Author Topic: "The Cogs" Week 2 - Brackets  (Read 1588 times)

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"The Cogs" Week 2 - Brackets
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:21:02 pm »
It's that time again! Actually, it's several hours past that time again, but hey. I overslept. I really should prepare these in advance... But alas, I am very, very bad at this.

Anyway, let's get straight into things. Here are the matchups for Week 2. (Click to enlarge)

Match 1 sees two community favorites duking it out for the right to rule. On one side stand The Paddling, who have valiantly fought against the best and brightest competitive teams since the Fjords tournament to prove their dominance. They recently overcame the overwhelming aggression of Merry Northern Storm to emerge victorious and now they're sitting the pretty in the Champion Cog. On the other are the upstarts, The Pastafarians. The versatile upcomers who have ascended through The Cogs rapidly, defeating two veteran teams in as many weeks. With two victories and zero losses on either side, two legendary teams cross paths this week, and only one will emerge undefeated. As the teams journey to the bitter wastes of the Northern Fjords for this showdown of showdowns, one thing is clear: Anything could happen here.

Match 2 sees the return of those paragons of class, The Gentlemen! Sent to the drop spot after their defeat in Week 0, it's clear that the most dapper of crews isn't about to throw in the towel and concede their change to get back into the Champion Cog... But what's this? The sound of vague quacking? Oh no. No, the Ducks are back, and this time they've brought a whole new roster to play. The Raft are the latest collection of aquatic squawkers to set their avian aeronautics on the top spot. From what we've seen so far, they could well do it too. And so it continues: That most epic of encounters between the Ducks and the Gentlemen. Where else but Battle on the Dunes would be worthy of such a conflict I ask you? Where the dust devils rise high and scatter airships and crew to the arid winds, these two natural enemies shall meet once more to determine which of them most deserves the title of "Challenger".

In Match 3 we'll see the newly reaffiliated Corvus Marauders providing sport for ex-sister team Murder of Crows. With the might of Corvus sorely tested by the strong competition of the newer teams set stern against the untested and unconventional style of the Crows, both teams have a lot to prove... And proving they will do as they descend into the sun-splattered rock outcroppings of Canyon Ambush. With nothing to lose, we can expect some crazy stuff to be thrown out from both teams... I'm looking forward to it.

And that's Week 2. All of the action will be streamed live on Twitch alongside the usual commentary, mockery and post-Cogs community chat.

Goodbye and good luck. Stay safe out there.