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The Lounge / Gunner Idea Suggestion
« on: December 08, 2016, 11:09:00 am »
Hey, its been a while since I played this game....

Ok to the point: I have a suggestion for the gunner but I don't think this idea is relevant enough to put into the "Gameplay" section so I put it here.

In a lore sense, I would think that if you are called "a Gunner" you would know the make-up, composition, and mechanics of any gun there is out there better than anyone.
So in that case, a Gunner would be more knowledgeable about a Gun than an Engine and an Engineer more knowledgeable about an Engine than a Gun.
I suggest a Gunner be able to Repair and Rebuild "Gun" components faster than engineers.

Not sure how to integrate that with Gunners being able to use Engineering Tools, if Stamina would take that into account or how fair it would be for Gunners to have a passive ability dedicated to them.

Just thought it was a neat idea.

The Lounge / Greek Myth names for Muse to make silly Weapons
« on: September 29, 2015, 10:29:42 am »
List of Famous Greek Mythological monster names and weapons they would make
A weapon that slows down ships or increases it's weight
A hwatcha mixed with a Banshee and an Artemis
A triple barreled Dakka machine

Gameplay / Suggestions for the Mobula and Junker
« on: September 22, 2015, 10:40:16 am »
I wanted to describe some thoughts about changes to the Mobula and the Junker as I believe these two ships are on opposite ends of functionality.
I'm not saying one is better than the other (okay, kinda) but that one ship clearly has more versatility than I think really should.
I wanted to address some issues and lay down suggestions concerning these ships.

The main way I usually describe the versatility of a ship is that I describe the strengths and weaknesses of three aspects of what I think a ship's role serves.
Mobility, Firepower, and Tankability
I'm not going to label every single one of them for each ship or I'll be writing this all day, I'm just going to label the aspects that I believe are most important.

Strengths of the Mobula
-I believe that one of the Mobula's strengths lie in it's ability to have multi-range capabilities in firepower (Due it's multiple front-facing guns as well as decent Max Speed to control distancing).
-I believe another strength of the Mobula is in it's exceptional abilities in controlling Vertical mobility and I believe this gives the ship extra utility in dodging, avoiding arcs, and controlling gun arcs.

My problem
-I think one of the weaknesses given to the Mobula was in it's slow turn acceleration of 3.50 deg/s² . Although I do think that this is a good inclusion for the Mobula to have this weakness, in practice this weakness is negated by the fact that it has a Max turning speed of 14.02 deg/s (a little bit faster than a Goldfish). This aspect even has me being successful in turning without the use of Phoenix Claw.
-I don't particularly like this aspect because I believe it gives the Mobula too much versatility in narrow/cramped environments as well as reaction time in ambushes.

Suggestion and suggested effects
-I would want the Max Turning speed to be similar to that of a Galleon (8.02 deg/s)
-I don't think having a lower Max turning speed would change the popularity of the Mobula too much.
-It would still reign over large open maps with plenty of space to provide covering fire but it would be less successful in cramped environments and be more vulnerable to ambushes where the enemy is behind them.
-I think it would also make captains be more wary about areas where ambushes might occur as well as make crew members jump on close range guns faster.


-I think one of the aspects that gives the Junker so many weaknesses compared to other ships is in the traits that lead to it being a slow Max speed, tank.
-I say this mainly because I think the way the Junker is designed doesn't make it a very good slow, tank but more a Fast, Glass Cannon.

Game-play reasons
-The Junker has very exposed guns and engines much like a Squid and Goldfish but unlike those two it doesn't have the mobility to avoid many those disables.
-The Junker's Balloon is also on the top of the ship. This means that the upward arcs of the Carronades and the Projectile drop of the Lumberjack are an easy shot for a slow target like the Junker's Balloon. Before you mention that a Galleon is slow with a Balloon on top, a Galleon has the firepower to fend off such attacks and (Although this doesn't really apply in this scenario) has one of the higher top speeds in the game.
-Although you could say the Hull sweet spot makes the Junker easier to engineer on, components on the Junker will stay broken for longer because they're broken (This makes the ship much more vulnerable to continued disables as mobility and firepower are hindered).
-This also means that it will be easier to keep a Junker disabled because it already didn't have the mobility to avoid the disables in the first place  :-\

Functionality Reasons
-I honestly don't think a scrap of junk ship like a Junker should have the second highest armor in the game
-Especially for a ship with a hull surface area of 350 m² (Smallest hull exposure in the game) as well as a weight of 125 t (Lighter than a Goldfish)
-It is described in it's description as not having the sturdiest armor "Though its improvised scrap-metal construction is not the sturdiest" and I doubt that "mercenaries and freelancers who make their living from salvage, trade, and other odd jobs" have access to Highly durable, Light weight alloys from salvage.
-I will defiantly say that the design of the ship does make it look very tanky but I think the closeness of the components in making the ship easier to engineer on fulfills the purpose of the tanky concept design.

Wrap up
-I understand that the Junker sort of has a role in being a Jack-of-all-Trades but we already have a ship (Goldfish) that kinda takes the place of being a noob friendly as well as fairly versatile, so it kinda already fulfills that role.
-I think that being a jack-of-all-trades makes the Junker very much a master-of-none in many many situations.
-Before you say that you have used the Junker and it works, I have used the Junker too (for 2 years) and the only thing I use it for is for Mines and whenever the match is a pubstomp (there just wasn't that many situations where I have succeeded in using it because the enemy always Hard-countered every variation of Junker I had).
-I know that there aren't that many ships that will be able to tank if the Junker became more of a Glass Cannon but I'm sure people would rather have a ship that would be better designed around the purpose of tanking.

-My suggestion is to increase the Max Speed and decrease the Armor to make it more of a Fast, Glass Cannon.
-I wouldn't want the Junker to replace the Squid and so I would want the Junker to have less mobility than the Squid with the trade-off being more firepower.
-Just have a Top speed similar to that of a Galleon (30~) and Armor more in line with a Goldfish or Spire (400~)
-Then I would see the Junker being more of an Ambush ship with Pilots bringing it for High risk (In regards to the Low Health and Armor) for High reward (Good mobility and Firepower)

If you're wondering if I made these suggestions to make the Junker Hard Counter a Mobula...
A Junker vs. Mobula in a cramped map = Junker would stab a Mobula in the Back
A Junker vs. Mobula in an open map = Mobula would destroy a Junker before it could even blink

Gameplay / Ship design concept: Aircraft Carrier
« on: September 06, 2015, 11:42:08 pm »
Somebody thought that an Aircraft Carrier ship would be a cool idea for the game and so I thought about how it might work

Okay, I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put this (Since adding a ship like this would radically change the mechanics of the game)
but since I've posted shenanigans here before...

I'll separate my idea of ship designs into two parts (the Carrier, and the Aircraft)

The Carrier

My idea was to have a ship that is a tank, slow as hell (but enough top speed to be able to capture a point in crazy king), able to kill a ship on it's own, and able to run with only 3 crew members.

The ship would start with a broken component and the engineer would have to rebuild it in order to "Make" the aircraft. I would want the component to take a relatively long time to rebuild (I'm talking 1.5 the time of a Galleon hull rebuild).
{There would be lore about when the carrier is taken into zones and maps, the aircraft would be too fragile and so would be disassembled and built in combat}

Now that all the tough stuff is out of the way, here is the descriptions

Ship design
---I would have three decks one at the top for the aircraft construction component and runway, the other in the middle for the guns, balloon, engines, and hull components, and the last one at the very bottom for the piloting compartment.
---Piloting cockpit be at the bottom so that the only blind spot would be at the top (Sort of like a blimp) and it would allow a lot of situational awareness for the pilot as it would have to coordinate with the Aircraft (Would be horrifying if you have Vertigo).
---Balloon exposure I was thinking of having at the sides of the top deck (flight deck) so that it wouldn't get in the way of the runway. Also make the engines under the balloons to make them at least a little harder to hit (Since you're gonna need the turning accel).

Component Design
---On the main deck, I would want to have all the components cramped together in order to make it easier to engineer on since you would have to work with a 3 man crew.
---In terms of guns, I was thinking having a heavy gun and light gun on each side. You would have a goldfish Difecta since it is certainly reasonable at killing ships. Would also allow sniping potential with lumberjack and Hades for long range artillery assist.

Further Aircraft & Carrier descriptions
---In order to build or construct the aircraft, the engineers would have to run up to the top flight deck and rebuild the broken component. In this time, the component would be exposed from enemy fire and you run the risk of the aircraft getting damaged or destroyed before it has taken off.
---You could only fit only one aircraft on the runway and so you could have another aircraft as backup (You however run the risk of it being destroyed and so it might only be a valid strategy if you plan to hide your carrier and provide artillery fire.)
---When the Carrier dies, the plane also dies.
---Only one Aircraft able to be in the air so that there will be no Everyone jumping on an Aircraft and leaving the Carrier in the invisible no clip zone of nothingness.

---Mobility I was thinking in only rough comparisons of Spire top speed, Galleon turning acceleration, Junker vertical acceleration, and Mobula forward acceleration.

The Aircraft

My idea was to have a ship that can be run with only one crew member, Easily repairable and easy to shoot by one crew member, very fast but extremely fragile, only one light gun spot, and work a bit like a flight simulator plane.

Prepare for lots of bad explanations
---In terms entering and leaving the craft, I was thinking you enter and exit the craft much like being locked into a gun or the wheel.

Flight Mechanic
---Work like flight simulator plane so no reverse throttle (Only stop to forward gears).
---I wanted to get rid of the balloon component since it would work like a plane (I know it would make three piloting tools ineffective but I think it's okay considering we still have the Rangefinder :D).
---When you put the throttle at stop, the aircraft will start to drop due to gravity and so gun choices will be determined by how you fly.
---If you make the gun slot a gun with a large clip like a Gatling gun or a flamethrower, you will have to position the ship where it will fall or look up in order to have enough time to empty the clip without turning.
---If you bring a gun with a small clip such as a mercury or mine launcher, you will have to get one shot off and then re-position yourself for another shot.

Component design
---There would be only 4 components and they would be two engines, a gun, and hull (Everything would be in the cockpit).
---In terms of components I wanted everything to be close together (Basically if you are claustrophobic you are sh*t out of luck)
---When you get off the wheel and look up, you will be able to access/ repair the gun
---When you get off the wheel and look behind you, you will see a hull component and two engines either side of them.
---When you get off the wheel and look left you will see the hatch to leave the ship
---Windows would be in the Front and to your Right, in order to add to situational awareness for the aircraft pilot.

Take off
---You would only be able to leave the aircraft when the plane is on the runway. While in the plane, there would be a hatch that if you look at and press E you leave the Aircraft.
---Turning would be disabled on the runway and if you take off without enough momentum, you would have to gain it while in the air before you crash and respawn at the Carrier.
---You would not be able to land and so will have to keep circling in the air.

Tool mechanics
---Three Tar clicks would break the engines
---Pilots might bring a Spyglass for extra scouting capabilities
---No Chute Vent/ Hydro since no balloon and no Drogue Chute because you would end up looking down and falling really slowly but you would still be able to bring these.
---Could be a Buff engineer that uses the components buffed and has uses for fire fighting if you plan to make the ship less disposable.
---Gunner would be pretty useless, even for a mine launcher since you would never stay at a distance for long enough to get another round off.

I don't want Muse to implement this since they literally do not have the man power but I thought it would be a good thought experiment. What do you guys think?

The Lounge / Ship Build Personification
« on: September 05, 2015, 06:05:35 am »
There's a really popular Japanese game called Kantai Collection where the developers turned historical battle ships into school girls.

While I was rolling on the ground laughing, I thought about my favorite ship builds in the game and how they might think of me as a pilot if they had a personality.

My disable junker would probably be a sadistic freak who toys with any easy prey they can find. It would express extreme hatred that I use it's sibling the Munker more even though they themself are more versatile and effective at incapacitating enemies.

My Hwatchafish would be probably very insecure due to how it's sibling the Blenderfish used to dominate but slowly gaining self-confidence. They would be grateful that I use it often but try to be as modest about their ability as possible.

My Metamidion would probably be trying their best to act confident and arrogant, all the while secretly insecure about their small hull and armor. They would secretly be terrified of me because of how often I go for rams.

My Metasquid would be the most annoying, hyperactive brat that always needs to be taken care of because something is broken on it. It would hate me because I don't use it often but secretly blame themself because of it's lack of firepower.

My Metagalleon would always be serious and matter-of-fact about whatever it says without regard for others. It would be very open about my mistakes in piloting and be extremely annoyed by the fact that I'm always showering it with praise and admiration.

The Lounge / Fun Facts about GOIO
« on: September 01, 2015, 11:39:51 pm »
I just found this out
but did you guys know you can aim the guns the arrow keys?

Let me know if you find any other weird stuff

The Lounge / Utility Ammos
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:28:57 pm »
After watching a lot of Splatoon play I thought of an idea
I thought that having Weird, Quirky ammo would make the gunner a more utility focused class
I searching up some existing ammo and came up with these

Tracer Ammo
Ammo that causes Flare light to be emitted on shots that make impact. Shots would have a limited radius of emitted light meaning less lag and less effective than the flare (More effective for enemy ships trying to run way from a short range load out).
Easier alternative - make the spots last for longer after the enemy has taken cover

Stealth Shot
Ammo that eliminates the sound of the shot as well as make the projectile invisible to make it harder for the enemy to detect where the shots are coming from. (I have no Idea how this with mines would work, I guess you would just have mines popping out of nowhere)

Smoke Shot
Ammo that causes a cloud to be emitted around the radius of the shots decreasing the target's visibility. It would, however, make it easier for the target to shake off spots.

Piercing Shot
Ammo that penetrates through a ship causing it to hit multiple components. Would have to have a significant clip reduction for this one.

Acid Shot
Ammo that makes it easier to break components by decreasing component health to a fixed decreased number. Major rate of fire reduction for this.

What about you guys? Can you think of any weird ammunition that might make the gunner a utility focused class?

Gameplay / A Suggestion for the Echidna Light Flak Cannon
« on: August 24, 2015, 12:49:50 am »
I love the look of the light flak and so I wanted to suggest something that I think will give it a bit more love.

The Light Flak has both arming time and limited range and so there is a limited window for max kill potential, making it a true mid-range weapon
My problem with it is a combination of each shot not doing enough damage and enemy ships outmaneuvering that limited window.
Basically during the time the armor is down, not every shot will be able to hit the hull. This is annoying because we have to keep the ship at an optimum range, have to deal with not all of its shots hitting, and those shots not doing enough damage (Why not use anything else).

I want to suggest having its clip size reduced to 2 or 4, having the total clip damage spread out to those 2 or 4 shots and a reload time increase to compensate for the increased DPS (Around enough time for the next armor break~).

This would mean that in the time that the armor breaks (Provided the Flak is in its optimum range), every shot in its clip will hit in the window where the armor is broken. Next, the Flak would be reloaded just in time for the next armor break.
A mortar can basically kill most ships in one greased clip provided the majority of shots hit. This Flak wouldn't be able to but would offer mid-range potential and be easier to hit the damage when it counts.

tl;dr Make it more like the Heavy Flak

I wouldn't want this to replace the Gat/Mortar Metamidion but to make more people fear ships that bring Flaks.

What do you guys think?

World / Stranded!!!
« on: August 20, 2015, 04:45:03 am »
Make up an "I once survived being stranded on a deserted island" story
A little light-RP never hurt anyone

Condition: Your ship had run out of fuel after a battle, you and your crew were left to fend for yourselves. Only you survived.

Fill in the blank (If you want):
I once survived being stranded on a "State Ship" in the map "State Map". I survived by "State horribly, gruesome story". The Hardest part from all of it was "State a morbid event".

I once survived being stranded on a Pyramidion in Water Hazard. I survived by hunting Seagulls with a Harpoon gun and building a radio out of the broken [AI] Ducky Mcduckerson. The hardest part from all of it was having to throw dead corpses overboard before they rotted.

I was thinking we could come up with new weapon ideas by looking at the most impractical

I found one
It has three barrels
It has a revolver cartridge barrels
It has Hillbilly exhaust pipes

My immersion, it hurts

The Lounge / The first Clan that you joined?
« on: May 18, 2015, 05:44:05 am »
Pretty simple title,
What clan did you first join when you started playing this game, and why did you leave?

With many clans today disbanding, I thought it nice to commemorate the clans that have a deep rooted place in our hearts.

Mine was the Tombstone soldiers but I left after realizing that they were inviting anyone they could find.

World / What is this?
« on: May 11, 2015, 07:03:57 am »
I think this has already been discussed in a previous thread but

What is this?

Gameplay / Grappling Hook Harpoon gun
« on: April 29, 2015, 07:15:29 am »
Suggestion is really in the title
What do you guys think about making the harpoon gun work on terrain?

I know it doesn't make sense for a harpoon gun but I saw Pirates of the Caribbean recently with my cousins and saw that the crew made a hard starboard by lowering the anchor. I thought that it looked pretty cool.

Sharp turning around pillars or buildings
Evasive maneuvers
Reduce balloon-lock

The Lounge / Opposite of Bragging Thread
« on: February 23, 2015, 07:12:56 am »
Tell us the most embarrassing mistakes that you make or have made (yeah right)
and I promise you'll be free from shame (don't read the previous parenthesis).

I'll start:
When I first played this game I crashed many crews instantly because I kept pressing "S" for reverse, it took me half a month to get rid of that habit.
When I don't realize the balloon is popped, I panic and constantly check if my finger is on that button.

The Lounge / Short topic: Damage types to classic game damage types
« on: February 23, 2015, 06:46:13 am »
Really short topic or debate
Linking damage types to rpg tactics

Shatter -> Disarm
Fire -> Poison
Impact -> Stun

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