Author Topic: Harsh trip over Firnfield  (Read 2371 times)

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Harsh trip over Firnfield
« on: January 21, 2014, 02:05:54 am »
We undocked the E.S. Gerwaltiger Top today.  The cargo was fresh grains, pork, salt brine, and a heavy load of Gold and other various precious metals.  As always, I enlisted my most trustworthy contract help in a Pyramidion pilot that goes by the name of Sophia Slam.  We set out and slowed our approach over Firnfield.  I decided to lob a flare into the clouds and caught a silhouette of a Galleon.  We waited to see what would happen from there.

We heard the shot ring out from it's Merc and Sophia and her crew led the charge.  She went full ahead in ramming formation as we drew our Junker a curved line to bring our port side guns into baring.  Out of the cloud flew a massive Mobula.  These ships were fitted to the teeth as the shots rang out.  My gunners got on point as Sophia slammed her Pyramidion into the Galleon.  We drew in under the Mobula and focused our fire on the Galleon.  We drew our port side within range and the Gatling rang out followed by the tempo of our flack cannon.  Unfortunately we made the mistake of drawing our port side pass with the Galleons Port side.  Three Manticores fired of at the same time.  I watched the Lion heads lurch back from the shot and our cabby called out, "Grains out!  Grains out!"  "A weeks worth of food..." I thought as I saw the grain falling from the "Tod".

I looked up to try and spot the Ramming Rabbit.  I couldn't spot her as she had drawn under my Junker and to my stern.  I swung my ship and dropped our altitude and saw the Pyramidion rise up a foot from our starboard side.  She was on point today, I'll give her that.    Our engineer surprised me.  I saw him climbing our balloon in frantic bid to repair the damage.  Not usually that brave but the payout on this one was our biggest yet even with the lost grain.  Sophia turned the Ramming Rabbit and barreled in toward the Galleon again with her forward gatlings firing as she drove into the galleon.  I turned for another port side pass as the Mobula rose up behind me and began firing.  It's Mercury would knock a hose off our engine, luckily we had enough momentum to move in range.  The Ramming Rabbit turned her front gattlings on the Galleon, now frantically trying to escape, and my gunners opened up.  It wasn't long before we sank that vessel and turned on the Mobula.  The Mobula would turn her engines full astern and fire in exit.  We were faster though.  Sophia dropped her altitude as we fired flares onto the deck and she rose up behind the Mobula and drove in her back.  We turned our starboard guns on ship and fired relentlessly.  She sank in fire and regret...

So, drinks all around.  We were victorious in spoils and in war.  Firnfield claims two more boats!
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