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Feedback and Suggestions / Swappable engines?
« on: October 18, 2016, 12:12:56 am »
I was just having a bit of a discussion with my good friend HeartBreakSyd about adding new content to the game, namely things that would make the core mechanics more interesting to those of us that have been playing the game for... oh 3 years now. The idea of swappable engines came to mind. Inkjet ads that a long time ago (and I remember this as well), different ships had engines named differently, even if they were heavy or medium or what not. So this gives us an idea:

WHAT IF: you had different engines available to you that would exhibit different stats in different states or are capable of diverting new stats to different components at a consequence to the engines. For example, you can have turning engines that take a hit to turning speed but divert fuel to the main engine or the balloon. Or engines that spool up slowly, delivering faster strait-line speed at the cost of acceleration. Another option would be engines that run on a different form of fuel that make them more succeptible to loss of thrust when damaged vs fully repaired or capable of adding projecticle speed to rockets at the cost of less overall thrust.

Anyone else have any ideas on this before I send it off to the devs?

Community Events / Clan Clan Challenge
« on: April 12, 2015, 08:05:07 pm »
Clan Clan is thinking of organize a weekly "challenge" match. We're looking at Tuesdays at 10pm EST (might move that around a bit. That's basically the best time for us, so that's what we're going with.)

The idea is like this: Each week we'll host a best of 4 or 5 matches against a single challenger team (might adjust the number of matches depending upon how much time is available and how long the matches go or if we all just run out of the will to play after a few matches). We'll also make the last match an all-munker match because... because clan clan.

Any interested team can go ahead and contact Nietzsche's Mustache on steam and we'll coordinate which week we'll be playing. Any team that wishes to challenge us is welcome. It can be inter-clan, full clan, or a loose amalgam of players, so long as you can bring 8 people and be generally well-spirited. Standard competative rules may or may not apply. I'm not sure how to go about that because I'm not sure if we'll have or want a referee.

I'm also thinking of having this casted, so if anyone is interested in doing that, shoot me a message and let me know. And I'll be sure to post here who's playing when so that way you don't waste your time trying to put together a team for a week when there's already someone scheduled and also to allow people to decide whether or not to check out the stream depending upon who's playing this week (we're all partial to certain teams, I think).

Feedback and Suggestions / New Map Concept
« on: August 27, 2014, 05:07:51 pm »
I had mention during last weeks dev fireside chat that I had some ideas for a new map. I'm posting this to the forum to see if the user base might be constructive, but I've also sent an email to the feedback address just to get it a little bit more attention from the devs themselves.

At any rate, the main concept is it's a large map with an open sniping alley along the side (where pretty much all the maps currently in use have open areas in the middle or, in the case of canyons, at the far ends). To contrast with that open sniping area would be either an extended area of canyons or city scape (in the concept scetch I use city scape, but understanding how much detail has to go into a city design, it could very well be canyons). I'm thinking the exit out of those contrasting areas should be somewhere in the middle, making it more viable to escape by pushing forwards rather than simple moving sideways. Of course, it should also be possible to escape into the city/canyons by climbing over the cliff face that separates the two areas, but will not necessarily be the most strategic escape in most scenarios.

I'm also thinking the city/canyon area should be shaped like an elongated bowl, allowing for varying floor height and also making the cliffs separating the open-sniping area and the more close-quarters area a little bit more fluid.

A couple more general notes: I'm thinking generally of northern California's coastline or New Zealand as well for general inspiration. I was taking a look at the Guns of Icarus World map that's on the GoI wiki and I was thinking this could exist in the GoI world somewhere along the western edges of the Chaladonian Isle. Alternatively, it could be flipped 90 or 180 degrees and be on the northern ridges of Abermar or the eastern edge of the Eastern Ridges. There's a lot that's up in the air here, but I do really feel like skirmish mode needs a map where long and short ranges are divided into the east and west side of the map.

FWIW, I recognize my hand writing is sub-par. :P Questions/Concerns/Rude Comments?

So, one of the things I've been noticing because of disconnects and game crashes is that player settings aren't actually saved until you close the game. The result is a number of annoying circumstances:

You're change some keybindings, decide you like it, then your game crashes and when you re-enter the game, your bindings have reverted.

You decided to change some graphics settings because of all this Frame-rate drop nonesense that's been going on, but then you crash (it does this with disconnects as well), come back and you're still on x8 AA and your light effects are cranked out, but you don't notice until several games later when you go to see if you can turn them down some more.

You have a new ship loadout, you run it for a match and really like it, but you disconnect halfway through and come back to finish the game. In the next lobby, you decide you want to stick with the same ship, assume you've still got the same ship, but realize only after the next game starts that because you've disconnected, your presets have reverted and you feel exceptionally silly that you asked everyone to bring greased rounds for your mercs. 

I'm really saddened that I have to come to the forums with this sort of angry mindset. I love this game. I want it to work. I want it to work, REALLY badly. But here's the deal: every time we get a patch for this game, we get new bugs. We get loads of them. You guys take 2 steps forward, we take 10 steps back. I mean, new themes or figureheads are nice and all, but ...


... Seriously, why are we focusing on adding more features when every time we do, it breaks the game? Ships STILL disappear inexplicably when in a dust cloud. Just when you think we're supposed to have performance improvements with flamethrowers, we start getting reports of 3 frames per second when flamethrowers start firing.

So, I'll put it to you this way:



If you have artists that are decent programmers, put them to work. We want this game to work in the first place, not break every time a new patch comes in. It was getting good before this last patch, some people reported no lag at ALL. But now it's all ruined. All for not.

Fix it.

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