Author Topic: PILOTING and PILOT SKILLS Balance v1.3.2  (Read 9514 times)

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Re: PILOTING and PILOT SKILLS Balance v1.3.2
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2013, 07:01:44 pm »
I still think all carronade weapons are way too good. Not for component braking BUT FOR ARMOR BRAKING AND HEALTH AND THEN KILLING...

But thats not this thread is about.

The chute vent nerf does NOT make sense because it still does not combat a lockdown. What if 2 ships have carronades and they lock down each ship until their demise? Where is the friend there?
Drougue chute honestly still needs a buff to combat being taken out baloon wise because it does not keep the ship on level, and if it keeps itself on a certain speed going down, it is the easier target for lumberjack/Carronades to hit.   As a spire flier, with hwacha, i combated a blenderfish by not using drogue chute, to go faster down, and keep going down so the arc of the carronade does not reach me. Until my baloon as repaired to a decent ammount of health for me to use hydrogin, i bosted my self up enough for the hwacha to disable the carronade.