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Gameplay / Re: Ships locked / unlocked ?
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:38:22 am »
I see.

The idea is nice, though a bit confusing to a newer player like myself.

Rather than showing them as locked I think it would make more sense that the game just looks at your Helmsman level and then gives you a little warning if you pick a ship that is too hard.

E.g. if I'm level 2 helmsman trying to pick the Squid a little warning would come up saying "This ship is rated as a hard ship to fly. Are you sure you want to choose this ship?".

Anyways... just airing some thoughts from a new player perspective.

Thanks for clarifying :)

Gameplay / Ships locked / unlocked ?
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:13:39 am »
When I started GoI: Alliance some of the ships were listed as locked. Rather, there was a big "Unlock" button below the 3D image of the ship.

I just clicked that button and voila, the ship was available.

Is / was there a system of progression in the game where you had to unlock the different ships somehow to use them?

I know there is an unlock through the achievements to get the Faction specific ships like the Magnate and Shrike... but all the ships had an "Unlock" button under them at the start.

I had literally only played the game for 2 hours in total when I "unlocked" and could use all the ships (except faction ones).

Gameplay / Re: New Player - need some help with understanding weapons.
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:25:09 am »
Thanks for the insights and help guys!

I've started to mix up weapons a bit more now.

Been trying a Junker with Teslacoil and Artemis launcher on one side and the Gatling and Flak on the other... but might swap that flak for a banshee instead.

I suppose I should have mentioned that I primarily play the Co-Op in Alliance. But still, this is all very handy information to help me decide what to put on a ship.

Offtopic question though:

What is a good way to keep distance from enemy ships? It seems to me nomatter how hard I try to get away from an enemy ship (e.g. using Kerosene or Moonshine) they always catch up and stay in range of me. It's somewhat frustrating and I can't figure out what to do. Are NPCs just naturally faster than any ship we can fly ?

Gameplay / Re: New Player - need some help with understanding weapons.
« on: April 21, 2017, 02:04:26 am »
Left side: Artemis top, Hades bottom.
Right side: Mortar top, Gatling bottom.
Front: Artemis

What is the Artemis? Is that one of the missile launchers turrets? (I'll look it up later, just curious since I'm at work right now and no access to the game).

Gameplay / New Player - need some help with understanding weapons.
« on: April 21, 2017, 01:43:39 am »
Hello guys!

Just picked up Guns of Icarus Alliance on Steam and been playing for a couple days (absolutely love the game!).

I've been piloting quite a bit as well since I enjoy that just as much as running around the ship like a monkey with a tail on fire to repair and use guns.

Lately I've started to tinker with changing from the preset weapon loadouts however to try different things and this is where I need a bit of help with understanding how to combine different types of weapons.

From what I understand about reading up some generic info on the weapons:

Weapons (in general) have a specific damage type that they are best at.

Some weapons strip armor.
Some weapons destroy hull after armor is gone.
Some weapons are better against balloon than hull.
Some weapons are better at AoE against components like engines, weapons and so on.

I've been playing the Junker mostly since the quick turn rate and side mounted weapons suit my play style.

On the Junker I've typically had 2 gatlings (one on either side) and 2 Echida(sp?) light flak guns (again on either side) and a fireball cannon on the nose (hellhound or something like that).

This has worked nicely since gatlings strip armor and echida flaks will rip the hull. And the fireball cannon seems to just damage both armor and hull.


The gatlings have *really* short range (unless using specific ammunition, but even then it's pretty short).

So I wanted to have one side of the ship with long range guns and the other side with short range guns to enable me to either go close with guns blazing or bail out and engage from long range (e.g. if needing to repair or to engage an enemy while they are still closing the gap).

What are good long range weapons for such a setup? I've been trying to find a long range weapon that can strip armor like the gatlings do, but I haven't really found any proper ones.

Also what are good weapons for taking out the hull at long range? The fireball cannon has pretty good range but it's hard to aim and very inaccurate at even the slightest change of speed or movement of the ship (causing you to overshoot, undershoot or the lead will be completely off).

I know asking these "Whats a good loadout" questions might spark some opinionated debate... but right now I am a bit lost when it comes to finding a good combination of weapons. As mentioned gatling+flak works, but I don't feel like it it's a very ideal setup at all given the limited range for gatlings.

Any help and feedback is appreciated!

Fly safe!

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