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The Novice Match Healthbar might be good enough I guess. The point of it is just to scream "DON'T SHOOT THE FLAK/MORTAR INTO THAT SHIP DUDE, AT LEAST NOT NOW LOL".. What I mean is that some players just don't speak your language and/or are kids, or even people that do not communicate at all for their own reasons, and they just see a cool gun that they want to fire at the enemy, and I don't blame them at all for that (Most guns of the game are indeed pretty cool). So with a health bar they would see why they're not killing the enemy ship and wouldn't just rage quit out of the game.

But it does ruin the atmosphere and communication of a normal game.. a little bit.. turns it into a moba sort of kind of.. The disable option would come in handy right here... oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And yes, the campaign should be a set of missions and addition to the world map, a connection between matches(maybe more lore). They made that cool addition to the world map, the one where you see all the battles in a specific region, maybe they could link the campaign to that

Maybe if they made the armor health visible as a default, and then made an option to hide it if needed then. I don't see the game being easy to play as a problem.. I mean, it should be that easy to play, hard to master kind of deal.
Immersion and atmosphere are really important, so the option to hide is a nice touch I guess o/

And yeaah, the story mode thing is soo damn nice, man. The Campaign for each faction would be super cool! With bigger rewards for the world map, to compensate dedication, as if you were a soldier who participated in many battles instead of just one "random" battle.

Or maybe regional campaigns, with their own specific set of game modes, for example:

"The X Location Campaign": Defense - Small Boss, Blockade - Medium Boss, Infiltrate - Boss, Assault - Big Big Boss fight!

Hey yo, I'm just here to leave these suggestions, idk if any of these are already planned or not, but i think it would be cool to implement them.

Story/Campaign Mode for Alliance: It could be like a combination of every pve mode, a set of missions that would take place in differents stages, like: Assault part, that would lead to a Defense part, then an Infiltration part, and would end on another Assault.
It would simulate the battles that happen in a war, and I know the existent modes already work for that, but if only they were connected someho. Maybe with a storyline with actual characters from the factions with some voice acting.
(Illustrative example of a 'Campaign mode')

Health Bars for PvP: They're just brilliant in Alliance, and it would reeeeally help newbies, as they keep on firing mortars into full armored ships thinking they're actually doing serious damage. Big and small crosshairs are nice and subtle but I don't think they're enough for new players.

The Docks / Re: Brasileiros no Guns of Icarus - (Aero Planos)
« on: July 11, 2017, 01:00:45 pm »
Po cara que massa, vou adicionar lá o///

Eu tava pensando até em bolar algum evento com os players brasileiros, caso houvessem muitos, sei lá ashausdhuasd

The Docks / Brasileiros no Guns of Icarus - (Aero Planos)
« on: July 10, 2017, 11:05:01 pm »
Olá pessoal, estou criando esse tópico a fim de descobrir se existem jogadores brasileiros a procura de pessoas para jogar juntos, sejam eles veteranos ou novatos.

Sou líder do clã Aero Planos, é um clã pequeno ainda, formado apenas por amigos próximos, mas estou muito afim de jogar com mais pessoas.

*Sou relativamente novo no game(100~ horas)

For those who do not speak portuguese: This is a topic for brazilian players who want to find a clan or just some people to play with

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