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"Easier to flank" seems to be a slightly optimistic assessment for a theoretical ship that could turn on a dime and ascend and descend effortlessly.

The Spire is already fairly insane on close combat maps like Canyon and Paritan. Not sure how it could possibly be made okay to be a vertical mobility monster while still retaining its pivoting ability.

I would hate to see the Mobula lose its one agile aspect and become an immobile weapons platform. If it is overperforming, I don't see why a simple armor or hull nerf is out of the question. Otherwise, I don't dislike the Mobula changes. The outward arcs make Artemis builds slightly less efficient, at least, and the close range capabilities of the ship have been significantly reduced as well. I doubt you could eradicate the "meta" builds without doing something drastic and potentially damaging to balance elsewhere, like making the Artemis a less desirable choice. The current Mobula is weaker and that is enough to wait and see how win percentage results may change.

And for those like Atruejedi with pet Mobula builds, you can now overlap two Mercs on a wing with an Artemis up top and create a new "trifecta." It's actually easier to do than before, at least if you're not wedded to the light flak as your finisher of choice. I doubt any such plan could ever be considered "good" simply because of how far it throws out the basic repair setup of the ship, but I would not say that you've, ahem, "destroyed fun."

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