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The Dev App Testing Board Standards and Guidelines
« on: July 15, 2014, 01:08:12 pm »
Welcome to the Dev App Testing Board.

This is the fast lane to the heart of development.  You're looking at the birth place of great and terrible ideas. We'll test things from pet projects to major game overhauls in the Dev App and we want your input.
I do not want to understate how this is the inner-sanctum. Welcome to Trinity Site, New Mexico.
We will use this forum to give information and organizing testing of features we want looked at. You will see items in the barest state and items on their way out the door, but if we ask for feedback, that means changes can be made.
Every comment made on these threads will be given the utmost consideration and reflection.

You will not be able to create threads in this board.  This board is very specifically for features we want tested and the meticulous feedback you have for us. If you would like to openly discuss what you see please head here.

Guidelines in the Dev App
-Do Not Argue Balance While Playing
The numbers aren't going to change while you're in the sky so your best bet is to play as much as you can as hard as you can and then leave your thoughts on the forum after you are done.
This does not mean you can't discuss strategy and things you want to try out, but complaining about a weapon as overpowered will do nothing while you're trying to test.

-Seriously, Do Not Argue Balance While Playing
We're here to test. Answering voice and text messages while trying to avoid gunfire is hard and distracting to what we really need to do which is try out the weapons, ships, and maps. We're available to listen 24/7 on the forum and through, but while we're in the sky in the Dev App it's test time.

-Communication is Key
Mics are not required, but please work together and try your hardest to accommodate everyone. If players wanted completely silent automatons they'd use bots.

-Everyone's a Winner
Good sportsmanship is key everywhere, but remember effective testing is good for everyone even if you're the guy shot by the temporarily overpowered gun. Don't worry about losing because the rules are made up and the points don't matter beyond testing purposes.

Important Notes
There are some important things to remember when posting:
  • All features and changes are not in their final form (unless stated.) This means treat them as something malleable with solid feedback we are happy to look at and change the things you are seeing.
  • We do not have an issue with players disagreeing with us, but you must include feedback and reasoning. If you can do that for us, we'll do the same for you. (this way we can avoid "you're wrong" being the start and end to disagreements.)
  • The more testing that happens, the better the next patch is. We will do everything we can to organize testing, but any and all testing is appreciated and improves the game.
  • It is an honor for us to have you test for us, but it is also a privilege you earn by treating testing and feedback with respect.
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