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Two in One
« on: March 02, 2014, 01:12:00 am »
The sun was down, and our ships were up. I was flying with my crew on a pyramidion, and our ally, a goldfish. In front of us was a badly damaged (by the goldfish) mobula. My captain knew as well as I what had to be done, for the guns were destroyed beyond repair. He released a gallon of moonshine into the engine fuel container and put the throttle on full speed. We charged foward into the front of the mobula, but instead something very different happened. Suddenly a squid was suspended in the air in front of us. What was done was done and it was too late to pull out. By the time we crashed into the side of the squid, I had my mortar repaired, and my partner nearly had her gatling fixed. As soon as our front metal beam touched the side of the opposing squid, it bounced away in the direction of the mobula then vaporized into a shower of scrap parts. I yelled to my partner to be ready to fire on the mobula until I realized something completely incredible. Among the scrap parts of the squid were also the shrapnel of the opposing mobula. The squid had bounced into the badly damaged mobula and destroyed it entirely.

Just like that, the destruction of one ship led to the destruction of another. The pyramidion I was on lived up to its title as the HMS Invincible.