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Feedback and Suggestions / Game mode idea: Treasure hunt!
« on: March 17, 2014, 12:20:44 am »
The game mode would start pretty much exactly like king of the hill with the treasure suspended by a balloon and all the ships rushing to grab it. The initial grab of the treasure using the same mechanics as capturing a point aka doesn't work if enemy have ships sitting there. After grabbing the treasure though the game would change drastically as the ship that captured the point would now have the treasure on board and start earning points for their team.
for the other team to get the treasure now all they have to do is kill the ship that is carrying it and it will be given to the ship that scored the kill.
the point of this game mode would be that it is much more mobile and faster paced than king of the hill and just plays differently from death match.

"Well how would you stop the ship with the treasure from just running away and hiding in a cave till the match is over?" i hear some critics already thinking ;D. EASY! Just make it so the treasure always shows up on the map like a green dot or something, so that way a ship carrying the treasure will also show up as a green dot so the opposing team knows where he is regardless of whether they are spotted or not. Going one step further when the ship with the treasure is spotted the box showing them could be green to distinguish them from their allies so you don't get confused if all the ships on the enemy team are junkers or something. 

"whats to stop them from running to their spawn point and just camping?":
Hmm that ones a little harder, the best way would be to just make it so both sides can spawn along the outside of the map so the going to the point where your allies spawn also puts you closer to where enemies spawn. That way the place that is farthest from the enemy spawn points would be the center but that also means they can come at you from any direction.

"wouldn't squids just be able to outrun everything thus keeping the treasure out of reach of the opposition?"
Geeze i guess so >:(... IF YOUR GUNNERS SUCK! yes the squid is the fastest and most maneuverable of all the ships but I'm thinking of  this game type being on the smaller or more open maps like labyrinth or scrap heap leaving squids with only so far to run and since you have to kill the ship to get the treasure a tanky galleon would also be a nasty ship to have to wrestle the treasure from as well.

I know my idea is not perfect but thought id throw it on here for opinions and just brain storming purposes. ;D

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Gunners new Toy
« on: March 16, 2014, 11:41:52 pm »
I'd be excited for new tools but as others have mentioned it could cause a lot of balancing headaches.

What if something simpler and more elegant was introduced, like... Only Gunners are able to buff guns? All classes can still use the tool, but Gunners can only buff guns with it and Engineers only non-gun parts (balloon, hull, engines).

Of course, that means the gunner would be unable to repair as his one tool slot is taken up by the buff tool. It does introduce a new set of interesting decisions, however: Do I stick with three engineers so all my men are able to repair, or do I want to have access to the higher dps that other ships with 2 engineers and 1 gunner will be packing?

Gungineers would be upset, yes, but nothing's stopping them from continuing to gungineer - being able to shoot a gun with a complimentary ammo type while having the ability to repair, put out fires and buff non-gun parts keeps them being overwhelmingly useful without having it all.

the problem I find with continually nerfing things is it not only throws balance issues up again but it also makes the game more frustrating to older players and sometimes newer ones too. A better idea would be to come up with a new tool lets say a "charger" which works exactly like the buff tool but is exclusive to weapons and takes up a gunners tool slot rather than an engineering one.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Gunners new Toy
« on: March 16, 2014, 11:36:35 pm »
I think the best way to increase the gunners effectiveness would be to give them the passive tools. that way they have a new tool type that other classes can still dip into.

Some examples being;
reload crank: while the gunner is sitting on the gun it reloads 20% faster

padded gloves: reduce recoil by 10%

Magnification goggles: the zoom function on all weapons is doubled

weapon lubrication: weapons rotation speed increased by 15%

necklace of the steel heart: while sitting on the gun its armour is increased by 30% so it is harder to disable.

rabbits foot: its so lucky that when sitting on a weapon it has a 50% chance of stopping a fire stack from being placed on the gun.

ring of the protector: increases the ability to repair weapons by adding 1 to rebuilding them and 25% to keeping them maintained regardless of tool used.

these are some examples i just came up with but i figure they would be a good addition because a devote engineer could take something like the ring of the protector so his ability to maintain the ship as a whole is increased cause he can get the guns working faster. 

2 other ideas for tools for the new class could be An acoustic listening device and a hand held flare gun.

Acoustic listening device: the user points the device and it has a cone of like 5 degrees or something, if an enemy ship is within the cone whether its visible or not it shows up on the map and the user can hear its engines to indicate hes found something. It does not work if the enemy ship turns their engines off.

hand held flare gun: works like the beacon flare gun but only one shot before having to reload, less range and it does not damage an enemy ship if you shoot it with the flares.

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