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Community Events / New Competitive scene Squid Racing Skirmishes
« on: August 05, 2013, 06:47:32 pm »
In the rules of the new competitive scene written by Keyvias
it says a skirmish could be a squid race as long as both teams agree to the match.

I thank you Keyvias!

Please think of me as the official Squid Race official.
By the rules teams do not need my involvement at all to squid race for points, but I am offering to oversee, facilitate, cast, and referee any and all squid race skirmishes.

Here are the squid racing rules: (teams can choose to have altered rules if both teams agree)
-Racers must go through every checkpoint on the map in order before completing the lap.
-If you die you are out of the race.  For longer races (multiple labs) special rules for dying will be written.
-no TAR, GATING, MERCURY, MINES, or CARRONADES.  Trust me, the race is hard enough without them.  Some tracks will allow all weapons.

Friday Races:
Every friday at 3pm EST (GMT-3) there will be an up to 6 ship race with only on ship per team allowed (weather this will grant you a point for winning is up to Keyvias. please replace this txt with the answer)
Ship spots are first come first serve but a full ship can kick a ship with AI crew out of the race if there are not enough spots.


Fjords Track 1

Canyon Track 1

Dunes Loop 1

Please watch the videos to learn the tracks.

For now the friday races will be Canyons track one week then Fjords track the next week and so on.

If you would like to set up a skirmish and don't have anyone to challenge write below. 
If you have already contacted a team and want to race them PM me and we will set everything up.
If you want to sign up for the Friday races, post your ship and crew here. you can only sign up for the fallowing friday. First come first served.
Any questions PM me or post below.

The Pit / The Girl with the Duck Tattoo, the true story.
« on: July 06, 2013, 03:22:22 am »
I would like to set the record straight from what I heard from all 4 3v3 commentators.

I do not ram.  I Close the gap and sometimes make contact with the enemy.  Where I want to be is very close to the enemy and I want to get there fast.  I moonshine backwards If i think the contact I make with the ship after closing the gap will put them out of my gun arcs.

After having my guns on the enemy long enough I might go in for a goodnight kiss.

Unless it is an unsuspecting Spire I will not charge right into a full speed ram.  The risk of loosing gun arcs is too great.

Gameplay / Jace's new patch notes.
« on: July 04, 2013, 02:57:42 am »
Preface:  With my team the brood we have kind of pledged to be a anti sniping brawl team that did not sit and snipe.  It is very hard to kill a sniping team that has good formation, sometimes it seems impossible, but we have adapted to fight those odds instead of resorting to snipe ourselves. 
Our toughest job is closing the gap between us and a long range formation.

These are my notes on the new patch strictly from my team's mindset.

the biggest game changers is BUFFED MERC and NERFED GAT.

Nerfed gat will hurt my close range build's DPS but I really think the game needed it to break up the gat flak meta some.

The buffed Merc though is devastating to my cause.

Rotation speed is up
Rotation angle is up from 20 to 30 degrees (not a hard number yet)
reload time is down from 6 seconds to 5 seconds
Bullets now penetrate all the way through the ship destroying all guns and engines in their path.

Why did the merc need a buff??
Why such a huge buff??

20 degrees was a good number because is made it so only 2 mercs could ever hit the same target on any ship.  now 45 degree angle gun spots can have mercs hit the same target.  Spires can have 2 mercs plus a heavy gun on a single target and mobulas can have 3 mercs on a target AND get a 3 merc + 1 Artemus quadfecta.

Tripple merc Mobulas.  get ready.

Ships can go up and down easier! yay!

I have not figured out the mine launchers place on my ship yet.

I will make more posts.

Gameplay / Kerosene vs Moonshine vs Phoenix Claw
« on: June 17, 2013, 01:26:03 pm »
Moonshine vs Kerosene.

First off moonshine cannot be left on forever.  It is impossible to keep the engines alive.  If you want to keep your ship at top speed with moonshine you must use it in bursts. you can tap back and forth between moonshine and nothing. This takes practice but it is worth it.

There seems to be a max possible speed (continuously) for a pyramidian I say is 100%.
Kerosene and kerosene with buffed engines both fly at this max speed (continuously).
moonshine alone can do about 86% but with buffed engines it can do 100%

Percentage of the max possible sustainable travel speed in a straight line on a pyramidian.
Kerosene               100%
Kerosene buffed     100%
Moonshine              86%
Moonshine Buffed  100%
Normal                   61%

Moonshine has an ability way beyond speed. It can stop you from turning.  This has some very important uses:
When making a 180 to face a battle or just turning around you can hit moonshine for half a second as soon as you are facing the way you want and it will stop the ship dead.

When ramming or getting rammed if you have moonshine on at the time of impact your ship will not turn at all.

If you see that you are going to barley hit an obstacle use moonshine and you will not be spun off course.

Kerosene has the ability to help you turn

Kerosene vs Phoenix claw

Turning power
Normal  67%
Kerosene 79%
Phoenix Claw 100%

Even while both at full speed then using revers to do a 180 kerosene has 79% of the Phoenix Claw's turning speed.
This still means Kerosene is a viable replacement for Phoenix Claw.

Different ships have different needs. the less maneuverable a ship is the more it would need moonshine + Phenix claw.  If a ship is already maneuverable than kerosene is all you need.

This is my suggestion for pilots tools on these ships

Galleon        Moonshine + Phoenix Claw + escape tool
Pyramidion   Moonshine + Phoenix Claw + escape tool
Goldfish       Moonshine + Phoenix Claw + escape tool
Spire            Kerosene  +  escape tool  +  escape tool
Junker          Kerosene  +  escape tool  +  escape tool
Squid           Kerosene  +  escape tool  +  escape tool

Any tool that aren't these 3 I consider their main purpose is to escape when you are going to die.

Which of these 3 tools do you use on each of your ships?

Community Events / Squid Racing License
« on: June 10, 2013, 03:42:50 pm »

Because squid racing is more complicated than normal events squid racing licenses are required for all pilots and referees in official squid races.

Current license holders:

Applicants must complete all current tracks in a flying test.  PM me to schedual a flying test.

Gameplay / GOI Mythbrakers vidéos
« on: June 04, 2013, 08:19:03 pm »
Hey everyone! I am going to be making Guns of Icarus Mythbrakers videos on youtube.

In these weekly videos we will find out the secrets of Icarus's world loosely using the scientific method.

Each week I will pick a subject or question from this thread and do a very in depth study into it. 
A good examples of a subject would be:
Which is better, Gat/Flak or Gat/Mortar?
Moonshine or kerosene?

Even more essential to you competitive players will be the PATCH SPECIALS episodes where we find out what exactly has changed and how that might effect you.

Here is an unpolished video on the simplest video I could think of to start.  what gun kills fastest? (minus a few guns)

So ask your questions or tell me what you want to see in the videos here!

If you would like to help with in game footage or data collecting let me know. :)

Gameplay / I want the facts! everything stats
« on: May 14, 2013, 02:58:38 pm »
the stats on are several patches old.
Examples: banshee and Artemis AoE, Artemis, flare, and light carronade reload time

Besides things I can check myself like firing speed, turning radios, and reload time, I am completely at the mercy of whatever numbers you provide.

Also where are the ship stat numbers (including sandbox dummys)?

I am trying to make comprehensive and easy to to understand guides but all of my work so far is inaccurate.
This is my unorganized notes page:

Please give me all the numbers you have.

The Lounge / Shoot better!
« on: May 06, 2013, 02:39:18 am »
There is a limit to how alive an engineer can keep a ship.
There is a limit to how many shots you can hit.
There is no limit to what a captain can do.

Captains skill - engineers screw ups - missed shots = ship's effectiveness.

All i really want is to know that when I point a gat/flak at a ship that it will die. Is that too much to ask?
I find myself disappointed with damage output more than my incoming damage protection.

Which do you worry about most? Captains skill, gunning accuracy, or damage protection?

Gameplay / Post game type and event ideas here
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:25:42 am »
"Hide and go seek"


Red team:
Ship 1: any kind of ship no flares (most likely a all gat junker)
Ship 2: Harpoon squid

Blue team:
All Flare squids


Blue team:
type to suicide ram the globe at Cap point A without taking any damage from the red team.  Done correctly this should show the ship being killed by its own captain.

Red team:
"tag" the blue team before they can suicide ram the globe.

Additional Rules:

If the red team caps the point they LOSE.  This will prevent camping too close to the point.

When the game starts the blue team must wait for the red team to get in position at the center of the map.  The game starts when the red team types "READY OR NOT HERE I COME" into chat.

This game should end up with 2 squids sneaking around the city, one harpoon squid going around searching for them, and one gat full ship trying to guard the point without getting too close to it.

Gameplay / All Gun Calculated DPS
« on: April 23, 2013, 03:41:31 pm »
I am working hard calculating and graphing gun DPS which I will eventually post here.

To increase the range and accuracy of my database I have some questions:

1. Fire
how does fire damage work. does fire do damage besides just stacking fire? wat is the DPS of each stack of fire? 
When it says the flame thrower does 4 fire damage does that mean 4 stacks?

2. AoE radios
When it says the carousel has a AoE radios of 14, is that 14 feet? inches? cm?

3. Will AoE hit the balloon multiple times? or does AoE damage each component in its range and the balloon counts as only one large component.

4. How often is the damage chart on the GoI website updated? I see the Flare gun's clip size and reload time are wrong.

5. Is there any charts for the angles for aiming the guns?

I hope my charts once published here will shed a lot of light on all the guns functionality and will be a quick and easy way to compare different ship builds.

So far I've only calculated the Balloon DPS of all the guns (not including AoE and Fire) and here is my first note!

Blender fish will have around 244.4 front facing DPS on a ballon while a double carronade Pyramidian with have around 375 front facing balloon DPS.  The Pyramidian will also have much better component breaking.

Community Events / Squid Racing!!!
« on: March 31, 2013, 10:19:48 pm »

I have some ideas for squid racing events.  This will take some work and planning to put together.

So I want to put together a SQUID RACING event team.  People who can help come up with ideas, explore the map together (because we need 4 to do that, and then run the event.

if you are interested or have any suggestions write them here.

[the idea so far]
the races will be with squids on Canyon ambush.  all squids will be flare gun only.  moonshine and buff hammers are encouraged. 


Fjords Track 1

Canyon Track 1

Dunes Loop 1

The Docks / The Dwarfs
« on: March 26, 2013, 02:52:20 pm »
The Dwarfs (not Dwarves) are a noob training clan.
The founding members are: .Dwarf.King, FightboyVash, Zboy, Sheepy, AlbinoTaco, .Dwarf.kavor (i dont remember that last name right)

The Dwarfs will not accept Vets.

If you want to learn the game, or you want to get in on COGs even if you aren't very good, JOIN!

Talk to me or any of the names above to join.

Expect a lot of talking like Dwarfs!

Gameplay / Leveling help
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:22:04 pm »
So I have found it difficult to keep track of and remember all my current Achievements mostly because there is no way to check in game while playing a match.

Here is a solution. A check off list with quick to see guidelines. I made this for myself, I hope its useful to you too.

(The colors are based on the assumption that you always spot and you usually engineer with a Mallet and Spanner.)
GREEN is for goals that I think don't really need attention.  You will get them automatically.
YELLOW is for when you need a specific item, use a specific gun, or have to be on a specific ship.
BLUE is for Capture Point matches.
ORANGE is for buff hammer specifically.

This would be great as a print out to check off next to your computer if you have that ability.
This google doc is uneditable but you can "make a copy" in the file menu if you want to mark your progression.

With this list you can easily see what items, ammo, ship, and map combinations will be best to choose for speedy leveling. and you can see what the next achievement is when you complete one in game.

I would love to add extra descriptions to confusing achievements if you want to tell me any.

Feedback and Suggestions / Beginner omni class
« on: February 26, 2013, 03:23:08 am »
(reposting this from a different section)
What if there was a beginner class that is all classes in one. This class could be an option for 1-3 lvls or so and then its unavailable and you have the normal 3 classes.

This would almost entirely end the mid game joining gunner or captain issue.

New players would have an easier time learning to play and would get yelled at less.

Yes this would give an advantage, but it would be very hard to exploit and only temporarily until the player levels up.

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