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Hey everyone,

We are testing all this weekend and we will be doing a blind and non-blind test.
Balance changes Are coming to the dev app later today!
After the test is completed we'll release the notes here!

March 5th
11 am eastern- Blind Data Test
Affected Systems

Heavy Flak
Lochnagar Shot

March 5th
1 pm eastern- Change Notes Released

March 6th
12 pm eastern-  Informed Data Test

Hey everyone,

We are testing all this weekend and we will be doing a blind and non-blind test.
Balance changes are live in the dev app right now!
After the test is completed we'll release the notes here!

February 27th
11 am eastern- Blind Data Test (Changed PM to AM)
Affected Systems

Heavy Flak
Physics related to ship fall

February 27th
1 pm eastern- Change Notes Released

February  28th
12 pm eastern-  Informed Data Test

Release Notes / Small Holiday Patch and Free items!
« on: December 21, 2015, 05:58:27 pm »
Holiday patch is up, build 1.4.4 (507). Summary of changes for release notes purposes:

- Added Christmas trees to all ships for the season
- Fireworks (still) enabled for the New Year
- New "Reindeer" headgear being handed out to all players
- Holiday items "Jolly Old Salt", "Goggles of Good Cheer", and "Jolly Holly Hat" make their return if you didn't get them in previous years

- Additional Steam Workshop items added:
-- Ship decals "Huginn Raven" is free for all
-- Ship decals "Worn Flying Raven", "Surrealistic Clock", "'Til We Die!", and "Skywhale" added to the store
-- Character items "The Discerning Gentleman's Dapper Hat" (M) and "Trusty Pipe" (F) added to the store

Community Events / National Discovery, The Elusive Novice Starts Today!
« on: November 18, 2015, 10:56:24 am »

The skies of Icarus have always held a great multitude of strange beasts from Ducks to Spacemen, from Gentleman to those that ride storms, and every other conceivable creature you could think of.

There is none more elusive than the Novice, any player under 8. A creature rarely seen for an extended period of time either running from experienced ships or learning to blend in with their crews. A recent storm has pushed many into our skies though and National Discovery wants pictures of them, we want them tracked, and we want to see their habits in action.  We will pay handsomely for these photo shots that we will screen (screenshots if you will.)

So professional and amatuer photographers gets ready to spot, track, and send in a bunch of pictures of this shy and sometimes violent beast.

Between November 18th till November 30th we will be running this contest and accepting screenshots. To play all you have to do is send in screenshots to and list what category you’re entering.

The winner of each category will get an exclusive National Discovery badge and any muse-made item of their choice from the store.

Best Photo:
Send us the screenshot that you most feels captures the essence of the Novice.

Novice Tracking:
Take a screenshot of the same novice on 3 different maps. The winner will have “tracked” the most novices

Novice Preservation:
Take a screenshot of a novice in your clan and online. Any clan member may take credit for the capture and the same capture can be credited to multiple people (of the same clan.) The winner will have sent in the most screenshots.

Novice in their Natural Habitat:
Take a screenshot of novices on your ship. The player that sends in the most screenshots of different novices wins.

Release Notes / 1.4.2 hotfix release notes second
« on: July 28, 2015, 06:20:07 pm »
The servers are going to be down starting at  7/29 5AM EDT (9AM UTC) for 2 hours.

objects disappearing on “Clash on Blackcliff” and on “Raid on Refinery”
spawning in terrain on “Clash on Blackcliff”
flare glare effect missing
chat doesn't switch to match tab when joining a lobby
joining the wrong ship

Release Notes / 1.4.2 hotfix release notes (b478)
« on: July 10, 2015, 05:29:02 pm »
- Applaud window doesn't disappear when match starts
- Point capture and ship indicator remain after capture point matches
- Capture point remains on compass
- Wrong setting for new underdog achievements
- Connection issues when starting match

Dev App Testing / Only Chance Organized Testing Sautrday June 27th
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:43:49 pm »
Hey Everyone,

We're doing our massive "did we break/miss anything" testing this Saturday at 4 pm eastern.

The biggest things to test are:
-New UI
-New Map: Clash on Blackcliff.  A new 2v2 Deathmatch map based on Raid on the Refinery.

Known Issues (for testing)
Build 514
New map does not have map images (loading and map screen)
New map will get clouds later
New achievements not in yet

We will check this thread on Monday with everyone's feedback. I'll stop by once or twice before Saturday just in case I forgot something.

Release Notes / Release 1.4.1 Hotfix
« on: May 05, 2015, 04:55:50 pm »
  • Adjusted levels and fixed missing sounds in new voice packs (Arin and Holly)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain purchased voice packs to appear as a different pack in the customizer
  • Fixed movement issues near railings (“magnetic walls”) and several related character control glitches
  • Accepting a recommended loadout now correctly changes your class
  • Capture Points are now visible on the compass
  • Arrow indicating your team in the score UI is now correct
  • Adjusted rendering of some UI elements to reduce pixelated appearance
  • Adjusted positioning of achievement and stamina UI to avoid overlap
  • Adjusted score UI to avoid conflict with scoreboard screen
  • Voice command rate limit error message no longer appears as a popup (appears in chat still)
  • Clarified gun health and hull health icons
  • Fixed text and class icons on “Play” button blocking clicks
  • Fixed a bug that could cause pilots to not play their 3rd-person repair animations
  • Fixed flickering between Tar Barrel effect and clouds
  • Fixed direction of Tar Barrel effect
  • Tar Barrel effect is now correctly disabled after button release
  • Fixed regression in capture point UI coloring and behavior
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a non-ammo tool icon to appear in the gun HUD
  • Fixed networking of your ships’ spotted state (eye icon)
  • Fixed a bug causing AI crew to constantly play their fall animation when running along certain horizontal surfaces

Community Events / The Teaching Tournament! (Ended)
« on: April 23, 2015, 01:43:50 pm »
Coming up the middle of May, we're going to start getting a lot more new players in and we want to make sure they get the best members of our community showing them the ropes. Despite all the work we've done trying to make many parts of the game more newbie friendly, the best way to learn the game is from one of our local experts.

To this end we want pairs to each play a side in a novice game and help teach a gaggle of newbies. It'll be tough work, but it won't be thankless.  We aren't asking for your time free.  The winning team will get any three items from the in-game store and any team that scores over 10 points will receive a gold teacher badge.

Though you will sign up in teams of two, you can do a training game with any other non-novice player.
The event starts on the 15th of May and ends on the 29th of May.

  • Sign up here, for the event your account will be made a teacher and you will be allowed to join novice games.
  • Click play and go to custom game.
  • Create a custom game (make sure it is novice.)
  • Have one other Teacher take a captaining slot on the other side.
  • Open the game to the matchmaking queue
  • Take a screenshot of the end game screen.
  • Send the screenshot to with the subject line "Teaching Tournament"
  • Your team scores a point

To sign up simply put down the name of yourself and your teaching partner here in the thread. Between the times in question your accounts will be upgraded to do novice matches.

Can I join up with one other person from another team and teach a game?
Yes, but both you and their team will get points

Can there be more than one teacher per side?
Yes, but it has to be even on each side and there must be at least 2 novices per ship.

Is this a special badge or the normal gold badge?
Yes, the special Ruby Teaching Medallion

Do we have to be captains?
It is strongly advised, but if you feel like you're able to teach while crewing, we will allow it.

Is there any specific time for this?
Nope, any time you and another person want to make a match for novices between the 15th and 29th of may, you can gain points from it.

Is there any end date to sign ups?
Nope, sign up before, in the middle, or a day before it ends.

(More incoming as questions are asked)

Signed up Teaching Teams:
HCWindo and DoktorBarron
robovelcro and Red-Tiger
DJ Logicalia and  Zelda
MagKel and Ace
Rowho and Dudewatjuzhapnd
Mattilald Anguisad and (To Be Decided)
Tfaltys and a DuSt NiNjA
Jayven Salazar Kuo and (To Be Decided)
OkLetsParty and (To Be Decided)
ALovelySurprise  and DoubleMDownie
Yarr Vinny Scarr and Wolf One
Sundstrom and Dmitrij K. Rozhkov
LadyLandora and Soderholm
Elendu  and Obb
Sir Tophem Hatt and Chief O'Brien and Nimmudari
Richard LeMoon (Not doing it for points, but wants to teach)
Sliced And Diced
LadyLandora and Soderholm
Ashunera and Freedomna
brobafett and LordJackal
Jacob and Inkjet
Admiral Obvious and Renaulde Northwind
D.Strought and Terrkas
Lydia Litvyak and FredTheFifth
The Teenage Wizard
Kamoba  and Bronthe
Salamander Igneous

Dev App Testing / New Gun and Stamina System Testing
« on: February 07, 2015, 02:44:06 pm »
A lot of things to be tested Saturday at 3 pm eastern.  The things you should focus on are Minotaur Heavy Cannon and the new Stamina system.  These two will definitely go through additional visual/effects polish so don’t worry about it too much for now. 

Main thing we want to know about these changes is “do they increase the fun?”  These will definitely change the way you play, that’s the main idea but do they change them in a way that makes the game more enjoyable?  Do they give you more options?  Does it feel more rewarding from second to second?

- Increased longitudinal acceleration
- Increased top speed
- Increased hull health

- Reduced longitudinal acceleration
- Reduced hull health

- Increased longitudinal acceleration
- Increased hull health
- Reduced mass (mainly to affect longitudinal acceleration)

Minotaur Heavy Cannon
- Pushes enemy ships.  Force is applied in relation to the target ship's center of mass and also takes into account the direction of the shot.  For example, a shot to a Pyramidion's nose from the side (perpendicular) will cause the Pyramidion to spin.  A shot to the Pyramidion's center from the side will cause the Pyramidion to simply get pushed in the direction of shot.  Therefore, if a Pyramidion is charging your Goldfish head to head, shooting the Pyramidion in the face will not cause it to spin but instead only cause it to get pushed back.
- Not meant as a killing weapon but as an assist weapon
- Shoots like a Carronade
- Can be used at long range
- Visual and sound effects are a work in progress, but if something seems obviously broken please let us know

- Each class has access to Stamina, currently bound to Shift.  Hold down shift to use it.
- Visual and sound effects are a work in progress, but if something seems obviously broken please let us know
- Bonus Stamina recharge for ship kills

- Pilot
-- Used while on the helm
-- Increased ship thrust
-- Increased lift power (both up and down directions)
-- Decreased longitudinal drag
-- Decreased vertical drag
-- Increased angular drag (to compensate for increase ship thrust, which also improves turn)

- Engineer
-- Used while running around
-- Increased run speed
-- Increased jump height
-- Bonus Stamina recharge for rebuilds

- Gunner
-- Used while on gun, either when extending gun's arc or while gun is reloading
-- Increased gun arc
-- Increased reload speed
-- Increased rotation speed
-- Bonus Stamina recharge for component destructions

Capture Point Logic
- Rate of capture or de-capture is based on the difference of team ships at the point.  E.g. 3 Red and 2 Blue means there is (3R - 2B = 1R) 1 Red ship at the point.  Therefore,  the goal is to outnumber the enemy at capture points.
- 20 points to your team for ship kills (now you can't thoughtlessly rush into combat)
- Reduced point goals for all capture maps

Dev App Testing / 2nd round of balance testing
« on: December 06, 2014, 05:58:23 pm »
Hey everyone,

Leave your thoughts here on the feelings from the latest changes.

Numbers will be incoming later.  For now let us know how the ships are feeling in game!

Dev App Testing / New Testing, Balance! (Saturday 22nd)
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:11:58 pm »
Our newest project in the dev app is ship balance as there are definitely ships that at all levels of play could use a bit of attention.  In this though we don't want to play around the office, ship out the new stats, and call it a day.  We want dedicated and skilled players to take the helms of these newly adjusted ships and let us know their thoughts, feelings and experiences with them.

The testing will go between 5-6 pm Eastern, 10-11pm UTC, on Saturday, November 22nd.

The ships being tested at the Pyramidion, Spire, and Squid.  This does not mean these are the only ships you can fly, but make sure in each round these ships are present and if you're on one, take a moment to see how the ship feels. We'll release information about what stats were changed later, but for now we want to know the feel and the experience.
A feedback forum will go out after testing though at any time you can send an email to with your thoughts.

Thank you so much for your help!

Important Testing note:

Remeber while you're in the Dev App you should view yourself not as a player, but as a tester. As a tester there are some things you need to keep in mind.
Understand that what you see is not the finished product.
You are some of the first to see these changes. When you log onto dev app you are seeing things as they are being created.
The changes you are feeling are not the final ones. These are simply to get some traction and information on the type of changes we've been thinking about.
Please focus on the tasks we set for you.  In the dev app many things are being worked on since this is our personal testing ground, but many of those are not in a state to be tested

News and Announcements / Free Halloween item
« on: November 06, 2014, 10:45:54 am »
We're happy to announce that logging in right now you'll get a free Halloween themed item. Logging in will grant you the Arachnida Top Hat (Male) and Samhain Hat (Female.)

Happy belated Haloween!

News and Announcements / Server going down for 30 minutes! (11/3)
« on: November 03, 2014, 11:24:23 am »
Hey everyone,

We appreciate everyone's patience as this weekend the lobby server went down a couple times.
We discovered what was causing it was the oddest number of circumstances that was rare, but with so many players on over the weekend it happened a couple of times.

The game will go down at 12 pm eastern (roughly 40 minutes) and will be down for no more than 30 minutes.

With this fix a couple non-related things will be adjusted and I'll have a full list for you soon.

Thank you again everyone!

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