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Feedback and Suggestions / dual at dawn map restrictions
« on: June 16, 2014, 01:39:18 am »
at dual at dawn in the top part of the map there is a particular pillar that people sometimes can fly around at the edge of the maplimit. most of the time people get stuck because of this.
Will the map size increase a bit to solve this problem or decrease and prevent players for getting around it?

Feedback and Suggestions / Clan Emblems on balloon and possibly hull
« on: June 15, 2014, 10:26:20 am »
With the current tournaments I thought of making ships stand out more for the clan they represent. My idea is to make it able to have the Clan emblem on the ship rather then the stock stickers muse provides us.
Having the clan emblem on your ship would be a nice feature which makes tournament games look more proffesional in a visual way.
Improving the visual side of tournaments on stream will increase the interest of viewers. This increase in interest will result into a raise of popularity in Guns of Icarus online. This will then result into more players and potentially new teams and groups of people.
If you want to make the tournament side of GoIo MLG and proffesional, then make it look good too.

The Cantina / Huskies can fly. By Jawjee.
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:54:06 am »
*Snoring loudly*
Unknown: Captain? Captain wake up.
*I turn on my right side, sighing deeply* What the hell do you want now?
Unknown: Sir, We're surrounded.
Jawjee: Pfft, ha, by what exactly? AIR?
Unknown: Sir, there are 6 galleons surrounding us.
*At that moment I woke up and ran directly out of the cabin, to the steering wheel*
*Ah yes, Baine.Baine was my first crew mate, now in rank of a lieutenant.Also, he was the one that woke me up*
Baine: I swear I did not hear or see any of them coming.
Jawjee: I know, those damn bastards used the same tactic when they attacked my people.They are the cause of our exctinction.

*You may ask yourself what the hell I'm talking about.Well, let me start with the beginning then.Right after the invention of the bloody flying ships, humans began to explore the world. Me, my family, and the rest of my kind, lived in Firnfeld. We were situated in uh...Altwood I suppose, we didn't have maps at that time, because we decided not to explore at all. We had enough resources of wood, fresh water, and food, from the lake.
The Northlake to be more precise. We didn't really use wood, as our fur was thick enough to keep us warm all time, and anyway, we lived in "houses" made of snow and ice. They were some huge icycles, all connected, forming a castle at first, then it took a militaristic turn, forming a fortress, and in the end, it was a kingdom...A kingdom my father ruled incredibly well with wisdom, and might. But soon came the day when we had to defend our kingdom, our native land. One day, someone appeard at the ice gates, asking to see the king. He was assisted by some well armed men. Our guards only let the man that asked to see the king inside. The rest remained outside.
That man presented himself to be the admiral of the Fjord Baronies. He said his name was Lensen, and his intentions are peaceful. My father asked me to leave the palace, and so I did, but not completely. I stood close to the door and listened to their discussion. That admiral wanted our lands for his people, but of course my father refused. Everything seemed to be very calm, even though the subject was getting very tense. Right before leaving, the admiral threatened my father saying he will conquer the lands if he needs to. He left, without looking back. I felt the urge to follow him, and see how he got here in the first place, but my father didn't allow it. Everything seemed...normal for a while. But one day, I felt the smell of...alcohol and fuel in the air, which was unusual.
I went directly on the balcony to inspect the smell, knowing that it was coming from outside. There, in the sky, was a fleet, an army of galleons, all pointing their weapons In the distance I saw that same human, that admiral bastard. I knew he was smiling, I knew it. Right before I could even turn back and run to warn my father, I felt a hand on my left shoulder. My father was there, looking at the army of floating ships...
He...didn't look at me, at all, he just told me to run away, to run as far as possible, and never return. But I refused to leave him. I was taken away by my father's own bodyguard, Thallion. Right before leaving my father, he told Thallion he'd meet him afterwards, but he paused while saying it. It was a lie, he knew he was going to die, but refused to leave his people. Thallion refused to turn back or stop. He kept running, with me on his shoulder, only caring about my safety. Thallion only stopped when we arrived in Snowpeak. He carefully took me off his shoulders, and placed me on my feet. He then gently placed his hand on my shoulder, telling me that all that mattered at that moment, was my safety. Quickly after that, he searched in his pockets and found what he was looking for. It was a medalion, and it was my father's. He gave it to me, telling me that I was his king now.
I understood what he meant by that. We had to survive..*

Baine: DOWN!
Jawjee: Wha-
*Baine pushed me before I could even understand what he meant.As I was falling on the floor of my ship, I heard him let out a loud scream. In his shoulder there was a huge hole...But my head was exactly where his shoulder is now. He...saved me.*
*At that moment I grabbed the steering wheel, and set the trottle at full forward. Baine was laying on the deck, bleeding a lot, barely moving or saying anything. I charged at full speed towards the galleon that was right in front. The collision made it turn exactly 180 degrees and got destroyed by its own allies. Thankfully they were not very fast, but I was sure they won't give up the chase, so I turned back, and charged directly towards them. There was enough space between the first four galleons for me to slip through. Right in the last moment, I turned on the kerosene, and was fast enough to avoid getting destroyed by the heavy weapons. They destroyed each other anyway. There was just one single galleon left, 100 meters away, and it was backing away at full speed. I was getting closer and closer, but unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to get close enough to kill it, as it was already facing us with its monstrous sides. It was a second-,No an hour, perhaps a day...or an year. That was the moment when I failed everyone. That was the moment when everything was...lost. When it fired, all I was able to feel was pain, and a lot of it. The explosions blasted me off the steering wheel. I was semi-unconcious, all numb. All I could feel was the ship colliding with the galleon. I passed out  as I watched the galleon going down,in flames. We were also losing altitude, but I was far too weakened to take over the ship again. I decided to stay down, and wait for my death. I completely passed out. When I woke up, I was in the pyramidion's cabin, but it wasn't...mine. It looked a whole lot darker, but it was clean. Soon after wasking up I hear some voices coming from the other side of the cabin*

voice 1: And why the hell do I need to take care of him? I don't even know him, and he isn't even a human! What if he'll bite me?HUH? ANSWER ME!
voice 2: Because I said so, and because out of all, you're the only one that can't harm anything, at all.
voice 1: Urgh, fine, so be it, but what are we going to do with him?
voice 2: How about you ask him yourself?
*I tried to get up and see what's going on, but was only able to sit. Only then I remarked the bandages around my body. The bandages were all bloody. Out of all, only my right arm was annoying me.
I was afraid to even move it, so I didn't even try. Slowly, in a scared way, I saw the door open. There was standing a pretty tall, slender and pale person. He was dressed all fancy. He then began
to talk, and I remarked it was the first voice I've heard.*
Lockheart: Uh, good day sir, I am Lockheart, captain of this ship and I'd like to k-
*He was intrerupted by a slap over the head from a taller person, slightly tougher, dressed really dark*
Coldcurse: Your ship, huh?
Lockheart: I was just trying to tell that wolf guy where he is!
Jawjee: I ain't no wolf, I'm a husky.
Coldcurse: Welcome aboard, hope you will feel comfortable around Lockheart, he will make sure that you'll be fine.
Lockheart: Yeh-, wait what? You mean, until he fully recovers?
Coldcurse: Yes, I mean that.
Jawjee: May I ask, where am I? I mean, I know I'm a ship, but I'd like to know more, also what happened to my crew?
Coldcurse: Ah yes, we're currently above..."The Dunes", and unfortunately, your crew didn't make it alive.
Jawjee: *sigh* Jesus, it's so hot in here.
*Coldcurse slaps Lockheart again*
Coldcurse: Oh and I forgot to ask, who are you?
Jawjee: My name is Jawjee, king of the hus-
Coldcurse: Wonderful, we hope you'll have a great, nice stay.
*Before leaving the room he lets out a smile, leaving me with Lockheart*
Jawjee: So uh...
Jawjee: *sigh* Why would you think I'll bite you?
Lockheart: Because you have fangs.
Jawjee: This will be a long day I feel.


The Pit / Suggestion to Devs: Universal Blame Shinkurex Day
« on: February 25, 2014, 07:43:10 am »

We all know Shinkurex for a very, very, very long time. He is a great and honest person. Shinkurex is always ready to help someone and answer peoples questions.There is a topic in the forum specially made for him where people still post in as we speak to blame him, for he is a great guy. Shinkurex has become an iconic player in Guns of Icarus and I think we should celebrate this to show our respect to him as an community. So my question to you great Devs, who fullfilled my wish before with the "Captain John Snow" for a day request. Can we make 24th of May "Universal Blame Shinkurex Day"? This will also open the path for more events and special tournaments which would encourage people to be more open in suggesting events/tournaments.

Patiently waiting for your response,

The Pit / Universal Blame Shinkurex day
« on: February 18, 2014, 01:57:19 am »
The Official Blame shinkurex day on 24 of may, where we all remind ourselfes that Shinkurex is the one to blame.
This day is officially sponsored by shinkurex, you can blame him.

Feedback and Suggestions / calender of events in-game
« on: February 04, 2014, 04:05:47 am »
It will be nice if there could be a weekly schedule when and what is going to happen in the upcoming 7 days.
Maybe adding notificating text on the main screen on the right empty side showing what kind of events will happen today and when it will happen.
This will keep people updated of upcoming events and events that will happen the current day.
Aslo for timezones I would suggest using UTC for showing event times, adding a clock in-game would allow people to check up when the event will happen.
Why UTC? It's universal time that does not apply winter or summer times so there would be no fiddling around with it and no confusion.
The idea of having this calender is for people to check up what will be going to happen. It's a simple way of letting people know things instead of only letting them know through the forums. This idea is more direct then just forums alone. This idea is also a good filler for the empty and lonely looking mainscreen that could be filled with more information.

Feedback and Suggestions / "Stream"tab in "social"
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:42:42 am »
Seeing someone made a post on how to improve the game by making it able to watch competitive matches in-game by adding more spectator slots gave me an idea.
I have played the game "Smite" long ago and they had an unique feature. You could watch the stream while you are actually in-game. This would only show you the stream and not the chat so if you wanted to get onto the stream page then you had to click on the twitchlogo to get redirected towards the original streampage. The idea of being able to watch streams in-game is just great, it encourages people to get on GoIo more often and look at the stream and if they like it they can subscribe.
When I watch a stream it mostly has 50 people watching it while there are 200 players on the server. Giving players this option will be giving more of an advantage to streamers that organise tournaments or scrims. It will open new doors to make people watch streams more often and spread the word of competitive play.

Feedback and Suggestions / Clan tab in social
« on: February 04, 2014, 02:10:58 am »
Maybe it's a good Idea to make a new tab in "social" that is called "Clan" this would make looking for your clanmembers alot easier since you don't have to manually all add them to your friends list.

Community Events / are we still active
« on: January 16, 2014, 09:01:10 am »
i know it might be a long time since last post.
but are we still actively making training days or just going on our own to help others?

The Pit / Debate of everything and nothing
« on: January 16, 2014, 05:57:43 am »
-There are no rules in this debate but try to keep it kinda reasonable.
-The debate can go about everything.

Heavy FlareGun

We already have alot of things made into a heavy weapon.
What we do miss is a heavy weapon that shines light and does flame damage at the same time.

Gameplay / Training Captains
« on: January 16, 2014, 05:37:04 am »
A very long time ago there was a concept of having a handfull of experienced, kind, smart and polite players be Training Captains.
This ment that they could join in level 1-3 player matches and share tips and tricks with new players so they can enjoy the game more.
After a while the whole training project faded away and never returned.
I'm also one of the ol' Trainings Captains and join level 1-3 matches from time to time to give some tips and tricks to new players.

I want to know if anyone has encounterd a Training Captain and actually learned something from them.
Do you think Training Captains are usefull?

Website and Forum Issues / news feed code typo
« on: January 16, 2014, 05:18:02 am »
Log in using the email address and password you selected when registering in-game. Forgot your password?
Version 1.3.4 is live! Read the full [,3016.0.html]release notes[/url]
Support the development of Adventure Mode! Preorder the Adventure Mode DLC and get other goodies in our store
Subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with Guns of Icarus Online news and updates!

"[,3016.0.html]release notes[/url]"
should be:

Feedback and Suggestions / option for premade huds and aiming sights
« on: January 06, 2014, 10:23:53 am »
read this before everything else:
My plan is not to give the option to have fully custumisable huds that everybody can make with paint or photoshop due to cheating.
I want to try and give muse a little idea of how to make this boring grey aiming circle more fun by just adding a little color or a different shape for more player personalization.
all shapes have to be simple shapes that are simatrical, like triangles, cogs, squares or a circle based on dots.
this way there still is a bit more personalizarion while it wont be possible to upload your own special made hud that could be used for cheating.

now read the rest.
I thought it would be nice if you had the option to change the color or looks of your aiming circle.
also i thought of instead of having a circle that you could possibly choose for a triangle or a square or myabe a cog, or no aiming help at all like old times.

being able to change your aiming circle will give the players a possitive feeling as they could not only changeing their character looks but also their ingame aiming circle for more personalisation.
all those aiming circles can be easily made by the muse art team because they can use the boring grey circle as template, you just have to give it a different color.
for changeing the shape from a circle to triangle i would suggest useing one of the corners of the triangle as the indicator of the amount of bullets left in the gun.
as you would be shooting with the triangle shape, the triangle will turn 120 degrees when the gun runs out of bullets.

little thing to show you how i was thinking about this.

full clip:
original position.

empty clip:
turned 120 degrees to the right.

also the colors are tottally dependable what the muse team preffers and thinks are neutral and ok to use.
the way to put this in the game could be through the Icarus store in-game, or through the options.

if someone could make an actual drawing based on the standard boring circle of greyness, and give it a different color or shape that is neutral.
please send these pictures/drawings to muse or post them here.

This will notonly help to get more player personilasation, but also helps all the colorblind players that might be struggling with seeing the aiming circle.
maybe a fun thing for muse is to change keyvias's aiming circle into a pink heart on valentines day.

General Discussion / happy new year, special thanks to:
« on: December 20, 2013, 03:32:44 am »
Special thanks to the ones who supported us this year:
All the TFD members.
Without you guys this clan would be nothing, I am glad to be the leader of this great group.
I've seen each and everyone grow and get strong, some have even started their own clan now by building up experience inside TFD.
For each and everyone in the clan I will thank you very much for giving me this awesome year and I hope next year will get better.

The Glowwaterthralls.
thank you for supporting us skrimskraw, we also like your brawly fighting style.

Uiribus's Clan
Falconeers wasn't it?
Thank you for supporting us and filling empty spots. By the way Uiri, I'll kick your ass on chievalry with a slingshot.

For streaming all the matches we played in. To have played with us on a co-op horror game and crapped his pants. And at last, for not accepting it's an oval.

Swallow and other streamers.
For streaming all those fun matches.

Sunday Rumbles ish the best Rumbles.

I will never foget this:
Thank you for the great moments and streams.

That we almost made the three word game your love story. I really hope there will be a Burning Skies Salloon part 2.

Captain Phoenix
For being a friend. Just don't be an ass all of the time and stop getting banned.

The Gents
For showing us that sniping is really stupid, annoying and boring. also not interesting.

The Ducks
For the great matches we played against eachother, you're a great opponent that we can and will kill. Yes we still hate you guys after the pritian rumble match. Stop whining about us thrash-talking, that's just in our nature. So stop being little girls and grow some Lochnagar nuts.

Nobody really knows you but we have fun plaing games together. D.W.2. train instant get_into_the_chopper victory.

Because we blame you for everything. and its your fault that you're on this list now.

The Crows
Because it all started there.

All Hail The Keymaster! Thank you for giving me keys for the test server. You're a great guy who is loved by the community (at least we like you). I still need to find a day were we can have a match with or against eachother.

All the CA's
Thank you for keeping the forums safe and acceptable. I hope to fight you all sometime.

For being a great friend and a great enemy. As for a special christmas offer for you, join the TFD you know you want to.  :P

Captain/Commodore Lockheart. also known as, Captain Jon Snow
For being my right hand and great friend. For making decisions I can't make. For supporting me in times when I was sad or depressed.

For still supporting TFD even known that you aren't able to play for such a long time.

The greatest GoIo Pilot with a golden voice.

The Museosaurs
I hope you guys will get better, so next time it will be an actual challenge for us.  :P

The Community
You boys and girls deserve a special thanks for playing this game. Without the community this game would get boring. Thank you for all the great forum posts, threads and comments where we laugh on and laugh about. For creating the amazing game guide and art. I hope you all have a great christmas and a very happy New Year.

The Signal Tower / TFD stream
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:42:54 am »
I might pick up streaming again.

I'll play games such as:
Guns of icarus online.
world of tanks.
Wechwarriors online.
Awesomenauts with Brick Hardcastle.
Chievalry medieval warfare.
War of the roses.
and more....

18:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT
13:00 EST - 17:00 EST
times may variate.

Days: hopefully everyday, but mostly Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Link to stream:
Facecam: It's a possibility.

I will only continou doing this if I get a solid 15 or more viewers at the end of this year.
And maybe in the future ill throw in some giveaways, I've done it before.
I hope I can entertain you guys with gameplay in my point of view.

This channel might be innapropriate for children due to lots of swearing.
Don't be offended if there are words spoken which you do not like, I simply don't care im offering up spare time to entertain you guys.  ;)

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