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World / Blackcliff Ship Name/Faction
« on: July 03, 2015, 10:15:45 pm »
So because I have an unhealthy infatuation with what was once the "raid on the refinery mystery ship" which is also still visible in the new 2v2 map, Blackcliff, I would like to speculate a bit on the ship's in world purpose, faction affiliation, and a fitting name for fun. Older images of the ship can be viewed here

Assuming that the map Blackcliff exists in the same location as the Blackcliff on the GoI Co-op Mode map
 ( ) we can assume that it is a major town in the  Fjord Baronies territory near the Chaladon border. In spite of this though I'd like to theory craft that this ship, while seen in Baronies lands is not a part of the Baronies faction or at least not its military. This is because its design does not share some of the very common characteristics we've seen so far in the Baronies' faction ships. From the Faction A.I. ships as well as the previewed faction player ship, to the Spire that has a history as a former Baronies sentry we can see that the Baronies military has a thing for implementing shields or some kind of "cow catcher" to the front of their airships.

The blackcliff ship (blackcraft?) is perhaps instead less of a military ship for the Baronies and more of a privately owned cargo ship for the Blackcliff refinery. Larger balloons meant for bearing heavier loads, a single large howitzer type weapon on the front for self-defense rather then aggressive action, and a simple cost effective design could imply that this airship was designed with freight in mind. Some old name suggestions included the narwhal because of its pointy bits. Maybe a Marlin or Sailfish would also be good suggestions in-keeping with the marine animal naming theme.

To my knowledge the inclusion of this ship in the Raid on the Refinery map was mostly due in part to the convenience of reusing old assets. The first time this ship was seen was in the GoIO trailer which can be viewed here at the 11 second mark.
The ship was too large and/or didn't function well in the PvP setting of the time so it went unused until it became a fancy background decoration. So having said that this is all of course speculation that probably has no connection with the developers intent and is really just for some fun. Any thoughts?

All credit that needs to be due to the fine folks of the former thread to first identify the mystery ship here

P.S.(Muse please bring this ship into Co-op)

Feedback and Suggestions / Adventure Mode Boss Ships
« on: April 09, 2013, 02:34:22 am »
Have not quite seen this come up in discussion yet and hopefully as the kickstarter comes to a close we'll get a bit more of a sneak peak at what these boss ship battles will entail but what would you all like to see happen? I certainly hope these boss ships are a little more then a bigger ship with a bigger healthbar using the conventional weapons we are already used to. How could these encounters play out in interesting, memorable and unique ways that emphasize the heavy need for teamwork we are all so familiar with in GoI?

For a few ideas maybe some of these boss ships will be segmented, like a bunch of larger ships tethered together that have to be strategically picked apart by destroying the multiple hulls or balloons as you work your way to the main hull that keeps it all together. Or a boss ship with a giant maw of spinning/shredding gears on the front as well as multiple harpoons used to pull in unaware or foolish pilots.

Maybe even unique boss areas could make these fight memorable. Like a fight that takes place entirely in a cloudy, stormy environment with periodic lightning strikes briefly revealing the lurking boss ship location until you can get close enough to effectively engage.

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