Author Topic: Looking for a clan.  (Read 3750 times)

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Looking for a clan.
« on: June 05, 2014, 09:00:05 am »
Hi guys.

I'm looking for a clan to join.

Preferably a Dutch or English speaking clan EU based.

What I'm looking for in a clan.
Active, social, playing for the win but most of all for fun, not to many activity demands, when player level allows event ambitions and a place to learn the game.

I usually play three to four nights a week. Midday and or evening hours cet.
I have a level 3 Pilot, level 3 Gunner and level 4 Engineer.
Not yet familiar with what ammo to use on what gun or all ship layouts, can use some help with that.

If you have a clan that meets my wishes and are recruiting, please contact me.

 With kind regards

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Re: Looking for a clan.
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 09:59:52 am »
in general there are 3 diffrent types  of clans you can join.

the full on casual, which plays together losely to have fun and not interested in the competitive scene.
These clans are often disorganized and there is no ability to move up in the organization or into the competitive scene.

the casual clan with a competitive team, which has a casual group of players that enjoy playing together, but also has a competitive team that usually thrives to have fun and are part of the better skilled player group in this game.
these clans are semi organized, meaning that the casual part of the clan draws benefits from the competitive part of the clan, that more than often are willing to teach and train lesser skilled players. There are for the most part room to go into competitive play or become one of the clans organizers, this however requires that the clan needs it.

then there is the full on competitive clan.
they are highly organized and excist in this game for one reason: playing competitively.
Currently this means saturdays and sundays playing from around 7pm-1am CET.
They recruit players for the reason of them playing competitively, which means they put a lot of effort into teaching their players about their tactics etc.

One thing that cannot be said about clans in general are the way they interact with eachother.
Some clans might be tight and brotherhoodly, others might be loose and welcome a broad variety of players, with no intention of having to be friends with everyone in it.

My biggest suggestion is that you scout around, and look for people you enjoy playing with. Then join their clan if you feel like it is a nice group of people, be it competitive or non competitive.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Looking for a clan.
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2014, 10:30:31 am »
Hello there good sir! I come to you with an invitation to my clan, The Art of Warfare, As Skrim said there are multiple types of clan, we find a nice point in the middle! We have 2 teams, our competitive team and our casual group of about 16 (europe) and 40 members across all continents! We have structure and organized meetups where we play together and have a good time, everyone is accepted and is instantly taken in as part of our massive community (forgot to mention 2.5k members across all games), we have a website and teamspeak server open to use for all our members.

Our clan is structured with a chain of command going from the new recruits, to their personal contacts (drill instructors) who contact the staff officers (me!) who report to the commanding officers and from there we have other commanders of the corps, the army, and finally the Commander in Chief! Anyway, if you feel interested in joining us and our community head on over to and make an account, I check the onboarding daily so you shoudl get a reply to your application with haste! Anyway, best of luck in the skies and I hope to see you soon!