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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #315 on: July 03, 2014, 01:25:58 pm »
 Vystorg, Zankief's Warehouse

"So what do we do?"

Brining a hand to his chin, BdrLine thought about it. After a few minutes of speculation, he drops his hand with a sigh.

"What? Couldn't think of anything?"

"No I thought of something."

"So, gonna let us in it?"

Those who are in the room turn and look at the man.

"Okay, but first, Zankief."


"Do any of these crates have clothing from Yesha, especially formal ware?"

"Sure do, a few crates."

"Ok, besides a fashion choice BdrLine. That still doesn't show us your plan."

*sighing* "Well, let's just saw that my four years studying at the Scholar Palace will pay off. Gods I really hate politics, but thank you dad for making me take it."

"Wait, so you mean.."

"I'll go in all formal and act as a representative for my father. Since he is the Ox, we can get away with it. Also since my sister is going to be in there, we can try and help her out of this."

"If you are acting as a representative, how about the rest of us."

"To avoid too much suspicion, a few of you will come with me as a security detail. They can bring in some weapons but has to be minimal. Once inside they can look around while I talk to both Slava and my sister. So Althea and Charles, after this find Courage, you three will come with me inside."


"hmm this may work. But what about the warships and troop transport."

"Zankief, see if you and your men, or anyone else can go in and sabotage some of the airships. See if you can find my sister's crew, I'll bet they can help as well. But let me get ready, got a meeting to attend."

With a makeshift plan thought out, everyone exits the room to carry it out.

 Vystorg, Slava's Guild house

After the initial introduction of meeting Slava, Ny-Lee finds herself in a massive dining room. All around her she sees many members of the city's upper class mingling about and servants with glass trays serving them. Music fills the air as a small orchestra plays in the corner.

Leading her to a table, Slava picks two glass from a passing servant and hands one to her in which she accepts. Taking a sip, he asks her.

"So Captain, why in the change of plans, and when do we expect the Deer and Tiger to arrive."

"They believe that this matter of business would be better handle by them, knowing the history between you and the Deer."

"Yes of course."

"And they departed a few days ago, they may arrive later in the evening or around midday tomorrow."

"if that so, I'll keep my schedule open for them. But in the mean time, I can't wait to see what goods await us in those transports. By the markings, the White Lotus Trading Company?"

*with a slight grimace*"Yes, my mother's as a sign of a more open trade between the two factions."

Not noticing her change of tone or her facial expression, Slava continue to drink from his glass and turns to the hall. Soon a bell rings thoughout out as a chef enters the room through a side door leading to the kitchen.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if you so kind, please take your seats. lunch will be served."

As people takes their seats on the long table, Slava takes the head while Ny-Lee I positioned at the right of him. Coming through the kitchen door, a line of waiters holding the first course place them in front of the many people. 

As the hall continue to eat and the waiters bring the next course, as small commotion is heard from the door leading out from the dining room. A young Yeshan man enters in tow three people and a few of the buildings security. The whole room turns to see the sight, Slava standing up from his seat to face the coming group.

"What is the meaning of this! And who are you!"

From her seat, Ny-Lee moves her head to catches a glimps of the man and mentally face palms while giving a sigh of relief.

(Guard 1)
"My apologies Master Slava, but this man insisted to go and see you. Saying that he was late for the meeting."

(Guard 2)
We tried to stop them, but his bodyguards..."

With a hand up to silence his men, Slava walks towards the new man."

"Again, who are you and why did you come and disrupt my luncheon."

"I'm sorry Master Slava for my intrusion, but there has seem to be a mistake of my invitation. But let me introduce myself, I am Azn Zhao son of the current Ox Shen Zhao, I am here to represent him in these negotiations."

As he says this, BdrLine lifts up and shows his family crest from his pocket. Inspecting it, Slava turns from him to Ny-Lee.

"hmm I can see the family resemblance, fine then. But have your guards exit the room, they will be with the others."

With the group of guards exiting the room, Slava returns the crest to BdrLine.

"I would say Mr. Zhao, at there has been a slight change of plans, instead of the Captain being representing your faction, the Deer and Tiger will take her place."

"The Deer and Tiger are coming?"

"Why yes, maybe that's why they didn't tell you about this, but come lets us eat after this scene."

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #316 on: August 11, 2014, 09:10:39 pm »
--Slava's Guild house Cellar, 45 minutes ago--

"And that's the last of the wine, now where's my payment?"

"Right here sir."

He passes him a fairly large number of crowns, must have been fairly expensive wine. Alex and Richard prop the last of the barrels up on a stand, the two of the look around the cellar, wondering what they could do. The cellar door opens and another servant enters, for a moment both servants converse with one another, probably about the approaching meeting.

Servant 1
"Now, I must ask you and your lackys to leave, we're expecting guests soon."

The barkeep mumbles something under his breath, probably about how rude even the servants of aristocrats were in comparison to workers of the lower class. Alex motions him over to the last barrel, confused he moves towards them, shushing the servants in protest.

"What do you need?"

"Your help."

He points to the servants who were talking amongst themselves.

"Slava's a traitor, and we need a reason to stick around and hopefully thwart whatever it is he has planned."

The barkeep looks at him incredulously.

"How do I know I can trust this is the truth?"

"You don't, but you're gonna have to anyway."

Richard departs and strikes up a conversation with both servants, Alex nods his head towards them. Sighing the Barkeep follows, in moments both servants are lying unconscious on the cellar floor. Alex and Richard begin stripping them down, after a few moments they look like the sons of a minor family, ones typically relegated to serving their betters. They stuff both of them in an empty container and look at the barkeep.

"Right, take this crate back to your bar, give them an alibi or something, maybe put them in a room surrounded by empty bottles, give them clothes. Anyways, thanks for the help."

The Barkeep still in a slight daze, nods and takes the crate out of the cellar.

"We're going to have to find a place to hide our clothes."

"Servants quarters."


"You two!"

Alex and Richard turn their heads.


"You are to offer more drinks to our guests, now hurry up and get moving."

"Yes sir."

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #317 on: August 11, 2014, 11:22:13 pm »
Locking at the request of BdrLineAzn to be revived at the time of his return from the navy.

Update 11/30/14: Thread unlocked upon request.
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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #318 on: April 05, 2015, 03:11:31 pm »
(Yeah, just gonna post what I have at the moment. Gonna be in segments, but here is what is currently happening in Vystorg.)


Three days has pass since the announcement of the coming of both the Tiger and the Deer by Slava. BdrLine and his group are now in a rush to place final preparations to sabotage the Yeshan army hidden within the merchant vessels. Suspicions rise as well inside the Guildhall as Slava is now keeping eyes on both the young Captain and supposedly appointed Oxen ambassador. Having sent spies out to follow their every movement.

 Day 18


Zankief's Warehouse

Underneath the main floor of the warehouse, huddled and encircling a table, BdrLine, Alex, Zankief and some of his trusted men look at a map of the docks that are housing hidden Yeshan invasion force.

Pointing to the White Lotus Trading Ships, BdrLine addresses to those in the room, "Alright, as we know from my sister, my mother's ships are housed with at least one tank company and the rest with infantry. Not taking account of her Pyramidions, we got thirteen total combat ships. 5 being Galleons, 4 Junkers, and the last 4 being Pyras as well."

"So how can we tell which ones are their? We don't want to accidentally destroy her ships." asked one of Zankief's men.

"Before we left yesterday, Ny told me that she will fly blue flags to differentiate her ships. The rest are flying the color of the Tiger, red."

"Ok we know our targets, so Bdr, what about the army. I know they are trained die for their cause, I hardly doubt you want Yeshan blood to be spilled," Zankief points out.

"I don't really want anymore blood, we all seen too much," the rooms nods in agreement, "Try to take them out but getting to the transports and use knockout gas, but if worst comes, sabotage and damage the ships as may as you can."

"We can do that, my men and I can easily get access to that area."

Suddenly the door to the room burst open with Archer stumbling in. The group looks on in curiosity to the young red head.

"Archer, What's the rush? You could have called in via radio you know." Zankief says to him.

Panting and hunched over to catch his breath, Archer stands up with a hand on the doorknob for stability and address the room, " Sorry I busted my radio when I tried to call it in, but they're here. The Yeshan officials, I just saw their Galleon and escort ships just land in the docks where the rest of the Yeshan Fleet is at."

"Oh Flak.... Ok looks like we have to be quick about it now. I'll go and get changed, Alex get Richard, we are going to the guildhall. If anything goes south at least I got you two on the inside."

Giving a quick nod, Alex quickly leaves out the door. Following behind him Zankief is giving out orders to his men to get explosives and other weapons ready with BdrLine in tow heading towards his room.

Within the hour BdrLine, Alex, and Richard arrives to the hall, BdrLine entering through the front while the duo goes through the servant entrance. As the three wait in the calm hall, things are hectic back at the warehouse. Directing the chaos are both Althea and Zankief, while the rest of Alex's crew, Charles, and Courage help support others with their effort. Soon two trucks are loaded, one driven by Zankief, and head towards the Yeshan docks.

Left back at the warehouse is a decent amount of men all equipped for combat if the time comes. Staged on board the Starlight Althea and the ex Anvalan Defenders ready their own weapons. Althea with her dual pistols plus BdrLine's rifle, while Charles and Courage still have their weapons when they were still part of Anvala's Defender Force. On their own craft the Skyrunner, which they moved inside the warehouse, Reagan and the others sit by idle watching the mobilisation.

 Slava's Guildhall

Waiting patiently in the main boardroom, BdrLine is scratches his neck that is hidden under his collar. An hour has pass and other Guildmasters start entering the room. A few looks at the young Yeshan before going about their own conversations with one another.

Flak, looks like majority of the head masters are here for this meeting. This is almost perfect for a take over. Get majority of the leadership and take them out. He thinks to himself as he scans the room.

On the floor serving drinks, Alex and Richard also takes note of the highly valued members. Going to the kitchen to get refills, the two converse on the situation.

"Way too many officials here, how are we to cover them all." asks Richard.

"We do the best that we can, for the most part we can assume its just the Tiger, the Deer, and Azn's sister that will be coming. If they bring too much security to a peace/trade conference, it may tip people off."

"Since the Captain is on our side, we can subdue them quickly. This could just work."

"HEY WHERE ARE THE DRINKS!! WE GOT ALOT OF IMPORTANT GUESTS HERE AND THEY ARE DYING OF THIRST. SO GET OUT THERE." Yelled the head chef from behind a counter as he eyes Richard and Alex.

"Yes, boss right away," chimed the two as they grab another set of drink filled trays.

Another fifteen minutes has pass, and the door to the room opens once more with a group of people in tow. In front is Slava deep in a conversation with the Tiger. Behind the two is the Deer and Ny-Lee. The entire room ends their current conversations as Slava gestures for everyone to be seated.

Heading to the front of the long business table, Slava addresses to the many guildmasters, "Welcome my fellow Guildsmen, today marks a great day for our faction. For the first time in annums the great Yeshan Empire and the bountiful Mercantile Guild come together to open talks for trade that can help benefit all of us. I would like to introduce first the Deer, Councilman Fu. Next, the young aspiring Captain of the Ox, Captain Zhao. Then the brilliant tactician the Tiger, High Admiral Fang."

As each name was called, the respective person took a step forward and bowed to the audience in front of them. A subtle smirk forms on the mouth of Tiger as he rise back up knowing the plan that is ahead of him. Standing tall, he straightens his uniform and stands in a knowing matter, wondering a little why Slava implied that there is another person when there is only three. His posture drops slightly as he continues.

"And finally an unexpected arrival. We all thought that the Ox would not make it to this important meeting, but he has sent a representative. Welcome Ambassador Zhao, son to the Ox and brother of our Captain here. Before we start the negotiations, I assume most of you would be hungry. So I taken the liberty to have lunch served."

Coming from behind the three, BdrLine stands next to his sister and bows to the Guildsmen. The Tiger and Deer turn their heads between the unexpected arrival and Ny-Lee. As Slava request for everyone to be seated, a fury is brewing inside the Tiger as his carefully thought out plan has hit a major speed bump.

 Docks, Yeshan Fleet

As the negotiations takes place across the city, Zankief arrive to the docks entrance with his trucks. Giving the guard at the gate an ID, the man looks over it several times, going back between Zankief and the card.

Giving back the card he gaffs at him, "Finally you guys showed up, you know how long those damn Yeshans are asking for maintenance. Getting annoying. Go on through"

Taking back the card, Zankief tips his hat and both the trucks drive in. Finding a nice seclude spot to the the vehicles, Zankief and the rest of his team jumps out and unloads the explosives and gas. Placing them into trolleys taken from the trucks, they cover the materials.

"Ok, we all know the plan, disable the combat airship, the transports, and knock out as many infantry we can. Hopefully we can knock them out so that the military can secure them before any fighting takes place. Remember the ships that are flying red are the targets, the Midions with blue are friendly. Got it?"

Nods from each of his men signifies that they all understand and sets off to proceed with the plan. But following through with the plan seems harder then it seems. As each group of men approach the different individual ships, Yeshan sentries patrol much of the surrounding area making it difficult in setting the charges without getting caught.

As his men struggle to bypass the security, Zankief spots the two Pyramidions marked with blue flags. As he nears one, One of the crew members spots him. Going over to the bow she yells to him.

"Hey you! Stop and state your business. This is an official Yeshan vessel. Unless you are part of the maintenance crew, move along"

Hold his hands over his chest and stopping short of the Pyramidion, he answers back, "Are you second in command of the Captain Zhao?"

Growing suspicious, Syá draws her pistol, cocks and aims it at Zankief.

"And who is asking?"

Hearing the verbal confrontation and the sound of a pistol being drawn, both ships crews gather around trying to get a view.

Unnerved by the weapon, Zankief states, "I'm just a friend between your Captain the older Zhao. I assume that she has talked to you about us trying to help."

"So you are Zankief," she says as she lowers the pistol, "Yes she told us about your group. What are you doing here anyway? There are a bunch of soldiers here. Isn't there a plan to stop them? I mean the Tiger is here for Gods sakes."

"My men and I are trying the sabotage the transports, but the patrols around them are a bit difficult to plant the explosives and gas."

"Gas? What gas?

"Knockout gas, Azn wanted as little loss of life possible."

"Gonna be hard, Tiger put up those patrols. Plus he kept us on a tight schedule. Soon those ships are going to move out towards the guildhall where everyone is present."


Looking down at her watch, Syá widens her eyes in surprise. "Flak, it's almost one, got thirty minutes."

"I don't think that will be enough. Well there goes minimum casualties."

"If you have too, do what you must. Both of our crews have came to that decision as well if we are to stop this."

"Well then, time to make some noise...what the? They are moving!"

As Zankief has stated, majority of the fleet are now rising above their berthings and turning towards the city. On the radio of the Lightning a communication is being broadcast saying all Yeshan ships are to make way over to Slava's Guildhall for the surprise.

"Nononono, this is way too early," yells Syá as she over hears it.

Jumping on board, Zankief radios all his men on the ground to head back to the warehouse and to tell the others to get the ships ready and to move up.

Moving towards the young officer he says, "We need to go and follow them now. This maybe our only chance. Who has the other ship?"

"The Captain's crew, they can handle it on their own. But what about you?"

"Just let me hitch a ride and use your radio. I need to coordinate with those still at my warehouse."

Giving Zankief a nod, Syá goes over to the helm and orders for both ships to rise and follow the fleet. On the radio, Zankief dials in for his warehouse.

 Slava's Guildhall

As lunch has been served, and all the remaining plates removed, Slava addresses the hall.

"Now that we have our fill, let's begin with the negotiations, first the Tiger who has generously help open this talks."

Standing from his seat, Fang bows and approaches the front of the table. The four who knows of his treacherous plot eyes him to death as he is about to give his opening terms.

"Thank you Master Slava, but it is about time that both the Guild and the Empire come to some agreement. Trade between our two factions is a stepping stone to start and end the forward hostilities."

"I almost find it ironic that the face of the military is asking for a start for peace with trade. And the one who should speak who has the experience
should be Councilman Fu, and to negotiate on the Faction's behave is the young ambassador," a Guildsman interrupts the Admiral.

"That may be so, but we are all here to help come to that," answered Fu, "Plus to help come to terms, even Liu Zhao has offered goods from her company to spark that. We are sending them here as we speak to show all of you."

The Guildsmen murmur among themselves with the news. Knowing Liu owns the biggest trading company on the western side of the Dunes, trade competition between her has been rough for them. While they all seek profit from their companies, Liu's humanitarian aid to small, unfortunate cities places her on good terms with them. They are willing to pay her back trough trade for stabilising their town. Trade between the Guild's companies and here's would increase their profit by margins once inside Yeshan borders.

The same man who interrupted earlier, Fyodor, speaks, "Very well, when will they arrive."

"Soon, they will be over the plaza. One will land so that everyone can the goods that we all offer." replies Fu.

"Excellent, now that we have some agreement. How about you young ambassador, how does your father, and more so the Emperor feel about this?" asks Slava to BdrLine.

Traitorous, backstabbing, a disgrace to all that is good. That no good, two faced son-of-a

"They are pleased to hear about this proposition. They agreed that the benefits will greatly raise both of our Factions. My sister would even agree."

"Why yes, before I departed, my father told me to try to reach an understanding."

As further discussions continue, roar of engines can be heard outside as heads turn towards the window. As promised, the trade vessels are en route to the guildhall. Accompanying them are the escorts ships that were part of the original fleet.

"Ahh, perfect. Now would everyone follow me to the plaza, we can see the gifts from the Empire." says Slava as he stands from his seat. As he heads towards the door, a smirk forms on his lips fully knowing what is to come. Sharing a similar express is both Fu and Fang.

As the rest of the room exits, BdrLine faces Alex and Richard to and eyes them to follow the group. He then turns to his sister with a face full of wonder as to why the ships are still operational.

In a whisper, "What's with the face?"

"Zankief and his men should have damaged those ships from taking off. Something must have happened." BdrLine whispered back.

Giving a mental face palm Ny-Lee explains the situation, "Flak, when the Tiger and Deer landed, they placed extra patrols around the area as they suspected something were to happen. He even limited myself and my crews from leaving our ships. Azn, he has our family and the Emperor and his wife hostage if I don't comply. I don't know what will happen now since they both know you are here."

"What? Flak, we need to take them out soon if not now. Alex and Richard are here, plus with you and me, we can take them."

"But how about the ships?"

"Captain, Ambassador, would you care to come?" ,a guild master ask.

"Apologise, we are just catching up a little bit. We will be out soon." replied Ny-Lee

Nodding the man leaves the two along.

"Come on, Fang and Fu are already suspicious of us already.

Following the last guild master, the siblings walk through the maze of corridors that leads to the plaza. Out in the sunlight the group shields their face as the trading ships hover in the air. One of them then proceeds to land from a signal given from the Admiral. As the ship touchdown, BdrLine notices both Alex and Richard hidden in the back near the doorway leading out, donning holsters and pistols.

Standing in front of the gangplank of the transport, Slava, Fu and Fang faces the rest of the Guildmasters. Stepping forward, Slava addresses them.

"Gentlemen, now it is time to see what the Empire has offered. Behind this door lies the goods that will start a new future. A future where the Empire will rise and I will be the sole leader of the Guild."

Shock comes over all the guildmasters at such a statement. Fyodor steps up to speak.

"What! This is an outrage, Slava what you are stating is traitorous to the Guild!"

"Quiet you. You have been a torn in my side ever since I came into power. You have too much influence on the others on how to run this faction, too conservative. You don't know that spoils that we can have if we just go out and take it by force. You should have seen the expeditions that I fund into that desert hellhole called Arashi. The profits that came from it, is glorious and the destruction to came with it was magnificent."

"But with you and many others in the picture, you all would deem this unnecessary. With all of you out of the picture, anything will be free game, especially with resources from the Empire. And now, say farewell Fyodor."

Reaching underneath his robes, Slava produces a pistol and aims at Fyodor. Before pulling the trigger, a shot echos through the plaza as everyone ducks from the sound. Feeling his chest, Fyodor with wide eyes looks up to Slava as he holds a bloody hand, pistol a few feet from him.

Coming up to the front, Alex and Richard has their weapons drawn with smoke coming from Alex's pistol.

"Nice shot," replies BdrLine as he strips his suit down to only his vest. Rolling up his sleeves he reveals his hidden blades that he has kept with him.

"I would have aimed at his head instead, but hey beggars can't be choosers," says Ny-Lee as she draws her own pistol and aims at the three.

"So Admiral, why don't you call off this little escapade and we can all go back to the Empire where we can hold both you and the Councilman on trial for treason and conspiracy against both the Emperor and Yesha." states Bdr as he extends the blades and the others aim their weapons.

They are taken aback as he casually smiles.

"Oh if only it were that simple. As you see I don't see myself with that Yesha anymore. That government was weak, never want to take things by force. The senate, the emperor, even your father, weak, simple-minded people. I don't abide by those laws, and I don't take orders from children. Guards now!"

From one of the transports still in the air, shots ring out as the bullets target the group. Scattering, several guildmasters are hit by the onslaught as the rest head for cover inside the guildhall. Before retreating back inside, the three fire a few rounds at Fang and those around him, but where reflected away as it hits the gangplank that starts to descend. Fully extended, tanks roll out into the plaza and onto the streets. From the air the Pyramidions, Junkers, and three Galleons start to fire upon the city. The remaining two Galleons instead and aims at the guildhall. As for the rest of the transports, splitting off to different parts of the city, ropes are thrown over board and imperial soldiers slide down into the streets.


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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #319 on: April 05, 2015, 03:14:45 pm »
Heading inside the transport that landed, Fang heads towards a radio with Fu and Slava following behind him, still holding his hand.

"I knew those two were trouble, but the spies that I sent couldn't find anything against them. Arggh should have killed them myself." says Slava as he motions for a medic to bandage his hand.

"Don't worry, I knew something like this would occur, that is why I have a backup plan." replies Fang as he powers up the radio and tunes in to Saull back in the Empire.

"Saull, this is the Admiral, I want you to go back to the mansion where you are keeping the Emperor and the others captive. I want you to execute them, time to break away from the old."

Seconds has pass until a response is finally heard, "Yes sir, but there is a slight complication."

"What is it?" Fang says heat forming on his face from anger.

"The entire household has escape and is assumed to be hiding in the city. At the moment I declared that the capital is under full lockdown and are using our troops to search for them."

"They escaped!! How did you let that happen!! Find them quickly and kill they."

"Yes sir....What the?"

"Saull, what is it?"

The entire room in the transport is silent as they wait for a reply back. Then from the radio, a loud screeching voice which is assumed to be from a speaker comes through.

"Major Saull, we know you are in there. The Tiger and your men has caused enough these pass few days. Surrender now and the punishment awarded will be less severe."

"That's the Emperor! Do what you can take him out. We are never listening to him again."

"Yes sir, on it," and the radio falls silent as the line is cut.

"I thought the Emperor was dealt with." Muse Slava as the medic tightens the bandages on his hand, "Ow you fool! Just go."

"We thought he was, I managed to trap the entire household in their own very manor. But it looks like they are more difficult then I expected. Nevertheless, they will be dealt with and you will have your Guild. If you do try to turn..."

"I know Admiral, I'll supply the war machine of the Empire."

"Good, now let's see our progress."

The transport then rise out above the plaza leaving the pair of Galleons and the few tanks that stayed to fire on the hall. Inside the bombarded guildhall, the guildmasters who survived the initial shots try encircle the two Zhao. Angry slurs and shouts are made towards them wanting their heads for the treachery of Slava and the deception of the Tiger and Deer. The crowd is only held back as not wanting to get close to the pistols or blades.

"This is an outrage! If we manage to route those troops, which caught our open military by surprise, war will come upon Yesha! " Cry out an enraged Fyodor.

"If you haven't notice I save your life, plus these two are trying to stop this madness." Alex snap back.

"Doesn't matter, two Yeshans senate heads compiled this scheme. As we all see this, it is an act of war that we can't overlook!"

"And if you do go to war with Yesha, we have a common pact with the Baronies. If you go to war with one, you will fight the other as well. I believe you don't want another humiliating lose against them do you hmm? Also do you want the world to know the dealing that you had with a particular group of 'Birds back in the last war?"

The angry mob is hushed by the statements made by BdrLine, more so to the knowledge of their old dealings with the Birdmen.

"Had you know? We covered it all up when we surrendered to the Barons."

"Oh I have my sources," smirks BdrLine, "So if we can work together, we can end this. First things first, getting out of this building without getting shot at by tanks or the Galleys."

At the mention of the two war machines, rounds hit the exterior walls causing the beams to vibrate and dust to fall.

"It's useless, I know Slava, he didn't built any escape routes in this hall. I should know I help design it," answers one person.

After 5 minutes of constant bombardment, as what looks like the support beams were about to give up and collapse inward, the shooting stops. Perplex, BdrLine slowly moves towards to a broken portion of the wall and peaks out.

"Azn what's happening?" shouts Ny-Lee.

Jumping over, he calls back, "Come on! Let's move! Ny looks like your ships are giving us some help. They manage to get the tanks and are now distracting the Galleons."

Following the young Yeshan, the group of Guildsmen take in the sight. True to his word, the tanks are disabled with smoke spewing out and in the air two Yeshan made Pyramidions are in an elaborate dance against the heavily armoured and much powerful Galleons.

BdrLine shouts to Alex, "Alex, we need to take the Guildmasters back to the warehouse. They should be safe there underground."

"How, we got ways to go. Plus we may run into imperial troops along the way." Richard states.

"Well we can't stay here, Syá's crew and mine can hold out against those galleons for awhile. But the longer we wait, they will spot us and proceed to shoot. So, let's move NOW!" commands Ny-Lee with the look as she would personally kill them all before the airships.

Not wanting to be under her death stare, the group moves rapidly out of the plaza and into the streets. Going to cover to cover, Alex and Richard are in the lead looking for potential enemies and to signal if the coast is clear. In the rear are Ny-Lee and BdrLine checking if they are being followed and to make sure that everyone is present.

Throughout the city, smoke rise above the skyline as air raid sirens ring out. Distant firing of guns are heard as some sort of resistance is being mounted against the imperial force.

"At least the military are trying to mobilise," remarked Fyodor to the Captain, "We may win this day."

"If only that were true. The troops that are currently following the Tiger is a good portion of the army's special forces units. They are not close to the effectiveness as the Emperor's Elites, but still can hold well against superior numbers. They are even outfitted with our newest line of tanks."

"TAKE COVER" yells Alex as he and Richard scrambles to an abandon food cart and turning it over. In the middle of the street, a small squad of Yeshan troops spot the group and opens fire. The majority of the group manage to run towards the alleyway out of the line of fire, some were not so lucky. One being Fyodor who gets hit in the leg.

Stumbling down, he clenches the wound as bullets whizz all around him. Still firing from cover, Richard notices this and waves to BdrLine who spots the downed Guildsman.

Grumbling, he call out," Cover me, I'll get him."

Understanding, Alex, Ny-Lee, and Richard peaks out from their cover and fires at the open troops. Downing a few, the Yeshans turn to the defensive  and run for cover. During the distraction, BdrLine runs out and picks up the wounded man. With an arm wrapped over his shoulder, he helps Fyodor limps over to the alleyway.

"You good?"

"I'll live, someone, help me bandage this. You just get them out of our hair"

Nodding, BdrLine rush back to his sister who is reloading her pistol.

"Any chance you have a spare?"

"Nope only one which is running out of ammo. How about you guys? How much bullets you have left," she calls out.

"Got a good five mags left"

"Four, and here Bdr, catch. Not much use to us if you can't shoot."

Unholstering another pistol, Alex tosses the weapon over to him plus two magazines.

"Make them count"

Catching the gun, BdrLine quickly loads one of the magazines in and pockets the second. Looking over the corner of the alley, a bullet ricochet of the wall prompting him to hide again.

"Flak, how do we get out of this? We are out gunned."

"Think I can pull rank on them?"

"Highly unlikely, I think Fang branded us as traitors."

Taking pot shots and trying to conserve the little ammunition they have, all seems to be lost as a portion of the imperial squad moves around them.


In the air, Syá maneuvers about not wanting to be caught in the galleons broadside. During the initial engagement, the two Pyramidions waited until the transport where the traitors were on left the area, then they both took out the tanks that were harassing those inside. With the ground threat dealt with, their sole focus is now on the toughest ships ever made.

"If it was to be against one of our own, why can't it be a Junker class? A Yeshan Galleon? They are built to last!" cries out Syá as a hawacha barrage barely miss over their balloon as she drops.

"At least those inside manage to escape while we distracted these two." Zankief replies back helping the crew with manning of the guns or repairs.

"Well, now we are in need of help, I don't know how much longer we can take them on. Where is our backup, I thought you called it in?"

As answered by the Gods, a distinct report is heard as one of the turning engines of the Galleon Syá is fighting explode into pieces. Coming over the skyline, a familiar Goldfish fires it's Heavy Flak again. Rocking from taking the hit, the Galleon tries to compensate in the uneven turning as it bears its port side guns at the new enemy.

A barrage of rockets fills the air as both hawachas fire simultaneously. The Starlight turns hard to starboard to protect the Heavy Flak, taking the brunt of the missiles on its armor plating.

On the YIA Lightning the radios stutters as a young male voice comes through. "Oh that's gonna leave a scratch. Hope BdrLine is not going to notice."

Quickly rushing to the radio, Zankief grabs the receiver, "Archer what are you doing on that ship? Never mind don't answer that, just keep doing what you are doing, we'll kill this guy. And don't wreck that Fish if you know what's good for you."

"Ah yes Pops, got it."

"Commander!" Zankief yells to Syá as he finishes talking to Archer.

"I heard, turning fore guns. Rip those traitors to shreds."

As the Galleon follows the Starlight Syá positions here ship directly behind the massive ship. The topside Gatling gun comes to life as it mows down upon the deck of the Galleon. The ship's helmsman jumps over the balcony as the rounds hits the deck. With no one in control of the ship, the Galleon lurch to the left as the helm rotates freely. Still firing, the Gatling tracers manage to hit the boilers causing the aft portion of the Galleon to go up in flames. Seeing the advantage, the YIA Lightning's mortar gunner fires upon the wounded ship.

With the lost of their primary source of power, the Galleon balloon begins to deflate and the ship drops quickly from the sky. No longer being threaten, Archer turns the Starlight around a full 180 degrees and bears the Heavy Flak. With both ships focusing their fire on the already burning ship, it doesn't takes much as a flak round hits a magazine of a hawacha causing the ship to explode before hitting the ground.

Relieved in having a few seconds of rest, Zankief radios Archer, "Thanks for the assist, but what in bloody hell are you doing on BdrLine's ship? Where is Althea and the rest of my ships?"

Some shuffling is heard in the background as Archer hands the receiver to said person, "Sorry about that Zankief, he was checking the ship when you gave the call. He didn't have time to rush back to his so we let him fly ours. It work well as I can't pilot and fire the gun at the same time."

"How about Charles and Courage? They have experience with shooting."

"They do, but they opt me to be on the main gun. And neither of them can fly well under combat, they are better with solid ground underneath their feet, so they go about with repairs."

"Ok, I can assume that if you are up here, then the others are in the air?"

"Yes, they scrambled at once."

"Good, now let's get rid of this other Galley. My ships should handle the others."

With the YIA Comet distracts the remain Galleon in the area, the two ships make quick work to the tough airship. With the fire power of the Heavy Flak and the constant harassment of the gatlings and smaller arms of the two Pyramidions, the second Galleon falls just like the first.


As a portion of the imperial squad flanks around through the alley, those on the street slowly moves up. Behind cover, the four hears faint clicks from those advancing, a few grunts can be heard and three grenades are tossed over. Eyes widening in surprise, they all jump out of the way. Two landed near Alex and Richard, as they rolled out, the grenades blew their overturned cart. Quickly they rush to the other side of the street to an alley that is perpendicular to the one BdrLine and the others are in. Separated and pinned, the advancing squad moves out of their cover and rushes them. At Alex and Richard' position, the flanking group rounds the corner and spots the two.

Trapped, BdrLine and Ny-Lee empties their current clips and runs behind a dumpster where the guildmasters are using for cover. Dropping a few more men, the imperials continue to advance.

"Ah Flak, I'm out, you Ny?"

"Down to two bullets. And by the looks of it we are trap. Look a dead end."

Turning to where Ny-Lee is pointing, she is right as the end of the alley is a high brick wall. Looking over the dumpster, he sees three men coming at them.

"Ok, I got a plan. On the count of three, I'll jump out and take them on with my blades. Then you'll come in and take one out with the bullets you have left. We then finish them off with hand to hand combat and take their weapons to help Alex and Richard. Got it?"

Sliding the clip back into her pistol, Ny-Lee pulls back the receiver and readies her weapon. Giving a nod to him, BdrLine listens to the approaching Yeshan's foot steps. As they are near the dumpster, with his fingers, he counts to three. On the third count, BdrLine gives out a yell and extend his blades, behind him Ny-Lee pops out and fires off her last two. Surprised, one falls to the bullets as the other two use their rifles to block the incoming blade attack. Coming out to help, Ny-Lee runs, jumps, and kicks one of them knocking him and his weapon to the ground.

As Ny-Lee takes her assailant on, BdrLine dodges each rifle swing that is thrown at him. In one swing, the soldier overextended his elbow and shoulders which swings him forward. Taking the change, BdrLine spins behind him, kicks his knees and plunge a blade into his neck. Retracting them, the body falls onto its side as BdrLine picks up the rifle and ammo pouch. Turning to see how his sister is handling her fight, he watches as she grabs one of the arms and flings him over her body before being knocked out from hitting the ground.

"Nice work, come on we need to help them"

Picking up the extra ammo and grenades, the two rush out of the alley back onto the streets to see dead soldiers at the entrance of the alley where Alex and Richard are in. Cautiously, they bring up their weapons as they enter. Senescing that it is too quiet, they call out their names but there is no reply. Further down the alley, they see a pool of blood behind a pile of crates.

"You don't think they got them?" wonders Ny-Lee

"No, with the time I spent with them in the warehouse, they wouldn't be taken down easily."

Slowly they round the crates, fearing the worst they raise their rifles but are relieved to see that it is the body of a Yeshan soldier. Dropping their weapons, they wonder what happens to their two accomplice. Back at the streets they hear the sound of engines and, realising they left the Guildsmen, rush back out of the alley. As soon as they run out, instead of an enemy airship, they are greeted with the Skyrunner, with Alex and Richard on board waving at them. Waving back, the ships hover off the ground low enough for everyone to board.

Helping Fyodor up, BdrLine is the last one on as the ship rises and heads to the warehouse. Perplex, BdrLine walks to Alex as he and Richard are being tend to by Lorena and Dahlia.

"Glad to see that you two made it out, but how did you guys do it? You guys were in a pincer."

"Oh yes we were," started Alex, "After those grenades explode, Richard and I were stuck in that alley."

"Yeah, then came the rest of their squad from the other side," added Richard, "we were also low on ammo. All seemed lost until we noticed a few open crates."

"We mange to hide in them just in time as the two groups rounded the corner, they thought that they were us and started to shoot at each other."

"After a few minutes of exchanging fire, they realised that they were shooting at their own and quickly ceased fire. Rushing to the middle, the survivors from either side are wondering where the blazes we have gone."

"During their confusion, we popped out of out hiding space and knocked two of them out. They were surprised as we quickly shot the rest with our remaining ammo." finishes Richard.

"Then we grabbed their weapons and are ready to take the rest on in the streets when..." says Alex

"When we spotted the fighting and swooped in and took the rest out with our guns" states Lorena as she finishes bandaging her father.

"We then took off to look for you guys, until we notice the large group back on the ground where we pick them up," added Dahlia.

"Thanks, so the others are up in the air?"

"Yeah, those who were at the warehouse and a few others that Zankief told around the city." says Dahlia, "And since we found you guys, Reagan is flying us back to there."

"Well she better fly fast because incoming tank shells," cries out Preston as he spots two tanks on the ground.

The air around them is buffered with burst shells as the tanks fire one after another to hit the fleeing ship. One round explodes near the airship that the shock wave pushed the ship upward. Seeing that each sequential shot is nearing the hull, Reagan places the throttle into full. The Skyrunner lurches forward at the increase acceleration outracing the shells.

As she lengthens the distance from the enemy, the warehouse comes into view. At the moment there is no fighting as much of the shooting is taking place around the main centre of Vystorg, but with the proximity of the tanks to the warehouse, the Yeshans are quickly advancing. Docking the ship, some of Zankief's men, who stayed to defend the building if necessary, help the remaining Guildsmen to the underground facilities.


(Still more to come.)

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #320 on: April 11, 2015, 10:06:04 pm »

Inside the transport that he, Fu, and Slava escaped to, Fang over looks at a map of the city with small tanks and airships figurines placed in different locations. Then an aid comes over to hand him a folder.


"What is it corporal?"

"You may want to look at this," the man says as Fang takes the folder from him, "We just lost two of our Galleons and a handful of our tanks. Also our remaining ships are now engaged in ship to ship combat."

"What, how? The Guild's airships couldn't have scrambled that fast, I made sure of that."

"By the looks of it, they are not Guild, Sir. These are ships of unknown origins, but we have confirmed that two of the ships are Pyramidions bearing Yeshan markings."

"That Zhao's ships," cries out Fang in anger as he slams his fist on the table.

Those around him turn from their panels to see the commotion and immediately turn back to their work seeing the fuming Admiral.

"How about the ground forces, any problems that I should be aware of?"

"Sir, so far they have countered little resistance with minimum casualties. Besides the loss of a few tanks from earlier, they are proceeding as planned."

"Good, good, go tell our ships to continue engaging the enemy, especially to destroy the traitors. I want this city to be mine."

Giving a crisp salute, the corporal heads of the communications room to relay the message.


Outside one of the windows, a pair of eagles land on the awnings looking over the city. Unknown to the transport, a small craft flies silently to the underbelly of the ship where they find a small platform where they dock. As the crew of seven secure the vessel, one hops onto the platform and opens the hatch above him. The man peaks through the opening and signals for the others to climb up. As the last man finally goes through, they were about to close the hatch until the two eagles from earlier fly right in and lands near their respective owners.

"Almost forgot about you guys, sorry about that Roc, Garuda." replies Gareth.

"Okay we are now in, but what now? This place must be swarming with guards along with the people we are after." asks Hector.

"Easy, we destroy the ship from the inside. Killing people as we go." explains Zardis as he walks down one of the corridors.

"Solid plan there, but we didn't bring much in explosives from the warehouse and if we wanted to take this ship down, we could have brought the Griffenheart." says Michael as he pulls out a knife.

"They they would have notice our approach and call in for backup. Now quiet, I'm trying to figure out where they keep the stuff."

"What stuff? Gareth are you sure we should have brought him? He maybe the Wolf but still.."

"He knows what he is doing, I believe. Plus we manage to get this far." says Gareth to Hector.

Soon they find themselves in front of a storage room. Going up to the door, Zardis addresses them as he opens the door

"Now this will solve our explosives problem."

Fully open, the room shows crates of bombs, grenades, and Lochnagar powder. Entering the room, the group eyes the amount in the room before immediately filling their bags.

 As soon as they have enough to carry, the group file out of the room with Zardis giving instructions on where to place the explosives. Splitting into teams, Michael and Hector will go to the boilers and engine rooms, Lionel and Kay will go to the communications room, while Gareth, Lyre, and Zardis go up to the control room.

As each team break off to carry out their assignments, they are met with almost no resistance as majority of the soldiers are on the ground with the fighting. Easily Michael, Hector, Lionel, and Kay were able to quietly take out those were stationed in each room and plant the explosives.


Inside the control room, Fu and Slava joins Fang as he shows the updated map. From Slava's guildhall to much of the central district and beyond is coloured red as territory is gained by the ground forces.

"As you can see, my troops are quickly moving ahead as planned. At this rate the whole city will be under Yeshan control. Soon the whole Guild will know the power of the Veil, with you leading the territory for us."

"How about the remaining guildmasters? From what I heard, your Galleons failed to finish them off but were destroyed instead." poke Slava.

Anger rising, Fang says through his teeth, "Rest assure, my men will soon find and kill those traitors. They find the Zhaos, they will find your guildmasters."

Soon an explosion rocks the ship as everyone in the room falls to the floor. Sirens ring throughout the room as various panels start blinking red. As the various men scramble back to their control panels they start shouting out the indications.

"Sir heavy damage on the engines."

"What?! Do you see who is attacking us?"

"No sir, our radars are clear."

"Go tell communications to send one of the other transports back. We are defenceless up here.

"Yes sir"

As one moves from his panel, Fu goes up to Fang, "What is going on? I thought we were safe from the fighting."
"We are, but it looks like someone manage to stowaway on this ship. You two, grabs your weapons and follow me."

As two more get up from their panels to follow the Tiger, another explosion rocks the ship.

"What is it this time!" yells Fang.

"We lost communications, no transmissions in or out. Sir I believe the ship is lost."

"I say the ship is lost when I say it is lost. We still have power so follow me, we'll handle this problem."

As they are about to exit the room, the door burst open as a few grenades are lobbed through. Seeing them, Fang pushes the two as to get away from the explosion. As the grenades detonate, the room is filled with smoke from the explosion and two eagles swoop in along with gunfire.

The majority of the personnel are either gunned down or disabled from the eagle attacks leaving only Slava, Fu, and Fang. As the smoke dies down it shows Zardis, Gareth, and Lyre weapons drawn and pointed at the three able bodies.

"Ah Zardis Dacrain, I should have know you would be the one destroying my ship. Looks like you brought friends as well, so I assume that these Arashi filth helped you escape from Dragontown."

"It's over Fang, why don't you the Deer and Slava just give up and recall your men. Then we can hand you in to the Emperor and cash in a very hefty profit."

"Haha, you think I'll give up that easily? Even if you kill me right now there nothing that can stop my men from completing their goals."

"Oh killing you can be arranged, but I think BdrLine would rather see you two on trial. As for you Slava, we got something special for all the atrocities you committed to my people." speaks Gareth.

Moments later the ship rocks again from an explosion, this time not from Graeth's men but from ground artillery.

Gareth's radio comes to as Michael speaks.

"Gareth we need to get out of here now. The city's defences are starting up and are aiming for this ship first. They really want us out of the sky."

"Ok go and tell the others to meet back at the craft, and make some room, we are bringing guests."

"Got it."

"You heard that, once the military gets going there is nothing left of your army." smirks Lyre, "Now come with us or we'll let our eagles do work on your faces."

More shells hits the transport knocking those inside down. The lights in the control room flicker on and off rapidly as the power connections are breaking free. Using the partially darkness, Fang unsheathes his sword and lunges towards Zardis. Seeing this, Zardis uses his shotgun to block the incoming blow.

As the Tiger fights with the Wolf, Fu and Slava ties to use the darkness to escape through the door, only to be caught by Roc and Garuda as they hover in front of the exit.

"Hold it, where are you two going," Gareth says to them as he hears Roc's screech. Only to stumble from another shell hitting the ship.

Gareth's radio comes on again with Michael speaking frantically, "Gareth we need to leave NOW!! They are getting more and more persistent, a few shells almost hit our craft from how much guns they are shooting at this thing."

"Okay we are on our way, got a little distracted. Be prepared to immediately take off once we are on. Zardis, we got to go, this ship may rip in two if this keeps up."

Blocking another sword blow he says to them,"You two take the Deer and Slava, I'll deal with the Tiger."


"GO NOW!!"

Nodding, Gareth and Lyre apprehend Fu and Slava and rush out of the room with Roc and Garuda in tow.

"Oh how noble for a low life like you," says Fang as he swings again, "But now it's time for you to die."

As Zardis blocks the sword again, he pushes the Tiger with the butt of his shotgun momentarily distracting him, "No I think it is you who is going to die." He says as he raises his weapons.

He pulls the trigger and prepares for the recoil only to be met with clicking of the hammer hitting a spent cartridge.

Smirking, Fang wipes some sweat off his forehead as he goes over to a case underneath the central table.

"Hmm what a pity, not being able to have the satisfaction of killing me like a dog. Why not fight me with some grace," Fang says as he takes out another sword from the case and toss it to Zardis.

Catching the handle of the weapon, he tosses his shotgun to the side and goes into a defensive stance.


Finally on the platform where their craft is docked, Gareth sees the intensity of the Guild's guns. Around the transport flak rounds explode in the air as shrapnel bucks the ship.

"Come on, get in. We overstayed our welcome." screams Michael as he starts the engines.

Pushing both Slava and Fu onto the deck, Gareth and Lyre jumps after them. Gareth then turns and shoots the latches holding the ship. The craft quickly drops before Michael engages the balloon and speeds off.

As he navigates through the hell storm of shells, Michael notices that someone is missing. "Hey where is Zardis? Also the Tiger?"

"He is still inside fighting him, I think he has some unfinished business with him." replies Gareth as he looks back at the damage vessel.


Inside Zardis grabs his arm as he covers the cut. It is one of many that he receives from the onslaught of the Tiger who is grinning methodically.

"Does the Wolf have any fight left? Surely someone who goes to the extent of stealing my plans would put up more of a fight," he counties to swings at him.

Zardis attempts to parry most of the swings only to overextend his leg. Fang sees this and kicks him behind his knee making he fall and hits Zardis behind his head with the hilt.

Stumbling, the Wolf regains he balance while holding his acing head. Regaining some senses, he goes for an attack as he lunges his sword at the Tiger. Without breaking a sweat, the Tiger blocks and parries each swipe. The Wolf then gives all his might in one more swing only to be again blocked. This time the Tiger circles his sword against the Wolf's and disarms him.

Without any protection, the Tiger then thrust his sword into the Wolf. As he removes the sword from the body, the Wolf grabs the wound and falls to his knees. The Tiger then walks around him with the point of his sword tracing the ground.

"Hmm, I thought that you said that you were going to kill me, my mistake. Now I'm going to kill you and take a parachute and escape from this burning hellhole."

The Tiger then raise his sword over his head for the final blow only to stop as he a raspy laughter.

With coughing up blood, Zardis straightens up a little wile still holding his wound and looks out of the window.

"I don't think you'll be escaping from any hell anytime soon." he says as he opens his coat and pulls out a remote.

Noticing the device, the Tiger quickly swings for Zardis's only for him to press the button. The bombs inside the boiler room then explode from receiving the signal. The explosion is large enough as the transport breaks off into two before falling out of the sky. As the large falling pieces hits the ground, what ever leftover explosives that were on the ship finally detonate creating two massive craters.


Flying back to the warehouse, Gareth and his team sees the explosion and feels the shock wave associated with it.

"Hmm I guess he did it. That crazy Fox," replies Hector.

"Not a Fox Hector, he's a Wolf. The Darcain Wolf." says Gareth as he looks at the smoke coming over the skyline of the wreckage. "Michael, how long until the warehouse?"

"Not that long, maybe five?"

"Ok, well drop off our Deer friend here and lock him up. Once inside start up the Griffenheart and load Slava. I think it is time to show him some Arashi hospitality.[/i]"

 Acknowledging, Michael continues to fly until he reaches the building. Once inside, the rest of the team takes Fu underground and into one of the cells. Back on the main floor, the sounds of Griffenheart's  engines can be heard as they switch Slava over. As soon as the rest of Gareth's team returns, the ship takes off and quickly rush out of the city and back towards the League.

(Gryphos, if you want, have fun with Slava. Maybe not in this thread at the moment.)

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #321 on: April 29, 2015, 12:04:31 am »

Securing the Guildmasters underground of the warehouse, the rescue team meet on the main floor with Zankief's remaining men. As BdrLine, Ny-Lee, Alex and Richard equip themselves with their own equipment, everyone fills them in from the start of the attack.

Happy that Althea has left his rifle for him at the warehouse, BdrLine grabs an ammunition belt and adds a few Loch grenades. Doing so he listens in to Pavel.

"From Slava's Guildhall, the tanks just did an all out blitz into the city. The military that manage to mobilise did little to no damage to them, they are nothing like they or we have ever seen. Are they a newer model?"

"Yes they are," says Ny-Lee as she loads a round into the chamber of the stolen rifle she had gained earlier, "I read the reports from the development team, faster and lighter. Plus they angled the armor plating where most shoulder fired rockets just deflected off."

"You need a heavier shell to pierce the plating, something around a well placed mercury round or bigger, maybe a heavy flak." she finishes.

"How about the airships and troops?" asks Alex.

"They are scattered around the city and causing extreme havoc. The latest reports says that all transports have manage to offload all it's troops. The airships though, our ships are currently engaging them, but the craftsmanship of them are proven difficult to kill."

"We'll do what we can, right now we need to lighten their numbers. Reagan looks like you are needed in the sky, take the crew and help them out." says Alex as he files his bag with rockets. Behind him Richard slings a bazooka over his shoulder.

"What about you dad?"

"Richard and I will go with BdrLine and the Captain. If that's alright with you Bdr?"

"Any help that we can get is good."

An explosion is heard from the outside of the warehouse and smoke can be seen rising above the ceiling window. One of Zankief's workers on the balcony looks out and sees the two tanks Reagan have flow over earlier.

"Heads up, they are at our front door!!" he yells to them.

Another explosion is heard and the ground shakes as what is presume a building is falling.

"Flak, they are taking out the docks and other warehouses, and now they are looking over here."

"Reagan start your ship," BdrLine says to her, to the worker,"How far until they are on top of us?"

"Around 500 meters. If you want to get that ship in the air, we better do something about those tanks."

Gathering at the main entrance, BdrLine and those not on the Skyrunner ready their weapons. Alex loads loads a rocket into the one Richard is currently carrying as is Pavel and a few others. BdrLine opens the door slightly and surveys his surrounding.

"Ok, we have some cover out there is we run for it. There is an abound on truck on the right and crates to the left. But how are we going to kill these thing?"

Looking out through the same crack, Ny-Lee slides her brother out of the way. "We can try to take out their tracks then manuever around and hit them in the back. Their radiators is still lightly armored."

"Sounds like a plan. Ok on the count of 3 I'll open the door, everyone sprint out as fast as you can. Don't stay in the open. Ready? 1,2,3...GO,"

BdrLine opens the large doors as the small group of eight run out of the building. The tank drivers are startled for a second at the sudden emergence of people but keep on going as their tank commanders start to move the main turret.

"Pathetic merchants, thinking they can stop us. Load up the cannon," orders one of the tank commanders.

As the loader opens the breech, the turret slowly turns to the right. Once loaded the commander aims and fires at the running group. It misses by a few yards as dust and shrapnel files the air.

Annoyed on how he missed the shot, he yells to the loader, "Load another one, this time burst."

The team has split up into two groups of four after barely surviving the first shot. Those near the explosion suffered a few scrapes from flying shrapnel but are still able to fight. Hiding behind the crates, BdrLine tighten his grip on his rifle and look to where the shot has landed.

"Damn, they mean business."

Another shot is heard as they brace for an impact. Seeing nothing has been fired at their general direction, Richard looks over and sees the truck on the other side on fire.

"Shit, they might have gotten the other group, their cover has gone up in smoke."

"What?," BdrLine says and peeks over the crates. He then sees what Richard is talking about, the truck that he spotted earlier is now up in smoke and Pavel and his group is no where to be seen.

Inside the second tank, the commander peers through his scope and smiles at his success, "Nice job boys, another pest taken care off. Now let's see if our partner has gotten his group."

As he is about to call him, the second commander sees a head popping up from a pile of crates.

"Hey, I see your little group there to the right if you are looking for them."

"What? Where?"

"To the right, behind those crates."

"Oh I see them, ok turning now."

BdrLine widen his eyes as he sees the nearest to them starting to turn his turret at them.

"Ah Flak!!! Everyone run! See if you can throw some Lochs at them as well."

Four pins are pulled as they clatter to the ground as the group lobs the explosives over the crates before running out of their cover. The tank fires just as they jump out of the way sending the four flying from the shock wave. The tank then reloads again to finish them as the group struggles to get up their feet. Just as the tank is about to fire, four explosions rock the vehicle as the shot over shoots and flies above them hitting a nearby building.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" screams the commander.

"Don't know sir, I think it came from them before we fired the last shot."

"Well loader reload again, this time we have...where are they?"

Looking out of his scope the smoke clears and he notices that the four has flee its line of sight.

"The Gods, driver go out and find them."

"Yes sir."

As he puts the tank in to forward, it moves a few feet until the right side drops a few inches and a screeching sound is heard, immobilising the tank.

"Why aren't we moving?"

"The right side threads are blown, we are stuck."

Growling, he calls the second tanks and tell him his predicament.

Breathing deeply, BdrLine and the others catches their breath at another near death experience. Hiding around the corner of another warehouse they look over themselves.

"Think that work?" asks Ny-Lee as she dust herself off.

"I believe so, we would have been goners if that shot landed." answers BdrLine as he examines his legs.

"You hit?" wonders Alex.

"I'm good, now let's kill those tanks. One of them is probably looking for us  since I believe we manage to disable the other one."

As they move out from their hiding place back onto the main road, they notice that one tank is sitting out in the open while the second one heads the other direction in search for them. Approaching the disabled tank slowly, they duck quickly behind another pile of crates as the top hatch opens. Popping out of the hatch, the tanks commander scans the area.

"Ok, Alex Richard, get ready to run behind that thing and take a shot of its radiator. I'm going to take out the this guy so you have a few seconds before they realise their commander is dead to shoot at you."

"That's reassuring." says Richard sarcastically.

Alex shrugs him as he gets his weapon ready. Rolling his eyes, he checks the bazooka again and gives BdrLine a thumbs up. Nodding, he places the rifle on the crates and aims down his sights. Placing the front and rear sight over the commanders head, BdrLine pulls the trigger just as the commander looks over their direction.

Taking that as their cue, Alex and Richard quickly runs out. As predicted, the crew inside notices that their commander has been shot and killed and looks at the body in shock. A few seconds later the driver looks out of his slot and sees the two running at them. He yells at the loader to get on the turret. But just as the loader gets into position and starts to move the main gun, Alex and Richard has already moved behind them. Taking aim, Richard fires his shot directly at the thinly protected radiator which eludes and engulfs the tank in flames.

Seeing and hearing the explosion, Ny-Lee and BdrLine runs out towards them just as they are reloading.

"Nice one."

"Yeah, but we are not done yet, I think its buddy heard the explosion and will come over."

Just as Alex finishes his sentence, a round explodes a several yards from them making them duck from the debris. Coming back down from the main road, they see the second tank rounding a corner while firing another shot, this time landing closer.

Going around the burning vehicle, the group tries to run but are blocked as a shot flies over them and lands in front. The smoke in front of them is dispersed as the Skyrunner flies through it.

The tank sees the airship and starts to aim its turret at it. Seeing this, Reagan pops Hydrogen as the shell flys underneath. Turning to hard right, the ships starboard guns start to open up. It cause little damage as it armor plating can withstand the light damage. Still tracking the airship, the tank commander has completely have forgotten the small group that took out its partner. With this little distraction, the group moves up behind this tank, and just like the first, Richard takes aim and fires at the radiator exploding it.

Finding this moment to relax a little bit, Alex's portable radio cracks on as Reagan's voice come through.

"Looks like you guys needed help, again."

"Well thanks for the save." replies Richard.

"We couldn't just sit back while all of this was happening. So once the ship was ready and we all heard the explosions. Hey we do what we do. Oh where that pal of yours? We have one of those guildmasters in the warehouse on the line wanting to talk to him."

Alex tosses the receiver to BdrLine as they hear the frequency changing. Once stable Reagan flies off as he speaks to it, "This is BdrLine, who is this."

The distinctive voice of Fyodor comes through, "Ah young Zhao, I have some news for you."

"Please tell me it's good."

"Well thanks to your friends equipment here in this facility, I manage get ahold of various Guild commanders and we are planning a counterattack to this Yeshan threat."

Rolling his eyes at the last comment, BdrLine listen on.

"In a moment the city's flak grid will fire on all Yeshan warships still flying. On the ground we pushing our own tank divisions to troops to combat the commandos."

"Wait...what!" Ny-Lee exclaims as she overhears the conversation, "Azn give me that." as she takes the receiver from her brother.


"Master Fyodor, this is Captain Zhao. Tell the flak batteries to target the ships flying red flags. I have two ships out there fighting against them and they are sporting blue flags."

As soon as she finishes her sentence, the sky is lit up as flak tracers and explosions fill the afternoon haze.

"I'll do what I can Captain, but the gunners may not see the small difference in alliance colors just the obvious Yeshan markings. I recommend you try and reach them and order your ships to land before being blown out of the sky."

Ny-Lee is about to protest but the connection is cut as Frodor ends the conversation. Angrily she slams the receiver back into its casing making Alex flinch at the force.

"Arrgh, hmmm Give me that again, I'll try to see if I can get a hold of them." Ny-Lee orders Alex.

Complying Alex hands Ny-Lee the receiver as she switches the frequency to Syá's ship. As she waits for a response, the four sees one of the transports falling out of the sky. The group watch on as multiple batteries are targeting this single airship. What they didn't expect to see an explosion from the inside ripping the ship into two fiery chucks of twisted metal. Even from a distance, they feel the ground vibrate as the debris hits the surface.

"Oh Gods, oh Gods. Dang it Syá pick up I don't want you guys ending up like that," Ny-Lee stammers as she continues waiting for a reply from her Commander.

"Hello? Hello who is this and how did you manage to get this signal." says a male voice as the signal manage to go through.

"Zankief?" asks BdrLine as he hears the voice.

"Aha, BdrLine. Glad to hear your voice." chuckles Zankief.

"Yeah, yeah. Zankief where is Syá." interrupts Ny-Lee.

"At the moment she is flying against a Junker, but things are getting hectic up here. The batteries have opened up and looks like they are targeting any ship they see up here."

"Yeah, we got a word from Fyodor. They are shooting any ship with Yeshan markings. Get her and my ship out of the sky and back to your warehouse before you get shot out of the sky like that transport."

"Oh Flak. Ok I pass it on. Thanks for the heads up. Zankief out."

Realising a breath that she didn't know she was holding, Ny-Lee hands back the receiver to Alex knowing that Syá can make it back with Zankief's knowledge of the city.

As the four man team prepares to head into the city to help the Guild troops fight the oncoming Yeshan, they look back at the burning truck where Pavel and his group has been.

Breathing through his nose, BdrLine recites an old little prayer that he has heard multiple time to himself before heading out.

"By the Skies we fly this day. Off into the Sunset to give chase. May the Winds stay at our back. Our Dusty Mistress be appeased. Our Mugs ever full. Onwards ye' Dogs, Into the Fray."

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #322 on: April 29, 2015, 02:25:20 am »

"Whoa, did you guys see that!" says Courage in surprise as he spots the transport blowing up.

The Starlight is currently engaging another one of the transports with a few of Zankief's ships. No one notices the downed ship as Althea is firing the Heavy Flak, Charles is manning the side mortar/sticky grenade launcher, and Archer frantically flying to avoid the incoming flak shots.

"Sorry mate, Things are getting hectic up here I don't have time to see it." replies Charles as he reloads the gun.

Another round is fired from the front gun as Althea aims for the control bridge. She turns her head around and yells at him, "Speaking of which, stop watching and get to fixing. The amount of flak firing in the air, I'm surprised the armor hasn't brake yet."

"She's right, um if you can repair the main engine, I think it's sputtering from the burst fragments," stammers Archer as he quickly overturns the helm making Althea miss her shot.


"Apologise, the air around here is getting thick."

Tuning out the bickering between the two, Charles grabs his bag and heads up the stairwell to the upper deck. Standing in front of the support beam for the main engine, Courage looks through the cross beams and sees the ground moving below. Gulping, Courage carefully places his feet on where the beams form a 'x' and quickly goes over to the engine. Once there, he notices smoke rising out from underneath the cover and a rattling noise. Grabbing a wrench and opening the protective cover he begins his work.

"Oh Flak, everyone grab hold onto something," screams Archer as he places the Goldfish into a hard left turn trying to avoid and incoming round from the surface.

Althea quickly buckles herself on her seat on the main guns while Charles hugs tightly on one of the pipes of the generator. Courage barely hears the command until he feels the entire ship going into the turn. He drops the tool that he was currently holding as the momentum makes him loses his balance. As he tries to stay stable, he trips over his bag and get his foot caught in between the beams. A sharp pain rush through his right leg as he is now dangling over the edge with only his foot keeping him from falling to his death.


All three turn there heads at the sudden scream and sees their friend in his predicament.

"Courage!" yells Charles as he runs to help his buddy.

"Archer, get us out of here now. I don't want to lose anybody today." Althea says to him as she unbuckles from her seat to help out as well.

"How about the transport?"

"Leave it, the other ships got it. And by the looks of it, the flak grid. Just fly use out of here before those flaks get us as well." as she scrambles up the steps to help Charles.

Acknowledging, Archer descends the ship down and away from the combat.

On the main beam Charles leans over the railing and extends a hand to Courage.

"Come one bud, reach."

Trying to pull himself up, Courage attempts to do a sit up as he extends his hand to Charles. Charles leans over the railing a little more in an effort to close the gap, but feels himself falling forward.

"Oh shit." he exclaims as he tilts but is grabbed on the back of his collar by Althea.

"Gotcha. Now hurry and grab Courage out"

Nodding, Charles extends his hand again even farther as he got Althea holding on to him. Pushing himself one more time, Courage swings his body up and latches onto Charles' forearm. The duo pull their friend up with Charles slinging his arm around Courage as they walk back to the main cabin.

With the heavy shooting going on behind them, Archer manuvers the ship down to street level where he cuts throttle and heads inside the cabin as well. There he sees Charles placing Courage onto the bunk and Althea grabbing the MedKit out from underneath. Looking at Courage's leg, he let out a small gasp as he examines the extent of the damage. The lower half of the right leg is twisted and bruise from where he tripped, fell, and catch the beams. His vision is blocked as Althea moves in from of him pulling out splits to brace the leg.

"Ok Charles got the gauze?"

"I have it right here."

"Good. Now Courage, we'll try to reposition your leg back to how it was, gonna be painful."

"Just do it, I'm already in enough pain as it is."

"Ready Charles?"


As the two move the bones and muscles around, Courage lets out screams of pain as each movement is worse as the last.

"Stop, just stop! I think that's the most you can get. Splint it, but I think it's broken."

"Whatever you say bud. Hold the splints down Althea, I'll start wrapping."

As Charles wraps the leg, Archer moves out of the cabin to grab some fresh air. As he deeply breaths he surveys his surrounding on where he landed. Much is unrecognisable as most buildings are smoking and filled with blast holes.

"Damn." Archer says to himself as he takes in the destruction.

Looking down street, he sees blown or crushed vehicles as when the tanks rolled through. Even the road is littered with craters and rubble, which starts vibrate violently.

"What the?" he says as small rocks starting to bounce. Looking over to the other direction a decently size Yeshan force is coming down the road accompanied with two tanks.

Quickly rushing to the helm, he activates the Hydrogen canister and calls to the others inside, "Brace, rising quickly!"

The tanks sees this and quickly turns their turrets to the balloon and fires. The rounds fly through the air and pierce through the thick fabric lighting the gas. The balloon erupts into flames and the small airship drop down onto the street knocking Archer over the helm to the generator side. The Yeshan squad then cautiously move up to the down airships while the tanks hang back.

Inside the cabin, the trio are jolted at the sudden rise and crash of the airship. Courage screams in pain as Althea and Charles slowly gets up. Looking through the windows, they see the approaching Yeshan on the port side. Althea then goes over to the rifle rack inside and grab her rifle and toss Charles his.

"We can deal with the foot soldiers, but we need to get to the Merc to take out the tanks" Althea says to him as she start breaking the cabins windows.

Loading his weapon, Charles takes a shooting position.

"I can try and man it myself."

"You'll be exposed to their fire, just pick them off."

"What about me?" asks Courage.

"Sorry Courage, but you can barely lie down with that leg of yours. Here take my pistols and shoot anyone if they get too close." says Althea as she unholsters her two custom made pistols.

"Wait, where is Archer? He should have came back inside." says Charles as he looks around the cabin.

"Flak, Charles go and see if you can find him, and be quick they are coming." orders Althea as she peers over the window. She quickly ducks as a bullet ricochet off the plating. Popping up, Althea aims down her sight a fires of a round hitting one of the soldier dead in the chest before hiding again.

Opening the door to the helm, Charles rush out and jumps to the generator side as bullets whiz pass him. Tumbling to safety, he quickly huddles the wall of the berthing space. There he sees Archer spread eagle on the deck a few feet to his left knocked out.

At least he is not dead

Still under cover, he pulls the unconscious Archer next to him. Making sure he is safe, Charles then crouch walk towards the port side armor plating and takes a shooting position

He then calls out to Althea, "Found Archer, he is a bit banged up, but breathing."

Althea fires another shot, "Ok. Look alive now, they are still coming."

Charles peers over and sees that they are quickly advancing from cover to cover. He also notices that one of the tanks is turning its turret and fires at the ship. The round hits the midship plating as an entire sheet falls off.

Oh Flak me as he takes cover from the blast. Once the debris settles, he peaks over and takes a couple of shots before hiding again.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #323 on: May 09, 2015, 12:40:55 am »

As the battle for the sky is heating up, so is the street combat as Guild tank forces are encircling the Yeshans to the city's Center. With the loss of their main command ship, the momentum shifts to the defenders as more troops converge in the fighting.

A portion of a building crumbles as a shell from a Yeshan tank hits it. Dusting off the rubble, BdrLine takes a shot at an advancing Yeshan soldier.

"I thought we were getting reinforcements," he say as he reloads his rifle. Several rounds ricochet off the alley wall he is hiding behind causing him to flinch.

On the other side of the street, Ny-Lee pulls the pin of a Loch grenade and lobs it towards a group of three behind a destroyed vehicle. Two of the soldiers spot the explosive and jump out of the way. The last one was too slow and gets caught in the explosion.

"It may take them awhile to get here," Ny-Lee says as she observes the grenade, "The Guild tanks are coming from the outskirts of the city while we are in their downtown."

"Well tell them to hurry up." yells Richard as he and Alex slowly advance at the Yeshan line to take a shot at the tank.

Sliding behind the charred vehicle that Ny-Lee threw her grande earlier, Alex loads the bazooka. Once clear, Richard pops up and fires near the turret. The rocket flies through the air and impacts the metal plating. As the smoke clears, the pair notices that the rocket only leaves a charr mark and that the turret is still operational.

"Oh come on!"

"Remember I told you that rocket shots to the front does almost nothing." exclaims Ny-Lee, " Now get back here before the both of you gets shot up."

Acknowledging, the duo gets up from behind the truck and sprints back to where BdrLine and Ny-Lee are taking cover. Bullets whiz by them as them scramble to the alleys. A few manage to hit Richard as he stumbles forward, a few yards away from BdrLine. 

Alex makes it to Ny-Lee when he sees Richard getting shot, "Richard!!"

Ny-Lee has to pull Alex around the corner as a few rounds hit the wall.

"Get in here, won't be good if you get shot as well."

"They just killed one of my closest friends! I'm going out there and kill the lot of them!" 

As he reloads a new clip into his rifle, Ny-Lee puts most of her strength to push Alex up on the wall.

"And what, die in a barrage of hot lead?"

"Let me go Captain."

"If you do go out there what about your daughter huh? Do I have to tell her that her father died by foolishly running straight at a well fortified enemy."


The two turn their heads to see that BdrLine is calling over.

"Richard is still moving and I may get to him" he says as he peaks around his corner.

To where Richard is lying, they can see that he is crawling forward inches groaning audibly. Richard still has ways to go until he makes it to BdrLine's alley and the Yeshan are advancing slowly again. Wasting no time, Alex and Ny-Lee peek their weapons around and starts firing at their positions. 

With the cover fire BdrLine crouch runs to the crawling Richard and slings an arm over his shoulder. Helping Richard up, he and BdrLine quickly goes back around the corner. As BdrLine lays him down he notices that there is no visible blood on his hand or on Richard.

"What the?"

BdrLine pulls Richard back a bit and sees the bazooka riddled with bullet holes.

Shaking his head in disbelief, "You are one lucky guy aren't ya huh?"

"Yeah," Richard moans as he unslings the large weapon and stretches his back, "What are they packing in those rifles? They burnt like a screaming banshee."

Laughing , BdrLine call over to the other side, "He is good, the only holes I found were on the bazooka."

"Oh thank God," Alex says as he release a breath.

"That's good, but now we don't have anything to deal with that tank." proclaims Ny-Lee as she continues to shoot.

She notices that the tank is approaching as well, crushing any obstacle in its way. All four duck as the turret fires at the right side building creating another hole. 

"Alex, how high can you throw that bag of rockets?"

"What?" asks Alex to BdrLine's question.

"How high? I'm mean.....just throw it in the air!"

Alex looks at Ny-Lee who shrugs as she has no idea what her brother is planning. Going to the conclusion since they bazooka is out of commission, Alex complies to BdrLine's order and chucks the bag and it's contents high in the air. Tracking the bag, BdrLine fires his rifle as it starts to descend in front of the tank and soldiers. The round hits and cause a huge explosion killing those near the blast radius and reducing the numbers by a third.

"Nice thinking there Azn." calls out Ny-Lee

"Well I am called BdrLine for a reason." he chuckles in which she roll her eyes.

Standing, Richard peeks over and sees the massive dust cloud from the explosion.

"Wow. Guess that some way to....." he didn't finish his sentence as the Yeshan tank emerge from the cloud. It fires another round at their position as it keeps advancing.

"How? I saw that it exploded in front of it." questions BdrLine as he ducks from the falling debris.

"You said it, 'exploded in front'. It may have worked if the bag actually landed on the tank." calls over his sister.

As they duck again from another shell, the tank stop abruptly and quickly goes full reverse. Perplexed all four fell rumbling behind them and sees two old, bulky looking tanks.

"Those are the Guilds? They look like it came from a museum." says Richard.

"Must be from the last Conflict, I've seen pictures of them on the coast when the Barons we're attacking." responds Alex.

Both Guild tanks fire at the Yeshan tank. The shells hit but are deflected off due to the angled armor. The Yeshan tank respond back and fires at the left one which manage to dent the front plating. The two Guild tanks turrets move slightly downward and fires at the threads blowing them off.

Still going at full reverse the Yeshan tank drives off its rails and onto the street where sparks are flying as the wheels continue to spin. Knowing that they are not going anywhere another round is fired at the left Guild tank but the round ricochet off the main turret. 

Still firing at the disabled vehicle, two squads of Guild soldiers follow behind. One advances at the Yeshan tank and soldiers while the other spots the four, split up and approaches them with weapons drawn.

"You there, drop your weapons or be fired upon." orders what is assume the leader of the squad.

"What we were just fighting against them! Don't you know who we are?" exclaims Ny-Lee.

"Yes, I see an Imperial Officer and soldier with two mercenaries. Now surrender and we may let you live." continues the leader as he motions for safeties to be off.

"Didn't Fyodor mention anything about us? We are trying to help stop this."

Still unnerved at Ny-Lee he says, "We were told to be on the lookout for two particular Yeshan individuals, but was order to take precaution in case of any form of deception."

Throwing his arms up, BdrLine says in desperation, "Guys still doesn't trust us. Yes we are the two he was talking about."

Behind them they hear two different explosions as the tank manage to take out of the Guild tanks before being overwhelmed by continuous tank and rocket fire.

"Hmm these tanks prove to be extremely difficult to take down," observes the Guild leader.

"If you lets us go with you I can give you information on how to destroy them." says Ny-Lee as she comes forward.

The squad raise their weapons at her to stop her approach. Placing a finger on his chin in thought, the leader waves his hand to lower their weapons.

"If you two are the ones we are suppose to look for, then you can accompany us. But if you there is any trickery." he snaps his fingers as the squad aim their weapons at them again.

All four nods in agreement.

"Good. Now, we already launched a full-scale counter attack and are pushing them back all the way yo the Centre. But if each encounter ends up like this," he motions to the damaged Guild tank and the destroyed one, " we are going to suffer heavy casualties."

"For the next engagement, as you already notice, best to disable their movement. Only thing don't attack at the front, the armor can deflect small caliber rounds and something of the likes of a Mercury or Heavy Flak can pierce through. Or attack the rear and aim for the radiator, it's lightly armored and can kill in one shot." explains Ny-Lee

"Very well. I'll pass this on to my superiors." says the Guild leader

He motions to a radioman who runs over and hands him the receiver.

As he changes the frequency, he notices a red airship quicky rise over the rooftops. 

"What the?" 

BdrLine notices it as well and focus more on it.

"Is that that my airship?.....The Flak it is"

Two quick black dots fly through the air, pierces the balloon and sets it ablaze as the airship drops down to the ground.

"MY SHIP!!!"

"Well we know where several of those soldier are now. Everyone move out to where that Goldfish crash landed," orders the leader.

Quickly complying, the two squads reform and starts to head out. Running pass them, BdrLine sprint to his ship with his sister running and yelling behind him. Trailing, Alex helps Richard onto the Guild tank as they hitch a ride.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
« Reply #324 on: May 17, 2015, 10:20:34 pm »

With each tank shell hitting the Starlight, more and more of its armor plating is being blown off. Only reason the hull structure is still intact is because of the design and the placement of the armor from Yiski's original Goldfish.

Under the constant barrage of both the Yeshan tanks and their superior numbers, Charles and Althea are pinned to their cover. Each time they try to peek over and take aim, bullets ricochet off the metal and pass over their heads.

Inside the cabin is a steady pinging as the enemy continues to fire without opposition. Althea is getting annoyed with herself as she can't take an open shot. She is about to hit the wall behind her with her rifle but calms herself down, taking slow deep breathes.

"Damn it, damn it."

Sitting on the other side holding Althea's pistol, Courage looks upon the Anvalan Elite, "Yeah I know how you feel. But come one, we are soldiers of Anvala, we can take them. We survived worst."

"I know we did, I just don't want to wait for them to come to us and simply kill us four while we hide. I want to go out fighting."

"Then we'll give them hell once they board.  AIN'T THAT RIGHT CHARLES!?!" Courage yells at the end to his mentor.

"We are Guards, we can handle it." he replies back.

Nodding in agreement, she says to him, "If we do go out today, at least it is for what is right. And I have the both of you with me."

"Wow, BdrLine did come though to you and made you sentimental."

Rolling her eyes, Althea pushes Courage as he lets out a chuckle before clasping their hands together in acknowledgement. 

She unclasp and yells over, "Charles, get ready."

"For what?"

"I'll try and give you some cover, but quickly get on the Merc and take a shot at one of the tanks. We need to even the fight."

"Are you daft?!? There is like around 14 imperials out there."

"Just do it, we won't survive long out here if nothing is done. Get ready in 3."

On the main deck, Charles inhales and exhales as he waits for the countdown.

I really thing that she is thinking like BdrLine now.
"3, go go."

Charles quickly gets up from his cover and onto the port side modified Anvalan Field Gun. At the same time, Althea takes aim and quickly offs five people with her rifle with deadly speed and accuracy. Halting their advance, the 9 remaining soldiers stop behind rumble to take cover from the counterattack.

Seeing this, one of the tanks stop and rotate its turret to the cabin. As the gunner is about to fire, the tank commander sees a flash from mid port of the ship before a shell pierce through the plating and exploding inside the main compartment.

Charles aims and takes his shot at the tank looking at Althea. He smiles as the gun and round did what it was designed todo, creating a hot molten mess and explosion. 

Oh thank you Commander for making theses for our side.

His eyes widen in surprise as he sees the Yeshans come out from their cover and start aiming at him. Firing off the second shot at a nearby group, he quickly jumps behind the armor plating near the front Flak.

Landing, Charles feels a stinging pain as he looks down and covers his left thigh. He sees he has been shot near his upper thigh and is bleeding. Quickly taking out a small pocket knife, he slices off his sleeve and begins to wrap the wound. Fumbling in tying it off, he goes in and out of consciousness as the loss of blood is getting to him.

Before he blacks out, someone catches him and sits him up. Charles opens his eyes and sees that Archer has came to and is now helping him.

"Don't worry I gotcha." he says as he ducks now and again from the new assault from the imperials.

Finally putting the last knot on the makeshift bandage, Archer hits the deck as he hears a tank firing. He brace for impact but no shell hit the ship. Perplexed, he then realised that the tank fired from the opposite of the airship. Crawling over, he sees a Guild tank and two squads of guild troops. Integrated with the squads, he spots BdrLine and the others running up to the Goldfish.

As BdrLine, his group, and a squad of seven finally board the ship, BdrLine goes over to Archer, Ny-Lee runs up to the cabin, and the others take firing positions against the imperials. 

"Oh thank God that you guys came," says Archer in relief, "I don't know how much longer we can last."

"Archer! What happened to my ship?"

"You see they..."

"Not again, I spent so much time on this."

"Well nice to see you too babe. Glad to see you care about us and are happy we are fine.", scoff out Althea from the cabin.

"Is your brother like this at times." she asks Ny-Lee.

"He mind may be elsewhere for the majority of the time, but he still cares. Don't blame him too much." replies Ny-Lee.

Back on the main deck, BdrLine rubs his head sheepishly on forgetting about his friends on the ship but quickly goes prone as the two tanks exchange fire.

Coming too, he shouts to those around him, "Ok, to those who have grenades, throw some over. We need to start thinning their numbers."

Five pins are heard as five Loch grenades are tossed to the imperial positions. Explosions are heard as they detonate obliterating those near the blast radius. But a bigger explosion is heard as their Guild tank support goes up in flames. A few more shots from the tank explode near them as men are blown into the air.

"Ah Flak, if you have rockets, take them out and see if you can do anything." he again orders.

Two teams start to do as he says as two people load rockets into their partners bazooka. 

As they are loading, Courage limps up and looks over the cabin and notices that the Merc is still intact.

"Bdr! If they can distract the tank, you can load the Merc and take it out." he yells.

BdrLine and Archer sees the weapon and nod to each other. Readying themselves, they wait until the two bazookas fire. As the rockets leave the barrels, a thick smoke trail comes from the tail giving them some smoke cover. Under the smoke, Archer picks up the twin rounds as BdrLine opens the breach.

Once the rounds are in, the breach is closed as the two see that the rockets deflect off the plating and into the surrounding buildings. The smoke is still in the air as the tank's gunner can't get a clear shot but is quickly disappearing. Looking down the scope, BdrLine moves his scoe that the crosshairs are lined up on the tank.

Just as the smoke clears, BdrLine fires both shots one after another as both penetrate. They explode inside as the entire main turret is blown off from the body and lands a few yards behind.

Seeing that both their armor support has been compromised, the surviving Yeshan start to fall back into the center of the city as the remainder of the Guild soldiers follow in pursuit.

Staying behind, BdrLine and Archer helps and pickup the unconscious Charles. Coming down the stairs, Courage sling both of his arms around Ny-Lee and Althea as they help him. Boarding the airship, the Guild leader who, BdrLine met earlier, goes over to them with Alex and Richard in tow.

"Hmm I believe I made a wrong assumption with the two of you."

"Yes you did." cough both Alex and Richard as they go over to their pals.

Ignoring their comment, he continues," Captain, with the information that you have gave us, we are destroying their tanks and routing the enemy. We thank you for that, and now they are regrouping to make a last stand."

"Where?," asks BdrLine.

"The place where it all started."

"Slava's Guildhall." says everyone at the same time.

"Yes, we have encircled them and the only defendable position that can house them is that guildhall. We'll have this over by noon tomorrow."

"How about the Yeshan airships."

"Still holding their title, they were difficult to take out. Several of our ships that finally manage to engage them were quickly destroyed. But after constant barrage by our grid, even the mightiest transport fell."

"All that is left are the ground groups and any remaining tanks," the leader checks his watch and the sky," it is getting late, we will fight on through the night, but you should recall your allies. The military will take it from here, you all have done enough."

"Thank you, but how about my ship?" asks BdrLine as he taps the deck with his foot.

"The Guild will have your ship transported to any dock you chose. Now, I suggest you tend to your wounded," the leader points behind him as a truck pulls up.

Nodding, the team loads up Charles and Courage into the flat bed as the rest takes a seat around them. BdrLine and his sister takes a seat next to each other as Althea lies her head on his shoulder. On the other side, Alex and Richard takes up the entire bench as they lay their body's down.

Giving the the driver directions to Zankief's warehouse, BdrLine closes his eyes as he thinks back to the long day. He quickly opens them as he feels the truck go to a stop and the trunk opening. Several of Zankief's men are at the end helping retrieve Courage and Charles, the rest hop down under their own power.

As they walk towards the large doors, they see that they are open and a field hospital is set up. Racks line up the main floor and doctors go about the wounded. Before they can say anything, everyone is split up as they are being checked over by doctors.

Feeling too tired to fight against them, BdrLine submits to the checks. As he lies on the rack, a familiar face hover over him.

"Looks like you made it." says Zankief.

He smiles seeing that his old friend has survive the skies, BdrLine sits up, "Yeah, was heck of a fight though. So since you are here both of my sister's Pyras made it."

"Yup, her second is quite a pilot. Went through the thickest flak just to get out of combat. Yeshans are truly crazy after seeing that spectacular."

"Hey I'm the only crazy one, " BdrLine chuckles, " So what is all this?"

"Well, since you have 'escorted' Guildmaster Fyodor here. He has manage to use my comms and made this place his FOB and rear hospital. Now it's just swarming with Guild."

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"Move shop, find another place to run my operations. After today, we are too much in the spotlight, time to lay low again."

"I understand, but I can still contact you right."

"Always. No way I'm letting you out of my sight."

Smirking and shaking his head, BdrLine extend his hand. Zankief takes it as they both shake their friendship. Standing at the entrance of the tent, Althea smiles as she watches the two.

As the two of them continue to converse, Ny-Lee manage to find Syá and her crews and is happy to see everyone alright. Alex and Richard walk around as well and spot the Skyrunner and it's full crew looking over the systems. Seeing her father again, Lorena goes up and hugs him.

As some happy moments are being passed around, there are some not so happy. Charles is still alive, but unconscious from the amount of blood he has lost and is under doctor supervision as they replace the blood. 

For Courage, he is brought to a private room where a pair of doctor remove the splint and bandages. Once the last one is removed, they look in shock on how bad his lower leg has been damaged. Not only was the bone broken from the fall, apparently it has been hit from a flak round as the skin is shredded. Not know how he is not in pain, the doctors look at Courage and he knew what they had todo. Lying down on an operating table, Courage has a mask placed over his face as he breathes deeply.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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 Day 19


Throughout the night and into the morning, the Guild soldiers continue to push the dwindling Yeshans. With no more air support, a full retreat back to the Guildhall is ordered. With only five tanks left and around 60 people, the Yeshan dig in and wait for the coming Guild force. 

By eight o'clock, 10 Guild airships, 20 tanks, and several platoons worth of soldier surround the building.

On a microphone, the Guild leader calls out to them, "Imperial Forces, surrender now and lay down your arms. Your Admiral is dead and your forces are almost depleted. Come quietly and we will arrange your transport back home as from the order of Captain Zhao."

A long silence is met until a voice is heard, "We will never surrender. Those traitors are blinded at what is suppose to be ours. The Veil will cover all. ATTACK!!!"

Clicking the microphone off, the leader turns to his second, "Very well. Lieutenant, fire as you may,"

Nodding, a quick word on the radio and the entire area starts to fire on the position. Bullets fly through the air as both sides exchange heavy fire. Even out numbered, the Yeshan tanks manage to damage 1 and take out another Guild tank to each of their tanks destroyed. From the air, the Guild airships bombard the building with constant Mercury, Hawacha, and Heavy Flak fire. Eventually the building collapses as the pillars can't support the constant firepower. 

"Cease fire," calls the leader and all guns are silence.

Five minutes has passed as they wait for any attack or movement. Seeing none, he motions to a radioman.

"Master Fyodor, this is Field Leader Anton. The threat has subsided."

On the other line, Fyodor is still underneath Zankief's warehouse inside the bunker as he receives the message.

"Understood, well done. Now organise your men and conduct a search and rescue and access the damage."

"Yes sir."

Turning the radio off, Fyodor stands from the table and exits the room. As he limps through the corridor, he is flanked by two Guild Escorts as he climbs the stairs to the main floor. Still set up as a hospital, he walks around taking in how many wounded. The Yeshans have sent in a small commando force to take out the Capitol and leadership, around a fraction of the city's actually military. Yet they have manage to inflict as many casualties as they did to them.

Near the back of the room where the ships are kept, he spots the two Zhaos.

"Captain, Master Zhao."

"Master Fyodor." they both respond.

"I like to inform you that the threat has been defeated. And I can't believe that I am saying this, the Guild would have been lost without your involvement. Now for the matter of the damages."

Ny-Lee holds up a hand to stop him, "When I return back to the Empire, I'll talk to my mother in actually setting up trade to help cover the cost."

"Very well. The irony of how we still manage to come to a trade agreement."

"Yes, but there will be no repercussions? Remember what we know." threatens BdrLine.

"I understand that the Baronies and Empire has an agreement. And I know about the Guild's previous involvement, in the interest of not having a war, we will try to cover up the details of another Faction's involvement in yesterday's events."

"One more thing, my friends... One is unconscious and another....I just found out this morning that he got amputeeted."

"Don't worry, I have the best doctors that money can pay for. Your friend will come too soon, as for the amputee, he is getting fitted for a prosthetic."

Oh great, hope he doesn't have a Paradox type limb. "And my airship?"

"Will be transported to where ever you say."

Nodding, the two continue to converse in negotiations.

Nearing the end of the day, Ny-Lee and her crew set up their Pyramidions and are getting ready to set off. Also getting ready is Alex and his crew as they load the Skyrunner with crates of supplies. For BdrLine and his crew they are on a transport where the wreckage of his Starlight is sitting in its hold. 

In one of the rooms, Chalres is on a bed and is still being watch by doctors. For Courage, he is in a wheelchair as he looks at the bandaged stump on where his right leg use to be. He hears someone opens the door to his room open and someone walking towards him.

"Wow, he wasn't lying," says a female voice.

"Yeah, he maybe crazy, but BdrLine doesn't lie. So you need anything Dalhia?" he says as he turn the wheelchair around.

"Umm I just wanted to say...nice work out there." she says as she looks at everything in the room besides him.

"Is that all? I believe there maybe more than that," he says as he pulls out a folded piece of paper.

Dalhia goes red as she recognise the paper she wrote to him back during the Festival in Cathedral.

"If you want to hang out and talk some more, you can try to convince your friends dad to come and visit Anvala. It's a good city to set up another warehouse store."

"I'll think about that, but for now." she takes the paper from him and writes down something, "want to radio me or write, here is my address and frequency."

She gives it to back to Courage and gives him a peck on the cheek.

Dumbfounded, he places a hand on where she kissed and says, "I think I'll call sometime soon."

Smiling Dalhia leaves Courage as doctors comes in with a prosthetic design.

On the main floor, Zankief walks with BdrLine as many of his ships and equipment is being packed and loaded.

"So where will you go?" asks BdrLine.

"hmm somewhere east maybe, near Iscadon."

"Well give me a call once you are all settled."

"I will"

BdrLine hears his sister and Althea calling over to him as to say their final goodbyes before they leave, he turns to Zankief and says, "Well until then. Fair Winds and Clear Skies."

"Clear Skies to yourself as well BdrLine."

With a final shake the two depart. After saying his goodbye and a hug to his sister, she and Syá boad and rise their Pyras out and back toward the Empire. As for Alex and Richard, they leave with the transport where BdrLine and his crew are on and escort them up to Cathedral before letting go to Anvala.

Even Vystorg maybe over, returning back to normal may take longer to adjust back.

(Whooo end of first one, now for Chang-ning. Here is the intro.)


 Day 18

Off on the western edge of the known world, tension is on the rise in the oriental capital of Chang-ning as Saull, the Tiger's second in command, has instated Marshal Law in order to find the escaped Imperial Family and the highly appointed Zhao's. Tiger loyal troops raid civilian's homes, from the lowest class to the upper high estates, in order to find them without any warning. Civil unrest is becoming more and more apparent as riots are breaking out across the capital between the civilians and the army. Local police can't do anything as much of the jurisdiction comes from Saull himself. Much of the population are in wonder how such rise aggression can be left unseen by the Emperor and the Ox.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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 Crimson Skies Saloon

From Broadcast Central, this is Jinora Qin. Since the declaration of martial law from the Office of the Tiger, much of the city's military has been mobilised onto the streets. Blockades of major streets have been constructed as traffic has grind to a halt. Keep in mind as we have received several reports of soldiers entering and searching citizen's homes in search of something or someone. Be cautious if they do go to your home as the reports explains that the entire home is ripped apart in the search.

With this increased military presence, much of the Capital's population is becoming restless. In the streets of the Central Market, angry protestors gather in front of a military barricade demanding answers. This is one of the many throughout in the city where tensions are high between the two opposing groups. Currently no fighting has broken out as ... Wait, I just received word that shots has been fired near the Scholar's Palace as Imperial Soldiers fired into the crowd of protestors. Rioting has now broken out in the area as both.....

"Someone change that station and find me something to listen to." cries out a patron from his table. Several mumbles of agreement comes other people.

From the bar, Hiro adjust the knob looking for a music station. At each channel the only thing on is the news on what is currently happening in the city. Seeing that there is nothing, he simply turns off the radio.

With chaos happening outside, inside the saloon is a much calmer setting. Since it is the morning, there is not much people at the bar or sitting at the tables. Behind the counter, Roland listens in to the radio before Hiro turns if off. Coming out from the back room, Yiski wipes his hands on a cloth sticking out of his pocket.

"Ok, got a new batch of Hellfire brewing. Our supply right now should last us the day until these are finished." says Yiski as he goes behind the bar with Hiro and Roland

"Are you not concerned what is happening outside in the city?" Roland asks him.

"We have dealt with worse. Besides if it doesn't concern us then why bother."

"But the city is under military lockdown and there are searches going on," Hiro chimes in, "There are now rioting in the streets."

"Lockdowns I have handled before, and as for rioting, myself can defend this place with Blood Bolt ," Yiski points to his rifle on the wall behind him, "and Roland is trained to handle weapons."

As the three converse with one another, a group of 5 soldiers walk inside the saloon. Those inside turn and look at the newcomers, what is odd about this small group is the insignia on their right shoulder is that of a tiger and not the usually crane of the Empire.

Yiski looks at them cautiously as a sergeant walks to the bar looking around the room, "Welcome to the Crimson Skies Saloon. All of you must be new here, what can I get you."

The sergeant takes a seat and looks him in the eyes, "We are not here for drinks. We are on an important assignment and are looking for several fugitives."

Yiski stares right back without a change of resolve, "Well we wouldn't hide them here, this is the most popular bar in the capital."

"Yes, which is why we must thoroughly search the place," he raises his hand and snaps his fingers signalling the four to break off into different sections of the saloon. 

The few patrons exclaims in protest as their tables are flipped over. The sergeant turns around and watches with a slight smug expression as his men turn the main floor into a mess. Once each piece of furniture has been moved or flipped, he turn around to Yiski.

"Now, we must inspect the back room."

Before he calls his men over, Yiski throws a punch into the sergeant's face as he turns back around. He stumbles down to the ground as two of his soldiers help him back up while the other two tries to rush at Yiski but are only to be blocked by the patrons inside.

The sergeant wipes his nose and notices blood on his hands, he points to Yiski as he cracks his knuckles.

"You have just assaulted a military member! I am placing you under arrests and those who are helping him will be arrested as well. Men..."

He notices Roland go over to Yiski to check his hand, the sergeant takes a moment before exclaiming, "You!! You married into the Zhao Family."

Roland turns his head, "What about it?"

Instead of an answer, the four soldier immediately rush the group of 7. Quickly taking down the patrons, they turn to Yiski, Roland, And Hiro. Before they reach them, Yiski takes down Blood Bolt and swings the rifle at the closest soldier and knocks the air out of him as it hits the chest. Coming to, the soldier didn't have enough time to see Yiski hitting him in the head which knocks him out.

Hiro grabs a bottle from underneath the counter and smashes it against one. Shaking off the shock of the hit, the soldier goes in for a punch only for Hiro to dodge. Still holding on to the neck of the broken bottle, Hiro swipes at the soldier. Jumping back, the soldier kicks it out of his hand and jumps and tackles Hiro which breaks a seat. As the two wrestle on the ground, Roland comes cover and hits the soldier in the back with a broken leg piece. He arch his back in pain and is thrown off by Hiro.

"Thanks." says Hiro before putting a straight punch into the soldier's face.

"No problem"

Yiski quickly loads Blood Bolt and raises the weapon and aims at the sergeant. Before Yiski he sees that the other two soldier and the sergeant has drawn their pistols and is aiming at him.

"Sergeant, stand down. We don't want it to get even more messy."

"You are the one talking, we have three guns aimed at while you have one. So hand yourselves over and be brought over to Major Saull for the whereabouts of the Emperor and the rest of the Zhao Family."

"What? The Emperor and my family? What did you do to them!" yells Roland.

"How about this, you go and tell the Major of yours that he will be seeing us soon, but on our terms." Yiski says coolly.

"You are in no position to negotiate, now come quietly or we will take you by force."

As Yiski looks down the scope he sees a figure coming up behind the sergeant. Giving a smile, the sergeant looks on in confusion before being knocked down from behind by a pistol whip

"Looks like I missed a party," observes Lauren as she shots one of the soldiers in the leg disabling him.

 Taking the distraction, Yiski aims at the last standing soldier and fires off a round into his chest. The soldier is quickly knocked down as the non-lethal round hits him squarely. At the close range of the round, he stays on the ground trying to catch his breath.

Lauren transverse the room as Hiro checks on the four who tried to help them.

"Looks like you boys had a morning" says Lauren as she pecks Yiski and gives Roland a hug.

"Quite a morning. But what has happened to Ny's family and the Emperor?" asks Roland.

"I am assuming that is what all of this is about the: martial law, increased military involvement, all the blockades and checks. Looks like the Tiger is having his lackey trying to find them, which is why they needed you, " Yiski says as he piece it all together.

"If they are going to be hostile, I think you should switch out your ammo. Why did you have the non-lethals in?" she asks.

While listening to Lauren, Yiski removes the non-lethal clip and goes into the back where he strap a belt with Sunburst Rounds and loads a new one in.

"Well I don't want to be chased out of a faction if people are getting killed here for being idiots."

As he pulls back the receiver, another group of soldiers rushes in with rifles. This new group is different from the first as they each all have the crane symbol on their shoulder and wearing Imperial Elite armor. Not noticing the difference Yiski quickly takes aim and is about to pull the trigger when Roland pushes the barrel up and the round pierces the ceiling. The new group quickly goes into a defensive stance and aims their weapons.

"Wait, I know them." Roland says quickly before another round is fired.

Still apprehensive, Yiski still looks down the sights, "Ok who are they. We already got attacked by a bunch of imperial already."

"The one in charge right now is Lieutenant Chung. He is part of the Emperor Xi's Elite Guard."

"Yes it's true, and thank the Gods we found you Roland." replies Chung as he motions his men to stand down.

"What is happening? Why do they want my wife's family and the Emperor?" asks Roland.

"After the Captain left for her mission to the Guild, the Elite Guard has been receiving different orders. One where we have been reassigned from guarding the Emperor by another army unit. Being the only one willing to investigate, I found out that they have imprisoned the entire household and are keeping them hostage for so as leverage against your wife. I manage to break them out and they are now hiding in the bunker at the Imperial Barracks. Councilman Zhao just order us to go into the city and track the rest of their family and keep them save. Now come on before these guys come to." explains Chung.

Roland is hesitant, "Where are you going to take us."

"We'll take all off you guys back to the Barracks. Quickly come on."

The four looks at one another silently thinking if they should go. From the outside another Elite calls in to them.

"We need to go now! I see a few Tiger cars coming this way, some have mounted gatilings."

Wasting no time, Hiro and a few soldiers help the beaten patrons outside where they see a truck waiting in front. Roland, Yiski and Lauren hop in and help the others on board. Once loaded and the hatched secured, Chung goes to the passenger seat and signals for the truck to move.

Behind them, the two armoured cars sees the retreating truck and speeds up to them. The gunners start to load in their gatilings as their drivers chase the large vehicle.

Gong to the back of the bed, Yiski pounds on the window separating the cabin and the trunk. Chung slides open the window and sees the chasing cars.


"Yeah Ohh. Now hit the gas on this bucket, we'll cover you." replies Yiski.

Going back to the end of the truck, he and three Elites take shooting positions behind the hatch.

"You guys willing to kill your own people," asks Yiski to the three.

"They aligned themselves against the Emperor, all I see are traitors." answers one and the other two agrees.

"Okay then, I'll take the one on the right. The rest of you on the left."

Before the Elite right next to Yiski asks if they both take on the right car, both chain guns start to fire at their general direction. Hearing the rapid fire, the driver cuts right to avoid the bullets.

"Start firing!"

Without question the three Elites start shooting the left car. The car's gunner quickly ducks back down to avoid getting hit. Several rounds has hit the car but it couldn't pierce the armor plating. 

As Yiski slowly takes his aim at the right car, he is about to fire until he heard Chung shouting.

"Hold on, blockade ahead."

The driver pushes against the gas petal and feel the truck accelerate forward. A squad assigned to the blockade sees the incoming truck and forms a firing line. Both Chung and the driver ducks as bullets shatter the front window. Noticing that the truck is not slowing down, the men jump out of the way as it rams the barricade. Those in the back rattle in their seats from the force.

Bracing against the ram, Yiski takes his shot and the Sunburst Round flies and pierces the engine block. With the engine smoking a distinctive red, the car explodes and the metal chassis slides down the road and hits the barricade wreckage. Speeding through the smoke, the second armor car is still chasing them with its gunner firing.

"You three still haven't taken him out. Move." Yiski says as all four duck at the incoming rounds.

A second of silence pass and Yiski looks over and sees the gunner reloading the Gatling. Taking the opportunity, he takes aim and fires at the car again. Seeing what happened to his partner, the driver skids left and dodge the round. Holding on to the gun, the gunner has finish loading the Gatling and starts firing again. The bullets fly over the hatch and spray the cabin. Everyone inside the trunk dives down, one breaks the back window, hits and kills the driver.

The body lands onto the steering wheel and the truck starts to turn left. Chung feels the truck turning erratically and looks up from his cover and sees his partner dead. Looking out of the windshield, he notices that they are about to miss a bridge and hit the turnpike. Grabbing the steering wheel awkwardly, Chung manages to correct the truck before crashing. Holding one hand on the wheel, he reaches over the body for the door handle. Another burst of Gatling fire hits the truck again as he hears several pings of bullets hitting the door.

From the trunk, the three Elites starts shooting at the car again making the gunner duck. With the gunner pinned, the driver speeds up towards the back end of the truck and rams. The truck rocks from the hit and the hatch opens as one of the Elites fall onto the car. 

The Elite and the gunner eyes each other before the gunner takes out a knife and lunges at him. Rolling over the hood, the knife scratches the metal. This goes on several times with the driver making erratic swerves to knock the Elite off. In one turn, the Elite loses his grip and slides forward to then windshield in front of the gunner. Before the gunner can make a killing stab, a shot is heard as the gunner is thrown back and out of the car. From the truck, Yiski and the other two manages to fix the hatch and a smoking barrel is seen from Blood Bolt.

Seeing that it is up to him now, the driver starts to speed up again with the Elite still on. Looking back, the Elite sees that he is trying to ram again and scrambles over the windshield, missing being hit by the chassis. The truck get hit again but the driver side door opens and a body drops. Seeing this, the driver swerves and backs away from hitting the body. The momentum is enough for the Elite to roll over the windshield next to the driver. Before the driver can react, the Elite braces himself and double kicks him out of the car. He takes control and waves to Yiski and the others.

Noticing that the threat has gone, one of the Elites goes to the bullet ridden cabin and says to Chung.

"Sir we are clear."

"Copy, hope we don't encounter anything else." he says back as he takes a turn heading to the Imperial Barracks.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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 Imperial Barracks

With no new incidents, the truck arrives back to the base. Everyones nerves are high during the ride back as Chung drives through back alleys not wanting to be spotted again by Tiger loyal forces. Tensions where high as each able body has their eyes trained down the sights of a rifle or pistol. During the drive, everyone notices that new forces are arriving, the new tanks are now patrolling the streets and airships roam the skies.

Driving up the gate of the barracks, the base is a hive as soldiers and equipment move about. Driving up the main road, Yiski and the others notices a tank crawl behind the truck as it moves to block the front gate. Chung moves the vehicle in front of the main building where a squad is waiting for them. Stopping, the hatch is open as the squad helps those inside the trunk out.

Escorted up the stairs, Roland, Lauren, Yiski, and Hiro notices the doors opening with Emperor Xi and Colonel Szeto walking out. Instead of the fine suits that he usually wear, Xi is dress in battle fatigues with a sword on his left hip and a pistol on the right.

"So are you sure that all transmissions are coming from the Imperial Palace." asks Xi to the Colonel.

"Yes sir, All orders from the Major has been from the Tiger's personal office." he answers back as they walk down the stairs.

Halfway down, Xi notices the group and give a sigh of relief. Placing a hand on Roland and Yiski's shoulders he says to them, "Thank the Gods that they didn't find the lot of you. Come follow me, the rest of the family is in a bunker underground."

Walking all the way down, the group follows the Emperor with the Colonel and Chung in the rear.

"Your Excellency, what is happening." Yiski asks as they pass another tank.

"Treason my friend, high treason and I am leaving for the Palace to settle this." he says as he stops in front of a concrete building.

Opening the steel door, everyone is ushered inside. Going over to a wall panel, Xi press a button which opens another door that leads to an elevator. Yiski, Roland, Lauren and the others are guided in by Chung who takes a place in front of the elevator panel.

Before the door is closed, Roland asks the Emperor, "Sir, is they any way that we can help?"

As the door is closing Xi replies back, "You and your friends have helped the Empire enough already and we thank you for that. My men and I can handle this. Now, Shen and the others are waiting at the bottom, best you shouldn't keep them waiting."

The door finally close and the elevator lurch as it starts the decent. Roland then remembers that Chung is still with them.

"Chung, shouldn't you be with the Emperor?"

The others finally take notice of the Elite and wonders the same thing. Turning back, Chung takes in the stares from the others.

"Technically my squad and I are still assigned to protect the remaining Zhao Family since the kidnapping. The Emperor acknowledges that and has completely reassigned my men to be part of the family's security detail." he finally answers

Before anyone says can say anything, the elevator lands at the very bottom and the doors open. On the other side they are meet by Shen and Liu who give relieved expressions at the sight of them.

"Thank the Gods, now that's everyone. Come on, we'll be more comfortable in the main room." Says Shen.

Following once more, the group exits the elevator as Shen leads them. Behind them, Chung locks the elevator and closes another steel door which he spins shut. Going through a series of corridors, they find themselves in an large open room where various others from both sides of the family lounge around. 

Shen, Roland, and Yiski takes a seat at one of the tables in the room as Liu shows Lauren their living arrangements.

"Since we are down here, I am assuming that the Emperor is preparing to take the fight to the one at the Imperial Palace," asks Yiski.

Riding a hand through his hair, Shen answers, "I believe so. It's just going to be a matter of time."

"How about the civilian population, wouldn't they be caught in the crossfire?" Roland adds in.

"We have a plan for that, which should start soon."

Even deep underground, the recognisable sound of an air raid siren is heard.

"I see, make it sound like there is going to be a raid incoming. Clear the streets while the military prepares for an attack," Yiski deduced.

Shen nods in agreement, "Here I assume Liu showed Lauren where you guys are staying. I'll show you guys as well."

The three stands up from the table and walks across the room.


As the elevator door closes on the surface, Xi shuts the hatch as he and Szeto walk out.

"Sir, continue as planned?" asks the Colonel.

"Yes, pass the order to play the sirens. I don't want innocent lives caught in the middle of this."

"Yes sir," Says Szeto as he gives a salute.

As he is about to leave, Xi calls to him one more time, "And Colonel."

Szeto stops and turns back.

"Prepare my ship as well."

Smiling, he gives a nod and runs off. Walking down the path, Xi reaches the main entrance of the base where a convoy of 5 tanks, 10 troop truck, and a car is waiting for him.

The door is opened for him as Xi enters the vehicle. Waiting for Szeto, he hears the sound of the air raid sirens ring throughout the city.

"This is it." he says to himself as the other side of the car open and enters the Colonel.

"Everything is in motion."

"Very well. Seargent, tell the others to move put to the Palace." Xi says to the driver.

"Yes sir," he says as he picks up the on board radio.

"To all, Move out."

In the front, the first tank roars to life, soon rest of the vehicles in the convoy follows suit as the sound of engines fill the air. As the convoy moves out of the Imperial Barracks, other units still loyal to the Emperor mobilize from their bases to different parts of the city as well to rendezvous at the Palace.

 Imperial Palace

What once was a place of politics, instead of senators and officials, the Imperial Palace is now occupied by soldiers. At the base of the steps, a long row of 20 tanks stand guard to the building while a small fleet of 10 airships are stationed overhead. 

For the next thirty minutes, the air raid siren continue to play. Standing in confusion, the Tiger forces stand at the ready for any potential attack. During this time they notice that one the other side of the empty lot several tanks are lining up to match one another. They don't mind thinking that the Major has called in for reinforcements until they notice a small car pulling up.

At the end of the thirty minutes, the sirens goes silent and the building's PA system turns on.

"Major Saull, we know you are in there. The Tiger and your men has caused enough these pass few days. Surrender now and the punishment awarded will be less severe."

Those standing on the steps recognise the Emperor's voice and ready their weapons. The tanks start to rotate their turrets the middle of the opposing tank line where the car is. The airships do the same as well bearing their sides with their main weapons. In response the Emperor's tanks take aim at the tank in front of them. 

The two tank lines are at a standstill waiting for the other to move or take a shot. Overhead, half of the airship fleet breaks off and starts heading in the opposite direction as the doors to the Palace opens.

Using a microphone, Suall walks down the steps and front of his tank line.

"Welcome your Excellency. Glad that we found you safe and sound. Now let's drop the hostilities."

From behind the Emperor's tank line in a building, a shot is heard as a bullet hits the floor next to the Major. Those behind him raise their weapons in response.

Standing on the hood of the car, Xi is handed a microphone and speaks out to the opposing soldiers.

"Now Major, stand your men down, we don't want blood to be spilled today. Come quietly for the crimes committed by Admiral Fang and I'll pardon all your men."

There comes silence for the next few minutes until laughter is heard. Without the use of the microphone, Saull has his hands on his sides as his laughter is audible across the lot. Composing himself, Saull brings up the microphone.

"Crimes that he committed? He has done no such thing, the Admiral is only following the orders of the Doctrine. The one that you and that so called Ox has all but shredded. Those policies that he has implemented has grind our faction to a halt. Now we must take what is ours. 

Since I notice that you have a portion of your Guard within that task force of yours. I assume that you have escaped to their base, along with the Zhao and his family."

Xi widens in astonishment as now he realise where the portion of the fleet overhead has flown off. In the distance cannon fire is heard as several columns of black smoke rise up.

On the car's on board radio, several transmissions are being picked up.

"They are opening fire!!"
"Shoot back at those traitors."
"Who to shoot at? We all look the same in these armor."
"Shoot the tigers, shoot the tigers."

"Sir, enemy tanks and airships have near the Imperial Barracks and have opened fire. We are holding, but requesting backup."

Saull speaks through the microphone once more, "Now your Excellency, the time has come for you and the Ox. OPEN FIRE!!"

As the his tanks fire at the Emepror, Saull calmly walks back inside the building.

"Sir!" yells Szeto as he tackles the Emperor off the car as five shells impact the vehicle effectively destroying it. 

Carrying the Emperor behind their lines, both tank columns commence to fire at one another. In the initial volley, two of the Tiger's tanks are set ablaze as one of the Emperor's has been destroyed. Not wanting to become sitting targets, the remaining tanks move from their positions as they converge in the middle.

In the air the remaining five ships fire down upon the Emperor's tanks without any opposition. Another three are taken out before both groups are mixed with one another. Down below though, the support vehicles that have accompanied the group remove their tarps to reveal mobile Flak turrets. As drivers and gunners takes their positions, the seven vehicles drive off as the turrets open fire at the airships.

Behind the cover of buildings, Szeto sets Xi down near one of their command posts as soldiers run pass them to the fighting.

"Sir, come on."

Dazed from the explosion, Xi place a hand on his head to steady himself.

"I'm fine Colonel. What's the status at the moment."

"Currently our tanks are engaging with the Major's back in the lot. We lost several already, three by airship. But our Flaks are hitting now as we speak."

"How about the rest of the city," he asks as he stands back up.

"Sir, our units are being engaged throughout the city from the Central Market to the Scholar's Palace." replies a radio operator.

"How about the bases? Especially the Imperial Barracks."

"Every base is being fought for. So far the Barracks are holding their own, but may need reinforcements."

A building explodes as a shell hits. Looking up, those at the post sees several airships engaging one another. They spot a Tiger loyal Galleon being engaged by a pair Squids. One of the Squids gets caught in its starboard broadside as a salvo of rockets and flak shells rip through the smaller ship. 

"Run for cover" someone yells as the fiery hull of the Squid falls through the skies.

The dead Squid crashes into a building just a few meters from the command post. Everyone is knock to their feet by the close proximity of the crash. Gathering themselves, coughs are heard as dust and debris is lifted in the air.

"Sir, we are outgunned in the air. They have too many Galleons against our forces." says Szeto.

"We need a way to break them. Where is my ship?" asks Xi

"On it sir," replies the radioman as he sets back his equipment.

Quickly dialling in the frequency, the radioman hands Xi the receiver.

"Captain Bao come in, we need my ship to engage over the Palace."

"Bao here sir, but I cant acknowledge that order. Myself and a few others are in combat over the Market."

"Don't worry sir, my men can handle this." says another voice through the radio.

"Who is this?"

"Lieutenant Long of the 11th Squadron. We are in the vicinity and ready to engage."

A different roar of engines are heard in the air as 24 biplanes emerge high above the clouds.

"I see your Squadron now. Lieutenant, Engage."

"Roger. Alright boys, let them have it."

Rolling over 180 degrees, the 24 plane squadron begins a dive down onto the enemy airships. Their guns blaze to life as they rip through the balloons. They pass by a few ships as they pull up from the dive and break off into 6 flights of 4. From their dive, they manage to knock out a Galleon and Junker.

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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As the sun sets is about to set, Xi's troops are called back to their front in preparation of a final assault, even the skies are clear.. All is quiet in no man's land as Tiger forces patiently wait for another attack. 

The sun fully sets and as the last rays fall over the horizon engines are heard from are above. Those defending them lace look up to the skies as several squadrons of planes break through the cloud cover. Their flaks open fire as the planes going into a dive. A few are hit and shot out of the air, but majority broke through and release bombs onto their positions. They come out of their dive and a siren is heard from across the lot as the Emperor's soldiers rush out into the battlefield.

Those who survive the bombing run, come out from the rubble and notices the new attack. Calling for more reinforcements from inside, they try to take cover from the advancing forces.

In the middle of it, Xi, Szeto, and five others from his Guard take cover behind a destroyed tank. All around them, the darkness is illuminated by the muzzle flashes and tracers flying. 

Looking over, Xi notices that they are slowly advancing.

"Sir, we need to move. We are almost to the entrance."

Nodding, Xi motions to the others and runs out. He raises his rifle as he notices the one of the doors opening and fires at the first person coming out. He and six others are dropped as Xi and his men runs up the steps. Once at the top, the enemy are taken back at who managed to make it to the top. 

Before coming to their senses, Xi swings the butt of his rifle at one who is closest to the door while the rest of his men takes out the rest and secures the entrance. As his squad rush inside to set up a makeshift staging area, Xi pulls out a flare from a pocket and list the end. The flare illuminate through the night and is visible to everyone. Seeing who is holding the flare, Xi's men rally together to push up the stairs and eliminate the remaining resistance

With several entrances to the building secured, soldiers now rush inside to finish off the traitors, up in the front is Xi as he leads the charge. He and a group of twenty enter the main senate room where they are met with two gatling turrets and a line of overturned benches with riflemen set up in the middle of the room.

"Break off and find cover!" Xi yells as he and Szeto ducks behind two pillars.

The two guns open at the group when the order was given and drops down a third of the body. With the Gatling guns, several grenades are tossed over exploding near the group. 

Behind the pillar, Xi turns to his Colonel, "Szeto see if you can get snipers on the upper balcony to take out the gunner. I'll try to move up with the others."

"Yes sir," he says as he pulls out a small radio.

"You three, " Xi says as he points to the three nearest Elites, "with me, we need to draw their fire away from us."

"But sir, you'll be in the line of fire."

"Better be me then my men. We are moving once the grenade I throw explodes." he says as he pulls the pin of a loch grenade.

Rounding the pillar he chucks the explosive next to one of the turrets. The gunner and several riflemen sees the grenade jumps or ducks away. Seeing e small opening, he the the other three goes down the aisle quickly before taken cover behind heavy wooden benches as the second Gatling opens fire.

A shot rings up above them as the medium guns falls silent and the thud of bullets stop. Looking up, Xi and his squad notices another group of his men on the balcony shooting down on the defensive position. Caught in a cross fire the Tiger soldiers are pinned from above and below.

Nodding to his three Elites, Xi goes out from his cover and run to the enemy's position as his Elites provide covering fire. Diving right underneath the overturned benches, he pulls the pin on his last three grenades and toss them over. He then runs back to his cover as three explosions explode behind him.

Looking over, they see that the turrets and cover are destroyed and several bodies are laying around. Signalling to Szeto, the rest of his group cautiously move towards the wreckage. Seeing that there are no more resistance, they continue to clear the entire building.


 Day 19

Throughout the night and into morning of the next day fighting throughout the capital has died down. The streets are litter with the wreckage of both Tiger and Crane vehicles. Roaming the streets though are the Crane's forces patrolling for any small pockets of resistance.

The only heavy fighting still going on is at the Imperial Palace as Tiger reinforcements came in the middle of the night. Xi and his men are caught in a deadly indoor fight as they try to clear all the rooms. 

"They won't stop, will they?" asked one of his soldiers to him.

"No, I don't believe so. We need to end this, we are taking too many casualties."

Running up to him, Szeto is with several others as he relays a message. "Your Excellency, we manage to spotted the Major, he is trying to escape by air."


"Near the back of the building, we got several reports saying that a Galleon and several Goldfishs are heading that way to pick him up."

"Tell my ship to muster anything that still fly to intercept."

"On it."

"Alright the rest of you with me. We only got one mission now and is to capture the Major dead or alive."

As Szeto and his men stay behind to organise an intercepting fleet, Xi and his squad fight through the building trying to get to the back. For the most part, the hallways are clear and they are met with no resistance until they arrive to the back garden. The Galleon and two Goldfish have already arrived and on the ground Xi sees close to 15 soldiers, one of them being Major Saull.

"Hold it right there Major!" He yells as he and the rest of his squad raise their weapons at the group.

"You still alive?!? I should have let them kill you when you were captured. Straros open fire!" Saull orders as the Galleon fires its broadside of Heavy Flaks. 

The rounds hits the pillars around Xi and his men as they scramble for cover. During the confusion, Saull's men start firing as well killing two of the ten.

Lying prone on the ground Xi shouts out, "If you have Lochs, throw them!"

Three of his men comply and each toss all of their grenades on them. A dozen explosions are heard as heavy black smoke fills the garden. Flying though the smoke a Goldfish unloads its hawacha as everyone runs down the stairs. 

Three of Xi men notices that the ship is flying low and jumps onto its fins. Climbing up the fins, the three manages to get on as one of the crew members is getting the flamethrower ready. The first one throws the airmen overboard as the other two shoots the pilot and heavy gunner. Quickly subduing the fourth crew member, the three takes control of the airship and turns around.

As the smoke clears Saull's group drop to ten from his fifteen. Xi and his remaining five take cover behind several trees as the Galleon and second Goldfish opens up. In retaliation, the commandeered Goldfish opens fire on the other one as the new pilot goes in for a ram. The hawacha manage to break the front gun of the enemy Fish as the front spike pierces the balloon, quickly deflating it. Xi's soldier tries to reverse, but the spike is tangled inside the balloon frame and the weight of the falling ship brings theirs down as well.

The three are rocked as both ships hit the ground. They however don't notice the Galleon turning towards them.

"You three off the ship!" Xi cries out but in vain as the Heavy Flak finishes off both ships engulfing them in flames.

"Haha, Xi you are outgunned and surrounded . Surrender now and I'll make sure you and your men's executions will be very painful."

The Galleon turns to bear its portside guns as the crew is quickly loading the heavy weapons. Not standing down, Xi and his men stand with rifles still drawn as the enemy slowly approach the group.

"Put your weapons away, you already lost."

Xi grimace slightly to how true Saull's words are. As he is about to lower his weapon, he notices a slight shadow coming over their positions. With a smirk, he slings his rifle over his shoulder much to the surprise of his men.

"Now, that's more like it. Straros make ready."

At the Major's signal, the twin Flak guns rotate and aims at the group.

"Sir what are you doing?" nervously asks one of his men.

"Take aim"

"Just wait," Xi replies back. To Saull, "Now Major, I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you haven't notice, you are now outgunned."

"You make me laugh, I don't see how this Faction survived with you being the face of it. Can't you see, I have enough firepower to blow into the heavens three times. If there is any last comment...Fir...."

Before he finishes the order a high piercing shriek fills the air. Looking up, Saull and his men sees a flight of four biplanes in a diving run with a Galleon and three Junkers overhead. The planes open fire with their Gatling guns and drop their bomb payloads on the enemy airship. Pulling up before the bombs explode, the ship is in a fall as the bullets shred through the balloon fabric.

Saull and his group dives out of the falling Galleon's dive as well as the bombs that impact it's deck. In a devastating crash, debris is flown everywhere just as the bombs impact the ship. Recovering from the blast, a bloody Saull slowly gets up only to be met with the barrel of a rifle.

"Major Saull, you are under arrest and will be held in military court for the crimes of treason and conspiracy against the Yeshan Empire." Xi firmly says to him as the Kaineng and it's three Junkers land around them.

Saull looks around as his remaining men, those still alive, are being rounded up and restrained. Having no other options, he submits to Xi as he lower his head in defeat. Satisfied, Xi smirks as he slings his rifle away to grab hand cuffs.

"Hands where I can see them Major, time for you to pay." he says to Saull as he holds out the cuffs out in front.

"Very well" slowly says Saull as he raise his head to Xi's with a smirk.

Realising what is happening, Xi wasn't fast enough as Saull pulls out a dagger and thrust it into his heart. Dropping the cuffs, Xi places a hand on Saull to catch his balance and breath.

"If I go, I'm taking you with me," whisper Saull into the Emperor's ear.

Xi eyes him with his mouth open trying to speak but instead of words blood comes out. Laughing loudly, Saull removes the dagger and shrugs off the dying Emperor to the ground. 

"Noooo!" screams Szeto as he arrives.

Turning around, Saull gives the Colonel a devilish grin before raising the dagger to his own throat and slicing it. Mouthing "I win", the wound open wide as blood from his main artery gushes out and he falls to the floor dead.

Throwing off his gear, Szeto runs over to the dying Emperor who manages to crawl his way to a tree trying to get into a sitting position. Szeto quickly arrives by his side and helps him up to lay his back on the trunk.

"Sir, try not to move any more. You already lost too much blood."

"Colonel, stop," coughs Xi, "There is nothing you can do to save me."

"We can sir, I am not going to fail my mission as an Elite Guard to let you die."

Smiling, Xi brings a hand up and places it on his shoulder, "You and your men have done well to fulfil that mission, but I see now that my time has come."

Szeto bows his head down knowing full well that he is right.

"Well, let me just inform you that all resistance has been put down and the day has been won. Sir, it's been an honor to serve under you. I believe your ancestors are smiling down upon you and are waiting with open arms."

Nodding, Xi looks up pass the tree and into the sky. Overhead he sees the blue sky as the sun finally fully risen and birds are flying back and forth with the surviving planes and ships. A gentle wind blows pass the tree as cherry blossoms gently fall from their branches.

Szeto grabs the hand that is still on his shoulder as he watches the Emperor closes his eyes. Feeling the grip loosening, Szeto silently says a small prayer to the Gods as he places Xi's hand down by his side.

Standing back up, he turns around and sees that all his men are down on one knee giving their respect to their departed leader. A silent five minutes has pass before majority of them rise up.

"Orders sir?" 

"Get on the radio Sergeant and pass to start the clean up and recovery of the bodies, both Tiger and Crane. Also to make a temporary holding cell for any prisoners that we captured."

"Yes sir," salutes the man.

"Oh and Sergeant," says Szeto before he leaves, "Call the Imperial Barracks and inform Councilman Zhao what happened. Until we can get the Senate together and hold votes for heads, he is in charge of the Empire for the time being"

"Yes sir"

As the soldier leaves, Szeto looks to the sky as to how the future will hold for the Empire.


(Another arc down, two more to go. Firnfeld and a epilogue next)

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Re: The Skies have no Limit
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Up in the snowy tundra of Firnfeld, the blizzard that ravaged Melin and his men to bunker down is finally starting to break. Making traveling to the lookout post much more viable. As they make preparations to move out, the mutated Birdman and his men are loading their ships to travel back south, pass the borders of the Guild to the uncharted lands of the wild.

 Day 18

"Major, got word from the General, the blizzard has died down enough for us to travel." says Frey as he enters Melin's room.

Looking up from his book, Melin tosses it aside onto his bed as he grabs his equipment, "Finally, I love snow but the Lord I can't stand being in one place for too long."

Frey rolls his eyes at the comment and toss him his pistol holster over from one of the hooks behind the door.

"Thanks," as he catches it and clips it around his waist, "How soon can we leave?"

"Now, the Squids have been prepped earlier and the men are standing by."

"Excellent," Melin says as he moves pass Frey and grabs his coat of the hook.

Closing the door, Frey falls behind him as they head to the docks. On the way they meet with Nuk who is suited up as well.

"Afternoon Lieutenant, "Melin addresses him.

"Afternoon Major, Captain."

Frey nods in greeting, "So you will be accompanying us as well?"

"Yes sir, the General wanted someone who has knowledge of the area to lead both of your ships. My Spire is all ready at the same docks as your Squids."

Smirking, Frey says to him, "I believe that we maybe more in the front and you relaying directions to us at the speed we are going to go."

"I heard about how fast and silent your Squids can go, but the Drawf has a few surprises."

"Very well, let us not get to cocky on who has the better ship now, we got a mission to complete." says Melin.

"Yes sir." answers the both of them.


After arriving to the docks, a quick check of equipment, fuel, and ammunition, the three ships rise from their berthings and into the frosty air of Firnfeld. 

On Melin's Squid, his radio comes to life as Nuk's voice is transmitted, "Testing, testing. Ok, set a course southwest from the city, the guard post is just a little over 4 kilometres."

"Roger, setting course for southwest." says Frey from the radio.

"Copy, Nuk since you know the area well, you have point." replies Melin.

"Aye, moving forward."

The Spire lurches forward with its engines swirling the gently falling snow. Setting their Squids to quarter speed, the two Barons officers flank the tall Spire as they head fly out of the city's perimeter. 

"So, what can you tell us about this militiaman," asks Melin through the radio after a few minutes.

"Rudolf? He is a quiet fellow. Recently just got promoted to sergeant a few weeks ago. A hard worker, but other then those small things, nothing much. He doesn't interact much, no wife or significant other, and I believe that he is the only child."

"Hopefully he'll be more interactive with us. He should have just power through that blizzard." muttered Frey which is still audible to the other two pilots.

Rolling his eyes, Melin shrugs off his partner's comment and continues his conversation with Nuk, "He is the only stationed at that outpost at the moment?"

"Yes, the command was to sent in a squad to help him man that station, but was delayed because of the blizzard. Speaking of the station, there it is coming up."

Like a blemish to the pristine white, a small, gray still building comes into view. On the roof sits various antennas and radar dishes while on the side of the building has a small dock to house a few airships.

"Hmm, will we all fit? I see enough space for the Spire and maybe one Squid." comments Frey.

"Lieutenant, go and dock your Spire. Frey stay in the air and circle around, call on my radio if you see something." 

"Roger." replies the both of them.

It takes around twenty minutes to manuvers both ships into position in the cramp spaces. Once the Dwarf is secured, Nuk and his help guide Melin's Squid in and help tie down.

"Ready Lieutenant." asks Melin as he and his crew disembark the ship.

"Yes sir, he should be waiting inside." Nuk replies.

Indicating for Melin and the others to follow, Nuk leads them to the main door and knock on the heavy steel. As they stand there waiting, Melin looks around and does a small double take as he looks to his left.

Is that a red trail? Can't be, must be the wind blowing the snow

Melin is brought back from his thoughts as Nuk pounds the door.

"Nuk are you sure that he is here?"

"Yes, he may be quiet, but he would never leave his post."

"Sir." ask one of Nuk's men.

"Yes, Pete."

Pete turns the door handle and pushes it open. Embarrassed, Nuk quickly shakes it off as he notices how dark it is inside.

"That's odd," he comments as he places a hand on his revolver holster.

Everyone notices this and readies their own weaponry.

Drawing out his own pistol, Melin says to the others, "Move in slowly and in pairs, check all the rooms and report back if you notice anything out of the ordinary."

Nodding, Nuk pairs up with Melin as they enter the building. Inside the hallway is dark as the other three groups separate checking the rooms.
Feeling for the main light box, Nuk hugs the wall until he feels the big box.

"There should help us," as he pulls the lever to light up the building.

The overhanging lights turn on one by one as they move down the hallway. A audibly humming sound is heard as well as much of the machinery turns on.

"Captain, Lieutenant!" shouts one of Melin's men, "Come into the main lounge, we found the sergeant."

Complying, they race down the hallway with their pistols at the ready. Entering the room where the call originated, they holster their weapons after seeing the sight of Rudolf.

Still sitting at the table where he was eating, Rudolf body is blue from being exposed to the cold. In his chest is a knife that pierces his heart and his blood is frozen on his body and on the floor.

"Lord's name." says Nuk as he cover his mouth in surprise.

"Hmm, so they are here if they killed your sergeant." says Melin as he inspects the knife. On the hilt he notices the all too familiar symbol.

"They? Are you talking about the classified reports that I handed to the general?" asked Nuk.

"Yes, they are called the Birdmen. And by the looks of it, they wanted to keep their position quiet."

Looking back at his dead comrade, Nuk shakes his head, "Damn them."

"I know, myself and a few others have dealt with them before. You know any locations around here where they may hide?"

"A few, the most likely one is this extensive cave system close by."

"Can you take us," quickly says Melin.

His melt radio comes to life as Frey's voice comes through, "Melin, you and Nuk need to get out here quickly. I think we found them"

"Roger that, we are on our way. Where did you spot them?" He asks as he motions for Nuk to round up the others and head to the ships.

"We were patrolling the area to the west of the station when we notice five ships in the distance coming out a cave. One of them was a Galleon with what I believe was the symbol you showed me. We are tracking them now."

"Hold tight, we are on out way. Melin out." To Nuk as both crews exit the building, "Get your ship ready, we are going on a chase."

Acknowledging, they rush back to their respective airships and undo the ropes holding them down. Quickly injecting their balloons with Hydrogen, the Squide and Spire shoot up into the air. A burst of kerosene in the engines, both vessels race through the air heading west.


"Sir, I believe we are being tracked."

Pulling out a spyglass from under his cloaked notices the lone snow camouflage Squid, the hooded man says, "Hmm, seems like our friends from the Baronies have finally found us."

"What should we do?"

"Keep course. Let them believe we haven't notice them yet. Just keep an eye out, more will come."

"Yes sir.


"Frey" calls out Melin as the wind blows pass him, " you still following them?"

"Yes, so far they are just heading south. Still no indications that they have spotted me."

"Copy, Nuk and I are five minutes out, just hold tight."

"I'm not worried. I'll hold back and wait for the both of you."

"Are you sure that is wise?" asks Nuk.

"There is over ten miles of open air, i think I can spot them again."

"Alright, just don't let it be like what happened at Northlake."

"What happened at Northlake?"

"NOTHING, jeeze lose an entire convoy and everyone is up your ass." mutters Frey.

"Ok enough with the chatter, we see you Frey. Just get ready for an attack run."

"My guns are already set, just give the word."

"Mine as well as well Captain."

"Good, Frey, you and I will start from behind that ridge and jump out when the time is right. Nuk, hang tight in the rear and take any opportunity to shoot at them. Try to disable for capture, but killing them works as well."

Once back in a somewhat formation, both Squids fly out to get in front of the formation. Once behind a large enough snow bank, the two lie in wait while Nuk positions his Spire right behind the small fleet. Rising his Squid to take a peek, Melin sees the first two ships fly past them with the Galleon coming up.

"Wait, for it..." he says on the radio, "NOW!" Melin orders just. The Galleon is right in front of their position.

From the rear, the Dwarf's Mercury Field Gun breaks the silence of the land as the report echos throughout  the round penetrates the rearmost Pyramidion. Simultaneously both Squids pop Hydrogen in their balloons and quickly rise to be level with the Galleon. Before Melin and Frey crew's can fire their guns, a barrel can be seen being pushed off the deck of the Galleon. A hooded figure raises a flare gun and shoots at the falling object which connects and explode mid air sending out a blinding light.

Covering his eyes, Melin manuver his Squid below the the Galleon just before a hawacha unloads a barrage. Unfortunately, it manages to hit Frey's ship directly on the bow. 

"Captain Melin!" shouts out Nuk as he and his crew quickly regain their composure from the blast.

"I'm fine. Blast what was that?!?"

"I don't know, but the two of you get out of their quickly, the other four are moving in."

"Roger, see if you can call for reinforcements." Melin says to Nuk. To Frey," Hey time to get out of here, fly back to where Nuk is positioned....Frey?"

Several seconds has pass as there is no answer from his second pilot. One of his crew members look over the railing and notices that the second Squid's hull is battered around the bow.

"Can you spot if anyone is still alive." Melin orders as he fears his ship down just as Artemis rockets fly over head.

Behind his Squid, the Galleon turns to bare his broadside and fires off another salvo which hits the balloon and damages the rear engines.

"Damn it! Quickly get those engines back up. I'm going to pop tar to get us some breathing room."

The three crewmen rush off to the rear of the ship, tools in hand, and start mashing away with the repairs. Feeling that his engines can hold for the moment, Melin flips a switch which injects liquid tar into the engines that's turns into a cloud when going through the exhausts. Partially covering the Galleon, a junker near them explodes as a heavy flak round pierces the hull.

Looking over, one ship down and another out of commission just for a little bit, Melin takes out his spyglass and scans the second Squid. The ship is still floating in the air, but on the deck he spots several puddles of blood and a body in the hull compartment. Fearing the worst, his mind come to ease as he see Frey waving a hand from the helm. He points next to him and shows Melin that his radio is destroyed from the initial attack while holding up three fingers that his crew is still alive but wounded.

Understanding the message, Melin points toward Nuk's Spire, who is still firing at the remaining four ships, to disengage and escape. Giving a thumbs up, Frey turns his ship a full 180 and sets his engines to maximum power. Following suit, Melin falls behind him as the effect of his tar cloud is wearing off. Out of the range of the Galleon, the remaining Junker and two Pyramidions give chase to the escaping Barons.

"Nuk, we need covering fire." yells Melin as he ducks from a rocket passing overhead.

"My men and I are trying, we can't kill three ships in quick succession by the way."

"Just deal with the Junker, I'll handle one of the Pyras."

Putting his throttle in reverse, Melin lowers his altitude as all three ships fly overhead. The Junker and one of the Pyramidions don't bother with him as they still continue to chase Frey's damaged Squid. The third however slows down and turns to port to bare its lower deck guns. Two Hades open up as hot magma like rounds fly towards the Squid.

Rising up, the rounds fly below Melin as he rushes towards the lone Pyramidion.

"Someone get on the Gat! Sweep the decks with it!" he orders to his crew.

Someone mounts the weapon and starts shooting down onto the deck. Both Hades gunners jump from their guns and into cover as the bullets spray towards their direction. Reloading, the Gatling gunner turns and aims at the pilot who is gunned down as for there is nowhere for him to under to. Pilotless, the Pyramidion continues into it's left turn as the body is slumped over the helm.

"Banshee, go ahead, light them up."

Turning slightly to port, Melin angles his Squid so that both fore and starboard guns have an arc. The distinctive pops of the Rocket Carousel can be heard and soon the wooden deck of the Pyra have small fire forming. With the combination of both the Gatling and Banshee, the ship is turned into a flying fire pit as the fire spreads quickly throughout the entire hull while the Gatling suppress the crew from putting it out. The fire soon spreads to the balloon component and starts heating the Hydrogen canisters. Noticing this, Melin release some air from his own balloon to drop underneath the burning ship. Going at full speed, he fly pass the burning husk of wood and metal just as the canisters explode from the increase pressure from the heat and escaping gas catches fire engulfing the entire vessel.

Melin races back towards his comrades, behind him the remains of what was once the Pyramidion falls down back to earth. Flying pass he notices another wreckage in the snow, this one of the Junker. 

One more left to go, then that Galleon

Out in the distance, he spots the three ships engaging in an elaborate ballet of gaining the upper hand upon one another. The Spire is being chased by the last Pyramidion while Frey's Squid desperately tries to ram the heavier ship's guns out of arc. Flipping a switch to inject kerosene, Melin's Squid gain a quick burst of speed aiming for the midsection of the enemy airship.

"Everyone brace!!" he screams as he hugs his helm.

Hugging the closest, stable piece of railing or equipment, the Squid hits the Pyramidion with enough force near the fore section that it knocks the gunners off their guns and the ship to lurch right. With medium damage done to his Squid, Melin reverse back and sees that his Gatling gun is gone, torn off by the force of the crash. He also sees one of the enemy crew members load their port side flamethrower and fires it at his ship. Still going in reverse, Melin raises his arms over his face as he feels the sheer temperature hits the hull around him.

The flames suddenly stops as he hears a loud explosion in front of him. Lowering his arms, all that he can see is blue skies and hears a heavy thud hitting the ground below him. Looking over the railing. He spots pieces of debris littering the snow. 

From the radio, "Don't worry Captain got him." replies Nuk.

"Thanks, we would have been fried calamari in minutes."

"No problem, so I suspect that they know we were here?"

"Yes, just as Frey and I were about to attack the Galleon, someone drop some sort of flash bang and blinded us. I was lucky to dodge a hawacha barrage, Frey, not so much. Speaking of which, set a course back to base, they may need medical attention."

"How about the Birdman?"

"I have a feeling that this is not the last time we will see them. I'll send a report back to Lord's Leap about our findings. The Baronies, and maybe the Empire, will be on the alert for them. I also need to notify several others."

Complying, Nuk leads the way back to base with Frey in the middle of the formation and Melin in the rear.


As the three flys back north, the Galleon has hidden in a cloud bank watching the entire skirmish. Once out of their view, the Galleon comes out from its cover and continues a southerly course. On the helm, the hooded figure stand tall looking over the horizon.

"Sir," asks the pilot, "What now? We just lost our escorts."

"Just continue this course."

"How far south are we going."

"All the way south, pass the Guild borders."

"Down there?!? That is unexplored territory, what do you expect to be there?"

"Oh, you'll see, we will all see. How do you think we flourished after our exodus from the Empire many annums ago."

"You don't mean..."

"Yes, so just keep going south."