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General Discussion / Re: Converting Light to Heavy
« on: March 20, 2015, 11:32:34 pm »
Shall I dare bring up the howitzer and tesla cannon? XD


I see your point with how you work in a team with Hubby, but more ammo doesn't mean more demand for the class if all classes have access to it. It just means Heavy and Burst round for engineers will change to the "Ammo of the month" Instead if you shuffle ammo between classes or provide something else to fill that single slot it should bring gunners back into competitive perspective.

Gotta love drunk posting. Also just gonna salute you because the cider tells me too...

While yes, in some cases this would be the point with a gun that excels in one ammo type, there are plenty now that are. My argument is more with that there are guns now that do best when there are more on hand. (whatcha, heavy flak, ect). It's vital to have a gunner with these types. By having more ammo types to choose from, that opens up more guns that are more efficient by having multiple ammo types. At least, that's the theory.

Or more guns to choose from, but we saw what happend with that recently.

I admit it does feel somewhat biased as far as the need for a gunner. But then that depends very much on what ship you happen to be on with what guns. There are guns that excel with one ammo type, but then there are others that do with many types...this is where having a gunner can make a decent ship into a more efficient one.

When maxing out gunner, I fully admit that I had help. As in, I play most with my fiance, Alistair, whom of which favors pilot. This was a huge advantage. We would work together, he comparing ship builds and I working with him on plays. And with us working together, it made it so that even ships where three engis are seen more often (like squid) he insisted that I stay gunner to utilize every gun he brought. We have done some crazy stunts working together, and I got my max levels with this class. As a result, I got good enough to the point that others request me staying gunner. The downside is that Alistair doesn't like playing without me gunning for him since we have such good synergy together.

While not a very satisfying reply, I suggest to a gunner, if you can, buddy up with a pilot. Play together long enough and you'd be surprised what you can accomplish.

Also, I like the idea of more hats. Hats are awesome.

But even better would be more ammo types. More ammo types means more need for them and more need means a gunner is a must. I'm all kinds of alright with this.

General Discussion / Re: The Love - Hate Thread.
« on: March 19, 2015, 09:11:18 pm »
It's the reason I play gunner. One of the things that keeps me playing is the genuine feel and sounds of the guns. The *thonk* of the heavy flack, the explosions from the hwatcha, the *thomp thomp thomp* of the mortar... even the reload sounds are really awesome.

General Discussion / Re: The Love - Hate Thread.
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:57:21 pm »
Love: The *thonk* sound and feel of a heavy flak killing a target. MMmmmm.

Hate: Getting stuck with a second gunner in the middle of the game and refuses to change.

Gameplay / Re: How do these airships fly?
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:55:57 pm »
Very true. Then again, how far in the future are we talking here? As in, after this event of apocalyptical scale, what tech was laying about? Right now we are working on a type of building material that's as thin a paper but as strong as steel (nanopaper or graphine depending on what you look for). If were were to leave a liberal amount of time it would be understandable to have this kind of thing perfected and mass produced. And how ever long later, could be laying about, picked up and reused.

Gameplay / Re: How do these airships fly?
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:29:24 pm »
Well, beyond the wiki post in regards to the vacuum displacement theory (which is awesome), most of these with what tech we can confirm really wouldn't be able to fly and a liberal amount of imagination required (which isn't a bad thing, really).

After crunching some rough numbers though (and I mean rough), the goldfish, squid and junker *could* work with helium. It was used in the late 18th century so with the tech that seems to be floating (haha) about it's attainable. Mind you the balloon would be somewhat larger for these ships...but it's within the realm of possibility.

 And then the actual materials used, such as aluminum vs steel. Even down to the wood types (which would take up half a page as far as weight, strength and uses...I have no life -_- ) which would be a huge difference onto weight.

With helium, Spire and Galleon are simply too heavy without a much much bigger balloon. Pyra has too much metal and framework. Mobula would need a good (and I mean insanely good to the point I need to consult an aeronautical engineer on it) ballast to not flip over. (I'd pay cash to see the early flight tests for that)...though if it did it *might* actually be able to take off and not dump everything over. 

Mind you, I am not in any way trained in these things beyond a rudimentary idea as that I've been researching it for purposes of a book, so I'd take what I say with a grain of salt. But it is a fantastic discussion and I love theorizing about it.

The Lounge / Re: Introductions!
« on: March 16, 2015, 01:12:36 am »
*Polite bow*

Hello admins, CAs, and fellow airship enthusiasts!

I'm Sarabelle Marlowe, Miss Marlowe for some, Ser to others. In game I enjoy gunning for my guild, occasionally fixing things when need be. I don't fly myself, that's left for my counterpart.

When I first heard of the game, Alistair walked into my room while I was reading and stood boldly, pointed his finger and loudly proclaiming. “My love, take the sky with me! For if you do, I'll buy you a shiny outfit.”

And thus, I started playing.

Though  to be honest, his presentation of said game would have worked without the bribery.

When we started sometime last year, we were feeling the after burn from playing games that required it to more of a job then a game (WoW, LoL, cough cough). We really wanted a game to play together, something with a more lighthearted feel that would grow into a fantastic world. We heard of Adventure Mode coming out, so figured we'd give what there was a try (we were sold on airship pirates). We joined a guild, and have stayed playing because of them and the community.

When I'm not playing games I enjoy making costumes, writing, artsy stuff and run tabletop rpgs with some of my guild mates. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this game goes. And for those I have not met yet, I look forward to seeing you in the skies!

The Lounge / Re: Show us your...desktop!
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:25:01 am »

I'm working on a new(er) gaming computer right now from raiding the remains of other computers, so this is my laptop.

The only thought that really occurs to me is that I need more games. Soon...soon.

Like, incendiary ammo should just change the secondary damage to fire, instead of adding chance for fire. Heatsink should change secondary fire damage to something else. Stuff like that.

Ahh, something like that I can see potential. I thought like putting in new ammo types that would outright change things instead of tweaks.

Oof, if it is then I'd have nightmares on trying to balance such a thing. Even with reductions it would nightmarish. I mean, could open up builds for silly fun, but then also for terrible amounts of trolling.

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean like say if I load this 'shatter damage ammo' in a flak and snipe parts? or 'explosive damage ammo' in a gat and strip armor and perma with the same gun?

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Oh boy, another gunner balance thread
« on: March 10, 2015, 06:05:32 pm »
The trouble seems to about the buffs on guns rather then the class itself. I think it's all a matter of optimizing builds/ships as in relations to roles as far is if the role itself needs a buff or not. There are some builds on ships where having a gunner isn't really needed, and others where it's almost a must. Perhaps new types of ammo would make the importance of having multiple choices on hand help out the gunner role a little more?

My biggest worry is this stamina thing. Right now, there seems to be a decent enough balance with the roles. Sure, a little tweaking could be implemented to help, but it's within the realm of possibility. Stamina? Oh gods, that feels like a headache and a half to even think about trying to balance.

Welcome very much to the community Fantastic Fox, (is this a Fantastic Mr.Fox reference or just a name? Lovely movie that.) It's good to see a clan dedicated to just having fun as a group (not that there are not any, just good to see more). I certainly hope the best for you and your clan, and if you run into any of us dagz we'll be happy to play with you :)

I don't deny there would be a lot of.. changes.. The builds would still be usable, they'd just be less efficient..

Weather the changes would be to many and the viable gunner not worth it as a result.. Could be the case.

As said though, just a random thought. I didn't actually think it through entirely, so idk if I am for it myself.. Just sounded interesting to me..

Oh, I agree that it does sound interesting, and I love seeing suggestions and topics in regards to my favorite class. If I sounded irate I certainly didn't mean to, apologies if I did.

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