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Feedback and Suggestions / Be an Engineer and Play Faster
« on: November 05, 2014, 04:44:19 am »
When I'm searching for a match as a crew member, but only pilots are needed at that moment, matchmaker pops up a message that goes something like: "Switch to pilot and play faster", meaning that I could get a spot immediately if I decided to be a pilot instead of a crew member.

It would be great if we had a similar function for gunners and engineers. Recently, I've found it increasingly difficult to get a good match as a gunner, because whenever I search for matches as a gunner, matchmaker keeps throwing me onto ships which already have one (or two, in some cases). Then I usually leave the match, because nobody likes a second gunner, and I try searching for a new one with matchmaker. Usually, what happens is that matchmaker throws me into the very same lobby again, quite often in the last second so that I do not even have time to leave anymore.

Instead of that, it would be great if matchmaker informed me that there are no gunner spots available, but I could play immediately if I switched to engineer. This would save me the frustration of joining a 2-gunner ship in the last second of the lobby time, and it would also save the frustration of trying and re-trying to join matches as a gunner. It would also inform new players about ideal ship/crew member arrangements so they would not think that 2 or 3 gunners are an effective and working build on, let's say, a squid. Thos who still wish to play as second gunners would have a chance to switch back once they arrived at the lobby, but they would at least be aware of the possible disadvantage of being a second gunner.

Right now searching for a match as a gunner is so risky that I often think it would be best to start searching as an engineer even if I don't want to play engineer at all. I realize that with the small playerbase it is difficult to fill ships with engineers, let alone find a match for each gunner (usually only 4 gunners per match are needed, or even less, as we tend to play 2v2s more often than 3v3s), but in my opinion an AI engineer is still better than 2 or 3 gunners on a ship. Not to mention that second/third gunners won't have much fun either if their ship is not successful and both the captain and their team is unhappy about their presence.

General Discussion / Happy Birthday GOIO!
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:57:43 am »

Happy Birthday My Favourite Game!  :-*

World / Piron 1919
« on: August 29, 2014, 01:30:34 pm »
What's the story of Piron 1919? Is there a story to it at all? Is the date a reference to something? I can't find anything about this.  :-\

The Gallery / Anyone else building an airship?
« on: May 31, 2014, 06:46:13 am »
Besides GoI my favourite computer games are block-building ones (not really Minecraft, but I like some others), and it has been a great dream of mine for a while to build my very own airship. :) I have seen many people building replicas of GoI ships in such building games, so I thought we could start a thread where compulsive airship builders like myself may share their works.  ;D

To tell you the whole truth, I originally wanted to make a GoI ship replica too, because the ones I saw looked awesome, but GoI ships turned out to be quite complicated in structure, so in the end I decided to build a ship from my imagination, as it was easier to solve. So hereby I present to you HMS Slender, my very first air vessel built with my own hands in Landmark Beta. As you can see the thing is not done yet, but it has already started to resemble some sort of an airship.  :D In the right picture you can see a tiny dot standing on the front of the ship, well that's my character.  8)

Is anyone else into such building business? We could exchange ship designs and basic structural principles, because as I was building this, I realized how little I know of how a ship is supposed to be structured.  :P (In fact one side of it turned out to be taller than the other, but luckily it can't be seen hahahaha).

The Cantina / Random Steampunk, RP or GoIO-inspired writing
« on: May 17, 2014, 12:51:56 pm »
Hey guys!

What is this topic?

So I started this topic because I would love to have a place in the forums where people can post any random Steampunk/dieselpunk/GoIO/airship inspired short stories, random writings, short rpgs and poems without any serious restrictions (except those that apply to posting to the forums in general, of course). This is not meant to be my own writing thread, anyone who has something to share is welcome to do so.


In order not to make this thread confusing with lots of ongoing tales, I suggest that each post has to contain a complete story or poem (so do not start sequels or really long tales here). If your story or poem contains extreme content, eg. a lot of violence or anything you feel might upset others, but you still feel like presenting it here, make sure you post a warning about it at the beginning of the post (although, again, be aware of the general community rules, and do not post here content that you would not post to other threads either.)

Why start this thread?

The other writers' threads in the forum are all either exclusively about roleplaying tales or GoI world-based stories, but this thread could be open to any random, thematically similar writing. So the idea is that anyone who has a steampunk short story or poem, either GoI-related or not, either serious or funny, can post it to this thread and offer it up for reading.

Personally, I like writing short stories and poems in my free time, and while none of them are entirely about the world of GoIO, some of them were in fact inspired by this game or by steampunk as such.

*technical note*
I was truly hesitating whether to post this topic here or to the Lounge, so if a moderator feels that this isn't the right place, feel free to move it. I voted for the Cantina in the end because this thread is meant to be a fan writing section, and I assumed that most people interested in writing steampunk stories will come here anyway; also, I was worried that the thread could easily get lost in the daily discussions of the Lounge.
*technical note*

So, to start the hopefully long line of texts, I would like to share a steampunk poem of mine (if there is such a thing as a steampunk poem at all :D). I wrote it some time ago, and I think it didn't turn out that bad. I am not a native speaker of English, so I usually have problems with rhymes and words and counting syllables, but I tried to put together a more or less decent poem here.  ;) Hope you gonna like it, the story is a bit dark, but I tend to like these kinds of stories.

Tickentock is Dead

Press a spring and set my clock
To tick those dreary times:
Among them drones the Tickentock
Sat covered all in vines.

His hat was torn, some slightly
Worn hopes hovered here and there;
All the townsfolk screamed around:
“Old fool, we no more care!”

They all yell and they all cry,
They do it every night.
The fog is trembling as machines
March through the misty light.

They have smiles with metal spikes
And one has rockets, too.
When such a sight strikes you, my friend
You’ll know not what to do.

Once he built a heart from rust,
A wicked, ticking heart.
He pulled the trigger on his dream
And blew our own apart.

He found a wife and walled her up
And then proclaimed her dead.
He called her nuts, she built a gun
And shot him down instead.

They all yelled and they all cried,
“The Tickentock is dead!”
Yet he returned with glowing eyes
And bore a monster head.

The Tickentock, he’s been to lands.
He saw the sky, the sea.
It was clear he wished to fly
With wings so light and free.

He cut some wings from paper
And he wore them every day.
He leapt just once and fell so fast
He broke a bone, they say.

Now they all yell and they all cry,
“Lord Tickentock is mad!”
They all laugh, “See, he wants to fly,”
“That man shall soon be dead!”

Filled with steam his pipes let out
A weary sigh or two.
Our Tickentock works hard on what
No one but he can do.

He shapes a doll so perfect and
So lovely made of steel:
Mechanical in every way,
This thing cannot be real!

As king he sits on wired thrones,
And blows his doll a kiss.
A blissful love like what they share
You surely should not miss.

But they all yell and they all cry,
“That doll is none of yours,”
“We’ll burn your home and kill you, sir,
And take your doll, of course!”

He built a robot army then
From shipwrecks old and new.
They had smiles with metal spikes,
And one had rockets, too.

They march the streets now and destroy
All treasures far and near;
Ruthless drones step hard upon
The plans the town held dear.

So they all yell and they all cry,
“The Tickentock should die,”
They shoot him down, they burn him
And they leave him there to lie.

Yet he moves, and puts a screw,
A loose one, on the shelf;
He fooled us all, he never lived,
He was a drone himself!

So they all yell and they all cry
“That wicked ticking must now stop!”
They take him and his drones apart,
And sit him on the rubbish top.

Years go by with nothing changed,
The days turn cold and grey.
Though he was bad, they have to note:
They miss him anyway.

Press a spring and set my clock
To tick those dreary times:
Among them drones the Tickentock
Sits covered all in vines.

The Lounge / Steampunk/Airship Movies
« on: January 24, 2014, 01:58:12 pm »
Hey guys! This is a somewhat old steampunk short film about an epic airship battle that many of you have probably already heard of, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the forum, so I thought about posting it here. It's sooo about us! Finding it again today made me realize that it would be great to share and post all the similar steampunk and/or airship related movies we come across, because I'm sure many of us would be interested in not only playing, but also watching such things every now and then.

Oh, and here's the link, before I forget:

The title is Airlords of Airia.  :) I can so identify with that gunner girl!  :o

World / The GoI Detail Game
« on: January 04, 2014, 02:54:35 pm »
As I was spectating a match a few minutes ago it occured to me that GoI's world is so rich in details that I keep recognizing new easter eggs, items, small features etc. even after having participated in a thousand matches or so. So I thought we could start a game called the "GoI detail game" where somebody comes up with a small world detail that the next posters have to identify. It is ok to check the game for these details, or, if you know them by heart, simply reveal them. I'm thinking about weird, unknown places on maps that we don't know of, items that people don't often notice, ship details that we rarely have time to admire. I'm sure many of you know these by heart already, but it may be interesting for newer players, and for day dreaming older players like me. :) The rule is that we cannot proceed to the next mystery until we solve the ones above. One person can add three mysteries or less at a time. To give you some clues as to what I have in mind, let me present the first three:

What small metal tools are scattered around a junker’s hull?
What is written on the pyramidion’s little bell?
What items are there on the barrel which is on the main deck of the galleon?

Feedback and Suggestions / "Well done, crew!"
« on: December 01, 2013, 04:22:18 am »
First of all, I couldn't find a similar topic, but I remember something like this, so feel free to delete this one if it already exists.  ;)

So the thing is that I love the new voice command system as it happens quite often that I can't play with mic and this feature gives me a chance to be heard even when I can't use my real voice (we all know that typing is not always the same as it often goes unnoticed, plus it's much slower). What I don't like about the system at this point though is that the command list is still incomplete when it comes to all the things I'd love to say to my crewmates, so I thought we might start a topic where people can collect all the useful phrases that they would love to be able to use within this function. I'm thinking about universal phrases that could be used in many situations, not just in one or two specific cases.

The other day I played without mic and after a good hit everyone on the ship went Hurray! and all. I would've loved to say at least a "Whoohoo" too, but all I could say was something like "Enemy sighted above!".  :D So my first two suggestions would be two phrases, one about encouragement when things are going badly, something like "Keep it up mates, we can do this", and one about great achievements, something like "Well done, crew". Both as captain and as crewmate these could come in handy as we tend to say such things all the time during matches. I realize that too many commands would mess the system up as it would become too complicated to select a phrase out of a hundred or so, but one or two more would be quite nice to have. Maybe put them under a different key? V for battle commands and another key for personal/social phrases? Any other suggestions?

The Gallery / The GoIO Catwalk - Your Favourite Outfit
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:28:12 am »
I couldn't find any similar thread on the forum --- and even if there had ever been one, it certainly wasn't as fashionable as this one, 'cause I wasn't in it [annoying diva mode disabled on majority request] --- so I thought I would start this topic where people can show off their favourite or most gladly worn costume pieces or combinations. So what do you guys parade in when it comes to immobilizing enemies with glamour and style or when you know that the next stage of your longest-ever winning streak might just depend on your lucky Prada goggles?

My clanmates keep joking about how I tend to ask them to make screenshots of me during matches (WHY CAN'T WE ALWAYS SEE OURSELVES FROM THE FRONT IN-MATCH, WHY OH WHY?) because costumes have always been my favourite fascinations in any game I have ever played. I don't often get high-level enough to gain all the fancy epic stuff in games, but I usually try to invent a unique look for myself and I just love combining pieces and coming up with variations that maybe not even the concept artists themselves have thought of before.

So what about you fellow costume freaks? Which is your favourite pick? Have you got some rare or epic treasures perhaps? Show off! Have they got a story? Tell it! Is there a costume combo you'd love to obtain, but you still need to beat the devs a million times to get it? Let us know so that we can steal it and copy it later, muhahaha! Uhm..I that we can follow you on your unbelievably elegant path... Here are my favourite combos:

On the left: my currently favourite gunner outfit. I replaced an old outfit combo when I realized how funny and weird the white hair looked with this one, and I just loved it. One of my clanmates pointed out that I look like Lady Gaga.
In the middle: My most commonly used engineer outfit, although I have many others that I like to switch to depending on my mood. I especially love the top hat.
On the right: My "mad captain" costume. If you've ever flown with me, you probably know very well what I mean by the mad captain part. When I go captain, I usually go crazy. (RAMMING HARPOON SQUIIID YEAHHH!!!) I tend to lose matches as a captain, for some weird and inexplicable reason, but I have so much fun doing so. So should you see me in this costume when a match loads, it probably means you've chosen the wrong ship. I use that one rarely in order not to turn half of the community against me, but I do look good in it when we die.

That's it for me now, what about you all????

The Gallery / The Engineer (My Little Comic Book)
« on: July 30, 2013, 09:56:32 am »
This took me a lot more time than originally expected, so I don't know when the next episode will arrive, but anyway, just wanted to share, and maybe I'll get to do the rest when I have some spare time. This story kinda represents my (perhaps a bit caricatured) gameplay memories as a first-time engineer, a class which is still quite a mystery to me. :)

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