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Q&A / Pilot Loadouts with Stamina and Stuff
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:42:24 pm »
Seeing that I've given Guns of Icarus a 2 month downtime, I want to get back into fighting on air. I piloted a match yesterday, which felt very different from the way I remembered.

Thing is, with Stamina and changes to Flamer and H.Carronade, I need to rework my Pilot loadout.

Stamina is like a basic pilot tool that turns essential tools optional.
Flamer and H.Carronade used to be what my pilot tools revolved around. Since they are less of a marked-for-death guns, I think I can drop a couple of my pilot tools.

What do you guys think? And how do you loadout your pilot for each ship?

General Discussion / Taking Time off GOIO
« on: May 23, 2015, 11:47:13 pm »
I was gonna post something else, but I realized I haven't actually played GOIO in a few weeks. That sent me into thoughts about why I haven't played this game in a while.

Hopefully, this isn't a narcissistic post about me being some grand member of GOIO that needs to announce his time off. I don't intend this post to be that way. I just wanted to post a few reasons why I'm taking time off GOIO and see what you guys (mostly more experienced, dedicated, and better GOIO players) think about it.


1.) Time
Even though I now have way more free time than I used to a few months ago, my time is still limited. GOIO is surprisingly a big time investment. 5~10 min setting up lobby, 20~30 min playing a match, so on and so forth. I want to play some other games. I'm actually trying to create my own Kingdom in Mount & Blade, and I don't have time for GOIO at the moment.

2.) Voice Chat
I feel it kinda weird when I am in front of my computer, shouting things at it. I like the communicative nature of GOIO, but I'm not too comfortable with it yet. It'd be nice if I had friend that played GOIO so I can go over to their house and chatter while we play, but most of my friends are console peasants...  So, yeah.

3.) Lack of Variety and New Content
I know Muse is gearing up for adventure mode, so they don't have the resources to go after new maps or new ships. But the game feels repetitive. DM is either crush or get crushed. CP is one battle on one battlefield. Crazy King is great, but half the players don't know what they are doing. Recent patch with Stamina added variety to classes, but it still feels pretty repetitive.

4.) Lack of Variety of Players
I know its not helping that I'm not playing, but it really puts me off that there aren't a lot of players online. I pretty much seem to play with the same people again and again, despite match maker. It's always that ship with four 1000+ match players and that ship with same-faced newbies that doesn't add variety to matches.

5.) Lack of Variety in Builds and Strategies
Maybe this goes with #3, but there's a lack of diverse builds and strategies. There's a handful of builds that work, another handful of builds that works but are impossible without lvl 45 crews to execute, and there's only so much strategy that can happen in a pub match. Maybe its inherent to the game. Maybe we need more guns and more maps. Whatever it maybe, the game feels stale to me.

6.) It's a bit of a chore
At some point, playing GOIO became a bit of a chore for me. Don't know why, but it just became that. Maybe someone that's played more matches knows why. I don't.

Of course, there are bunch of really good stuff in GOIO. The idea of mounted guns with gun arcs and stuff, the idea of communicating, cooperating, and coordinating with team mates, and the idea of an aerial mine launcher gun. I will definitely be coming back to GOIO, but I'm going to take some time off. Hopefully by the time I get back, #3, 4, 5, and maybe 6 would have resolved. Until than, you'll see me lurking the forums sometimes.

And of course, I want to hear what you guys think about reasons I've posted above.

Thank you for reading. :)


Gameplay / Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:12:08 pm »
Let's talk Banshee Light Rocket Carousel.

I love this gun. I've even had it show up in my dreams once (where I was a crew on a mobula. I detached the banshee so I can shoot backward at a horde of chasing Pyramidions). But you know where it doesn't show up? In my ship load outs...

Its just that, when I try to use it for something, there's a gun better at that "something" than the banshee. For example, if I wanted explosive dama wge for when armor goes red, Flak, Mortar, and Artemis works far better. If I wanted ranged fire, I'm putting a Hades on my ship. If I wanted a snipe, Mercury or Artemis or even heavy gatling...

How can I make Banshee work on my ship?

Q&A / Reconnecting to Other Team or as Spectator
« on: May 13, 2015, 04:55:11 pm »
So I heard from my friend,..

When you connect to a running match (played by a friend), but decide that you want to screw your friend over, disconnect, and try to join the other team, the game won't let you. I know its a bit specific sort of thing (hence, I haven't encountered the problem myself), but is this a thing? And if so, is it a bug or a feature?

Same thing when you want to go spectator, says my friend.

World / Patch 1.4.1 News
« on: May 05, 2015, 10:31:25 am »
Similar to Patch 1.4 .0 News I wrote before.

Training Schools Open Around the World
In our age of Airships, concerns has been raised about the irregular instructions the Airship crews receive.

A dedicated school for training Airship crews had been proposed by several faction governments but never reached fruition, until last week.

A billionaire mercenary captain, Doctor of Engineering, Third Son of the Grand Duke Family of Fourth Fjordian Nobility, Grandson on the Mother' s side of the legendary Captain King Lear, Worshipper of Cog and Mog, Secretary of the Spanner - Mallet Brethren, a Member of the Grand Inquisition against Mallet - Spanner Heresy, Count Pegasus (He requested that his full title be published), have opened Airship Training Schools across the World.

Each School features a printing press, an elaborate obstacle course, a firing range, and a practice airship.At this school, one may obtain a printed copy of Evadne' s Reports and Wilson' s notes, detailing common airships and mounted weapons.

An enrolled student learns ways to sprint on a rickety airship, skills to fire mounted guns better, and tricks to move the ship better.

"It is my hope that my training schools can make better qualified airship crews," Mr.Pegasus said.

Chaladonian Retaliation on Anglea
A months ago, an Anglean raid on a secret Chaladonian gun powder refinery on a Fjordian coast raised further tension between the two technological factions.Several retaliatory skirmishes were reported on the Anglean borders, but a notable conflict occured last tuesday.

An Anglean manufactory, supplier of a key component in Heavy Clips, was razed.

It was reported that at 0500 hours, a dozen Chaladonian marked squid appeared North of the manufactory. They fired a high-payload Artemis missiles for three hours.

By the time Anglean military responded, the Chaladonian squids had disappeared and a heap of bent metals had replaced the manufactory.

"This is an aggression against every faction," Asger Ylfing, our correspondent in the Anglean Propaganda Ministry, "This manufactory was the only supplier of Ferromagnet that goes into Heavy Clips. Without Ferromagnets, Heavy Clip will be far, far less effective. This is a Chaladonian atrocity against all self-respecting gunners."

Heavy Clip is a popular ammunition among airship gunners due to its stabilizing ability, making every shot pin-point accurate. Without the ferromagnet, Heavy Clip is far less effective.

"It's a shame that ferromagnet was a closely guarded Anglean secret", said Liudong Zhong, a Yeshan engineer, "We've tried to make up for it, but its only a little more than 2/3 effective. Instead, we are trying to compensate by changing the guns."

New designs for Carronades and Hwachas will be available next Wednesday. It is highly recommended that the old guns get replaced with the new ones, which reduces the jitter of the guns.

News stories explaining Achievement Changes, Stamina, and Heavy Clip changes. I will write a few more, but I'm rather busy as it is AP Exam time in the high schools in America.

Thank you for reading  :)

Guides / Short Guide to Picking the One Gun
« on: April 15, 2015, 12:59:48 pm »
Short Guide to Picking the One Gun
By Indreams

Most of us know gun pairs. Carro-Flame, Gat-Mortar, Hades-Flak, etc. etc. But it's a little difficult to chose a gun for that single slot. Like the back of the Galleon, front of the Junker, and all guns on a squid. You know, the guns that will often fight alone (unless with expert piloting).

This is another guide for relatively new Captains who wants to learn how to outfit that single gun slot.

Your Single Gun
Your single guns needs tho things: good arc and ability to hold its own. Arc is the guns turn. A good arc is a big arc. The ability to hold its own is the ability to excel in its job by itself. Mortar has a poor ability to hod its own because it cannot do much damage without the aid of an armor stripping (piercing) gun.
Your single gun must be able to cover a big arc and be able to hold its own. Big arc because it will usually be the only gun covering that side. Ability to hold its own is essential since it will usually not receive help from the other gun.

I have ranked a few recommended guns for the single slot loadout. I hope the following helps in choosing that one gun.

1.)Dragon Tongue Light Flamethrower
The flamethrower has both good arc and ability to hold its own.
Horizontal arc of 60 degrees on both sides, 35 degrees up and down, are one of the largest gun arcs in the game. Furthermore, because flame particles expend, the real arc is even bigger.
Flamethrower's purpose is to set everything on fire. Well, it doesn't need any help with that (well, maybe a second flamethrower could help).

2.) Phobos Mine Launcher
I would have put this as the best single gun, but good gunners on a mine launcher is few and far between.
If you shoot it right, the Mine Launcher is the best gun in the game. If you can pop a mine right next to your enemy, you can wreck a massive hurricane of damage on the enemy. It comes with great arc (60 on each horizontal sides, 45 up, 15 down), and you don't need anything else to mine an enemy.
You know how great this gun is if you've ever faced a Munker.

3.) Artemis Light Rocket Launcher
Artemis has one of the longest range in the game (around 2000m) and one of the widest horizontal arc in the game (65 on each horizontal sides). With an accurate gunner, this gun can keep 3 to 4 enemy components disabled, by itself. Also, with its 125 direct explosive damage, it doubles as a flak once the armor is down.

4.) Barking Dog Light Carronades
Carronade is a solid gun. It is a little weak on the arc (55 horizontal on each sides, 35 up, only 15 down), but makes up with its buckshots. It's purpose is to pop balloons, which it can do by itself. If you put heavy rounds in it, it becomes a short range sniper (because all the buckshot/shotgun pellets gets concentrated to one point).
One draw back is, if you want a quick disable or quick balloon killing, the carronade will need some help, usually in form of the flamethrower.

5.) Whirlwind Light Gatling
Gatling gun is a decent on the arc (50 on each horizontal sides, 25 up and 50 down). It can strip armor very quickly, but that's about it. You'll want a mortar for the kill. You can snipe enemy guns, but flamethrower, artemis, and carronades are better. It's purpose is to kill, and it needs help to do that.

6.) Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
Really good arc (60 on each horizontal sides, 35 up and down), but not much else. It's a gun that's more effective with other guns, putting fires in enemy engineer's repair cycles and doubling as a weak flak once armor goes down.

7.) Javelin Light Harpoon Gun
Theoretically, its a good single gun. Good arc (60 on each side, 25 up and 40 down), with single purpose of 'pooning the enemy.
But its a broken gun with broken physics. Unreliable at best. You'd need a specific strategy that involves the harpoon to make this gun work.

Special.) Beacon Light Flare
Beacon Flare is not an offensive gun. So don't put it on the side you plan to attack with. Instead, put it in that one slot you won't use. With it's massive arc (best in the game with 80 on each horizontal sides, 50 up and down), it'll go where you want wherever you put it.
I've put it on that fourth slot of the pyramidion, and it can fire forwards.
Oh, in a pinch, you can use it as a long-ranged flamethrower. If you hit a component with flare, it'll immediately put 10 stacks of fire and bunch of lag on the enemy.

Guns You Should Never Use
These are the worst single guns. Don't put them in that single slot, ever!

Scylla Double-Barreled Mortar and Echidna Light Flak Cannon
These guns only work when you are seeing red, and you'll never see red firing this at enemy armor.

Hades Light Cannon
Poor arc (only 35 both horizontal sides, 40 up and 50 down). It also has arming time. It's not accurate or fast enough for reliable disables. It can strip hull, but can't touch the permahull. It's a great gun when paired with something else, but a bad gun by itself.

Mercury Field Gun
This gun is the worst gun you can put in the single gun slot. It has terrible arc (15 on sides, 15 up, 5 down). Put it on the slot that faces forward, with another gun. Don't put it on sides of goldfishes or back of galleons saying "Imma gonna mak' this side of dah ship dah snipa side!" It's just a terrible idea.

That Concludes the Short Guide to Picking the One Gun. Next up! Short Guide to Picking the One Ring to Rule Them All! :P

The Pit / Tenets of Engineers on Airships.
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:06:18 pm »
Tenets of Engineers on Airships

1.) Thou shalt bring extinguisher and chem spray.
2.) Thou shalt bring a spy glass.
3.) Thou shalt not bring a range finder.
4.) Thou shalt not bring a range finder.
5.) Thou shalt not bring lochnagar, excepting that lochnagar is part of the strategy.
6.) Thou first priority will be a broken hull.
7.) Thou second priority will be a broken balloon.
8.) Thou third priority will be the broken engines.
9.) Thou priority will be overruled by the captain.
10.) Thou shalt not rebuild with a mallet.
11.) Thou shalt not bring a monkey wrench with a spanner.
12.) Thou shalt not bring a monkey wrench with a mallet.
13.) Thou shalt learn how to chem spray.
14.) Thou shalt not chem spray a component twice in a row.
15.) Thou shalt buff the engines.
16.) Thou shalt not buff Squid's hull, excepting that the captain asks for it.
17.) Thou shalt not complain about crewing a Squid.
18.) Thou can complain about crewing a Mobula (that's acceptable)
19.) Thou shalt not ask to drive closer so "you can hit them with your sword".
20.) Thou shalt help the gunner to rebuild a heavy weapon.
21.) Thou shalt not hoot at the captain's behind (unless it is hoot-worthy).
22.) Thou shalt not bring moonshine.
23.) Thou shalt not get drunk on moonshine.
24.) Thou can complain about moonshine.
25.) Thou shalt not complain about moonshine if thou are Callsign Stiker.
26.) Thou shalt not bludgeon the captain over the use of moonshine.
27.) Thou shalt not bludgeon the gunner over the use of lochnagar.
28.) Thou shalt keep the Tenets coming.

The Cantina / Raiding Eric's Desk
« on: April 07, 2015, 11:05:08 am »
It has come to light that we know very little about the world in which we fly. The secrets of our world is apparently locked away in Eric's Desk, while he laughs down on us from his Overseer mothership.

Therefore, we are raiding Eric's Desk.

The Plan is:

Kamoba will drop the party off on his Galleon, the party will raid Eric's desk, Kamoba will commandeer a Squid from their Skydocks, and we shall flee with the papers.

Calling for high-level roleplaying adventurers!

The Lounge / Steampunk and Western
« on: April 03, 2015, 08:17:24 pm »
So, while watching a western film...

Doesn't Wild West Clothes and Steampunk Clothes look rather alike? Corset dresses and revolvers for women, Tattered gentleman clothes and revolves for men. Grease on the face, drink a lot of moonshine.

Is this just a thing, or is there like a cultural history between them? Or am I just blind about fashion?

World / Trains?
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:24:27 am »
"I like trains."

I would ask this at the next fireside (except I'm at school at that time), but trains?

Do you guys think that trains would have a place in the GOIO world? After all, train is a major part of the steampunk culture.

Guides / Short Guide to Paritan Spire
« on: March 22, 2015, 03:15:17 am »
Short Guide to Paritan Spire
By Indreams

Paritan Rumble has got to be on almost everyone's list of favorite map. It's a mysterious concrete jungle with a byronic charm. It's a Canyon Ambush without the we-crossed-the-map-and-didn't-run-into-anyone. Paritan allows for beautiful maneuvers, such as the one I will describe here.

This is a guide for relatively new Pilots who wants to try something on Paritan.

You will need a short-range Spire, Kerosene, Hydrogen, and Pheonix Claw.

1.) Begin low.
  Almost all players on Paritan will default to flying high. Even the most experienced vet pilot will fly high unless they have a devious plan. So begin by dropping your altitude. With all of the visual obstructions on Paritan, you will be practically invisible.

2.) Learn how to pilot low.
  Once you are low, you'll see that lower Paritan is very complicated. Pathways are narrower, and obstacles are more frequent. If you are going to fly low, you'll have to learn not to run into things. This is one of the reasons you will want a Spire. Although it is one of the big ships, it is pretty compact. It doesn't have wings spread to the sides nor tails wagging behind. Spire also provides you an almost unobstructed view. The Spire should be the easiest ship to fly between buildings.
  Two tips for flying low.
  i. If you don't think it'll fit, it won't. You aren't Han Solo or Skywalker; the force is not with you. If you try to fit, you might get stuck, and you might have to spend the whole match getting unstuck. Fly it safe.
  ii. Phoenix Claw often. Don't be shy about the chicken foot. It's not only for turning your Pyramidion. It's also for slowing your ship down and doing sharp turns. You'll need it and you should use it.

3.) Stalking
  When you are flying low, you will be practically invisible. That doesn't mean that you should be practically blind. Keep an eye out for enemy ships. If you glimpse them, try to predict their movements. But tell your crew to not mark the enemy ship. If you mark, the enemy will know (by the eye on the top right) that you can seem them. Don't mark until you are ready to engage.

4.) Attacking
  You will want a close range spire for this one. As I said, you should be practically invisible. Stalk your prey, and when you are ready to pounce, feed your balloon hydrogen and lift up! Try to get everyone on a gun. Roll out your Hwacha/Carronade/Flame/Gatling/Mortar onslaught. You need to kill them immediately. Spire isn't a very durable ship (despite a recent buff), and you want to avoid getting shot at.

5.) Running Away
  Sometimes, an attack doesn't go perfectly right. Your Hwacha gunner misses every shot, or somebody put a Lochnagar in your mortar. Whatever the reason is, it's time to run away.
  Look for a side-street. Tell your engineers to keep the engines up. Use your Pheonix claw to align your ship and spark Kerosene to jet towards the exit. You remember that part about "If you don't think it'll fit, it won't."? Doesn't matter right now, you gotta run. Unless the enemy captain is a super-experienced pilot, they won't be able to chase you. If they manage to chase you, at the next exit, turn right/left with Pheonix Claw. You should have lost them by now.

This has been an guide to Paritan by Indreams, your most sincere Yeshan-Propagandist.

The Lounge / Otto von Bismarck
« on: March 02, 2015, 04:43:33 pm »
We talked about Napoleon. Let's talk about another European fellow who could have used airships: Bismarck.

What do you think of Otto von Bismarck?

He was one of the greatest German leaders, who practically founded modern Germany by himself, but leading up to Worild War I, he was dismissed by Kaizer Wilhelm II.

Was he a hero of the German people? Or did he fail Germany by failing to manage the young, overambitious Kaiser? Or should he have pressed his advantage to create a Greater Germany?

Since GOIO community is quite global, I'm sure others have great insight about Bismarck.

Like the Napoleon post, moderators, feel free to lock this thread if it becomes over political or disrespectful to other members.

Thank you,

World / Patch 1.4.0 News
« on: March 02, 2015, 11:06:42 am »
Thought it'd be interesting if their was a World-related news corresponding with Patch changes.

Chaladonian Material Science
It has been reported that Chaladonian metal makers have invented a new way to cast steel. The new method, which process and ingredients remain secret, creates a steel that is stronger and lighter than the variant used by other factions.

The new steel has been widely deployed on Chaladonian airships. Consequently, Squids patrolling Chaladonian borders have become a formidable force against Anglean raiders.

It has also been reported that Fjord Baronies have acquired a similar technology. How Baronies acquired the Chaladonian technology remains mysterious, but it will provide the Baronies an advantage in their campaign against the Yeshans.

Yeshan Lumber Substitute
Captains have recently noticed that the Pyramidion's hull integrity has weakened. The lumber used in recently constructed Pyramidions easily fracture. An unnamed official from Yeshan 12 shipyard has commented.

"There has been a massive demand in Pyramidions. All Yeshan ships were constructed with Yeshan lumber, but to match the demand, we had to import lumber from the Mercantile Guild," he said, "And I assure you, Goldfishes and Galleons are still built with genuine, sturdy Yeshan lumber."

It has been suspected that this Mercantile Lumber is actually inferior bamboo compressed and painted to look like lumber. The Mercantile Guild declined to comment.

What's your version of story for Patch 1.4.0? Is there a story for the Minotaur?

Gameplay / Minotaur Heavy Cannon
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:44:50 am »
New Gun! Minotaur Heavy Cannon! Let's discuss!

From Patch Notes:
New support heavy weapon that knocks back enemy ships!  Use to help your friendly airships keeps enemy airships out of gun arc or to prevent rams.  Has arming time, Primary Damage is piercing, Secondary AoE is shatter.  Fires like a Carronade where each ‘buckshot’ causes knockback.  Knockback is equally distributed across both Primary and Secondary damages.  The farther from a ship’s center of mass you shoot, the more ‘spin’ you will add to that ship.

What do you think?

Gameplay / Creative Pyramidion Builds
« on: February 19, 2015, 03:29:07 pm »
I'm rather getting tired of fighting all these Metemidions. They're good, but it's starting to feel like Diablo II up here. All the same builds, all the same tactics.

And I've stopped flying Pyramidions. Used to be my favorite ship, but now it's a little mundane.

So, say, does anybody have creative Pyramidion builds? One that isn't gat-mortar or flame-carro? Maybe something that uses the broadside, or the trifecta. Anything?

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