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Feedback and Suggestions / Some minor UI issues
« on: June 30, 2014, 06:04:44 pm »
1. Why during the match when I'm waiting for the respawn and the game shows map and respawn points I can't check the player list with TAB button? It seems a bit unintuitive because then player has nothing to do and if he wants to check something - then is the best time for it.

2. Speaking of the TAB-enabled player list, why can't we interact within it (i.e. add someone to friends, check his profile etc.)?

3. Why on the upper-right corner of the UI we have the roles in order: GUNNER - ENGINEER - CAPTAIN but in a "Progress" menu we have PILOT - GUNNER - ENGINEER ?

4. Sometimes clicking on notifications means accepting them (for example - an invitation to match), is there a chance that clicking such notification would open a window with some brief information (following this example - type of match, name, server and maybe number of free and occupied slots) and buttons allowing to accept or dismiss?

5. Also, to make [Clan] chat window (more) useful maybe we should add new messages counter (or at least a dot which would change colour if new message would appear). This way we know if someone wrote anything without actually checking the chat every few minutes.

Feedback and Suggestions / Control the lobbies
« on: June 30, 2014, 02:28:02 am »
I know that Muse is doing everything to make lobbies dissapear. But for the time being it's the only way to play and I think some control would be useful. I mean the ability to kick / move people either by creator of the game or the captains. Many times had I had a situation when one person would spoil the match for the rest of the crew (for example a greenhorn who decided to be a second gunner on the squid) and I think it's the problem worth looking into it.

-Games will be more competetive
-Ability to remove trolls or other unpleasant people from the game/team

-Greenhorns can be stigmatized and rejected by more experienced players
-Also potential for trolling

I suggest this would be a vote-based kick from the team, and it wouldn't kick the player to the lobby, only move him to be spectator (so if he wants he can join another team). There's also an option that while making a game we can decide whether kick option is availible or not - then browsing through a lobby we could choose if we want a kick-able or non-kick-able lobby.

Feedback and Suggestions / New Mode: The Castle
« on: June 10, 2014, 08:36:45 pm »
Hi everyone, new on the forum, glad to be here ;)
I have an idea for a new game mode - called The Castle. In this mode one side would attack the castle using ships (regular ships and teams like in other game modes) and the other would defend the castle from the ground (to make it fair you can for instance make most of the castle's guns heavy). To make things easier the castle can be located on the high hill (it's better for both sides). Castle have a "hull" with fixed value of hp which can't be repaired (or can be but in a limited way). I see two possible winning conditions:
-Game after certain period of time ends - if the castle stands then defenders win (if it doesn't - game ends quicker)
-Or there is no time limit but the attacking team has limited respawn points - and if the atacking team doesn't manage to destroy the castle (they die trying). I don't know how to prevent attackers from prolonging the game when they know they are going to loose so the first option is probably better.
Also I wonder what would captains do in defender team. Perhaps they wouldn't take part in the games?

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