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The Pit / GoI haikus
« on: January 14, 2014, 11:01:29 am »
A place for all the GoI related haikus that one can come up with, such as…

"I'm an idiot. I'm a massive idiot. Suicide charge time"

"A Mobula comes. Or is it the Manta Ray? Either way it's fat."

The Lounge / How was your christmas?
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:25:03 pm »
Pretty much what you'd imagine. How was your christmas? What did you do?

Mine was fairly simple. The big meal was on christmas eve, so christmas day was spent opening presents, before gorging on way too much chocolate, followed by munching on Lebkuchen and sitting on the sofa watching Love Actually.

The Gallery / Salvacorvo and the Black Bear
« on: November 30, 2013, 04:28:54 pm »
“How much further?”

The question caught the captain by surprise, he wasn’t expecting to be talked to while he was looking through the spyglass at the horizon. And the question wasn’t exactly very loudly posed, drowned out by the sound of the captain’s cloak flapping about in the wind.
   “Captain Salvacorvo?”
Salvacorvo lowered the spyglass and put it back on his belt, right next to the compass and bag of coins. He looked behind him, to the man who posed the question, the man in black, clothed in black and head covered in grizzled black hair, face lined with a thick black beard. Everything about him was black, all except his eyes, which were silver.
   “A few hours, I’d say.” replied Salvacorvo, doing his best to bring order to his wind-harassed cloak, but letting the tasseled scarf and wavy brown hair fly free, “Are you impatient?”
   “My business in Vyshtorg is urgent.” said the man in black. Salvacorvo walked toward and then past him, moving to the helm. He took hold of the wheel and adjusted the course but a degree. He manipulated the wheel like the expert he was, his fingers callous from decades of the wheel rubbing against them. He felt at ease behind the wheel, like it was where he belonged. Not to say it was the only place he belonged, for Salvacorvo belonged in many places.

In his leisure time, he belonged in the most elaborate ballrooms in Vyshtorg, drinking the finest wines and admiring the most beautiful flowers that could be imported from Chaladon. But when on duty, he belonged wherever he needed to. If he was to escort a convoy of ships, at their side was where he and his ship would belong. And if he was to eliminate an Arashi raiding party, he’d belong wherever they were, and defeat anyone who would stop him.

   “What kind of business do you have?” Salvacorvo asked the black-clad man. The man did not notice, as he was currently looking down at his pocket watch when being asked. “Excuse me… you.” Salvacorvo tried to get his attention. Eventually the man looked up.
   “What is it?” he growled in the manner he could never help but doing.
   “You haven’t told me your name, thus far. What is it?” The man looked pensive for a moment, as if contemplating whether or not to tell him. This pause was enough to make Salvacorvo suspicious.
   “Aleksandr, I’m Aleksandr.” revealed the man in black. Salvacorvo’s eyebrows lifted as he made a non-audible sound of realisation.
   “Aleksandr Skotina?” he said.
   “You’ve heard of me?”
   “Yes…” said Salvacorvo, rifling through what memories he had of Vyshtorg’s Guildhall meetings and passing whispers by Merchants, “...Yes, I’ve heard your name before, but not as much as your other name.” Aleksandr’s face tightened and his eyes widened and intensified in their presence. He remained silent. “What was ‘The Black Bear’ doing in Mole?”

Aleksandr noticeably twitched upon hearing his nickname, the nickname he hated, but could never escape from. Running his fingers through his matted hair, he took a few steps over to the side of the ship and looked over into the distance. “Other urgent business.”
   “Whatever you say,” said Salvacorvo, “it’s your own business, after all. But it’s funny, now that I look at you, how could I ever have thought you were anyone other than the Black Bear?”
   “I hate that name.” the Black Bear barked.
   “I apologise, but I’m just saying… it’s an interesting one.”
   “And you.” Aleksandr abruptly changed the topic of conversation, “I’ve heard of you many times in Vyshtorg’s Guildhall. They say you’re the best military captain in the Mercantile Guild.” Salvacorvo’s mouth curled into a muted smile. “The family I do business with, house Wymalot, say you’ve never lost a battle.”
   “I wish that were true, believe me, but I don’t think a Yeshan general or Anglean hersir alive can claim that, we’ve all lost battles.” Aleksandr nodded as Salvacorvo said this. He knew well how it felt to lose a battle, no matter how small. Salvacorvo had lost a few battles in the sky, while Aleksandr’s past was fraught with little everyday battles, lost battles.

“One time, for example…” Salvacorvo said, smiling as if it was a humorous memory, “I was on the tail of an Arashi raiding party, just west of Isago.”
   “They were probably part of Kamakhe tribe, if they were from that region.” Aleksandr’s interjection caught Salvacorvo off guard.
   “How much do you know about Arashi?”
   “Not much, but that includes the habits of a few of their nomadic tribes.”
   “Right… Anyway. I was on their tail, following them as fast as I could. When we got out of the hills of Isago and into the open desert. I ordered for my gunners to fire an Artemis barrage to slow them down. It worked, they became sitting ducks. I told the other ships to advance and finish them off at close range, but then… I realised, too late, that I’d fallen into a trap. Arashi ships, ‘Kamakhe ships’ as you think, rose up out of the canyons and surrounded what ships I’d sent in. They were annihilated.” As he recalls this detail, Salvacorvo’s smile vanishes.
   “But you escaped?” said Aleksandr.
   “Yes, along with three of my ships, I suppose we were lucky they didn’t pursue us.”
   “You are, Arashi seldom have mercy.”
   “But it did teach me a valuable lesson,” Salvacorvo exclaimed, raising a finger, “Since that day, I have never underestimated an enemy. When you enter a state of war, assume they have an ace up their sleeves.”
   “I know that all too well.” Aleksandr said. Salvacorvo eyed Aleksandr carefully.
   “Do you have an ace?” he asked, to which Aleksandr chuckled and looked at Salvacorvo, silver eyes shining slightly in sun’s rays.
   “No, I am an ace…” he purred. Salvacorvo did not respond to this, but took hold of the wheel again and adjusted the course by another degree.

Salvacorvo kept his promise, and a few hours later the ship was docked in Vyshtorg. Aleksandr did not stick around, darting off, leaving Salvacorvo alone with his small crew, all of whom eventually left in search of a tavern. Salvacorvo stayed, however, on his ship. He had no yearning for the stress of Vyshtorg on this day. The meetings and balls were all well and good, but sometimes Salvacorvo liked nothing but to just sit aboard his ship and feel the winds of the Vastness.

On some days he would sit there into the night, but this day he spent in Vyshtorg. He himself had business to attend to, meetings with various Merchants, important family members of several houses. But that evening he did return to the ship, mainly because he forgot something there. He walked up the gangplank, but was met by a shadow lurking on board, one which growled.

   “Salvacorvo.” it growled. In the darkness of the night, Aleksandr was almost invisible, but Salvacorvo recognised his voice.
   “Aleksandr? What are you doing here?”
   “You… you can’t do what you’re about to do, Salvacorvo.” Aleksandr sat back in the chair, silhouetted in the night. Salvacorvo’s hand found itself running along his belt, looking for what wasn’t there. He never carried a gun, but now he felt he needed one.
   “What I’m doing?”
   “But you’re far too steadfast to give in to intimidation. I can’t intimidate the greatest military captain in the Mercantile Guild.” Salvacorvo stopped looking for the weapon that wasn’t there. He held his head high and made his back straight.
   “So what are you going to do?”

The shadow on the chair stood up and took a single step forward. Then it growled and barked and the great shadow of the Black Bear devoured the straight-backed Merchant captain.

Feedback and Suggestions / 3 team modes
« on: October 10, 2013, 06:22:15 pm »
I just realised that there should totally be a mode where there are 3 teams instead of 2. It would likely have to be 2v2v2 since 9 ships in one game would be overly lagtastic, but 3 teams of 2 would be really awesome.

Feedback and Suggestions / Harpoon terrain hooking
« on: October 01, 2013, 10:49:56 am »
Does anyone else think that harpoons should stick into the terrain like they do with ships? I mean, there's no reason why they shouldn't, I don't think. And, although undoubtedly extremely difficult, I can imagine using it to pull off some awesome flight manoeuvres in Canyon Ambush or Paritan Rumble.

The Pit / Muse's latin message
« on: September 14, 2013, 05:51:05 pm »
So I loaded up the dev app after the recent update and found, after clicking on any tab, this message...

Now, being the genius that I am, I deduced that the message was written in that dead, useless language, latin.

Naturally I was intrigued by this archaic script, and proceeded to spend the better part of a half-hour typing it into google translate to see just what Muse is onto. The results were... interesting.

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Until before impact, Shopping and fear, grief tourism sector. Betting that investment funds, and gate alarms. Hello level yet soft laughter Japan. Oklahoma no one until immigration enforcement. But not at this level undertakes research and investment. Oklahoma football live diesel pump replacement. Please do not fill out the fringe and the football itself, there is no and to the justice.

China's asset management, employee and accepted, but dozens. No hate ferry ride, but my basic rights. Beating, inhabit the sad old age and disease, spanned, and the advising hunger and the ugly need. But overall the quiver for that employee. No consumer Tennis Championship winner Editors.

Now, I'm no expert in ancient languages, but I doubt that people in ancient Rome had a word for 'Oklahoma' but, as I said, I'm no expert.

I think that this is less of an indication of Muse's musings, more of an indication of Google translate's wtfness.

But let's disregard how obviously derpy the translation is. Maybe it holds some water. But what on earth could this cryptic message mean?

World / That illusively named city
« on: August 21, 2013, 04:12:50 pm »
Gabriel, when he sought to build great vessels of the sky, searched for his parts in the old, desolate city of Paritan, or so many would say.

But, however, my OCD cannot let this slide, as the city in question, the setting for Paritan Rumble and Labyrinth, is called Paritus, and not Paritan.

I call upon the official lore:

As you can see, there is no dispute as to the official name of the city, so why would it be called "Paritan Rumble"
Well, the answer is that the word "Paritan" is an adjective referring to something "of Paritus", in the same vein of words as "english" or "cornish".

Just as you would call a rumble that took place in France a "French Rumble", a rumble taking place in Paritus would be a Paritan Rumble.

I'm sorry, but there are so many times I can control my pedanticism(?) after I see or hear people refer to the city wrongly.

The Pit / Cornwall, motherf*ckers
« on: August 18, 2013, 03:16:53 pm »
All of the past week I have been away from the civilised world of London and camping in the forgotten realm of Cornwall, shoved to the southernmost tip of Great Britain.

here is a map, for the convenience of those not familiar with English counties.

And, after having gone through this, I now feel enlightened, my mind filled with invaluable new knowledge such as: In Cornwall, it is not considered strange to have not one, not two, but three separate pasty shops next to each other.

Now that your mind has been fully blown, let me enlighten you more on this fascinating part of the world.

1) Apparently, the sea-side castle of Tintagel, at the top of a in-no-way too steep climb, is where King Arthur was allegedly conceived. The story is long, but the general upshot is that Uther Pendragon got his pal Merlin to disguise him as the husband of his desired lady and borderline rape her.

2) Cornwall has its own separatist movement and even its own flag, the flag of St. Piran

They wish to make Cornwall its own country, similar to Wales and Scotland in that it would still be part of the UK.

There's even a Cornish language, which I'd never heard of, and you probably haven't either. Good for you, because, like all Celtic languages, it consists of nothing but mother... fucking... consonants. Literally nothing but consonants, with the occasional vowel thrown in, sticking out like a sore thumb in the never ending ocean of consonants. Thankfully, no one gives a shit about that dead language, so its hardly ever used.
But in its heyday, its use stretched way over to Exeter, which is here...


3) Cornwall is home to the world's first eco-surfboard... ... ... ... ... What on earth is an eco-surfboard, I have no idea?

4) It also proudly boasts the largest collection of plant species in the British Isles, so watch out for that, these guys don't fuck around when it comes to their flora.

But in all fairness, Cornwall did bring the world famous Cornish pasty to the world, which is something to be proud of by anyone's standards.
And the country is beautiful, with its rocky coasts and green fields, punctuated by the occasional sleepy village with interesting names (my personal favourite being "Boscastle", literally pronounced, Boss-castle).

But I would abandon all of this and flee back to the safety of London, for London, in all of its expanse, can give me a consistent internet connection.

God bless civilisation.

Gameplay / Mobula builds
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:12:49 pm »
I've been told several times that my Mobula build is slightly unorthodox or weird on occasion. And it got me thinking that the Mobula is a ship so rarely used that, to my knowledge, I am not aware of any Mobula meta. I mean, I've seen duel purpose Mobulas with a sniping side and brawling side, but I'm not so fond of that idea.

I prefer to set it up with a mortar on top, duel gatlings, a mine launcher on the left and flare on the right. Though, to be honest, the side two slots are basically just for utility.

but it did just get me thinking, what do people put on their Mobula and why?

The Gallery / Artistic screenshot gallery
« on: July 30, 2013, 03:03:51 am »
Welcome good sirs and madams to the Artistic screenshot gallery. So, while the regular screenshot gallery can be for screenshots of a generally amusing nature, including things like hilarious glitches and easter eggs, this is a place to present screenshots of a wholly artistic nature, along with a meaningful and impressive sounding caption, like a philosopher's quote (I play a lot of Civ V) or an overly alliterated sentence.

I have already presented several to the standard gallery. Here is a catch up of my pieces.

A beautiful sunset silhouette of a soaring Pyramidion.

"Time crumbles things; everything grows old and is forgotten under the power of time." - Aristotle

What evils lurk within the eyrie of this forgotten city look hungrily down at wounded prey.

The shadows of Titans do battle in the mists.

Geese, being mere animals, have no understanding of the concept of battles or wars. But they still know, like all beasts know, that where fire goes, bad things follow.

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable." - Sun Tzu

Now, let us see what kind of gallery of masterpieces we, as a community, can produce.

Gameplay / Phobos Light Mine Launcher test notes
« on: July 05, 2013, 11:38:34 am »
I spent quite a long time yesterday... well, an hour at least, on the Dev App testing the capabilities of the Phobos Light Mine Launcher. And what I found was very quite somewhat interesting.

General facts

As anyone can safely assume the Mine launcher launches mines.
These mines fly through the air with a very large arc and activate three seconds after shooting, where they deploy a balloon and float in the air until detonated.
Each Mine launcher can shoot a maximum of five mines at a time. If a sixth one is fired, the first one originally fired detonates.
Mines will detonate when a ship gets close to it and will cause friendly fire.
Mines have a very large radius and therefore can actually set off other mines in the vicinity.
Mines can in fact be either made to explode by shooting the body of it or made to drop by shooting the balloon.
Has a single shot per clip but has a fairly quick reload time of only a few seconds.


Note: For the duration of the test I was using the new Mobula ship (aka. Manta Ray), which has only a teeny bit more health and armour than the Spire, which it's closest to in those respects.

I decided to test the damaging capabilities of the mines by flying into them at full speed. When testing the effect of multiple mines, I grouped the mines close together. While no one in an actual game scenario would act quite as stupid as to fly directly into them at full speed, the facts of the test still stand.

One mine:
Minimal damage across all systems plus a few fires.

Two mines:
Armour is destroyed but no damage to permahull.
Everything damaged plus fires.
A few things destroyed.

Three mines:
Extremely heavy damage to all systems.
Permahull down to roughly two thirds.

Four mines:
Holy crap! Everything is gone!
Permahull down to a quarter.

Five mines:
Instant death.

Ammo effect on Mine Launcher

I only tested ammos that I thought would actually have a noticeable effect on the gun. Things that increase clip capacity don't work on it.

As expected, Flight arc is reduced, speed increased. But no difference to arming time so when shot at same angle, it will go further but still activate at same level.

Increased damage. Takes four shots for instant death.

Arming time drastically reduced so it activates almost immediately after being fired, so do not shoot this thing in front of your ship. Damage super duper increased so it takes three to kill.

Maybe other ammos have very special effects on the gun but I only tested these ones.

Disabling the Mines

While it is technically possible to shoot the balloon to make the mines drop, I've found that the hit-box is either glitched or just so small it's impossible to hit. So I only tested how much it takes to destroy the mines. For the purpose of the test I shot the mines at close range just to make life easier.

Two regular shots. One charged.

Takes a few seconds of fire but with the update you have to be a fucking sniper to hit the small target consistently even with heavy clip.

Two shots.

Like fifteen regular due to wide spread. But with heavy clip it takes two.

For some reason it just would not work. I was hitting it occasionally but it was just glitched out or something. Even then I imagine it would take a while.

two shots.

Two shots.

Five regular. Four charged.

Two shots.

My Opinion (for what it matters, which is probably not much)

The Phobos Mine Launcher is an extremely powerful weapon damage wise, being able to instakill a Mobula with enough mines. However it is also very situational and would be difficult to find consistent use for. It would be best used as the rear slot on a squid on galleon as an excellent pursuer deterrent and I can only imagine the joy from a squid pilot as he uses tar and shoots a Loch mine right behind him, imagining the cries of "Fucking shit there's a mine in the w-*dead*".
Overall, very good, if a bit situational.
But what does my opinion matter, for I can only imagine the glorious possibilities of what a pro pilot could put it to use for.

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