate the devs and community for keeping at it.

To try and catch up I have been browsing the forum to see what is in store for 2013, and between exploring the new features today and seeing what sort of suggestions everyone is making I would like to toss in my own two cents at a possibility of making the current gameplay more dynamic/competitive.

I am stripping this idea a bit from Tom Clancy's End War because I honestly thought the ranked matchmaking system they had was a fresh experience even if the gameplay was not up to expectations.

- Now before I begin I realize there is a lot of planning going into development of an entire adventure mode. I am not up to date on that quite yet but am simply thinking of a way to maximize what has already been developed to add another option of online pay while we are waiting for more developments down the road! -

The basic idea is that you would belong to one of two or three factions in a ranked matchmaking system. Every week depending on the layout of maps players would choose to play in whatever maps were open to them and after a certain amount of time the overall number of wins/losses from all of the matches would be counted and whatever faction had the most victories would 'capture' the map. The next week a new map would be opened to fight over.

Basically instead of fighting for the red team or blue team you would be locked into fighting for an actual team, the gameplay and map objectives would not have to be changed at all. The campaign would be over after one team has captured or won a total victory on all of the maps. It would then start over from the beginning with a fresh start.

If you want to get real technical then you could discuss a separate ranking system for the game mode where players start with a Spire and no equipment maybe one or two gun options and a one basic item. Winning matches would give you points to unlock the ships, guns, and items available to us already in general matchmaking.

At the least something like this could create a fresh dynamic and a sense of factional pride as we wait for the Adventure mode to come about. I am short on time and will revisit this post this evening but feel free to discuss!