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Gameplay / Re: Is the Squid Underpowered?
« on: May 18, 2013, 06:58:22 am »
The squid was my first love in this game, mostly because I love fast and maneuverable vehicles in every game, but I had to switch to other more effective ships.
It is fast and mobile, but doesn't have anything else going for it except a realtive ease to repair because of the compact layout of the bridge.

I've managed to take down 1 on 1 a few ships with a front gatling and side carousel, but that brings in another problem, both my gunners complained that they didn't have to do anything, basically the gatling gunner just turned to the right as much as possibile and the carousel gunner turned on the left as much as possibile and when I managed to put the enemy ship in the sweet spot they both opened fire.
The squid is simply not fun for everyone else except the pilot, and it's a high risk, low reward ship. There isn't anything I can pull of with the Squid that I couldn't do better with a Pyramidion or a Goldfish with the help of the right steering tools, except running away really fast from things.

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