Author Topic: Clans - Trainee Divisions and Oficers  (Read 485 times)

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Clans - Trainee Divisions and Oficers
« on: July 01, 2014, 02:04:56 pm »
Hi there again. Lately voices can be heard about dealing with new and unexperienced players. Well, for those unwilling to cooperate (or even communicate) we can't do much. But for those willing - we can. My idea is that each clan may have a Trainee Division - a clan within a clan (yo dawg) for the, duh, trainees, unexperienced people who are willing to learn and this clan has decided to take them under their wings. Only people assigned by the clan leader would be able to have a look into the Division and there would be some limit to decide who is yet a trainee (on one hand a clan itself could decide it, but I think lvl4 or 5 in any class is a good enough limit). What is important - the trainees would be encouraged to join the clan but they wouldn't be forced (I even have an idea that they clan-tags wouldn't show, instead of that capital T for Trainee, because they're not officialy in the clan). There are many people that are intelligent and willing to cooperate but they are just lot at the start, so this could give them means to become better and finally show up on DevMatch ;)

Second idea is to bring ranks to the clans, but ranks that actually mean something - Oficers. I suggest three degrees: 1st Oficer, 2nd and 3rd where 1st is the most important and 3rd the least, and of course they may be multiple Oficers of each kind. Each of them would have different amount of power in the clan, and that amount should be decided by clan leader. For example 3rd oficers can only invite people to clan, 2nd oficers can also kick people out of clan and 1st oficers can also change messages on board. Depending on the clan, this may differ (for example in an elite clan with a few people recruiting members can be reserved to the highest oficer). This is how I would see it:
(of course other oficers below)
I especially added promoting, because it's also should be up to clan leader (of course oficers can only promote people to one lvl below themselves, meaning 3rd oficer cannot promote nobody, 2nd oficer can make someone 3rd oficer etc., 1st oficers are only promoted by clan leader). Function descryption is a made by clan leader message what such rank means (both responsibilities and power) and it should be availible for everyone in the clan. I'm really curious what will show up in clan overhaul that Muse is promising for some time :)