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General Discussion / Re: Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:51:05 pm »
I totally agree, especially regarding the YouTubers. Muse paid them all that money and they didn't even take the time to learn the game and nothing was coordinated or anything... It was all just incoherent screaming to appease their own audience. All of the recent sponsored videos were very poor examples of showcasing. I wasn't too happy when I saw them.

General Discussion / Re: Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:06:24 pm »
Do you have any of your own suggestions that might help the low pop problems we deal with? Do you believe that simply a finished and polished Alliance Mode will be the most positive next step for Muse and that they have it all under control?

General Discussion / Re: Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 05:39:52 pm »
The 2nd video link in the original post is supposed to be this Saving Private Ryan scene, but the links got mixed up. Here it is, Viewer discretion is advised.

General Discussion / Re: Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 05:33:47 pm »
This game's high requirement for teamwork and communication in order to have any success makes this game very niche. While I personally think the game is perfect as is, the player base still dwindles and still Muse suffers. I suggest they add more accomodations for the different player types so people won't have to go anywhere else to get what they're looking for in a game. I believe they could accomplish this and still definitely hold true to their own unique Muse dieslpunk style in all aspects and have the game be more successful without sacrificing their originality.

General Discussion / Bartle's Taxonomy Ignored?
« on: May 31, 2017, 12:26:13 am »
Is Bartle's Taxonomy being ignored?

Today this thread will be directed towards discussing Guns of Icarus Online's consistently dwindling player base and how to fix it. If you have ever dabbled in, or researched video game development, then you are probably well aware of Bartle's Taxonomy and how each gamer can 'generally' be boiled down into one of, or a mix of the 4 basic player types: The Achiever, The Explorer, The Socializer, and The Killer. For more detailed information on these player types and to give insight into which one you are, please click on the video link below. (PLEASE WATCH VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND THIS THREAD)

According to the video above, Guns of Icarus Online is suffering from an unbalanced overpopulation of The Killer player types (Which is what about half of the veteran players are) and hence is the reason for the game's inability to retain the vast majority of new players after a week or so. Muse Games is constantly re-promoting the game via sponsoring famous YouTubers to make fun game-play videos, as well as promoting the game in various Gamer Conventions to inspire masses of people to go ahead and try the game.

Your Thoughts: But doesn't promoting the game successfully cause healthy player surges?

Yes it does, but it is only temporary. These Muse Games promotions would be better seen as military propaganda posters during WWII... Which did a good job of inspiring thousands of young men to be highly motivated to join the Army before being deployed during the D-Day Invasion to be mowed down by the thousands on the beaches by a better prepared force. (Click the following link to be reminded of what it is like for a lot of new players) [WARNING - GRAPHIC VIOLENCE DEPICTED]

Your Thoughts: But what can we do about this?

Well first off let's see how each player type is accommodated in this game, and then we'll go from there.

1. The Socializer: How can Socializers do what they do best here and have fun? Can Socializers effectively socialize in Guns of Icarus Online...? Do they have what they need?

They can chat in Global, Faction, Clan, Party, Match and Crew chats. They can potentially have fun little conversations with a whole lobby for about 5 minutes at a time before they're sent off into a match; where they hopefully spend most of their time concentrating on the battle instead of chatting incessantly to their 3 other crew members, texting in the team chat, or match chat. They can also come to the GoI forums.. where it is generally very, very quiet. Is this enough for the average Socializer?

No.. Socializers need constant engagement with other players to have fun. Talkativeness and fun interaction is not a guaranteed staple in the GoI lobbies, or aboard ships.

Your Thoughts: What else do they need then? Isn't it a good thing that their distracted yapping makes them easier prey for The Killers?

It is a good thing, but it's only a short amount of time before they get tired of dying and desire to go somewhere else just to casually talk and relax. They need a Hub.. a Pub.. a "real" 3D rendered chat room of sorts. Preferably an actual open world to see their own character stand around with other characters while conversing. (This is commonly suggested for a reason)

These people would happily stand around talking and joking while aboard a ship indefinitely if they didn't have to be forced into battle. This type of thing can come with Adventure Mode - if that is ever released, but it would be best to see it as it's own little simple feature to make due for the Socializer crowd sooner rather than later for player retention's sake. Just imagine a tiny Co-op Mode where nothing attacks you and you could walk around frivolously interacting with scores of other players.

 That is honestly just about all that type of player would ever need to keep them playing since it is friendship bonds and creative conversation that keeps them going... Otherwise they go back to SecondLife, or RuneScape, or Guild Wars 2, or some other garbage like that.

2. The Explorer: How can Explorers do what they do best here and have fun? Can Explorers effectively explore in Guns of Icarus Online...? Do they have what they need?

Currently the closest thing Explorers get to a genuine and engaging exploring experience is to sight-see with their Spyglass while floating through the limited number of maps available in both Skirmish and Alliance Mode from aboard an airship. Though they must admire the glimpses of beautiful landscape with haste before they abruptly get engaged in battle - lest they get scorned by their captain for not doing their job.

Your Thoughts: Isn't that enough, though? Many of the maps are vast and beautiful.. and isn't it their casual attitude towards the game that The Killers also love to prey upon anyway?

Yes, and no.. The Explorers constantly need new places to explore or else they get bored after a week and leave. Not to mention just floating passed beautiful scenery soon becomes dull once you've seen it all over and over.. They also desire to interact with the world, not just stare at it, and constantly getting killed isn't a big help in retaining them when you combine it with so few places to explore.

 The best remedy for this would once again be the open-world Adventure Mode - if that is still planned. Another way to help this would be to allow airships to land their ship (just in Alliance Mode for now) so they can traverse through the buildings and terrain on foot.. They would love to just jump off their ship and storm into an oil rig armed with pistols and sword, and fly to the moon on a gigantic bottle rocket. Until there are more ways to explore and more things to learn, our Explorers will just be casually coming and going. They don't want to die in the same boring place over and over again.. They need to be dying in new places to stay happy.

3. The Achiever: How can Achievers do what they do best here and have fun? Can Achievers effectively get rewarding achievements in Guns of Icarus Online...? Do they have what they need?

Achievers appear to be reasonably happy in Guns of Icarus Online. They have a whole range of medals, titles, outfits, and skill levels to earn from both PvP and PvE. They are the people most willing to play with the noobier players, and the most willing to bring obviously terrible ship loadouts into a match and even die a hundred deaths just to earn a badge or two. These are the people who take skill levels the most seriously. These are the people that The Killers truly love and adore, and without them many of The Killers would probably just leave.

4. The Killer: How can Killers do what they do best here and have fun? Can Killers effectively get kills in Guns of Icarus Online...? Do they have what they need?

This is probably the happiest group in the game. This game is and always will be a PvP game. Skirmish Mode rules and Guns of Icarus Online is undoubtedly the best steampunk airship combat game out there.

 For this group there's always that new surge of noobs to look forward to stomping. There's always the level 45 in 3 skills veteran Achiever with every badge in the game who has convinced himself he's better than he actually is because he looks like 'a real captain' in his new coat while smoking a pipe. These people are only unhappy when their crew mates and teammates are totally incompetent or trolling, and when there aren't enough lobbies going to get some kills in for the night due to low population.

 If this game totally fails to retain its Socializers, Explorers, and Achievers, then even the Killers will leave and that's when the game will finally die. Just think on it.

tl;dr - Too bad, you have to read.

General Discussion / Re: Is it worth getting in to the game right now?
« on: November 15, 2015, 02:30:11 pm »
It is still probably the best crafted Indie game available on the Market. The top indie game list in my opinion goes:

#1. Guns of Icarus
#2. Depth
#3. Insurgency
#4. Rust

Right now the newest and best main steam game is Fallout 4.
Right now the newest and worst main stream game is Black Ops III.

Black Ops I was great, but they turned it into Halo with Black Ops II. The Modern Warfares were great they also turned that franchise into... Halo with Advanced Warfare... What is going on?

General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: November 15, 2015, 12:27:27 pm »
Canta per me is amazing. I love both songs.

Fun fact, the guy who did that vid mistranslated a part of it (I commented on that a little while ago)

Anyway, glad to see another Noir fan.

I completely recall reading your YouTube comment and laughing. It's amazing how many Lyrics videos get the lyrics wrong... They had 1 job other than uploading the correct song, and that is copying and pasting the lyrics into the video editor.

General Discussion / Re: Blind lobby and 'scouting'
« on: November 15, 2015, 12:22:23 pm »
Honestly, now that the top player in this game has spoken, I think all games should be completely blind selected.

This man gets it.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Blind lobby and 'scouting'
« on: November 15, 2015, 12:21:31 pm »
I blindpicked my marriage partner and im not sure if im happy with the decision

Well, it worked out for me.

General Discussion / Re: Making mines more !fun!
« on: November 08, 2015, 03:03:00 pm »
Is tar currently affected by wind?

Tar = Airship fart.
Farts can be blown into faces using a fan.
Fans generate wind.
Wind is a 4 letter word.
There are 4 ninja turtles.
Ninja is a Japanese word for Spy.
Spy is a 3 letter word.
Half-Life 3 confirmed.

General Discussion / Re: Blind lobby and 'scouting'
« on: November 08, 2015, 02:44:08 pm »
It would be even more awesome to be completely blind to not just your enemy's ship/load-out/crew info, but everybody's load-outs including your own teammate's. As well as the map being randomly selected at the very last second! BLIND SKIRMISH MODE!

The Pit / Re: Are the engines really necessary?
« on: November 08, 2015, 02:39:04 pm »
All a ship really needs is captains, the crew and their guns are simply a waste of space. Each ship should be allowed to replace all of the guns with Helms so the ship can maneuver 3x harder!

It makes sense if you don't think about it.

General Discussion / Re: Blind lobby and 'scouting'
« on: October 18, 2015, 04:45:25 pm »
I love the idea of blind lobbies + scramble. Makes things interesting.

General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: May 26, 2015, 04:01:02 pm »
I assume you mean the latin? It is from a song called Salva Nos from the anime Noir. Here is a rough translation:

Lord God
Hear us and have mercy
Hear us, Lord
Grant us peace
And save us from the enemy
Save us, God

Canta Per Me is a better song. God I haven't seen Noir since I was 11, thank you for the memories.

General Discussion / Re: Top pilots
« on: May 13, 2015, 05:10:18 pm »
Zincathion's Squid. I have never beaten his Squid. I have something like a 0-30 Win-Loss ratio against it.


Zincathion is probably the best squid pilot around. Once time he and I won exactly 30 matches in a row when we were piloting together and he used his baby squid Lightning Dust. We've been good friends ever since.

Zincathion should be in the top 10 pilots.

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