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Release Notes / 8th Anniversary Update: 2.0.20
« on: October 22, 2020, 01:54:36 pm »
Welcome, Sky Captains and Crew!

It’s time to celebrate our 8th Anniversary! Update 2.0.20 features new customizables such as, hats, goggles, profile pictures, titles, and decals.

In celebration of this exciting milestone we’re holding an 8th Birthday Tournament! In preparation we have added lots of prizes for all the participants.
Catch the action on Saturday, October 24th at 6pm UTC over on

Birthday Tournament Items:

  • 8th Birthday Tournament Hat
  • 8th Birthday Decal
  • Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl titles
  • Party Goer title
Awarded to all participants of the 8th Birthday Tournament.

  • Sir and Lady Pumpkinhead “goggles.”
    • Will be available during spooky Halloween missions.
    • Coming to the store in the future.
    • Probably cursed.

It is a pumpkin and you put it on your head. Put a snazzy hat on top and hit the town.

  • Mechanical Frontier Hat
    • Available in the store

Nobody is quite sure how it works, or what it even does -- only that it brings good luck to those who venture into the wastelands wearing it, and that it is the most fuel-efficient hat out there.

  • Roman Centurion Helmet
    • Available in the store.

A helmet worn by Roman Centurions -- Roman military officers who held command of 100 Roman Legionaries. Many, many years and a few apocalyptic events later, some airship captains and crew wear these as a tribute to those ancient warriors. They’re also pretty practical as head protection in airship battles, too.[/list]

  • SCS 300 1st place: Awarded to the first place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 2nd place: Awarded to the second place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 3rd place: Awarded to the third place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Participant: Awarded to the participants of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Staff: Awarded to the staff team behind SCS 300.
  • The Fellowship of Steel: Decal for The Steel Forge of Friendship
  • The Overseer’s Eye: Decal for The Steel Forge of Friendship
Anniversary Mission Decals:

  • 8 Ball
  • Birthday Gears - Submitted by Zetnus
  • Eight Shot

Profile Pictures:
  • Chaos D20: From the Chaos Skirmish
  • SCS 300 Gold: Awarded to 1st place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Silver: Awarded to 2nd place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Bronze: Awarded to 3rd place winners of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Ruby: Awarded to Participants of SCS 300.
  • SCS 300 Emerald: Awarded to staff of SCS 300

  • The Undaunted Admiral
  • Inspiring Starbolin

  • Boss Cluster Hades
    • Reduced cluster shot count to 6 (from 8)
    • Reduced velocity to 300 (from 400)
  • Seraph Tempest Missiles [Mk. S]
    • Corrected typo and added submissile count in the description.


Have noticed our new Embr themed items?
We’ve bundled them all and are now giving you the opportunity to own the entire bundle of them free!

This free bundle includes:
  • Embr Flame Decal
  • Embr Theme
  • Embr Fire Helmet
  • 5x Embr Red Dye
  • Exclusive Flint profile picture
  • Embr Respondr title
Here’s how to get your Embr Respondr Bundle in Guns of Icarus:
1. Wishlist Embr on steam:
2. Join the Embr Respondrs group on Steam:
3. Launch Guns of Icarus and receive your FREE Embr Respondr Bundle
4. Go fight some fires!

For more information, join the Guns of Icarus Discord!

Release Notes / 2.0.18 7th Anniversary Update
« on: October 28, 2019, 02:07:08 pm »

We can’t believe it has already been seven full years! Time does fly, doesn’t it? In celebration, we are adding even more content! Faction colors, a new figurehead, Embr items from Muse’s upcoming new game (Wishlist it on Steam now!), more profile pictures, and a new voicepack. Are you a pilot and are tired of cosmetics? Want something new? Well, then, we have just the thing for you. Try out the new Drift Sail helm tool. Damages to ship and crew are not covered under any warranty. Use at your own risk.

27 Colors + 6 more to be created by winners of events! 2 colors for each of the factions. One based on ship color, and the other based on map color. Can be used on ships or costumes.

Leo Figurehead: Feel the power of a roaring lion as you crush your enemies!

5 Halloween Jack-o'-lantern decals (black!). Limited time holiday item ONLY! Will not be in the store. Goes great with Pumpkin color! 13 free pumpkin dyes come included, so you can dress up all of your ships in spoopy decor!

More profile pictures added to the default granted list (check your profile!):
  • 6 faction ships
  • 6 player created
Created for events:
  • Crewcible (Sign up!)
  • 6 ‘The Old Days’ - For Flight of the Ancients tournament
Created for Dev Games
  • 2 engines
Created for promotion:
  • Flint (Embr)
  • Pimm (Hamsterdam)
Created for Muse:
  • The Muse logo! (about time)

Drift Sail helm tool: see details in balance below.

German Voicepack added to store (Workshop submission).

New lore entry in the Library. More to come.

Decal size/position/rotation on Mobula, Goldfish, Spire, Shrike, and Pyramidian for better display.
Casanova mask adjusted to minimize clipping with hats.
Removed barrier graphic between Cathedral, Sunder, Garrow, and surrounding territories.
All maximum coin limits increased by 30,000. Welcome to the high rollers club.

Balance PvE:
PvE special abilities:
  • Added duration and cooldown to all text where missing.
Oversurge Ram:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Concussive Blast:
  • Cooldown of 30s (from 60)
Component Disruption:
  • Cooldown of 45s (from 90)
  • Damage of 300 (from 250)
Cataclysm Rounds:
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)
  • Duration of 8 s (from 18)
Lightning Draw:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Mine Ejection:
  • Name changed to Mine Volley
  • Range of 500m (from 400m)
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)
  • Mines detonate after 30s (from 120s)
Advanced DynaBuff:
  • Vertical drag: - 20% (from -29%)
  • Thrust: +20% (from +29)
  • Damage: +10% (from +23%)
  • Duration: 40s (from 60)
  • Cooldown of 120s (from 200)
Gigaton Blast:
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
Air Horn:
  • Corrected text to 800m (was 500)
  • Cooldown of 40s (from 60)
Rushing Drift
  • Cooldown of 60s (from 200)
  • Duration of 20s (from 30)
Mechanized Rebuild
  • Cooldown of 160s (from 200)

Balance: Guns and Ammo:
Autofire (hold to shoot) added to these guns:
  • Artemis
  • Echidna Light Flak
  • Barking Dog Light Carronade
  • Mercury Field Gun
  • Scylla Double-Barrelled Mortar
  • Banshee Light Rocket Carousel
  • Hades Light Cannon
  • Seraph Tempest Missiles [MKs] and [MKI]
  • Kalakuta Gas Mortar [MKI] and [MKII]
  • Typhon Heavy Flak MKI
  • Lumberjack Heavy Mortar
  • Nemesis Heavy Carronade
  • AOE: 5m (from 4.25)
Burst Rounds ammo:
  • -20% direct damage (from 0)
  • -25% rotational arcs (from 0)
  • -50% range (from 0)
  • Removed recoil modification (from +50%)
  • Removed Rate of fire reduction (from -15%)
[KNOWN BUG] Loading Burst causes practice guide cone to reduce in size. Does not actually reduce recoil.

Balance: Tools:
  • Hull: Hits reduced to 7 (from 15)
  • Gun: Hits to 8 (from 9), Duration 40 (from 20), damage +10% (from +20%), reload speed +10% (from +0)
  • Automatically spots enemies when zoomed in!
Drift Sail Helm tool:
Q: How much faster do you need to go?
A: Yes.
  • Available in all modes.
  • Reduces drag in all horizontal directions similar to the Rushing Drift PVE ability.
  • Reduces engine power to 50%, but accelerates your ship faster than its maximum speed due to reduced drag.
  • Danger! Doubles all Impact damage taken from any source. This includes other ships, terrain, and guns. It also makes your ship incredibly hard to control.
  • Activated when selected.
  • Effects last three seconds after tool is unselected.
Best use is to activate after your ship has reached maximum velocity. The reduced engine force will slowly push your ship past its limits.
Please give feedback on this tool after combat testing it (and likely exploding a lot)

Balance: Ships:
  • Max Speed: 34 (from 32)
  • Vertical acceleration: 3 (from 2.75)
  • Moved heavy gun to the right side at 73.7°. Adjusted ship hitboxes around gun change.
  • Moved light gun from right mid deck to left platform at -95°
  • [FIX] Moved right engine back slightly to resolve clipping rotors.
  • Added secret ladder.
  • [FIX] Fixed sticky ladder.

Balance: Maps:
Misty Mutiny:
  • Deleted all small clouds and several large clouds.
  • Moved remaining large clouds to map center and pathways.
  • Moved respawns.
  • Added new respawn in the south for both teams.
  • Increased ceiling height by 100m.
  • Removed all clouds on the practice map.

  • Removed extra water on Assault on Kinforth map.
  • Backwards Shrike decal

Edit: Buff currently makes reloads SLOWER instead of faster. We'll get this fixed ASAP and update here!
Edit 2: Buff is now fixed and makes reloads go faster as intended!

Release Notes / Re: 2.0.17 Summer Update: Colors of the Wind
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:52:04 pm »
Hotfix August 13th

  • British Female voicepack enabled - Free to all players! Get a little sassy with this new player-created voice command pack.
  • 1v1 added to all 6 VIP Deathmatch maps. All the VIP without those pesky allies! Shares the same features as larger VIP matches. Fast respawns. VIP always spotted. 3 VIP on VIP kills for the win. Located in VIP Deathmatch, select 1v1 lobby size.

Balance PvE:
  • World map Coin items:
    • Militia renamed to ‘Basic Supplies’, effort gain increased to 50 (from 25)
    • Conscripts removed
    • Cadets removed
    • Mercenaries renamed to ‘Upgraded Equipment’, effort gain increased to 600 (from 400)
    • Specialists renamed to ‘ Advanced Gear’, cost reduced to 1000 (from 1200), effort gain increased to 1500 (from 1200)
    • Marching Band removed.
    • Fervent Syrum removed
    • Great Leader cost lowered to 500 (from 3000), with +10% effort gain for 60 minutes (from +11% for 60 minutes)
    • Intrinsic Inspiration cost lowered to 1000 (from 7500), with +20% effort gain for 60 minutes (from 20% for 90 minutes)
    • Wooden Palisade renamed to ‘Spotting Tower’, cost lowered to 100 (from 200), amount increased to 15 (from 5)
    • Cobbled Rampart renamed to ‘Defensive Wall’, cost lowered to 400 (from 500), amount increased to 70 (from 15)
    • Masoned Bulwark renamed to ‘AA Tower’, cost lowered to 1000 (from 1200), amount increased to 150 (from 50)
    • Armored Wall removed (cost was 3000, amount 170)
    • Scout cost lowered to 50 (from 100)
    • Cartographer cost lowered to 100 (from 200)
    • Ground Recon cost lowered to 200 (from 400)
    • Aerial Recon cost lowered to 500 (from 1000)
    • Envoy cost lowered to 1200 (from 2400)
    • Signal Specialist cost lowered to 3000 (from 6000)
    • Government Support, Lab Coat Imposter, War Bonds, and Arsonist cost lowered to 1500 (from 3000)
    • Test Subjects and Research Thief cost lowered to 2500 (from 5200)
    • Ancient Discovery and Assassin cost lowered to 4000 (from 9000)
    • Fundraiser and Muckraker cost lowered to 3500 (from 7500)
    • Supply Convoy and Supply Pirate cost lowered to 5000 (from 9000)

  • Effort Gains:
    • Removed effort points for airplane kills (from 1 per plane, max of 30, was included in total kill count)
    • Increased value of Airship kills to 12, max of 25 for 300 possible effort points (from 4, max of 20 for 80 points)
    • The combination of removing planes and increasing airship kill limits will change the total kill count tally from 50 (20+30) to 25 (25+0).
    • Increased value of Boss kills to 200 (from 100)
    • Lowered completion time bonus to 50 (from 150)

Balance: Guns and Ammo:
  • Lumberjack:
    • Direct damage: 50 Flechette (from 50 Shatter)
    • Burst damage: 250 Flechette (from 300)
    • AOE: 6m (from 12)

  • Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator [Mk. S]:
    • Range: 300m (from 500)
    • Direct Damage: 13 Flechette (from 11) x7
    • Ammo: 1, in a cluster of 7 (from cluster of 8)
    • Explosion Interval: 0.1s (from 0.25s)
    • Reload: 5s (from 4)

  • Manticore Heavy Hwacha:
    • AOE: 4.25 (from 5.5)
    • Spread: 3 (from 4.25)
    • Horizontal turn speed: 45 (from 60)

  • Burst ammo:
    • Spread: +50% additional spread. This will mainly effect hwacha and detonator. Artemis and other guns with no spread will not be effected.

Balance: Ships:
  • Spire
    • Turn velocity: 20°/s (from 12)

  • Arashi Ravager boss hitboxes adjusted to better fit visual model.
  • Alleron 1v1 Deathmatch removed.
  • Jesters’ Parade 1v1 removed.
  • Batcave at Blackcliff removed (again).
  • Corrected a name typo on Frost White color.
  • Temporarily set PvP Ashen Scuffle and Misty Mutiny night maps to non-public. Investigating solutions for dark monitor issues.

Release Notes / 2.0.17 Summer Update: Colors of the Wind
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:26:12 pm »

It's time for the Summer Update! We've just received a shipment of newly balloon-approved dyes and we're giving them to you. Make those balloons shine!

  • All costume and ship colors are now interchangeable! Can be purchased through the ship or costume menu.
  • New Voice command pack from Steam user Ripsaw (free for everyone!).
  • New profile pictures.

  • ‘Yellow’ paint renamed ‘Antique Bronze’
  • ‘Jet Black’ paint renamed ‘Weathered Black’
  • Ship paint icons replaced with costume colored dust icons.
  • All dyes now renamed to “paint”.
  • Activated fireworks.
  • Magnate paint areas changed from balloons to sails.
  • Gunner and Pilot tool order changed - Spyglass will be in last slot on right while off helm.

Balance PvE:

  • Increased repair and rebuild ability of AI airship tool.

Normal Difficulty:
  • Reduced fire chance from boss ships.
  • Reduced number of enemies from 3 to 2 per player ship.

Enemy AA towers:
  • Reduced force attacks by 50%
  • Removed fire chance.
  • Increased turn arcs from 80 to 130.
  • Lowered down arc from 80 to 20
  • Lowered turn speed from 100 to 20
  • Reduced ammo count to 4 from 6
  • Increased range.
  • Reduced rate of fire.
  • Will now repair armor.
  • Repairs gun faster.

Boss ships:
  • Modified Hades with higher rate of fire.
  • Modified Flamethrower with lower ammo count, higher rate of fire, and more chance of causing fires.

  • Removed ‘freefall’ from AI ships. They will now behave like player ships when balloons are destroyed.

Balance PvP:
Aten Lens Array [MK. S]:
  • Passes through all targets in line, dealing damage to everything it passes through.
  • Reduced charge time from 1.75 seconds to 1.
  • Reduced speed modifier from -88% to -30% while firing.
  • Reduced range to 800 from 1200

Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator [Mk. S]:
  • Arming delay reduced to 0.2 seconds from 1
  • Jitter increase to 8 from 3
  • Velocity increase to 125m/s from 80 (range remains 500)
  • Fires a cluster of 8 detonators instead of 1
  • Ammo reduced to 1 from 3
  • Rate of fire increase to 2 from 1 to compensate for Extended Magazine.
  • Reload time reduced to 4 from 10
  • Side arcs reduced to 30 from 60
  • Primary Damage: Flechette - 11 per projectile, from 60
  • Secondary Damage: Explosive - 31 per projectile, from 80
  • Secondary feature unchanged. Explodes twice when activated.
  • Force removed.

  • Adjusted material on Goldfish balloon for more consistent paint colour
  • Fixed material error on Goldfish sails (paint and team colors)
  • Fixed material error on Mobula square sails (paint and team colors)
  • Optimized water on Scars of Lutessa (again).

Known bugs:
  • Texture glitches on Goldfish, Galleon, Squid, and Magnate. Bear with us.

Release Notes / 2.0.16 Spring Update: Jesters' Parade Update
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:07:13 pm »
Spring Update: Jesters' Parade
We've brought an array of new maps, gamemodes, bug fixes, and balance changes to you today. Hop in and check them out!

We've reactivated boarding - Happy April 1st!

New Map:
  • Scars of Lutessa - new PvE Intercept map. Race against the enemy to capture their cargo in the shadow of an ancient dam

New Gamemodes:
  • Race - Jesters' Parade. It's a race! Fight it out as you rush for the goal!
  • Sunken base Defense - The return of Skyball?

Adapted to PvP:
  • Oblivion South - PvP Deathmatch adaptation of the south section of the Oblivion map. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
  • Alleron Affray - PvP Deathmatch adaptation of Seas of Alleron. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, Brawl

Expanded Map:
  • Desert Scrap expanded to 2v2 and 4v4 with more spawns

Balance Changes:
  • Shrike:
    • Acceleration: 8 (from 10)
    • Speed: 38 (from 40)
    • Turn Accel: 8 (from 7.5)
    • Turn Speed: 13 (from 15)
    • Mass: 82.5 (from 75)
    • Armor: 399 (from 425)
    • Hull: 585 (ffrom 650)

  • Goldfish:
    • Hitboxes tightened up around the hull. Lower sails removed from hitbox
    • 4th gun added to the back-left of the balloon deck (130° port)

  • Magnate:
    • Raised Hull repair point slightly to allow pilot to repair from top deck

  • Flamethrower:
    • Range: 150m (from 200m)
    • Horizontal Arcs: 70 (from 60)
    • Rotation speed: 120 (from 40)
    • AOE: 7m (from 3)
    • Damage: 1.7 Fire (from 1.2)

  • Balloons repair faster. Get back in the fight!
  • Gunners now have 2 engineer tools. Remember to equip the second one!

  • PvE balance tweaked - AI ships will repair their own balloons faster too
  • Fixed Z-fighting issues on Paritan
  • Improved performance on Crown Summit/Crown Gambit maps
  • Fixed pumpjack normals on Anglean Raiders
  • Fixed some floating buildings on Kinforth
  • Fixed Flak MKII hovering when viewed from a distance
  • Formatting in Retribution and Intrigue
  • Moved Dunes practice spawns outside of dust clouds.
  • Spotting on Anglean Raiders, Firnfeld, Fjords, Kinforth

« on: March 29, 2019, 01:08:42 am »
Wishlist Hamsterdam and you'll be entered in a giveaway for some awesome stuff!

How to enter:
  • Wishlist Hamsterdam on Steam
  • Send proof (a screenshot) that you wishlisted to
  • Include your IGN in the email to receive a Hamster Hoodie item too!

If you're selected to win the giveaway, we'll contact you to get your mailing info! (Limited to those in the US)

Release Notes / Re: 2.0.15 Krampus Update
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:14:44 pm »
New Content:
Assault on Kinforth is finally here!
Fight it out in Anglea’s home in this packed, industrial map as dusk slowly fades into a starry night.

Changing Weather:
Weather now affects battles! Check the territory for current conditions.

  • Conductor's Pride Costumes not dying properly. - Individual dye areas no longer conflict.
  • Fixed a z-fighting issue on a building in Labyrinth based maps.
  • Adjusted AA tower hitboxes so player AI gunners shoot at top platform instead of mid-tower, which could sometimes be hidden by obstacles.

Release Notes / Fiery Passion Event
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:41:27 pm »
Valentine's Event: Fiery Passion!

~I just want to set the world on fire, and I'm gonna start by flaming your hull~

The Goal: Set 250 parts on fire

The Rewards:
  • Crybaby Mask
  • Heartbreaker Decal
  • 6 Cream Dye
  • 6 Crimson Dye


This event will run for 2 weeks, so don't miss your chance to grab these special items!

Release Notes / 2.0.15 Krampus Update
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:53:17 pm »
Welcome to the 2.0.15 Release! (PS4 1.12)

First off, Happy Holidays everyone!
In the spirit of the Holidays, we created a brand new Krampus Decal, perfectly befitting of the celebration, Guns of Icarus style. In addition, we have some old exclusive items we’re bringing back, along with more PvP adaptations of Crown Summit and bunch of new features! 

Get ready to fight across even more of Crown Summit in our newly-expanded 3v3, 4v4, and Brawl versions!

  • Goggles of Good Cheer
  • Jolly Old Salt
  • Krampus Decal
  • Crown Gambit 3v3, 4v4, and Practice
  • Broken Crown Brawl (2v2v2v2)
  • Previous war monument.

New Features:
  • AI stay active for 5 seconds after a player joins.
  • Vote to rematch toggled on by default. You will now need to uncheck this box to end the rematch.
  • Force Start enabled on all game modes, as long as this map has a smaller version (downsize the lobby if you want to!)
  • Missions can now have new objectives, including making another faction lose resources
  • Name your ship loadouts so you can easily remember what they are! Does not change ship name. (Be sure to select the loadout before trying to edit the name, and save after you are done with each edit.)
  • Public custom matches will force shuffle after first rematch if online players count is lower. This is to prevent non-shuffling lobby keep going on and players aren’t able to change it. This does not apply to private matches.

  • Spire: Mass increased to 210t (from 150). Force adjusted to maintain mobility.
  • Extended Magazine: Clip size to +50% (from +45)
  • Modified Mine and Harpoon launcher rate of fire to compensate for the extra shot.

  • AI will no longer force reload standard ammo.
  • Conductors Pride dyes using correct UV maps.
  • Sky Captain Valentine put in his place on Stormbreaker theme.

Release Notes / 2.0.14 (678) Thornholt Throwdown
« on: November 28, 2018, 02:02:49 pm »
  • Thornholt in PvP
    • Adjusted maps bounds to a 6x6 grid
    • New cloud layout for PvP
    • 2v2 through 4v4 Deathmatch
    • Brawl!
    • Practice
  • Ashen Brawl
    • New PvP map. Larger, hotter, more spawns than ever! The largest 2v2v2v2 so far.
  • Crown Gambit
    • Adjusted spawns

  • Stormbreaker
    • Lateral drag increased, reducing side drift.
  • Magnate
    • Hitboxes adjusted (mostly reduced) to fit ship profile.
    • Main engine lowered slightly.
  • Spire
    • Hitboxes substantially reduced to fit ship profile.
  • Corsair
    • Forward acceleration: 5 (from 8)
    • Forward speed: 35 (from 30)
    • Turn acceleration: 8 (from 10)
    • Turn speed: 12 (from 10)
    • Left light gun arc: 55° (from 75)
    • Heavy engines rotated 90° and moved out slightly. This gives 0.22 more turn acceleration, reduces engine hitbox vertical profile by 38%, and allows repairs from further in.
    • Reduced mass width (inertial bounds) to increase the effectiveness of turning engines. This allows the same amount of force to turn the ship faster without changing total mass. This will also make the ship more vulnerable to force attacks like Minotaur and getting bumped by other ships.
  • Shrike
    • Adjusted engine force and inertial bounds.
    • Heavy turning engines (x2): 225000 (from 144500)
    • Light main engine: 300000 (from 461000)
    • 750000 total forward thrust (10m/s2)
    • These changes do not change total forward or turn acceleration. However, with more force in the heavy turning engines, the Shrike will no longer be able to turn while maintaining nearly full forward acceleration and speed.

PvE Balance
  • AI type A ships (forward attack)
    The AI_A ships had widely varied stats, making some factions much easier or harder to fight against. Adjusted stats to unify the ships. There will still be some small variation in engine power and acceleration.
  • Approximate new stats:
    • Accel: 4
    • Speed: 47
    • Turn accel: 8
    • Turn speed: 14
    • Vert accel: currently 4
    • Vert speed: currently 11.34
    • Mass: 200t (varied between 75 and 330t)
    • Front gun: 1 - forward
    • Side guns: 2 - 45° (varied between 40 and 60)
  • AI Gatling:
    • Range: 450m (from 600)
    • Ammo: 50
    • Velocity: 700
      All other stats are the same as the player Gatling. Damage changes based on difficulty.
  • AI Mortar
    • Range: 400m (from 800)
    • Velocity: 125m/s (from 250)
    • Side arcs: 60° (from 80) mortars need more arc on AI ships due to gun angles of 45deg. While facing forward, both mortars will be able to fire. Moving 15deg to one side or the other will now prevent one from tracking.
    • Up arc: 30° (from 60)
    • Down arc: 50° (from 60)
    • Ammo: 6
      All other stats are the same as the player Mortar. Damage changes based on difficulty.

  • Yeshan boss ship
    • Adjusted to have similar mass and mobility as the other boss ships.

  • Removed ‘spooky’ AI skins
  • Disabled fireworks

Release Notes / Re: 2.0.14 Hamsters of Icarus Update
« on: October 30, 2018, 08:23:22 pm »
Birthday + Halloween

  • Added "ghost" AI
  • Added fireworks to ship death
  • Added 6th birthday decal
  • Added birthday title (Clockwork Cake)
  • Updated Birthday Theme for 6th birthday

Dev App Testing / Dev-App Testing Change-log October 19, 2018
« on: October 19, 2018, 05:31:08 pm »
  • Stormbreaker:
    • lateral (side) drag: 2 (from 0.4)
  • Corsair:
    • Speed: 30
    • Forward accel: 7m/s2 (from 8)
    • Turn speed: 10deg/s
    • Turn accel: 8.33 deg/s2 (from 9)
    • Mass: 175t (from 250)
    • Vertical accel: 3
    • Vertical speed: 15
  • Scars of Lutessa
    • Performance & Balance Testing
  • Crown Summit
    • 2v2 - Added 2 Spawns
    • 3v3 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • 4v4 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • Brawl - Spawn and Performance Testing

Dev App Testing / Dev-App Testing Change-log October 12, 2018
« on: October 12, 2018, 06:36:40 pm »
  • Stormbreaker:
    • lateral (side) drag: 2 (from 0.4)
  • Corsair:
    • Speed: 30
    • Forward accel: 7m/s2 (from 8)
    • Turn speed: 10deg/s
    • Turn accel: 8.33 deg/s2 (from 9)
    • Mass: 175t (from 250)
    • Vertical accel: 3
    • Vertical speed: 15
  • Crown Summit
    • 2v2 - Added 2 Spawns
    • 3v3 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • 4v4 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • Brawl - Spawn and Performance Testing

Dev App Testing / Dev-App Testing Change-log October 5, 2018
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:57:30 pm »
  • Stormbreaker:
    • lateral (side) drag: 2 (from 0.4)
  • Corsair:
    • Speed: 30
    • Forward accel: 7m/s2 (from 8)
    • Turn speed: 10deg/s
    • Turn accel: 8.33 deg/s2 (from 9)
    • Mass: 175t (from 250)
    • Vertical accel: 3
    • Vertical speed: 15
  • Crown Summit
    • 2v2 - Added 2 Spawns
    • 3v3 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • 4v4 - Spawn and Performance Testing
    • Brawl - Spawn and Performance Testing
  • Scars of Lutessa (formerly D-Day)
    • Balance and Performance testing

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