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General Discussion / Re: How would YOU nerf the Mobula?
« on: March 19, 2016, 02:24:11 am »
I agree with richard. That said I will talk about some points mean mentioned- The difference between rebuilding two components close together, and rebuilding one component far apart from others is freaking huge. You can just sprint over with stamina and get to rebuilding (which incidentally gives stamina back so you can sprint away). Rebuilding takes up the vast majority of the time. A junker can be completely crippled by hwacha or artemis spam from the front but a mobula just sort of shrugs and keeps going.

Blending a mobula is more difficult than other ships because the mobula's balloon is lower than its guns. That means that unlike nearly other ship, you can't just hover above its gun arcs and keep shooting their balloon. You have to take fire from the mobula's own guns.

News from the battlefield: Double loch gatling pyra is hilariously broken. Shreds permahull like nobodys business to say nothing of armor.

@Dev Bubbles I didn't mean specifically as a response to feedback, I meant to show your own views on the state of the game. The timing of these is before or right as you post devapp change notes. What are the problems you are trying to solve and gather feedback on? Stuff like this,3420.0.html or this,4115.msg70584.html

@Keyvias What I mean is a paragraph, just three or four sentences about which problems each change serves to fix. These can be posted in devapp, or on the main forum. Goio is a complex system of interlocking mechanics and as you say a lot of thought goes into each change. Surely three or four sentences of your balance reasoning is not too much to ask.

General Discussion / Re: GoIO Alliance
« on: March 17, 2016, 04:46:39 pm »
You can't just say that and not put up a link!

General Discussion / Re: Heavy Clip: What is it good for anyway?
« on: March 17, 2016, 03:16:36 am »
I have to disagree about heavy being better than charged on heavy carronade.

i wonder if the heyoke or the charybdis would make the mobula nerf discussion somewhat different, so i think it will be important to know if those are imminent in skirmish or what, i HOPE they are! if they are then we have to have some idea how those ships work given the strange mechanics of these novel weapons.

First rule of devapp is you don't talk about devapp.

and no they are not coming to skirmish.

Though I can sort of see the reasoning behind heavy flak nerf, my hear and soul rebel against it. It's the most fun gun in the game dammit! It's like that cranky mad scientist that is difficult to work with, but once you do figure it out and get good..  holy shit.. A well-designed and fun game needs both and .

However I cannot for the life of me see why they need to change lochnagar. Loch mines already work. Loch lumber/carro already works and is reasonably fun/effective. Why the fuck do you need to touch them? Adding a new ammo type requires recoloring an existing lochnagar particle effect to red, and drawing a new icon (you have a couple unused icons floating around on devapp). That's it. Way less art effort than modeling and animating a new gun. I don't get why muse doesn't just add it as a new ammo type.. It's not like all the ammos aren't niche already. When was the last time you used a charged gatling gun? Heavy clip flamer?

Come on muse! Add a the new loch as a separate ammo type!

I wholeheartedly agree with the ideas. Extra gamemodes using existing maps and design elements such as control points, match points, and respawns... as well as new ones- conditionally having a permanent buff or conditionally being always spotted.

Giving these tools either to human referees or player-written and workshop-submitted scripts would be fucking HUGE.

There are some big problems with the gamemodes you wrote up even from a purely theoretical/design perspective and more would surely come up in testing. However the idea itself is so amazing. I don't know how much engineering effort it would take to code in these handicaps. Probably a lot (that muse would rather spend on improving alliance). One can dream though..

Yeesss muse, fan out the mobula's front guns until it flattens so much it transforms into a junker :D

If the problem is people using stamina to turn, why not give it more angular drag? It's already +15% simply increase that number.

Could we please get some clarification on the goals of these changes, and what specific gameplay problems they are intended to address. Especially the spire changes. Does muse think spires are too powerful?

I really really don't understand why they touched lochnagar. Like, why, guys? Just why. Why does harpoon have right click now? Why is light carronade still useless?

The pyra needs galleon levels of armor and health if they keep it at this speed. Make it so the pyra can't really maneuver, but it can charge into someone's gun arcs and survive for a bit there. Maybe that will help.

i'm actually not opposed to overlordegg's compromise ideas that only others can see the arc outlines. but i'm not all for it either, imo the arcs should not be complete, they should only give say the first 500 meters. and maybe extend that to 750 meters if there are two rangefinders being used..

Gameplay / Re: Competitive Ship Tier List 2016 (1.4.5)
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:28:18 pm »
re: dj logicalia. The hwacha buff and the pyramidion nerf enabled to goldfish to rise to prominence, and sunk the junker and galleon into the low tiers. With new hwacha the goldfish can now more easily disable from range and close distance on galleons/junkers, and pyramidion being disable-resistant formerly kept the goldfish in check, but now pyramidion is gone. However the goldfish is disabled by artemis spam from mobula.

I also have some disagreements about junker. It may not have the best vertical acceleration, but its other acceleration values (angular and longitudinal) are second only to squid, while mobula has worst turning in the game (which is why squid counters it). The junker is also fairly unique in that it can corner peek. If it is trading potshots around a corner with another sniper and things go south, it can retreat into cover. A mobula can't really do that as easily, only hydro and go forward/back.

Junker doesn't counter mobulas, if anything it's even matchup decided by piloting. As dementio said the junker like the mobula can engage at any range, but it's weak to different things- can't be flanked, but can be disabled with artemis or hwacha spam, and reverse is true for mobula. However on the junker everything is near-instantly accessible by two people, mobula has much more awkward repair layout, so brawling is a bit awkward.. This also means the junker's movement/armor is better because it has two people buffing everything.

Dev App Testing / Re: Request: Consolidate patch feedback threads
« on: March 09, 2016, 04:19:48 am »
how do you know all the shots hit armor?

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