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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Alliance idea
« on: April 06, 2017, 06:29:44 pm »
Oh, its not about sabotaging. Its more about engaging.

Say, I'm deffending Blackcliff, and you are attacking. Why should it turn into a skirmish match (like they say above) but with additional AI ships on both sides? So it feels like a big and rewarding battle.

It only sounds good on paper. You are gonna fight through all the human players just to get f*cked up by a single Axil/Corvette/Collector. I played over 1,2k hours in this game and not a single pvp match was as challenging as fighting this overpowered AI on higher difficulties. This is not a titanfall where you are the overpowered pilot and the AI grunt soldiers are just an addition. In Alliance ships can actually kill you. And it's your job to outperform them. PvP itself is challenging and I don't want to care more about trying not to die due to broken balance ai than the actual players

The Docks / Re: [T.Pr] Predators now recruiting!
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:58:28 pm »
I was looking for talkative and active people who enjoy taking the game seriously, crunching number on weapon stats, testing new tactics, and teamworking.

Stop lurking then and see look further! The Predators have merged with Glowwater Thralls now, but nothing is being changed besides that. We'll be trying to start over with our competitive team under the new (old?) banner.

Guns of Icarus Online and Guns of Icarus Alliance are connected with each other and technically they launch the same application and you can switch between two modes without leaving the game. Some of the players do have the expansion bought, but still prefer PvP like I do.

General Discussion / Re: Is it wrong to chang regularly of clan?
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:22:27 am »
Hello, Lascuarin!

While it would be nice to answer your questions with a simple "yes" or "no", unfortunately, the case may be a little more complex than you might have initially anticipated. At first, we'll have to understand the whole concept of a clan and what types of them are we dealing with.

There are several major clan types in this community:

Competitive (Serious) Clans The teams that participate in weekly Sunday Community Skirmish or other tournaments. They usually maintain permanent member rosters and put a lot of effort into heavy co-op gameplay and common training. These guys often play in clan vs clan environments and train in order to have the best performance in high-level and challenging matches while having fun playing with their pals.

examples: The Skyborne, Storm Ryders, Spud's SCS crew, Team Predators, ClanClan, & few more

Casul Clans These guys are more often laid back version of the previous group. You can still find many high levels there, but they usually aim at doing fun and goofy stuff together in the public matches. They usually play together, however, they lack free time in order to participate in the events or are not interested in them. They have a bit more laid back rules, such as not playing in fixed positions or with certain crews but still, preserve some forms of internal organisation. They have the medium amount of members.

examples: Satanistic Squirrel Squad, The Bards, Stray Dagz, Deadstone Company, Sassy Lassies, Grim Reapers & much more

Small groups of Friends People who bought the game together in a 4-pack or something and wanted to distinguish themselves, or clans that limit their recruitment to a specific region (or maybe country). Usually, all members have more than 300 days of inactivity at some point. Calling such groups "clans" may be debatable as clans are organised units, while these are just only people that have something in common, but are without any organisation outside of the game.

Mass-recruiting so-called "clans" which are commonly despised. It's just a bunch of noobs with the same tag in front of their nicknames which doesn't mean that they're an actual clan yet. They lack any organisation, they lack anything that bonds them together and most of the members don't know each other. It's officers often send an invite to everyone in the lobby hoping that maybe at least someone will accept and increase their tremendously stupid member count. Being in such clan has no purpose or meaning, therefore it is commonly despised by the community veterans.

Now with that being said the most restricting group when it comes to clan hopping is, of course, the competitive clans. They often hold some sort of recruitment process with most hardcore including a trial period. You need a reason to join such clans as well as leave them. Since the community isn't big most of the competitive players know each other well and leaders/officers share their blacklisted people and reasons for banning them from their clans. Clan hopping is one of such reasons as no one likes to invest a lot of time and effort into training someone who the very next day will decide to f*ck you over and join someone else.

People in these clans often feel like home among friends so occurrences of leaving and changing the clan are rare. Valid reasons to change clan are:
- Clan disbanding
- Disputes and different views
- Difference in time zones
- Lack of competitive focus, or perharps too much competitive focus
- Lack of community

When it comes to mass recruiters then it doesn't matter. They don't even care who you are.

Good luck with finding your place in the Guns of Icarus community and have fun :)

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Night Map Discussions:
« on: January 26, 2017, 06:19:04 pm »
It's nothing new. We have Fight over Firnfeld.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Delegatable AI control
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:45:39 am »
Even now you can micromanage AI to some extent if you really want. Just almost nobody does that. The proposition you've made is way to complex for anyone to care.

What If we'd just program AI to repair only certain components based on the crew position?

Community Events / Re: Considering a map pick phase for competitive GOIO
« on: December 30, 2016, 07:35:29 am »
To further illustrate the point, here is (roughly) how I see the maps from a balance perspective. Below, I've ordered the maps from the "most open" to "most closed", based on size and terrain composition.

---- open ----
Battle on the Dunes
Fight over Firnfeld
Water Hazard
Northern Fjords
--- neutral ---
Clash at Blackcliff
Paritan Rumble
--- neutral ---
Canyon Ambush
Duel at Dawn
---- closed ----

So using this list as an example: Dunes, Firnfeld, and Duel are the least neutral maps and would be removed from the starter map pool

I disagree a lot with the list you provided here. Canyons are the most balanced for both long and close range, while for every single Blackcliff match double mobula is the answer.
I may be biased a lot with my T.Pr style heavily focused on splitting and close engagements, but Blackcliff and Duel were our least favorite maps due to the difficulty for the performance of such actions. Every single time it's always better to 2 mobulas, which is something I hate current meta for.

Blackcliff is definitely not a neutral map - it's favoring galleons or mobulas a lot. Canyon has an open area to the south allowing the blue team to camp at their spawn and deny the opponent's approach. Red spawn is more clouded but has a similar utility if a team chooses to play like so. Dunes are more close range oriented as it is possible to split very wide and use a lot of clouds and terrain to shift your approach angle. Paritan has only one camping spot for mid-long range which is almost never used but the amount of buildings and terrain heavily favor close range combat almost exclusively. Duel provides two ribs at each spawn allowing for medium range ships to take a decent cover. As a close range brawling player, I hate Duel for some reason. Probably because I was being countered with mine and artemis based builds every single time playing there. The central area is also pretty open and it is difficult to sneak into your opponent's spawn without your approach being denied or at least noticed. Fjords are balanced for both close range and cancerous mobulas. On Water Hazard, my team was surprisingly successful with performing a lot of flanking maneuvers as long range ships don't have many good covers.

Map size is a very little factor.

My list would look more like:
---- open ----
Fight over Firnfeld
Clash at Blackcliff
Battle on the Dunes
--- neutral ---
Northern Fjords
Water Hazard
Canyon Ambush
--- neutral ---
Duel at Dawn
Paritan Rumble
---- closed ----

4:00AM CET for europeans ;_;

Community Events / Re: SCS Rules
« on: November 30, 2016, 04:42:17 am »
With current rules the overtime is happening, when at the end of regulation play the teams are engaged, therefore allowing for possible comeback.

No engagement: No overtime and first kill wins
Engagement: The overtime lasts until one team will lose the engagement, teams will disengage or after 3 minutes.

I don't see a reson to change that. Anyone disagree?

Community Events / Re: Big Brass Revival Sign up
« on: November 28, 2016, 05:08:06 pm »

The time has come!
Team name: Team Predators
POC: GurasOguras & MightyKeb

Community Events / Re: SCS Rules
« on: November 22, 2016, 11:18:56 am »
What this rule would do is effectively add those few more minutes to the regular play. Why not make the match 23 minutes long then? It would be the same. Hence I see no logic behind your suggestion. How do we resolve tied games if you want to remove the first kill advantage from the competition?

Long and very passive games are boring for the viewer. The teams must resolve the match in 20 minutes as the tournament must keep going. First kill advantage puts pressure on the losing team to act up. One of the biggest dick moves of competitive play is to escape from the engagement and abuse the timer rules. It would be unfair to the team, which does not have the upper hand could escape their destiny instead of confronting with the opponent. That would hurt the players wanting to fight, but unable to keep up with fleeing enemy.

I know that I'm always theorizing too much, but I believe that The rules must be free from any possibility of their abuse.

I'm going to assume two situations and show you on the example:

In case 1 (current rules) Team A got the first kill advantage. Team B now must attack and dominate Team A or they will lose the game. If Team B can prove that they're better, the win will be theirs, otherwise, if they are worse than team A, the team A will win.

In situation 2 (Spud Nick's proposition) The game is tied. Team A knows where they have made their mistake and wanted to confront Team B again. Team B is weaker, so they choose to be dicks and escape. The regular time ends and we get into overtime (Team A got the first frag, but it doesn't matter anymore). After that, the game is being resolved with coinflip just like in every case of the tie and Team B wins. Team B in this situation instead of inevitable defeat has the chance of 50/50 to win the match still by abusing the rules.

To be very honest there is no perfect solution to the escaping as the winning team (in case the game is not tied) could still escape, but in such situation the team which is better and was able to score in the initial engagement still wins. This sentence is correct because it is possible to win an engagement without even losing any permahull; hence the better team is the winner.


Current rules: Winner is always the better team
Spud's proposition: If you're weaker than the opponent just be dick, and you still have 50/50 chance to win.

That's why first kill advantage can't be removed.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Needs to be used more widely
« on: November 22, 2016, 04:00:29 am »
This should've popped up during the last SCS. New UI changes made me not realize that I'm rejoining the lobby with engineer as my default class instead of pilot ;_;


Team Predators signing up!

POC: MightyKeb, GurasOguras

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Lower Goldfish hull health to 1000
« on: November 18, 2016, 04:37:35 am »
Saying no offense is intended does not mean it does not offend. If anything it points out how offensive it is.

I agree that my post might have included too little substantive content, but the phrase about no offense intended as stupid as it sounds, was actually true. I don't want to make a shitstorm out of this, and I am sorry if you felt like a kid on the beach whose sand castle got kicked by the bully. It's nothing personal but also, on the other hand, I wanted to highlight how I believe that you have no idea about what you're saying.

I brought this up in light of the change to the Squid, which is countered most by the Goldfish, and the recent change to the Mobula, which was strong against the Goldfish.
It's because goldfish is countered by disables and right now almost all Squids are gat+banshee, while Mobula usually has artemis-based build onboard. The builds and execution are what counters the goldfish, not the ships themselves.

If you're looking for a ship, that counters the Squid more than any other: Junker is what you're looking for, not the Goldfish. But that itself is not a reason for it to be nerfed.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Lower Goldfish hull health to 1000
« on: November 17, 2016, 03:09:17 pm »

"Hurr durr let's nerf the fish because I don't like the numbers."
I am sorry to say that, but you've triggered me, comrade :>

Exactly because of the low armor is why we need to have that additional permahull for being able to sustain the heavy combat. I bet you just looked at the numbers, did some math and thought that goldfishes are OP, just and only because you need that additional few mortar shots to take it down. The Metamidion is already a counter to goldfish. Imagine how terrible it would be if instead of 2 clips you'd need only 1 to kill a ship which main role is to support the team. I am telling you: That would ruin the both the pub match and competitive balance, so plz no.

As a guy with years of competitive level experience in this game, I can assure you that the experience stands behind my back. And maybe I'm not the authority to many of you since my number of matches are not as high as some of the Rydr individuals, but I really know what I'm talking about.

it's probably the Goldfish Hwacha that is OP. Just a bit.
Fixed that for you.

It's totally not like carrofish is so shit now that taking heavy flak seems like a more reasonable choice (It still isn't, lol). Every single fish that does not include a hwacha on it has just no use in a high-level match. It's totally not like Hwacha has the most utility of the medium/heavy guns so it's favored on that ship which is heavily relying on the front gun.

Fun fact: If both the gunner and main engineer run to rebuild the hull at the same time, it takes the main engineer only 4 hits to rebuild (assuming 3 hits by gunner). It is 6 hits for a solo engineer. For comparison, the Pyramidion and Junker both take 9 hits to rebuild solo.

It's not like the armor for the goldfish is almost half of the Junker. It totally won't go down in few Gatling shots if still under fire. It's not like Pyra/Junker's hull is also accessible by most of the crew. When it comes to tanking the Pyramidion and especially the Junker can hold up for much much longer than the fish. Listen, comrade: There is a reason we take light flak instead of mortar when we fight the Goldfish/Squid team composition. I'd suggest realizing why.

No personal offense was intended during construction of this post

weakness of being rammed to death

A lot of medium guns have been nerfed
so it's probably the Goldfish that is OP

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