Author Topic: Idea for a Resource Race Map?  (Read 886 times)

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Idea for a Resource Race Map?
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:12:06 am »
Well, frankly, I think we need a new one....
I don't quite have a map design, but I think it would have the "middle" point be waterfall...and perhaps a 2v2 idea that requires 3 points instead of 2.

Just like Anglean, it's going to have five active points, however, the middle point won't be placed in the middle of the map, but between the two points at the top.  Why?  I plan this to be a real race instead of a scurry around a map.

We have two points at the bottom, where both teams spawn next to each point.  Red gets A, blue gets B right off the bat.  They then have the choice to race to the top corners of the map to get both C and D....and then......the brawl over E.  The 2v2 idea would be three points with C being in the middle of the top.  So both teams would spawn at A and B still, and race diagonally to C...

The "middle" point, again, I think should be just behind a waterfall, a massive waterfall...a waterfall that perhaps does flechette you have to fly through the waterfall...take balloon damage...and hope you can manage.  Why is there a waterfall?  Because you'd still need fresh water in this world...
that and it'd give good reason to use the manta ray as it would guard your balloon with it's hull from a waterfall!