Author Topic: Musings of a freightor captain  (Read 2551 times)

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Musings of a freightor captain
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:27:56 pm »
Seems the hunters have forgotten that the Helrich Versorger is fit to brawl Pyramidion class war decks.  I know the bounties stack in states we no longer serve but it's not like we don't fly alone.  The Ramming Rabbit remains a constant view off our starboard and she's a brawler too.  In any event, these Mobula class war decks seem to pop up more often than ever and they are oft backed by pyras or galleons.  Never lost a brawl with a galleon yet even with a full cargo and Mobs don't concern me either.  It's when we run into two pyras is when things get tense, but we tend to pull through.  Lost a few good engineers a couple weeks ago to a ramming charge so a new hire may be in the works.  Having to pay rediculous ammounts for an engi that we find on the docks to find out they can't overdrive a gun or put out a fire really grinds my gears...

Anyway, the usual crew undocked and we set course towards the ruins, fastes route after all.  Someone sold us off because as we pulled over the ruins we saw two pyras rise up out of the rubble as fog rolled past.  We hoped they didn't see us as we crawled our engines and sank.  We skirted nearly aground to avoid detection.  I had a feeling something was wrong though.  You never really notice how loud a Junker class freightor is until you're trying to keep hush.

The flare came under the balloon and nearly hit me in the face as it exploded 20 yard off sttarbaord beam.  I called out, "Fire it up!  Port guns, overdrive the engines, i seneing!  The Rabbit stayed low and circled around a building ahead.  We rose up on full ahead as we saw the enemy pyra ram the rabbit.  I turned the engines full astern and swung hard starboard.  As soon as my port guns could bear they fired hard.  The rabbit flew out full ahead and turned her front guns on the pyra.  We got a good kill shot on the engine and watched as it's ramming head crashed into the building.  We got high enough and skirted over the Pyra.  We came around into a tight spot between two buildings and that's when the other Pyra came down behind us.

Sophia looked at me, her Rabbit was nearly bones and I made the call.  "Runner formation!  We need to go.  Neers on engines, I've got balloon, full ahead and carasene.  The rabbit turned hard.port and faced her front guns at our persuers.  She ran backwards at full and her gunners fired flak on the enemy decks as her gattling tapped of to assist.  We manage our out, but we lost some good crew...