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Gameplay / awkm is op
« on: August 14, 2013, 07:38:52 pm »
All joking aside, I truthfully only have two gripes: but let me summarize what I've written below first:

1) make the useless guns useful again
2)stop making the game harder for new players
(read on if you dare)

1)perhaps it's time to stop thinking in terms of weakening weapons, and start thinking about raising the other weapons to meet that competitive level.

Banshee is a good some point in our distant past it was buffed to a "useful" status, which earned it a nurf shortly thereafter to where it's at currently in the "useless" stead of nurfing it there should have been a counter created (chem spray at the time wasn't working) to help combat it's usefulness

example if a sniper gun exists, there should be a tactical tool to counter said sniping
like forward shooting smoke screen, that doesn't damage your own ship

or when the Artemis was "op" something like chaff that would cause the missile to miss the target

(when I say useless, a quick look at a competitive match would easily indicate what I mean by "useless" they are never used)

at one point there was a time when you would really have to ask yourself should I take gun a, or gun b, as they could be match specific, or target all you have is choice a

there are tons of other options if you don't want to raise the bar:

you could add new guns to the game to add challenge, I'm still a huge fan of a muck gun that prevents an airship temporarily from rising

or return fire to being a real threat...maybe there should  be a captains tool that would make a ship temporarily immune to fire (at some fun expense, like all guns shoot slower)

2) I have yet to see one change that improves the feel or learning curve for new players

example, does shaking the Lumberjack serve any purpose other than increasing the challenge for experienced players? does making any gun harder to shoot improve the game play at all?
(sorry that is a rhetorical question, please withhold your rounds of Duck No)

My point being is that making the game harder does not make it better...

(are we trying to turn GOIO into a Korean professional competitive game? I hope not!)

our efforts should be in making the teamwork portion of this game even more involved, more exciting, keeping new players hooked into our community in preparation for the upcoming release of adventure mode....

one game, played against one team of new players, who finds every other gun besides the Mercury in this game too difficult to learn in less than 500 matches Should not mean please nurf the should draw to our attention how we are failing our community

why not give new players a moving target bullet with gun in this box to hit target (like in Tribes 2)

or add something to the game to bolster teamwork

I would love to see a truly heavy cannon that requires a gunner to fire it and an engineer to load the ammo (min of two people to fire the single gun)

or a ship that needs a crew for more than just repair and shoot
for example...the map could be a tool to bring instead of the you need to act as the navigator and tell the captain where to fly

add challenge that ADDs to the gameplay, not to the learning curve

This is all

-Mr Arrow

indeed a Capital Fellow

Community Events / Hungry Duck Games Round 3 - 05/04/2013 5:15pm EST
« on: April 24, 2013, 05:59:27 pm »
All out match on the Flayed Hills...
The only rules...8 Ducks Enter, 4 Ducks Leave!

Not all our ducks can make it so if you have interest in joining a duck crew, prepare for the fight of your life and post a reply below.

Game starts May 4th, 5:15pm EST

Look for the live broadcasts at

With a Guest host from either the Bully Boys or the Dandy Lions

....And May the Fourth Be with you

Community Events / The Hungry Duck Games
« on: March 30, 2013, 11:15:30 pm »
Looking for something to do between COGs matches?

Come Root on your favorite Duck Team in an all out, no holds barred, Battle Royale between the best of the best!

Where you'll see the Paddling, Raft, Brood, and our Brand New Fourth Team (currently unnamed and comprised mostly of ninja ducks...ducks that can move through solid objects like walls and doors and prefer to be referred to as Duckinjas) go head to head in a Hunger Game Style League that will forever be known as the Hungry Duck Games.

Look for our first game to be held on Saturday April 6th (Bat Time and Bat Chanel TBD)
and May the Ducks forever be in your Favor!

Gameplay / Concerns of Changes vs Community
« on: March 13, 2013, 10:09:25 pm »
I apologize if this post is misplaced…

but Guns of Icarus has a mature, respectful, and friendly community where people actually express sportsmanship and genuine goodwill... where I personally look forward to seeing regulars hanging out in the lobby and besting or being bested by them time and time again.

I understand that some balance is necessary but I don’t think that it should be at the cost of breaking up our community…

We have lost too many “good friends” to rules that keep changing…to the felling of getting the rug pulled out from under our feet on a far too frequent basis.

I think what makes myself the most disappointed was the “big steam kickoff” where we had 300+ people in the lobby looking to join our community, only to find those lobbies back down to 30 people just 2 weeks later...

after they got tired of dealing with the “bugs” coupled with the frustrations of the regular community…

the people who would have been there helping this new “crew” join up but instead were out in the forums complaining, or frustrated to the point that they were unable to enjoy the game…or simply left us completely.

Awkm, as for your comment about working for free…I have asked time and time again for ways to contribute to our community financially…be it through custom team outfits, or custom balloon designs…I guess what I’m saying is throw us a bone, please…and maybe you’ll get back a steak

And please consider my favor..of asking us to perhaps step off the rug before you (muse) decide it’s time to yank it up and throw down a new one.

-Mr Arrow
First mate to Captain Smollett
and indeed a Capital Fellow

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