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Feedback and Suggestions / Crazy King
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:03:42 am »
Depending on the random resource that is active when the game opens it creates a bias towards one of the teams. Please make the crazy king maps start with resource A, equidistant from the initial spawn of both teams.

General Discussion / Count Down to Nothing?
« on: February 14, 2014, 09:37:29 am »
Soooo what happened?

Feedback and Suggestions / Weapon Information.
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:06:49 am »
Describing the harpoon as doing "Massive hull damage" in the loadout selection, I think is fairly misleading...

Feedback and Suggestions / Forum post modify timer.
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:34:19 am »
The modify timer should be removed from the first post made in a new topic to allow the authour to add futher points/revise guides in the guides board etc.

Feedback and Suggestions / Voice Commands
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:18:48 am »
I would like to see a revision of the voice commands menu where all the commands are available regardless of being on a gun, on the helm, or off helm and gun. This would prevent miss-command when quickly typing the wrong hotkeys when on/off helm and guns.

I would also like to see a LARGE reduction or complete removal of the voice command flood filter. (the filter is useless, if someone were so inclined to troll their crew members by spamming voicecommands, waiting 3 seconds between each command is just as anoying as if they were able to spam them every 1 second. All the filter does currently is reduce their effective legitimate use.)

I would like the voice command filter if still existant not to be exponential. (currently if you type a command before the cool-down has ended it adds seconds to the cool-down)

I would like the voice command filter if still existant to be independant of the text chat flood filter. (currently if you are in cool-down from voice command use, you are also prevented from typing messages in the chat)

Edit: Another thing I would love to see would be an additional voice command menu for captains to use, including comands such as "HOLD FAST" (don't go in) or "Retreat" etc.

Feedback and Suggestions / Spotting Mines
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:08:31 am »
I would love an addition to the spyglass mechanic to be able to spot and mark mines.

Feedback and Suggestions / Captin Mark Mechanic Tweak
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:06:44 am »
Edit: For clarity I am not talking about the spyglass spotting mechanic but the captain mark ability to identify targets to your crew.

Is the main purpose of captain mark to make to identify targets when the captain does not have a microphone and balance their dissadvantage against microphone users?

If yes, please make captain mark toggle between marked ships rather than click to mark.

Things that prevent you marking ships by targeting and clicking include:
Parts of the helm hull and baloon being in the way preventing a mark, a cloud blocking the click to mark but the target is nevertheless spotted, extreme difficulty in marking when in third person mode, difficulty marking targets at great distances, and the dissadvantage to have to target things while simultaneously flying the ship. (forcing to look at the enemy when there may be other things you are trying to navigate)

Another mechanic I would like to see would be an indicator for a marked ship to show on the map.

Edit: Crafeksterty has made a really interesting suggestion for additional captain mark abilities to show ally captains who you are targeting, and possible a mark that would tell an ally captain who to marc.

Gameplay / Light Flak Discussion
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:36:17 am »
The light flak is one of the most underappreciated guns in the game. It is very situational, so much so that people tend to prefer other more versatile weapons such as the banshee or artemis in it's place;
the major problem being that it has a very limited space of effectivness due to its relativley short range, and relativley large arming time.

Here are a few tweaks that I would like to see:

A reduction in arming time to match that of the hades.
An increase in range to a distance nearing that of the heavy flak.
A reduction in jitter (idealy to 0) and a buff to it's direct damage, alternativley an increase in clip size.

Website and Forum Issues / Dev App Board
« on: January 22, 2014, 07:38:36 am »
I've joined the dev app but I can't see the dev app board on the forums, I've tried a direct link but my account does not have the appropriate permissions to access it.

Feedback and Suggestions / Helm controls
« on: January 22, 2014, 06:34:27 am »
So how exactly does a  pilot change the altitude of the ship? I would be sweet to see some kind of lever or foot pedal maybe that toggles up and down when you ascend or descend.

That or replace the helm with one of these =P

Guides / A guide to the Typhon Heavy Flak
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:29:46 am »

I’ve decided to attempt to create a guide to using this weapon after receiving multiple requests. By no means will this be a cheat sheet as can be written for the lumberjack by referencing the physical properties to the iron-sight and their relative correlation to distance. When piloting an asymmetric galleon occasionally my gunner would ask which notch to aim the lumberjack with to hit at this distance, and I’d tell them. This would be then followed by the gun-deck engineer asking how they should adjust their aim to hit with the typhon, to which my only helpful remark can be: “Use the force, Luke.” Due to the apparent extremely slow projectile speed, you really do have to predict the future in order to land your shots at distance; unfortunately this ability can only be gained from experience.


Being exempt from use on the goldfish except for the purpose of cross-ship co-ordination exercises rather than valid tactical use, the typhon will only be encountered on the broadside of a galleon or as the main gun of a spire. Due to the typhon exclusively causing explosive damage it can only be effective when used in synergy with other weaponry, I will first pose some suggested builds based around the heavy flak. The spire build presents the use of the weapon as a gunner, the galleon build presents the use of the weapon as an engineer.


Spire: Typhon Heavy Flak main gun. Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher lower deck port, Mercury Light Field-Gun top deck port, Beacon Flare-Gun/Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher top deck starboard.

This build relies heavily on the Mercury providing the piercing damage required to destroy the hull armour of enemy ships at range, therefore it should be considered the upmost of importance to do this as effectively as possible. I would suggest that the crew member that mans the mercury take:  A Dyna-Buff Industries Kit, to increase the damage of the weapon, Chemical Spray to prevent hull fires that require immediate attention allowing for more time spent shooting the weapon, and a Pipewrench to reach a compromise between rebuild and repair efficiency. As a gunner your recommended ammunition should be lesmok rounds, lochnagar shot, and charged rounds.

Galleon: lumberjack fore gun-deck port, Typhon aft gun-deck port, Manticore fore gun-deck starboard, Hellhound aft gun-deck starboard, Artemis main-deck port, Flare aft-castle aft.

This build depends on the Lumberjack to provide enough damage to destroy opponent’s hull armour through either direct damage or by driving the enemies into the ground by denying their balloon. The choice of ammunition for the crew member manning the flak should be chosen with regard to the skill of the gunner on the lumberjack, and the amount of clear space on the map. For open maps with a good gunner bring lesmok rounds to hit at range, on closer maps or when flying with a less experienced lumberjack gunner bring charged rounds. The same logic applies to the main engineer who should bring either lesmok rounds or burst rounds depending on the situation.

Gunning on a spire:

Perhaps the trickier of the two builds to shoot the flak from, as in order for the mercury to remain in arc the pilot may have to frequently adjust the height of the ship which can have an unexpectedly large impact on your aim. The lighter weight of the ship also affects the amount of latent ship movement in wind and makes it harder for the pilot to bring the ship absolutely stationary after movement. At very long ranges (1500m and above) the gunner should be aware of how the ship rocks back and forth of its own accord, and rather than adjusting their aim, constantly hold a point above the target and allow the ship to naturally rock you in and out of the correct firing angle, timing your shots accordingly. (This is an extremely subtle effect but is nevertheless one important to be aware of) USE THE MAP learn the distances each square represents on each map to better inform your shots.

During ship movement:

Firing when your ship is ascending without helm tools causes shots fired with lesmok to hit targets at c.1000m if aimed with the crosshair directly on them, and at c.500m witch charged rounds or lochnagar shot, not taking into account the lateral and vertical movement of the target. (You will always need to give more lead and more height than you first think, aim it, think, and then re-aim it with greater lead and greater height before you fire.)When descending slightly more than double your height lead to hit the target. If your ship is turning it is likely that your opponent is at a relatively close range, due to the flimsy nature of the spire and relative arming times if the enemy is a ramming metamidion it is extremely important that you land that ever so special lochnagar-shot-one-hit-kill.

Lochnagar and the one hit kill:

In the best situation you are already hitting consistently with charged rounds and are aware that the opponents hull is about to drop, simply load up the loch shot and blast them out of the sky. When it matters though your enemy is probably extremely close and your pilot is ducking and diving everywhere, timing is extremely important. If your enemy drops out of sight behind, above, or below you, use the map to know where to expect them. Load in neutral rounds to allow adjustment of aim, once lochnagar is loaded you’re committed and that crosshair will be extremely hard to move. Time your reload into lochnagar to coincide with when you will be back in arc. If you lose arc reload and use the time to adjust your aim. Patience and remain calm, wait for the enemies armour to drop or else your shot will be in vain. (the one exception is if your enemy is a slightly damaged squid where if you’re lucky the lochnagar will knock out the hull armour and also deal core hull damage.

Piloting and engineering the spire build:

Act like a boss, the metamidion is coming in to ram, your hull drops. Pilot goes into full reverse, engineer should KEEP SHOOTING. If you have 2 Artemis the pilot should KEEP SHOOTING, if not the pilot may choose to go and rebuild your hull. If you go to repair rather than shoot nothing will happen except you will die more slowly, if you keep shooting there’s a reasonably likely chance your gunner will load up lochnagar and obliterate the pyramidion moments before impact. (this never gets old) Only if all of your guns are down should the pilot attempt to dodge.

Gunning on a Galleon:

Easier than the spire, but by no means an easy post. You’re firing from a more stable platform less prone to ship bobbing or movement by the wind. Once the gunner has destroyed the enemy balloon if they have no drogue chute you should aim the crosshair directly on the target where the projectile drop will likely match that of the enemy ship. (Not taking into account lateral movement of the enemy)

Managing the projectile arc:


Here it is, the goodies – One thing most people don’t understand about the Typhon is how strange its arc appears to be, this is most noticeable on enemies that are changing their course on the fly. The solution to landing the shot is to draw a circle with the crosshair around the enemy.

Example 1: Target is approaching toward you at an angle from your port to your starboard, a trajectory of -45` to 135` you are leading ahead and above of them gradually lowering height as they approach. Target suddenly turns 45` to their starboard. Trace an ‘n’ shape counter clockwise to your target while simultaneously increasing height. Gradually increase your lead as the target accelerates.

Example 2:
Target is engaging to ram an allied ship trajectory of -90` to 90`.  Aim with the lead of the target at your ally as if you’re leading a dead stop of where your ally is, the impact will happen and the target will bounce back into your projectile arc.

Q&A / Captain priveleges
« on: January 15, 2014, 05:14:08 am »
Are captains no longer able to kick crew off guns, or am I experiencing a bug?


The following build requires a well versed and reasonably experienced crew to successfully pull-off; to fully capitalise on all of the ships potential requires practice and full coordination. Operating at close-midrange to long-range it a strong viable counter to sniping ships, and with a good pilot can deal effectively with brawling ships. It demands a great deal from your gunner, you gungineer, your main engineer and yourself.

The build:

Standard: Numerical order, weapon slots 1-4; Hades Light Cannon, Echidna Light Flack, Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher, Beacon Flare-Gun.

Variant 1: Switch the position of the Beacon Flare-Gun and the Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher.
This variant provides a stronger counter against carronades if the enemy has advantage over you, however it puts increased pressure on your main engineer. The standard build is also capable of dealing with the situation this variant provides extra support against.

Variant 2: Replace the Beacon Flare-Gun with another Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher. This enables you to increase your damage out put at the expense of immediate helm control and visibility. It also puts increased pressure on your main engineer.


Pilot: Kerosene, Chute Vent, Phoenix Claw, Pipewrench, Heatsink Clip, or Burst rounds if running Variant 2.

Gunner: Spyglass, Pipewrench, Lesmok Rounds, Burst Rounds, Greased Rounds.

Gungineer: Spyglass, Dyna-Buff Industries Kit, Pipewrench, Chemical Spray, Burst Rounds for expected mid-range engagement, Greased Rounds for expected closer range engagement, Heatsink Rounds for expected closer range engagement against galleons, Lesmok Rounds for expected longer range engagement.

Engineer: Spyglass, Spanner, Mallet, Extinguisher, Burst rounds.

Guide for crew:

Gunner: Your job is to fire the Hades Light Cannon and destroy the hull armour of your opponents. Lesmok is to be used for longer range engagements and against quick moving targets, used only to increase your accuracy, it is desirable to use burst rounds whenever possible at mid to longer range. Due to the arcing nature of the projectile coupled with ship movement, direct hits to opponents hull are difficult to land with perfect consistency. It is very likely that you will strike other components during your volley. Burst rounds allow you to direct increased piercing damage to the armour in the event the projectile strikes a ships component, they also increases the chance for fire-stacks to spread to other components.
Greased rounds increase the rate of fire allowing for higher dps. Most importantly they lower the projectile speed, allowing the volley to reach arming time and deal AoE damage at shorter distances.

If you find your ship in a situation where you are being driven into the floor by an opponent with carronades, it is likely that both engineers are repairing full time and you are either out of arc or within arming distance of your gun. It is your job to jump down to the main deck and shoot out the enemies weapons with the Artemis Light Rocket-Launcher at the nearest opportunity, situation dependent it is also desirable to fire offensive flares at the enemy weapons.

Gungineer: Your job is to keep the baloon and both fore chaser guns buffed and fire-free when in combat. Upon spawn it is desirable to also buff the hull and main engine upon captains request. You should pre-buff both guns and wait behind the gunner until your captain engages, this is when you should finish the buff on the Hades Light Cannon and run back to your Echidna Light Flak. Between engagements pre-buff and spray the guns once again and wait behind the gunner. The captain may request that you help on the main deck during moments of heavy incoming fire. Discuss with your captain which ammunition to bring before a match begins, a general rule of thumb is to bring burst rounds on most maps, and greased rounds which reduce the arming distance of the Echidna Light Flak on cluttered maps such as Paritan Rumble, where you are likely to be engaging at closer ranges. You should empty your first clip on the enemy as soon as you start engaging, it is likely that the gunner has stripped through the opponents hull armour by the time your first reload finishes, allowing you to obliterate the enemy in the hull-break.

Engineer: As on any ship your job is to keep the engines and hull under repair. This build however takes advantage of the Artemis Light Rocket-Launchers wide gun arc to provide a trifecta with the front weapons of the ship. Situation dependent you will be required to shoot at enemy components and hull as much as possible, sometimes it is more desirable to disable your opponents weapons than to repair the ship.

Pilots Guide And Situation Guide Coming Soon

Feedback and Suggestions / [WANTED]
« on: January 06, 2014, 09:53:33 am »
I'm [WANTED] at the moment but I'd still like to display my clan tag, why not have a seperate tag for [WANTED] that succedes the username rather than preceding it, thus allowing clan tags to be displayed regardless of [WANTED] status.

The Pit / Tight-Rope Walking
« on: December 30, 2013, 09:54:04 am »

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