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General Discussion / Re: Start streaming!
« on: August 06, 2014, 08:44:28 am »
Matchmaking will have to be implemented first for the games to happen on consistent basis, right now you can still end up with a bunch of full lobbies you can't join and one empty lobby filling for 30 minutes, which won't help game advertising much. As much as I wish consistent streaming would be a thing, it'll be troublesome with inconsistent match frequency most of the time.

Community Events / Re: Titles, who has them, and what they do.
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:32:58 am »
These titles are a thing people care about?

From what I can see for some Rydr it's that one toy that a kid from the neighbourhood has, so he needs it as well.
On the other side the kid doesn't play with a toy at all, but it won't let go of it.

I don't even care about the titles, but this thread became an inappropiate and immature fight between clans that both should know better than to fight with eachother because of something as meaningless as those map titles. Let's get the facts straight, based on what I can read and what I observed.

Rydr and MM representatives, for this conversation I'll call them Mr. R and Mr. M, once sat in chat and discussed a challenge for the title, as Mr. R got the Dunes title by a coincidence and wanted more. Mr. R suggested the dates, but Mr. M was unresponsive about them, Mr. R assumed that this particular date (26th apparently) was not fitting for Mr. M, but Mr. M seemed to treat it as a set date, and claims that Mr. R never showed up for the match. That I can confirm as a lie, for it was saturday, and Mr. R has either practice, skrim or tournament every day apart from Monday and Tuesday, and he's playing matches every evening any other day of the week. Mr. R was in the game that day, and, if there was indeed a match on that day, I blame miscommunication on a set date between both men, at the same time being surprised why Mr.M didn't contact Mr.R in game to resolve the issue of him not showing up. It seems like Mr. R claims  to set up the date for another week, I know Mr. M was aware of that, but he called off the match 1 hour before the match was supposed to start. Mr. R set up the server, brought people, saw Mr. M in game with enough people as well, contacted them and asked why they're not showing up. Once he heard about the reschedule 1 hour earlier, Mr. R took that as a last second forfeit from a match set up for a week.

From my perspective of this story:
Mr.M should contact Mr.R at the first date set up for the match (26th)
Mr.M shouldn't call off the match last second.
Mr.R shouldn't even care about titles.
Mr.R shouldn't claim the title by a forfeit and start childlish arguments on the forums because of it.
Both Mr.R and Mr.M should claim that the date is set only when both sides clearly say so, and make sure that both sides agree on a set date.
Both Mr.R and Mr.M should grow up, stop playing a blame-game on the forums over titles that noone knew about for like a year or so and noone cared about them even then, apologize to eachother and be as friendly as this game's community is supposed to be.
And if someone ever ends up challenging one another for a title, setting up a skrim etc. please do so in a friendly manner, without making everyone hate one another and throwing a tantrum over the pettiest of things.

That is all.

The Lounge / Re: The most glorious Quotes ever
« on: August 04, 2014, 04:55:13 pm »
*hephaestus semifinals, 2 seconds in match*
Deltajugg: I need to go to toilet...but at the same time I don't need to go to toilet....
Aayra: it´s called stress
Deltajugg: it's not stress, I just need to poo, but...not enough...


Also when you asked me about whether you can put the quote of the forums I thought you meant the one with the finger mashing, I didn't know you meant this one :P

Also this:

RunningTree:target spire
Kruegerz:I don't like spires
Kruegerz:I'm on ramming probation
FredtheFifth:when people ram me
FredtheFifth:people die
RunningTree:noone dies in Goi . we "faint". like pokemon

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Proportional Hull Buffs
« on: August 04, 2014, 06:53:54 am »
I'd be cool with heavy engines taking 5 taps rather than 4.

It's not just about heavy to light engine proportion. Every ship has a different mass, therefore we have different speed and acceleration on every one of them; even if with the same amount of engines and the same power the thrust is different. What that basically means if we were to balance-out the engines based on the benefit from buffing them you'll most likely end up with galleon needing 3 hits to buff its engines, and like 7 or 8 on a squid. And what about balloons, then, shouldn't it take 20 hits for a mobula to buff its balloon, considering how great of a vertical mobility it has? I personally don't like the idea of proportional buff time to ship's hull, unless that would mean buffs lasting longer for tougher ships it would be too much time consuming, and keeping buff circuits on some ships is already tough, even without increased amount of time wasted bashing one component.
On the other hand I do like the idea of slightly changing the formula of the applied buffs to make it more beneficial for ships like a squid and goldfish, at this point there is almost no reason to buff the hull on them (and rarely ever there's time for that as well).

So, I can confirm that regardless of whether I'm playing 2v2s or 3v3s, the framerate is fine when I start playing but then gets progressively worse after a couple matches, memory usage goes up to 2GB or so, and restarting the game fixes it temporarily.  All signs point to memory leak.

This issue is in the game since the Day 1 I played, game launcher file constantly increasing in size until you run out of memory, and I believe it has something to do with the game being available on Steam, and definitely getting worse because of minimizing the game. There's that one unwritten rule "Never minimize games on Steam". I'm not sure if you actually do minimize it, but another way to make the issue not affect you as much is to avoid it as much as possible, as it only makes it worse.

World / Re: Mercury Field Gun- Repurposed
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:48:28 pm »
I always considered the "Howitzer" and other guns like this as a concept only, since they are not currently in the game. What that means for me is that I call Flak, Hwacha and others "Heavy" weapons, for there are no heavier weapons than them in the game as of now to call those Medium. You can't really say that Hwacha is a Medium gun "because Heavy weapons are ship-size village killers" if they are actually not the case in anything other than concept.

That being said, Medium, Heavy, whatever you call it, I'd love seeing more guns in the game.

The Lounge / Re: Anime Discussions?
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:41:35 pm »
I just want to get something off my chest, felt like this is a right thread to do so:
I am usually more annoyed not by a complete feminisation of the characters in anime, but forced sexually suggestive content in every genre. Say all you want about Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, I enjoy them because fanservice is rarely ever implemented in it to the point of completely focusing the plot of the series on getting busty girls naked via the most ridiculous means and pushing the protagonist's faces in their breasts, which is probably of any value in ecchi genre, but I currently see it in every single genre as a way to strive from the main story and as a distraction from plotholes and poor plot complexity and character development. If you like ecchi, go on, watch it, I don't like it much, so I watch other genres, but since when did it become a standard to make ecchi out of every single anime? I constantly keep hearing people's opinions about Fairy Tail/Bakemonogatari/Sword Art Online/High School of the Dead/Magi/No Game No Life as of being "the best anime they've ever seen", and then I watch it and see nothing but a maybe 5/10 quality anime with perverted moment every 2 minutes, which I consider being a slap in the face to every single anime that the creators didn't have to go as low as to force fanservice to keep it all going, and at the same time still making much better anime out of it than whatever's been included in those "seinen/shounen/godknowswhatelse" wannabe ecchi anime. I recently end up watching anime that were made in 2007 or before, for it seems that everything newer is the same cheesy, low quality, repetitive soft-p0rn, and I don't watch it for keeping my hormones buzzing. Is it so hard to come up with an interesting story and avoid undressing main characters for the purpose of gathering its fans and viewers?

That is all.

Wasn't there a Tesla gun or something in "Flight of the Icarus"??

Besides this (the robots):

if that ain't just awesome :P

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Change the Rangefinder to Multi-scope
« on: August 02, 2014, 09:06:14 pm »
Make it so, after spotting with spyglass, it would mark enemy ship, so every team member can see the range the ship is at as long as it's spotted.

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: August 02, 2014, 03:01:34 pm »
Match A
1 SIR 5-3
2 SIR 5-2

Match B
1 Thralls 5-2
2 Thralls 5-1

Match C
1 SIR 5-3
2 HRA 5-2
3 HRA 5-3

Match D
1 Rydr 5-4
2 Rydr 5-2

Match E
1 Rydr 5-3
2 Rydr 5-2

DISCLAIMER:Everything in this post is only but a suggestion and,whether it's name or balance-wise, a subject to change, don't get butthurt if you consider a weapon unbalanced with its high damage, numbers can be changed.

1.Hephaestus light bombard cannon.
Light gun
Long range (1500m), Arming time at 900m
Fire damage 150, Impact Damage 120
AoE 60, 3 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 0.80, Reload Speed 0.13
Projectile speed 240m/s , Shell drop 10m/s2
Horizontal angles 30
Vertical angles 10, 65

Highly rewarding for long-range shots, large AoE for good long range spread of fires, benefits alot from lochnagar shots, can be used downwards to bombard people from above. Slow projectile speed makes it hard to shoot, small clip, rate of fire and reload speed, as well as high arming time make it a situational and, from my perspective, balanced gun.

2.Athena Light Spear Launcher
Light Gun
Medium Range (800m)
Piercing Damage 80, Flechette Damage 70
AoE 0, 6 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 0.75, Reload Speed 0.17
Projectile speed 300m/s , Shell drop 10m/s2
Horizontal angles 50
Vertical angles 35, 15

Not excelling at neither total damage or dps with either armor break or balloon pop compared to gatling or carronade, yet good for mid-long range harassment in both cases, relatively easy to shoot and it has good arcs. A supportive gun of sort, consider it a secondary option for banshee in your ship layout.

3.Apollo Light Autocannon
Light gun
Long Range (1000m)
Piercing Damage 6, Piercing Damage 12
AoE 4, 45 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 3.50, Reload Speed 0.17
Projectile speed 325m/s , Shell drop 5m/s2
Horizontal angles 30
Vertical angles 30
Additional notes: Shots spread like light flak.

DPS lower than incendiary hades, but it's relatively easy to shoot and has higher total damage per clip than any gun apart from burst gatling. Shot spread makes it additionaly unreliable with aiming for balance reasons, so the DPS may vary more. Has no arming time, so even if it's not better than greased gatling and dps wise it's worse than accurately aimed hades, it is an additional armor breaking weapon option.

4. Ares light Falconet
Light Gun
Long Range (2000m), Arming time at 700m
Explosive Damage 130,  Fire Damage 70
AoE 40, 2 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 0.4, Reload speed 0.15
Projectile speed 700m/s, Shell drop 10m/s2
Horizontal angles 15
Vertical Angles 20, 5

A gun to pair with mercury. Very good killing potential, high AoE for long range flame stack appliance, but very slow fire rate and reload speed, also narrow arcs. Also I was thinking of a badass huge flamecloud showing up for a moment after hit, we seem to be lacking weapons with high badass factor when it comes to the visuals.

5.Thanatos light cannon
Light gun
Short range (150m)
Piercing Damage 70,Explosive Damage 130
AoE 30, 4 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 0.8, Reload speed 0.13
Projectile speed 625m/s, Shell drop 6m/s2
Horizontal angles 35
Vertical angles 30

Good killing potential. Not as good as mortar, but the weapon has piercing damage, so it can break armor AND kill. High AoE on explosive with good flamestack appliance percentage, relatively slow fire rate and very slow reload. Most importantly, even if it is very powerful because of its damage types, it's a very short range weapon, so it can be used effectively only when you're incredibly close. I was thinking of the projectile exploding at its maximum range if it won't hit anything, making a fire cloud (look badass factor), and also affecting your own ship as well, like mine, if you charge into it, it may help with balancing the gun as a "double-edged sword" that cannot be used reckressly when closing in on the enemy, or it may affect you more than you wish it did. This is only for the case of the gun being too powerful as it is.

6.Tartaros Heavy Shrapnel gun
Heavy gun
Short range (400m)
Shatter Damage 1 , Fire Damage 1.2
AoE 4, 100 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 10.00, Reload speed 0.07
Projectile speed 450m/s, Shell drop 6m/s2
Horizontal angles 35
Vertical angles 35
Additional notes:Shot spread like flamer/carronade/hwacha.

A heavy gun with immense component disable potential. It's relatively short range, it doesn't have killing potential of a hwacha, but it can keep the components damaged on a consistent basis for the duration of 10 seconds, and it can ignite alot of fires with its huge clip. Reloads for a long time, it has good arcs. Initially I wanted it to be a heavy flamer, but then I realized that  damage passing through the entire ship would be op with those statistics. Sorry Cake :<

And now the funtime, guns with new mechanics!

7.Zeus Ray Cannon
Light or Heavy gun
Short range (350m)
Piercing 1, Flechette Damage 1
AoE 0, 25 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 5.00, Reload speed 0.06
Projectile speed 3000m/s
Horizontal angles 60
Vertical angles 35, 25
Additional notes:Tesla cannon, spreads in chain between the components, disables engines for 3 seconds after recieving damage, cooldown refreshing with every damage tick, weapon keeps shooting until the clip gets depleted (proximity ammo-style).

Basically a supportive gun for only but slight damage harassment, but mostly for turning off the engines on the enemy ship. I wanted to implement the "stun" effect after using the gun, but at the same time I wanted to avoid the abuse of refreshing the stun with one round used every 3 seconds, so I went with the proximity idea of a gun shooting itself until the end of clip that we have with the experimental proximity ammo on Dev App. Good arcs, barely any damage, very slow reload speed.

8.Daedalus Missile Launcher
Light gun
Long Range (1900m) Arming time 500m
Shatter Damage 100 Explosive Damage 60
AoE 3, 1 shot per clip, Rate of Fire 1.00, Reload speed 0.20
Projectile speed 400m/s
Horizontal angles 60
Vertical angles 10, 15
Additional notes:Homing, heatseeker missile, if there's any fire on any component on any ship, the missile flies to the closest fire by itself after arming time, trying to hit the component , charging straight for it. Can hit enemies, allies and your own ship.

A supportive gun. Weaker than Artemis rocket launcher. Its dependance on flamestacks makes it unreliable for actual, straight-line aiming, but it is nonetheless a homing missile.

9.Poseidon Water Cannon
Light gun
Short range (250m)
Impact Damage 1, Shatter Damage 1
AoE 10, 50 shots per clip, Rate of Fire 5.00, Reload speed 0.07
Projectile speed 250m/s Shell drop 10m/s2
Horizontal angles 50
Vertical angles 25, 45
Additional notes:
Extinguishes fires, can push ships around.

Water cannon has been already suggested somewhere on the forums. I still think of it as a cool idea.

10.Aphrodite Repair-bot launcher
no damage
Light gun
Short range (200m)
AoE 0, 1 shot per clip, Rate of Fire 1.00, Reload speed 0.03
Projectile speed 50m/s Shell drop 15m/s2
Horizontal angles 60
Vertical angles 45, 15
Additional notes: Sends out a mini-bot that repairs the component you hit, repairing 20 hp/s for 30 seconds. Works on enemies and allies.

A supportive gun that additionaly repairs the hit component without any cooldown penalty. An idea I've repeatedly suggested to Devs. It's not an energy beam, so it fits more in the steampunk(ish) setting of the game. It's not a crane/repair arm, so there's no problem coming up with the idea of how would it work considering the distance between the ships not being maintained all the time. All comes down to whether or not steampunk robots are an option. I always imagined this repair bot looking like Zeke from Rise of Legends. Look at this little guy, repairing your hull and such.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Seperating Drums from Music.
« on: August 01, 2014, 06:53:08 am »
/remembers a time when mentioning removal of music (sonar) was received with nothing but negative responses from people here who practically made love to GOIO tunes.
/facepalm this community...again...

This, so much this....

why would some want drums gone? Its the only way for people to find eachother than circulating around canyon or paritian constantly.

THIS, so much THIS!!!

As much as many people may say that drums are killing the suspense, there's that one important reason of having those drums. Yes, many people indeed are not getting themselves into ambushes as easily, for they are aware the enemies are close, but the only reason those people can prepare an ambush in the first place is because they can find their enemies via drums. Even now it's really hard at times to find your enemy for first ten minutes of the match, running in circles from spawn to spawn with passages at the edge of the map, and all of that with drums included, because at some point one will hear the drums and take a detour. With the amount of hard cover on some maps, not to mention a crapload of clouds between them, how do you expect anyone  to find one another on some maps?

I suggest organising a test tournament, with one of the rules being getting the music turned off for everyone, just for a test. I'm sure that clans that will join the tournament will show their high level of sportsmanship and just go with it fair and square. If it's going to work, if people will find a way to find eachother the same month they will start the match, sure, drums can be removed, as for what they are here. As it currently stands, I believe that more often than not it's not the amazing vision of your crewmembers with spyglasses that ever lets you see the enemies, it's the drums that help you be aware of their presence, and therefore finding them in a close proximity.

Rydr will be there.

Community Events / Re: Hephaestus Challenge Tipping Thread
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:00:09 pm »
Putting some controversial bids, maybe I'll earn more points to make up for absence during my 1st week :P

Match A:
Muse def. OVW 5-4

Match B:
SAC def. TAW 5-2

Match C:
SIR def. Muse 5-1

Match D:
Clamour def. DPA 5-2

Match E:
SAC def. Hatters 5-4

Match F:
Cake def. BFS 5-4

Match G:
SIR def. Clamour 5-3

Match H:
Cake def. SAC 5-3

Match I:
SIR def. Cake 5-2

Upset of the week:There'll be another boring, sniping match to end up with a timeout :|

Rydr signing up.

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