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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Fire! *Suggestion*
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:20:57 am »
I say all this, but I'm still under the opinion that tar barrel needs no kind of buffing right now. It does its job very well. Instead of buffing tar to help fire, why not just stick to the spreading idea that buffs fire directly?

I agree, it seems that making tar to be more likely cause more damage to a ship would change quite a bit in the game. It leaves the question of what if someone had their engines on fire and then they release tar? does the ship releasing that tar suddenly have worse fire? In a way it makes a lot of small different situations that could come up that have to be added into the games working if it was done.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Being Able to See Other Players
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:10:00 am »
I think that it is a good idea but I'm sure that it is planned to be done at one point or another however other issues need to be cleaned out first before being able to see enemy's or allies is put in.

Feedback and Suggestions / Clan Flags
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:35:00 pm »
As a good amount of forum users know(or those who watch the forums) the idea of clans is already in the works to be released likely in a up coming patch. I have not seen all the ideas that they plan to do yet with clans but I assume that they will be cool as heck and may even have this idea already as part of it but I thought I would go into the idea some just in case and see who else thinks its a good idea.

Idea: Flags for clans to put on ships

The basic idea being that a clan could create their own flag to display on the battle(air?)field. Now there is the question well what if not everyone on a ship is in the clan? yes well that is somewhat of a odd thing but I think its acceptable if it was that the flag for the ship was like the ship itself the choice and presentation of the Captain(pilot).

The flags could be placed on the back of the ships or in some cases, to best fit the style of the ship, the top of the ship. The flag would be again as I said the flag of the clan the pilot belongs to and would be created by the clan to show the style of the clan or alliance. Now alliance would come in later on with the later introduction of the factions, towns, and cities. The clan could also gain symbols to add to their flag as they complete missions as a sense of prestige.

The size of the flag would have to vary from ship to ship to look best and fit best, but if we use the galleon as a example a fitting size I think would be around 3-4 feet height by 6-7 feet width.

Well that is the basics of the idea I had and I hope it wasn't already put up by someone (cause I couldn't find a thread on it) and that it wasn't already said to be in progress to be added.

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