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The Lounge / Re: That Moment When...
« on: August 28, 2013, 04:54:11 pm »
That moment when GoIO suddenly grows smaller.

Community Guide / 28th August Update & Report
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:23:57 am »

    The 28th of August has been my personal deadline for the guide, and while I haven't kept my promise of being done with it yet there are still some hours to go for me today :P To clarify, I will largely be quitting GoIO for the next 3-4 months due to personal reasons, and while I will still be able to work on GoIO related things (for at least 2-3 hours a day I reckon, starting with the 6th of September), I won't be able to manage the same amount of work. That's why I've been pumping out guides these days. It was my aim to get the skeleton of the guide largely done until the 28th, and I think we've come very close to it. This will allow us or me or anyone who feels up to it to just update and add to the base now, which is a much less timetaking process. Jus to clarify, we are not done yet. But we're quite close.

    Our loosely tied team consists currently of James T. Kirk as proofreader and corrector, Echoez for weaponry, ClassyTitan for guide graphics, N-Sunderland for everything engineering related,  and myself for putting it all together and writing everything up I have some knowledge of.

    People that are further advising me/us in the creation of the guide, or people that have helped it along are: Queso, Fluitaire, RainerZuFall, GearsW, TimTimLaBaguette, Cullen, Keyvias, Bubbles, Clara Skyborne, Wazulu, Lord Dick Tim, Skrimskraw, HamsterIV, Captain Smollett,  DMaximus, Pickle,  Piemanlives, timmymonsta, Prof. Giles Percy, Gilder Unfettered, Keon, Shinkurex, Swallow, QKQ, Calico Jack, Tropo, YoloSwagJesus, Sprayer

    The names are not listed in any particular order, but in the order I remembered them or found them on the guide related topics / PMs now. If I forgot someone, please tell me!

    Closing the old Progress and Workload Distribution thread, I'm listing the table of contents of the Google Doc I'm using to work on the guide:

Text & Pictures written and/or available
Double checked and finished (this includes having been released to the Public for Feedback - that means all of you.)

The document will be released for public feedback when we've made sure it looks somewhat proper and has a base for constructive criticisim. If I released it now, you'd all be giving me advice on how to improve my english grammar, and while I'd be very grateful for that, we wouldn't be looking for that :P If anyone really wants to have a look and can't wait some more time, or wants to add content to a part or help out with writing - shoot me a PM, and you'll be more than welcome aboard.

Content status: We've got nearly everything in and detailed we want. Only Maps and Achievements don't have any or little detail yet.
Layout: Nothing has been done here yet, other than a Guns of Icarus picture in the Header of the Google doc.

  • Guns of Icarus Online
    • Developers
    • Community
    • Features
  • How to get started
    • Requirements
    • Buying the Game...
    • ...and creating an Account
Your first look at GoIO - The Main Screen - Overview
  • 1. Options
  • 2. Social
  • 3. Progress
  • 4. Ship
  • 5. Character
  • 6. Store
  • 7. Notifications
  • 8. Ariadne Zeals Aeronautical Handbook
  • 9. FAQ
  • 11. Party
  • 12. Quick Join
  • 13. Matches
  • 14. Form Crew
  • 16. Tutorials
  • 17. Exit Game
  • 18. The Chatbox
  • 19. Player Count and Credits
  • Quickstart Step 1: Choosing a role and it’s loadout
  • Quickstart Step 2: Choosing your loadout
  • Quickstart Step 3 /4: Playing the tutorials / Joining a match
  • Step 3: Play the Engineer Tutorial!
  • Step 4: Ask in the chat for a match or join one in the match list!

Gameplay Details

  • Role: Gunner
    • Gunner: Selecting your Loadout
    • Gunners Loadout: Ammunition
      • Heavy Clip
      • Incendiary Rounds
      • Lesmok Rounds
      • Heatsink Clip
      • Lochnagar Shot
      • Burst Rounds
      • Charged Rounds
      • Greased Rounds
    • Gunnery Tips Collection

Role: Engineer
  • Selecting your Engineers Loadout
  • Engineer Basics: Why, when and how to repair
    • Repairing
    • Rebuilding
    • Extinguishing
    • Buffing
  • Engineering: Repair priorities
  • Engineers Loadout: Repair Tools
    • Shifting Spanner
    • Rubber Mallet
    • Pipe Wrench
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • DynaBuff Industries Kit
    • Chemical Spray
    • Engineering Tips

Role: Pilot
  • Pilot: Selecting your Loadout
  • Pilot: Selecting and outfitting your Ship
  • Pilot: How to fly
  • Pilot: How to use Pilot tools effectively
  • Pilot’s Loadout: Pilot tools
    • Hydrogen
    • Chute Vent
    • Kerosene
    • Moonshine
    • Phoenix Claw
    • Spyglass
    • Impact Bumpers
    • Tar Barrel
    • Drogue Chute

Ships: Basics
  • Ships: Parts & Components
    • Helm
    • Guns
    • Hull Armor & Hull Health
    • Engines
  • Ships: Overview
    • The Goldfish in detail
    • The Spire in detail
    • The Junker in detail
    • The Galleon in detail
    • The Pyramidion in detail
    • The Mobula in detail
    • The Squid in detail

  • Weaponry: Basics
  • Weaponry in Detail
    • Weaponry: Armor Piercing
      • Whirlwind Light Gatling Gun
      • Mercury Light Field Gun
    • Weaponry: Explosive Finishers
      • Scylla Double Barrel Mortar
      • Echidna Light Flak
      • Typhoon Heavy Flak Cannon
    • Weaponry: Disablers
      • Artemis Rocket Launcher
      • Manticore Heavy Hwacha
      • Barking Dog Light Carronade
      • Heavy Double Carronade
      • Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
    • Weaponry: Utility
      • Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
      • Beacon Light Flare Gun
      • Phobos Mine Launcher
      • Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower

Sections that have not been touched/created yet:

Texts and guides that will provide contents for sections or be sections of their own, or parts of the guide that are in other places as of now:
Hamsters Piloting Guide by HamsterIV
Gunnery for dummies v1.3 - A beginner's guide to the common weaponry by Echoez
Parkour Content by N-Sunderland
Clans by N-Sunderland

Community Events / Re: the EU sessions discussion.
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:01:17 am »
I'll manage to be here today, I mixed the dates up a little and my girlfriend's moving in on the 30th. I'd like to try something different today, also in respects to the Training Days to come - work with Crew Formation all the time. When we're searching for players, the lobby is usually quite filled still. We should be able to get 4 ships together at least for the start, with responsive players who joined by clicking our names and not by the Quick Join button.

Community Guide / Re: Clans
« on: August 28, 2013, 06:27:09 am »
That will fit in very well, I think we'll even have to raise it and add it in under the community section to have everything in one place! I like the in game examples, it'll make the clan scene look much more accessible. As we aim to make it the official GoIO guide though, Muse will have to tell us if mentioning certain clans in it will look like favorizing them too much :/

I'm just wondering if we should add in that most GoIO clans use Steam groups heavily for organization, which might be interesting for players who don't like to check forums, and that we've got some divisions of international gaming communities here as well.

Community Guide / Re: Parkour Content
« on: August 28, 2013, 06:22:10 am »
This is just perfect! I was worried what we'd do if we had long texts and explanations for it like on the other parts of the guide, but having them aligned like a list of tips will look great in the guide and keep the readers attention much longer :)

You might want to post them seperately in our forum guides section, I'll be updating the progress and the current Table of contents today evening (in CET timezone that is), some while after the EU Training.

My thanks for that excellent contribution, that'll really improve the guide! We'll see where we best add it (or if we keep it isolated in it's own section) once I've come up with the new table of contents!

Gameplay / Re: Please explain hull damage?
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:40:48 pm »
Yes, exactly :) It'd be actually very unfortunate if you hit their guns or engines with the Flak or a light mortar when their armor is down :P Remember, the hull health can't be repaired anymore, so every shot you hit will weaken the other ship permanently!

Gameplay / Re: Please explain hull damage?
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:08:56 pm »
What's most effective depends on the gun you're firing with! If you are working with a Goldfish and a Carronade - shoot the balloon, and only the balloon. It'll first keep the enemy ship on the ground, and secondly the damage gets transfered to the hull, like you said. If you have your gunner start shooting the hull, then the enemy ship only gets time to rebuild their balloon and the whole game starts again.

By shooting at an empty part of the ship that doesn't have anything attached, you are most likely hitting the hull already, it should have the greatest hitbox of all (except the balloon maybe), and out of my mind I'd say that everything that isn't a gun, engine or the balloon is automatically the hull.

And yes, as mentioned above - shooting at a already destroyed gun, engine or the destroyed balloon will transfer the damage to the hull. Of course damage reductions still apply! So, if you are shooting with your Scylla Double Barrel Mortar at a destroyed balloon, it'll actually do less damage than if you were shooting straight at the hull.

Guides / Re: Aboard a Pyramidion
« on: August 25, 2013, 06:42:29 pm »
I heavily recommend putting artemis on 1 if you're equipping it. Otherwise you can also put a chaingun on 1 to get a trifecta.

Let me add some builds:

4. Flamethrower
3. Carronade
2. Fieldgun
1. Artemis

Close combat disable&kill build that has long range utility (and yes, it works ridiculously well).

4. Chaingun
3. Flak
2 & 1 utility

This is the alternative build which is easier for the engineer to use. Coordinated flak shots also kill faster than mortar.

And let me bring up an argument for:
4. Mortar
3. Chaingun
2 & 1 utility

While you want the chaingun to fire at all time, especially if you have a teammate that can kill as well, your mortar required different ammo types to work well. On longer ranges Lesmok is highly recommended if not required. At shorter ranges, and as the game is now, greased rounds allow you to kill any ship before that ship's crew have had the time to repair it(including the Goldfish and the Galleon). What you can do for example is have the gunner run around with Greased, Lesmok and Heavy clip so he can operate all front side guns in case the main engineer gets overworked.

As for skills, I personally believe phoenix claw is mandatory; it doesn't matter what else you bring, as long as you bring a phoenix claw. I've tried the parachute and it has some great utility as well as prevents the main source of disables(balloon popping) from affecting you. If you have a parachute, your chaingun/mortar/flak engineer can stay at the gun a lot longer before the ship is affected. While preventing a landing from hurting you as much as it would sounds great, it doesn't stop the problem at its source. It's imperative that you deal with disablers as fast as you can or fire at them before they get too much of a hold on you. Sometimes it's even a great idea to put a carronade at 2 just for the purpose of disabling your disabler.

(Also in the Balloon area you spelled nalloon)

First of all, I'm very very grateful for your loadout suggestions, here and on the other Guides!

Adding more builds will require screenshots and editing, so I'll delay that again - to, exactly, when I've posted the Galleon and the Mobula Guides. Galleon is half done, so I'll finish that until the GMT + 9 Training tomorrow, the Mobula should be done in the afternoon then. Before I get in touch with Malarosa for the Squid Guide, I'll patch the other Guides up :) If you have any comments about the single gun positions or other things about the loadouts you're suggesting me - please, throw everything at me. I try to write something about every point on the ship, as above in the guide, so it'll make it much easier for me to have some input already!

Guides / Re: Aboard a Pyramidion
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:26:32 pm »
For the Impact Bumpers entry it'd be best to mention how it's useful ... when you're particularly worried about terrain damage.

I have a lot of captains who could probably stand to learn that little tip. "Captain, look out for that clif-*CRUNCH*"

I'm currently wondering if it could be used as a carronade counter. Like when you have weapons that shoot upwards and are already bobbing on the ground because a Goldfish is shooting down at you, use the Impact Bumpers for surviving longer.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A strafing ship?
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:24:49 pm »
Your latest change makes it feel much more balanced, with the light gun pointing "backwards". The 3 blind sides always bugged me somewhat and made me worry about the ship being too defenseless, but this counters it somewhat. It'll still be somewhat easy to catch unawares, especially with the captain's blind spots, but now it'll be able to respond to an attack faster.

I'm somehow always imagining Rainers blueprint here with Lord Funpants concept art:,1785.msg38095.html#msg38095

Guides / Re: Aboard a Pyramidion
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:19:35 pm »
Went and did it - If you, or anyone else, sees something else that needs corrections, go ahead! My thanks again, ironically I'm learning as much with the comments and corrections as I hope new sailors will learn with those guides.

Guides / Re: Aboard a Pyramidion
« on: August 25, 2013, 03:58:32 pm »
A few corrections:

-The Pyra's acceleration is actually quite terrible (second to lowest after Galleon), despite its high top speed.
-The flare gun lights 10 stacks of fire per shot, not 20 (though you'll of course get 20 total by landing both shots)
-The captain can leave the helm to occasionally help on hull rebuild and maybe (on rare occasions) help with completely destroyed engines, but climbing the ladder to the top isn't such a great idea. The pilot has no reason to go up there.
-Impact bumpers is a bad choice for a ramming Pyramidion. First off, there are two problems if you time it just barely off: if you use it too early, you'll lose a huge chunk of your ramming strength. If you use it too late, then you won't get to switch to moonshine on time, and you'll lose your gun arcs. Not to mention one thing that I can't stress enough: if you're worried about the impact damage you'll take from a ram, you shouldn't be going for that ram in the first place. So really, there are far better tools you can fill that third slot with (moonshine and claw being necessities for ramming Pyras). One that I often bring is tar, which is great if you miss the ram and need something to deal with the enemy ships while you turn back around. I also like taking hydro/chute in that slot for obvious reasons.

Uff, they're quite bad. The ladder was a misunderstanding with my English, I've written that sentence strangely. I meant that there's no time for the pilot to get up that ladder and hit the balloon, I'll emphatize it in the update :) The flare gun is a stupid mistake on my side, I should have checked before.

The Impact bumpers.. phew. I actually never rammed with a Pyramidion, and I only dimly remember the tooltip reducing speed, but yeah, it makes perfect sense. I'll put those corrections in a little later in the evening, they're too much of an error to leave standing - Thanks!

Guides / Aboard a Pyramidion
« on: August 25, 2013, 01:52:53 pm »
First: Thanks to Skrimskraw, Tropo, YoloSwagJesus ,Calico Jack, ClassyTitan and RainerZufall who've assisted in the creation of this guide!


You came here because you want to be the vanguard in battle. The first ship to make contact, to blow everything away that comes in too close. You want the scorched framework of the enemy ship to shatter against your helm, as you ram straight trough the enemy ship. You also want to idly chit-chat with the main engineer on the lower deck while you turn your long-range portside to the enemy on the other side of the map, that actually expected you to come bullrushing.

Ship Stats and Resilience

Ship Health:    650
Hull Health:    800
Baloon Health: 1200
Acceleration: 0.9 m/s²
Radial Acceleration:    4.2 deg/s²
Vertical Acceleration: 1.6 m/s²
Max Speed: 30.0 m/s
Max Turn Speed: 10.5 deg/s
Max Vertical Speed: 10.5 m/s
Mass: 300,000 kg
Hull Profile: 352 m²
Balloon Profile: 459 m²

At first glance you'd expect a ship as the Pyramidion - high firepower, well balanced with tough armor and health to be slow. But it isn't - the Goldfish and naturally the Squid are faster, but not by much. Kerosene and Moonshine help you overcome any speed problems, especially when you want to ram the enemy.

About two clips of a Gatling take the Pyramidions hull armor down, but having a dedicated engineer on the lower deck most of the time and
it's guns firing back at the enemy make it seem much tougher than that. Due the big hitbox of the Pyramidions hull, shots that were directed at the
balloon or front guns tend to go astray for the hull. Don't despair once your hull armor is down though - the high hull health of the ship
allows it to take some hits.

The Pyramidions balloon  located conveniently behind a light weapon hardpoint, it can be repaired
when the gun next to it is reloading. It'll likely soak damage that would be directed at taking your front guns out, and unless
someone tries to take out your front guns with a carronade it'll do a very good job at that due to the damage reduction.

The engines on the Pyramidion are rather simple to repair - All very close to each other on the aft of the ship, you can reach the
side/turning Engines comfortably from the back of the lower deck, and from this position you can also reach up and repair the main engine. However, they're relatively easy to hit for the enemy gunners, and having an engine down will further slow the Pyramidion's turning. All in all, they're a prime target if your Pyramidion is under attack.

The Pyramidion heavily relies on it's frontguns, you'll constantly have them manned with the gunner and one engineer. Choosing which gun
goes next to the balloon might be tricky, for whoever mans this gun might have to repair the balloon at times. The gun on the right will
have better chances to be firing constantly, so you'll want to put the more important one there. On the lower deck, at portside, you've
got 2 guns as well - one opposite to the hull, and the other one next to the main engine on a slightly elevated position. They're spaced
farther apart then the two front guns, but still allow firing on the same target. Commonly they're used for long range or utility
weapons. (such as the Mine Launcher, or the Beacon Light Flare Gun).

Examples on Loadouts

While you can classify some ships as rather defensive, not fit to engage in close combat or bullrushes - offense is the Pyramidions
prime purpose. Of course long range weapons work just as good on it's front as close range weapons do, but I'd dare say that you miss
out on the Pyramidions capabilities entirely by doing that. A Pyramidion is supposed to be the vanguard in a match, taking and doing the bulk of damage. Choosing your front weapons carefully is key here - Make sure you have weaponry up front that work well in conjunction.

To have an example for a fairly well working loadout, here's one that Tropo and YoloSwagJesus helped me come up with:

Front left: Scylla Double Barrel Mortar
Front right:Whirlwind Light Gatling Gun
Lower Portside: Beacon Light Flare Gun
Upper Portside: Artemis Light Rocket Launcher

This is straightforward and simple - you'll especially see the loadout for the front guns a lot. Focused solely on the front weapons, this
build aims to get in effective range for Mortar and Gatling and unleash their fire at the enemy ships hull. The portside weapons are
solely for utility purposes, and for giving the main engineer something to do while keeping the hull in check. The Flare Gun and the
Rocket Launcher are mid to long range, as opposed to the top weaponry which is rather close range.

Let's have a look at the individual gun positions in more detail:

FrontOn the right we've got a Whirlwind Light Gatling Gun. Why on the right? Because this gun is supposed to be constantly firing,
keeping the enemy ships hull armor down or taking out specific guns when you're close enough. This will mean constant pressure for one of
the engineers on the other ship, and give the Pyramidion the option to ram - remember, ramming does the most damage if the hull armor is
down. On the left, next to the balloon is the Mortar. The Mortar comes into play when the hull armor is down on the enemy ship, to quickly
destroy any remaining Hull Health with it's explosive damage. However, the large clip allows it to also effectively damage other parts of the enemy ship. Behind the
Mortar is the balloon, so whoever is manning this weapon should take care of it - best an engineer.

Lower PortsideHere we have a utility weapon.which adds 10 firestacks to any component it hits and illuminates an area to flash out hidden ships even if it misses. It'll find more use on maps that have a lot of clouds on them, but once your gunner learns how to hit the enemy balloon with it, you're going to love it.

Upper PortsideThe Artemis light rocket launcher is our long range utility here - it reliably takes 2 shots to take down a component and shoots in a quite straight and predictable line. Together with the Beacon Flare Gun this serves to give enemy ships on long range a suitable welcome, disabling their guns or engines before the Pyramidion approaches.

The common point with this loadout are the front weapons. You'll find those or a similar setup on most Pyramidions, the portside weapons are highly varying - they can be used for utility guns, such as with our loadout above, but also for close range defense with light carronades and flamers. Putting the same guns again would be redundant though.

Engineering on a Pyramidion

Engineering on a Pyramidion is a straightfoward job - one engineer will be the "Gungineer", firing one gun while doing minor repairs and the main engineer will be down on the lower deck, taking care of the hull and engines and ocassionally firing the portside guns. If the ship is under heavy fire, it's not unusual for the main engineer to ask the engineer from the top deck to come down and help while the captain brings the ship in a better position. This will greatly reduce firepower though, so the top deck engineer should always announce when he's leaving his gun for anything else than balloon or gun repairs. Top deck engineers should also get used to the thought of jumping from the top deck straight to the hull - don't even think about using the ladder ;)

Buffing with the Pyramidion can be a bit tricky, because as the main engineer you won't bring a buffing kit, and as the gungineer on the top deck you won't always be able to get to the lower deck for keeping components buffed - However, the buff on the hull lasts fairly long and adds to the offensive capabilities of the Pyramidion a lot. Considering that the balloon is also right behind the top engineer, keeping this one buffed will greatly enhance the Pyramidions maneuvering.

That's where you jump off the top deck to help repairs on the lower Deck!

And that's from where you can comfortably repair the Main Engine and the turning engines together!

Gunning on a Pyramidion

Gunnery is as well, a quite straightforward task on the Pyramidion. Especially if you're the front gunner, your captain will know exactly where the guns are pointing and usually turn the ship in the right direction without a lot of input needed from you on your gun. You will have one engineer next to you, making sure at least one gun is always able to fire but of course it's great if you can take care of your own gun.

The side guns will usually be manned by the main engineer if necessary, depending on what guns they are the captain might call you and the second engineer down to work with them for a short while though. This is usual if the Pyramidion has a close range front and a long range side, or defensive weaponry on the side when assaulted there. While your captain nearly has full visibility for the front, this is not the case for the portside - make sure to give your captain directions if you're working from here!

Captaining on a Pyramidion

The Pyramidion doesn't give you the feeling of very smooth flying - more like a charging bull. With very slow acceleration and a high top speed, a charging bull isn't the worst of comparisations. Remember this when bringing the Pyramidion to a standstill, either when ramming didn't bring the desired result or when you neet to give up on a position - you are slow to run away at first! Contrary to most other ships, you'll be standing in the front of the Pyramidion as the captain, with having the two front guns and the balloon above you. Don't touch the ladder though, running a short distance to help in rebuilding the Hull makes much more sense, and you'll be back to your helm quicker. Very rarely, you might have to run to the back of the ship for rebuilding engines, but you'll generally leave this to your engineers.

Still, you are having a quite good vantage point from the front and will usually have no problems at all with finding a firing solution for your front gunners. For spotting targets behind you, your main engineer on the lower deck will have to look out, because the bulky Pyramidion's hull won't allow you to look back.

Hydrogen If you're going in for a ram, many captains will use Hydrogen to avoid you by inches. Use Hydrogen yourself to crash full force into them still! Also, make sure you match your captains tools to your gun loadout - Mortars can fire down from a higher position gained by Hydrogen.

Chute Vent You need a quick pass trough under a enemy ship that tries to protect their ally? Chute vent is the less obvious choice for this, so the enemy pilot will not expect a maneuver like that. Also, if you are using carronades on your Pyramidion, they can shoot upwards better than downwards.

Drogue Chute Keeping your guns trained at the enemy is crucial for a Pyramidion. If you have to sink, sink slowly with the Chute to allow your guns to fire longer!

Kerosene Kerosene will increase the already good forward momentum of the Pyramidion, and allow it to even catch up with evasive Squids. If you ram with Kerosene, you are still able to turn around and adjust your position if the enemy tries to avoid you!

Moonshine Especially used for ramming on the Pyramidion. It will also keep you from changing direction too much after the ram, because it halts your sideways movement. Short boosts of it when you're turning will also increase maneuverability! While using Moonshine though, your turning is off - you'll speed up in a straight line.

Impact Bumpers Impact Bumpers have the disadvantage of taking away some of your speed. Impact (ramming) damage is calculated with several factors, among them ship mass and speed though - if you use the Bumpers too early, you'll lose speed and thus damage. Using them while ramming also makes it more difficult to use Moonshine at the right moment to keep your ship from turning away. If you have to rely on Impact Bumpers because you are worried about your hull health, then it's better to not go for that ram and get the kill with more convential means.  Just as on any other ship, they will still be useful if another ship is going to ram you or if you are worried about terrain damage. Conclusion: Don't use them for ramming, but use them if you are getting rammed.

Phoenix ClawA standard on most ships, but even more so on the Pyramidion - Turning is your weak point, with the Phoenix Claw you can counter this!

Spy Glass Personal preference. If your crew feels up to it, have them do the spotting for you. And they better should - a third pilot tool is extremely useful.

Tar Barrel Sometimes your firepower just isn't enough to end a enemy ship - especially if their ally suddenly turns up. Using Tar Barrel to cover your retreat will discourage pursuers to give you time for planning your next attack!

The Pyramidion is currently one of the most popular ships in the game - 2 forward facing guns, a simple layout and a good armor rating make it a firm choice for beginners as well as for veterans. You will often find yourself in the more active role when playing, because a Pyramidion is usually expected to lead the charge - make sure you coordinate well with your allied ships, and to have them watch your back and give fire support when you fly ahead!

To any and all readers: I am personally unconvinced with the text in this Guide, I consider it my weakest so far. If you can give me some more pages of advice to add, please, go ahead! Of course I'll still be happy if you find it's good and you learned something!

Edit: Some updates on the 25th of July 2013, Contributors: N-Sunderland, QKQ
Text corrections on the 26th of July 2013, Contributor: Sprayer

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: A Better "Mute" button
« on: August 25, 2013, 01:35:45 pm »
I think this could come in very helpful with players that play music or other stuff over their ingame voice or having recording issues with it. You can block out the noise, but still have the ability to communicate with them in text chat if there's need to.

Na also, wir könnens ja doch :D

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