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ideas for new items
« on: March 22, 2013, 04:20:27 am »
ITEM: Whale Singer
first of all i dont know why i choose the name Whale Singer, i think it had to do something with sonar.
This item wont give you the full position of the enemy ship, it does only give you the direction of a enemy ship that is in the range of 7 blocks.
the whale singer is based on the aliens movement indicator item.
but the whale singer doesnt pinpoint the enemy, it only shows the direction of the enemy.
the enemy can still hide behind enviroment to avoid detection of the whale singer, this makes it fair for the enemy to still get that effect of surprise.
the whale singer works as a sonar and send a ping when you left click, the ping will return in a different volume.
as you can guess, if the ping is a loud ping then you are facing the direction of the enemy ship, if the ping is a soft ping then your not searching good enough or the enemy is smart enough to hide behind enviroment, if you hear no ping then your deaf or not left clicking because you always hear a returning ping.
clouds and sandstorm will disturb the ping and make the returning ping a little bite softer, so if there is a enemy beind or in a cloud/sandstorm then the returning ping wont be as loud as you useually get when getting a returning ping from a ship that is in the open field.

if the enemy is being pinged, they will also hear a ping with the volume equal to the returning ping of the source ship.