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28th August Update & Report
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:23:57 am »

    The 28th of August has been my personal deadline for the guide, and while I haven't kept my promise of being done with it yet there are still some hours to go for me today :P To clarify, I will largely be quitting GoIO for the next 3-4 months due to personal reasons, and while I will still be able to work on GoIO related things (for at least 2-3 hours a day I reckon, starting with the 6th of September), I won't be able to manage the same amount of work. That's why I've been pumping out guides these days. It was my aim to get the skeleton of the guide largely done until the 28th, and I think we've come very close to it. This will allow us or me or anyone who feels up to it to just update and add to the base now, which is a much less timetaking process. Jus to clarify, we are not done yet. But we're quite close.

    Our loosely tied team consists currently of James T. Kirk as proofreader and corrector, Echoez for weaponry, ClassyTitan for guide graphics, N-Sunderland for everything engineering related,  and myself for putting it all together and writing everything up I have some knowledge of.

    People that are further advising me/us in the creation of the guide, or people that have helped it along are: Queso, Fluitaire, RainerZuFall, GearsW, TimTimLaBaguette, Cullen, Keyvias, Bubbles, Clara Skyborne, Wazulu, Lord Dick Tim, Skrimskraw, HamsterIV, Captain Smollett,  DMaximus, Pickle,  Piemanlives, timmymonsta, Prof. Giles Percy, Gilder Unfettered, Keon, Shinkurex, Swallow, QKQ, Calico Jack, Tropo, YoloSwagJesus, Sprayer

    The names are not listed in any particular order, but in the order I remembered them or found them on the guide related topics / PMs now. If I forgot someone, please tell me!

    Closing the old Progress and Workload Distribution thread, I'm listing the table of contents of the Google Doc I'm using to work on the guide:

Text & Pictures written and/or available
Double checked and finished (this includes having been released to the Public for Feedback - that means all of you.)

The document will be released for public feedback when we've made sure it looks somewhat proper and has a base for constructive criticisim. If I released it now, you'd all be giving me advice on how to improve my english grammar, and while I'd be very grateful for that, we wouldn't be looking for that :P If anyone really wants to have a look and can't wait some more time, or wants to add content to a part or help out with writing - shoot me a PM, and you'll be more than welcome aboard.

Content status: We've got nearly everything in and detailed we want. Only Maps and Achievements don't have any or little detail yet.
Layout: Nothing has been done here yet, other than a Guns of Icarus picture in the Header of the Google doc.

  • Guns of Icarus Online
    • Developers
    • Community
    • Features
  • How to get started
    • Requirements
    • Buying the Game...
    • ...and creating an Account
Your first look at GoIO - The Main Screen - Overview
  • 1. Options
  • 2. Social
  • 3. Progress
  • 4. Ship
  • 5. Character
  • 6. Store
  • 7. Notifications
  • 8. Ariadne Zeals Aeronautical Handbook
  • 9. FAQ
  • 11. Party
  • 12. Quick Join
  • 13. Matches
  • 14. Form Crew
  • 16. Tutorials
  • 17. Exit Game
  • 18. The Chatbox
  • 19. Player Count and Credits
  • Quickstart Step 1: Choosing a role and it’s loadout
  • Quickstart Step 2: Choosing your loadout
  • Quickstart Step 3 /4: Playing the tutorials / Joining a match
  • Step 3: Play the Engineer Tutorial!
  • Step 4: Ask in the chat for a match or join one in the match list!

Gameplay Details

  • Role: Gunner
    • Gunner: Selecting your Loadout
    • Gunners Loadout: Ammunition
      • Heavy Clip
      • Incendiary Rounds
      • Lesmok Rounds
      • Heatsink Clip
      • Lochnagar Shot
      • Burst Rounds
      • Charged Rounds
      • Greased Rounds
    • Gunnery Tips Collection

Role: Engineer
  • Selecting your Engineers Loadout
  • Engineer Basics: Why, when and how to repair
    • Repairing
    • Rebuilding
    • Extinguishing
    • Buffing
  • Engineering: Repair priorities
  • Engineers Loadout: Repair Tools
    • Shifting Spanner
    • Rubber Mallet
    • Pipe Wrench
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • DynaBuff Industries Kit
    • Chemical Spray
    • Engineering Tips

Role: Pilot
  • Pilot: Selecting your Loadout
  • Pilot: Selecting and outfitting your Ship
  • Pilot: How to fly
  • Pilot: How to use Pilot tools effectively
  • Pilot’s Loadout: Pilot tools
    • Hydrogen
    • Chute Vent
    • Kerosene
    • Moonshine
    • Phoenix Claw
    • Spyglass
    • Impact Bumpers
    • Tar Barrel
    • Drogue Chute

Ships: Basics
  • Ships: Parts & Components
    • Helm
    • Guns
    • Hull Armor & Hull Health
    • Engines
  • Ships: Overview
    • The Goldfish in detail
    • The Spire in detail
    • The Junker in detail
    • The Galleon in detail
    • The Pyramidion in detail
    • The Mobula in detail
    • The Squid in detail

  • Weaponry: Basics
  • Weaponry in Detail
    • Weaponry: Armor Piercing
      • Whirlwind Light Gatling Gun
      • Mercury Light Field Gun
    • Weaponry: Explosive Finishers
      • Scylla Double Barrel Mortar
      • Echidna Light Flak
      • Typhoon Heavy Flak Cannon
    • Weaponry: Disablers
      • Artemis Rocket Launcher
      • Manticore Heavy Hwacha
      • Barking Dog Light Carronade
      • Heavy Double Carronade
      • Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
    • Weaponry: Utility
      • Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
      • Beacon Light Flare Gun
      • Phobos Mine Launcher
      • Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower

Sections that have not been touched/created yet:

Texts and guides that will provide contents for sections or be sections of their own, or parts of the guide that are in other places as of now:
Hamsters Piloting Guide by HamsterIV
Gunnery for dummies v1.3 - A beginner's guide to the common weaponry by Echoez
Parkour Content by N-Sunderland
Clans by N-Sunderland
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Re: 28th August Update & Report
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2013, 04:13:55 pm »
Kyren come back...You can blame it all on meetta! <---It's a song by the way...

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Re: 28th August Update & Report
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2013, 07:49:11 pm »
Everybody give Kyren a salute. How does he not have more? This guy is pretty much the most deserving of salutes of anybody in the game, except maybe the devs.

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Re: 28th August Update & Report
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2013, 06:08:01 am »
Wow thats one hell of a feat you guys have pulled off. My hat off to all of you, and especially Kyren. Good luck on your future endeavours man.

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Re: 28th August Update & Report
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2013, 07:20:50 pm »
Did you want me to do something on the squid? Wasn't clear on that I'd actually be adding something for it.