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Comunidad en Espanol de Goi / Lista de Clanes
« on: January 22, 2014, 01:32:54 am »
Acerca de los clanes:

Existe una lista de clanes oficiales de GoIO, sin embargo, la mayoría están conformados por personas que no hablan español. La lista puede ser encontrada aquí. Para añadir un clan a la lista se deben especificar:

Nombre del clan
Líder del clan: Puede ser también el fundador.
Etiqueta: La etiqueta que utilizan los miembros antes de su nombre.
Miembros: Lista actualizada de miembros (si no tienen un grupo en Steam que los muestre).
Sitio web: Aquí pueden incluir también un link a su grupo en Steam.
Ubicación: En qué parte del mundo se encuentran o de dónde quieren que sus miembros sean.
Buscando: Habilidades o características que buscan en los jugadores.
Otra información: Cualquier otro dato que sea importante mencionar.
Foro de reclutamiento: Se agregará como un link en el nombre del clan.

Abajo se encuentran listados los clanes en los que se habla español, así como el link a su página de reclutamiento. Para aquellos clanes que no tienen página de reclutamiento, contactarlos por medio de su página web o líderes es una buena forma de expresar interés en unirse.

Lista de clanes:

Señorío de Cumulonimbus

Fundador del clan: Dresdom
Etiqueta: [Don]
Miembros: -Trabajo en curso-
Sitio web: -Trabajo en curso-
Ubicación: Cualquier país de habla hispana.
Buscando: Jugadores de habla hispana.
Otra información: Se aconseja el uso de micrófono pero no es imprescindible. Cualquier rol preferido, nivel de habilidad, frecuencia de juego y competitividad/no competitivo. Básicamente aceptamos a cualquiera simpático y amistoso con ganas de formar una comunidad unida de jugadores.

The Pit / The Wall [v1]
« on: January 19, 2014, 11:25:17 pm »
Hello everyone! I just found an old RP-like game I played once and I thought it'd be cool to bring it here. This game is called The Wall, and it's about a very OP wall that you guys have to try to defeat.

  • The Wall is a sentient object. It will attack you (only in turns in which you're doing an action, to avoid killing someone who didn't check the thread for a while) and fight back.
  • You guys have to post the one action you'd like to do in the ongoing turn (it can be silly but keep it realistic, remember you're just a bunch of mortals attacking a superior being). [*smiley face*]
  • Each turn ends when I post the results of your actions (I'll post about other things too but the turn doesn't end until I post stats and such).
  • The Wall starts with 1000000 hp.
  • Each player starts with 100 hp.
  • A normal attack takes only 1 turn, even if you need to go to your in-game home to get that water balloon you'll throw at the Wall.
  • Larger attacks may take 2 turns (and unless it's really massive it shouldn't take more than that).
  • Other actions like getting an object to protect yourself will take 1 turn but don't allow you to attack in that same turn.
  • Other other actions like learning a specialization or building something will take you from 1 to 3 turns in which you can't attack the Wall but the Wall can attack you, and in the end they may give you bonuses or speed up some actions.
  • The outcome of your actions will be determined by my dice. [*happy face*]
  • Feel free to bring your favorite ship!
  • If you die you can take 1 turn to revive, but you get -1 max hp for every death. [*sad face*]
  • If you die 5ever you get to start over like a new player because why not xD

And that's about it! If I'm forgetting any rules or we need a new one I'll post it in the end of the turn we're at and here. You can join at any point of the game, just don't steal your teammate's loch kills!

The Wall:

Hp: 1000000
Status: Chillin' over there, looking scary

Time to start the game! Just say you're joining and tell me which action you'll take for this first turn. I'll be ending it tomorrow morning or early afternoon :)

The Pit / Million-dollar ideas for the GOI store
« on: January 18, 2014, 07:10:22 pm »
Ok so I was just thinking how I'd pay literally any amount of money ever to have a GOI pocket watch, you know with the intro screen spinning gears logo thing as the actual watch maybe and all that fancy stuff. I'd probably just get a credit card and buy it and then live and work only to pay for it the rest of my life and I'd be the happiest person in the world. [Such a fanboy *happy face*]

I could put this in the suggestions section but it may be a little bit too informal of an idea for that xD Instead I wanna hear what GOI goodies you'd like to see in the store and would probably pay anything for :D (it can be a serious idea but yes, I am expecting silly ideas too, that's why it's in the pit :P)

The Lounge / This is me (aka the shameless self-promotion thread) :D
« on: January 18, 2014, 01:53:48 am »
So the point of the lounge is to get to know each other better so we can date ~~~~~~~~~~~~ (<- that's a graphical representation of sexual tension, you're welcome) (also I'm joking about the dating part... unless you guys want to ;) ) (alright I was joking about that too I'm gonna stop now xD).

Uh... oh yeah getting to know each other better, but I've seen the topics in here and none of them are really about anyone! [*the audience gasps in shock*] so I thought why not start one, the NSA knows everything about me already so why not you.

So my name is Oliver Colt [*another gasp!*] I live in a tiny Latin American country called Costa Rica, I'm 20 but I'm not too tall and I look way younger xD and here's a pic of me [Disclaimer: anything that you may think is odd with this picture and me in general is not real, you're imagining things *looks around*]

Yeah I think I should be ok, forget the disclaimer if it doesn't apply xD Oh except my eyes aren't green, sorry ladies...

This is my Steam account, feel free to friend me!

And Twitter, in which I just retweet funny things from the peeps I follow (mostly Lets Players, well-known and hipster ones) but I also tweet funny rants sometimes, too! :D

Now you guys can post stuff about you so I can stalk you more easily! [*happy face*] (again, I'm joking, I'm now creepy - most of the time...) (goddammit why can't I be serious for 5 seconds :D ) (also feel free to not post about yourselves if you're internet-paranoid, I'm aware I'm unusually not-internet-paranoid but I don't have lots of money in a bank account so yeah it only makes sense :P )

General Discussion / Guns and Steam
« on: January 15, 2014, 11:46:50 pm »
I love both. I want them to rule the world. Then we can all have IRL ships to play IRL matches and IRL kill everyone!!!

Ok maybe not that, but the last few tweets from @GOIOnline about the Steam controller and Steam OS got me really excited so I figured I'd make a whole thread to express said excitement, and as you guys what you think about it, too! [*happy face*]


So... what do you think about it? xD

Edit: Oh I just saw what I did there with the title! Well done, Oliver of the past.

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