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General Discussion / Boardgame inspired by Guns of Icarus
« on: January 14, 2019, 11:08:19 am »
Hello community

I'm currently designing my very own first boardgame, and it's about GoI.
I was basically searching for a boardgame that would have this wonderful team interraction between players having a specific role in a team, with different gameplays, and, after few research... I found out there are none

so I began thinking, then writing rules...

I'm currently on my version 0.8 of rules, and I'll playtest my first prototype on Friday.

for Boardgames afficionados, the game is a kind of a mix between roborally and captain sonar. a captain, a gunner and 2 mechanics on the board, zones on the ship to handle, a hex map to move the ships. 2 phases per round: plannification (1min to plan 4 to 7 actions for a full crew), then execution.
The game would be from 6 to 16 players (3-4 players per ship, 2-4 ships)

Here are some pictures of the prototype so far

PS: The game is currently made by a fan, as a prototype. IF I go to try to officially edit it, I'll ask Muse to negociate the IP, otherwise, the art will be different... I just want to say I do not intend to steal anything from Muse ;-)

PS for Muse Game: If you're eager to edit this boardgame, I'm willing to have the IP freely :p. Seriously, If you're interrested, please contact me ;-) I can give you the rules I've written so far

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