Author Topic: Do Javelin Light harpoon guns need something to make them more useful?  (Read 1132 times)

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I haven't played Guns Of Icarus Online for very long but one thing i have noticed is your see many different weapons on the ships but one you almost never see is the Javelin Light Harpoon gun. Honestly i have a feeling this is cause it is next to useless. There are so many other guns that are much better that people use. Yes it does lots of hull damage and can pull ships towards you but it does not do crazy amounts of hull damage and the pull does not do a whole lot. What i am suggesting(there are probably better ideas) is to make it so when the javelin hooks onto another ship you can then send small explosives down the rope that do damage. You would be able to get 1-5(mabey) total mines that you can send down it then the rope would break and you have to re-hook them. This would make the javelin Light harpoon guns so much more useful cause you would have a way you could get some sure hit shots. If you can hit the ship with the harpoon. If this is added i would even decrease its accuracy a bit since it would be a easy way to do a bunch of damage.
This is just a idea and I belive there are some that love the Javelin light harpoon gun but many others may agree with me, just please don't start raging at me.