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General Discussion / Players to Avoid
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:50:24 am »
Well, since I just had a soul crushing match which challenged my enjoyment of the game, I think it's time to set up a thread to make the worst among us famous!

DxCreaper, Constantly rammed terrain and did not engage in battle. Refused to listen.

Several players have wondered why certain ships have the designation of 'easy' or 'hard' , such as Goldfish and Spire having, paradoxically, hard and easy difficulties, respectively.

It's possible that some players might confuse 'difficulty' as in overall difficulty, but as any Spire engineer can tell you, it is most certainly not the easiest ship to keep in the air.

Similar to the abilities of the ship, I would like to propose have a difficulty level for Piloting, Gunning, and Engineering. Easy to pilot ships would have a very full bar, while difficult to engineer ships would have a very low bar. This may help newer pilots make a more informed decision in choosing a ship, especially when explained.

Feedback and Suggestions / Map Idea; Vyshtorg
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:13:50 am »
Original lore on the Mercantile Guild, in the Faction spotlight boards of old, there's mention of 'Fleets of airships to rise above the filth and pestilence of the city streets'. If we were to take that literally, one wouldn't be wrong in assuming that the Merchants have a city basically above the city. Airship-borne houses and manors that could very well be airborn Versaille's.

So the idea is to address past desires for a more vertically focused map, with cover that, instead of being attached to the ground, more so floats as a static object. The ground is still there, of course, but a higher ceiling for the map allows for these floating bits of cover to give a new experience to the play.

For example, let's say there are 4-5 floating manors above the city below. Combat wouldn't oly focus on narrow corridors that enemies may be able to slip through, or on long-range snipes on relatively open maps, but more so on control of the islands that you can take for snipes, and darting in between, under, over, and around these cover points to take snipers by surprise.

An example would be, say, a Spire hiding behind one of these islands, with a Pyra running defence for any flankers. On an average map where cover extends to the ground, this would mean flankers would be able to go low and have to try and sneak below the Pyra, right under the guns and hope it isn't spotted. On a map with static, air-borne cover, the flanker may be able to simply fly under the cover piece and pop back up behind both ships. Some cover bits on most maps offer something similar from above, but the potential is there to make a very interesting combat scenario.

Visuals would also be rather interesting, the beauty of the flying manors points compared with the heavily industrial and slum-like city below, should enough work be put into both.

Tl;dr: Verticle focused map with floating manors acting as cover, with the ability to flank above and below, and control of these flying 'islands' being key to victory.

Anyways, a theory for something that I've seen requested a time or two for a verticle map. And it would allow us to see something in the south, as I believe very few maps are based there.

Feedback and Suggestions / Disagreement and Cooperation.
« on: March 04, 2017, 10:46:45 am »
In Alliance, the Stormbreaker is slated for a change that I find to skew the lore of the ship and to make her, frankly, ridiculous. A heavy weapon slot on a ship that would weigh less than the weapon being placed on it? Absurd.

The Stormbreaker is fine as it is, for either Alliance or Skirmish. The argument that the Arashi need a ship with a heavy weapon's slot does hold weight, however. They deserve a ship that can carry the weapon as much as any other faction.

So here's my answer to it; A second ship, not just for the Arashi, but for all factions, in order to encourage progression within a certain faction and to promote the team aspect of Alliance. A whole team composed of Faction specific ships. Potentially with an effort gain for using them all.

This would be a significant undertaking for the Dev Team, however, with going over layouts, niche's, features of each ship, stats, weapon placements... etc. So here's a compromise;

A contest.

Call it the Shipwright's Calling or something or other, allowing the community to design the second wave of ships for each faction, with a few basic parameters for what the devs would want for each faction. The work for smothing out the edges of what the community creates, and the basic building of the ship, would of course fall on the devs, but the time to plan it out would not.

It would offer the community a way to influence the direction of newer ships, and potentially open the door for players to have a hand in creating new ships for Skirmish.

With how limited the workshop is right now, it would be a wonderful way to experiment with the potential of turning over some levels of design to the community. With how small we are, and how small the team is, this could open a lot of new doors.

World / So, apparently the Heavy Cavitation cannon/ Railgun is Arashi...
« on: February 01, 2017, 10:38:58 am »

Mikko Stimbra
3:53 PM (18 hours ago)

to me, feedback
Hi Naoura,

The Heavy Cavitation gun is indeed Arashi design. The Heavy Remove Mine Launcher is of Yeshan design. If you need any further clarification let us know and we'll be happy to answer those questions!

I know it's been discussed before, but I do want to see if the discussion could be brought up again.

The only lasting damage mechanic we currently have in Skirmish is Fire. Akin to 'poison' in other games, Fire is a staple, either for diable or kill depending on how you build it. A Squid with a flamer and a carronade can be lethal to a Galleon balloon, though a successul chem-cycle or a quick extinguisher can save the day.

While I know Alliance will keep any and all suggestions for Skirmish not even on the stove, let alone the backburner, I at least wanted to see what the discussion on a debuffing mechanic would be. My suggestion; Chemical damage/ Acid.

Chemical damage would be very different from Fire on a mechanical basis. Where Fire would absolutely require extinguishing, or it will sit with you forever, Acid/ Chemical would tick down, dealing damage per lost stack. Example;

10 stacks of Chem
2 damage per stack applied.
1 stack is expended every second.
Damage applied; 20 damage over 10 seconds.
Stacks expended, no further damage.

This may seem like rather trivial damage, and not worth it to bring Chemical weaponry or Ammunition (Basically incen for Chem), but I do think that a debuff should be the strength of the weapon, rather than damage. My proposal; increases the effect of all ofther damage types by 20% on the effected component. Example;

Armor is currently under the effects of Chem/Acid (5 stacks)
Chemical damage over 5 seconds is equal to 10 damage
An ally fires on the target, hitting their armor with an Artemis
Armor modifier for explosive- 70x0.3=21 damage to armor.
Acid/Chem modifier- 21+20%=25.2 Explosive
Armor modifier for Shatter- 120x0.2=24
Acid/Chem modifier- 24+20%=28.8
Overall damage- 54

This damage modifier means that sniping ships would be able to add stacks of chemical damage from a distance, allowing cloer range, brawling ships the ability to engage much more effectively, and dangerously.

Naturally, something must exist to counter this, similar to fire Ext and Chemspray. So I would propose something akin to a Neutralizer, which acts as Ext to Chemical damage. Where Neutralizer is reactionary, Chemspray would remain preventative. Now, the relationship Neutralizer and Extiguisher have is similar to Chemspray extinguishing a fire; Not wholly ineffective, but inefficient. Neutralizer trying to extiguish a fire would remove 3 stacks, as Extinguisher trying to remove Chemical stacks would remove 3 stacks. A new reactionary tool, yes, making Chemical spray very powerful. This might need some tweaking, but I kind of want it to stay as a iddle-ground, preventative tool. This does reward higher level play with Chemspray, but it also adds a new reactionary measure, meaning Captains would have to coordinate more with their crew.

These are just my suggestions for it, but I want to see what everyone else thinks. I know it wouldn't be adding much, just a mechanic that would have to go through extensive testing so as to not be overpowered or to be useless, but I would hope it would mean that Muse woul dhave to implement new weaponry, as there would be a new mechanic. It would automatically offer a new ammunition type, basically just the Incen for Acid/Chem damage. That would have to go through a lot of testing as well, and would likely result in an Incen buff for the new Chem ammunition.

Discussion, hopefully a go.

Feedback and Suggestions / Minotaur fix: Charging?
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:43:58 pm »
Hey guys, idea I had in attempt to fix the mino, based off of the weapons that we've recently gotten in Alliance.

Currently, we have 2 and 1/2 weapons that are charging (Counting the Lens Array). All of them have been rather well recieved, even if the Voltaic Coil needed some major balancing before it was considered useful. All of these weapons are for Alliance and Alliance only, even if some weapons might be ported over.

The Minotaur is a perfect tool to try and port the 'charging' concept over to Skirmish, as it's not doing anything useful anyways. I'll have the numbers crunched to perfection here in time, but here's the general concept:

Regular fire; Extremely wide area shot, scattering buckshot into a major area, but with multiple shots.
Charged fire; Narrow shot, focusing the entire magazine of the weapon into a single round, with all of the buckshot accompanying, but with the same turning speed reduction found on the Aten, making a charged shot difficult for lower level players or for a quicker ship.

The basis for the concept stems from the H-Carro. Before it's nerfs, H-Carro could be used more effectively for disable as well as anti-balloon. If using Heavy clip, you can definitely still disable parts of the ship quickly, but it's primary usage is not for disable, but for killing an enemy balloon. This proposed change to the Mino would give the mino the option to be an effective close-range disabler, especially should the the jitter be reduced for an uncharged shot. Max Spread, uncharged, would be heavily increased, while range would be heavily decreased, forcing a captain to get much, much closer to a target for an effective disable.

The charged shot, however, would be very different. Holding the charge will decrease the amount of rounds in the magazine, effectively 'firing' them by adding them to the round loaded into the weapon. Overloading, as it were. The charge would come at a cost of decreasing turning speed and possibly with a jitter increase for each level of charge approached. This would, however, reduce the spread at maximum range by a certain degree, as well as increase the buckshot count for each level, efectively tightening the shot into a more and more focused blast. This would take advantage of the impact that the buckshot has on an enemy ship, and make players choose between a half-charged shot that would have a high chance of simply flying around the target, or an extremely focused blast that would leave the gun with a very lengthy reload.

The overall thought behind this is to make the Mino the utility weapon it's supposed to be. At longer ranges, it would be more effective at supporting allies by having focused shots keep an enemy out of arc more accurately, but with plenty of RNG to keep it balanced. At closer ranges, the Mino would be more useful as a disabler, scattering scrap all over the ship to break as many components as possible.

Added changes that would help this concept work would be to decrease the damage per projectile, but increase the number of projectiles per shot. This would make using the Mino as a disabling Carro much more effective, while stacking the smaller projectiles together for the charged shot would make it much more effective at longer ranges, but would keep the level of randomness that the Mino should have as a Scrap Cannon.

And there you have it. A potential fix for the Mino and a way to bring charged weaponry over to Skirmish in a way that doesn't heavily destroy anything, and revitalizes the weapon that has been the community's whipping boy since it's nerf.

The Gallery / Oooooh, what're these?
« on: January 11, 2017, 12:06:10 pm »

Looks like a Shield Tesla is going to be a thing.

General Discussion / Community event idea for this Christmas: Caro-ling
« on: November 28, 2016, 03:34:06 pm »,6922.0.html

The idea for this is to organize into seperate ships, the main weapon of which must be a carronade. After the fun little air-ship minigame, the group that lost would sing one of the carols from the post above.

Just something fun for a few matches or so, and to get into the holiday spirit.

Chimaera Anti-Air Artillery (Triple-A)

Direct damage: 25 Shatter
Burst Damage: 15 Piercing (Per sub munition)
Burst radius: 75 meters.
Arming range: 1000 meters, 850 meters, and 700 meters (Variable arming distance by right-clicking)
Rate of fire: 0.3
Reload time: 3 seconds
Magazine size: 1
Projectile speed: 300 m/s
Range: 1000 maximum
Shell drop: 20m/s^2
Jitter: 0 deg
Size: Heavy
Arcs: TBD
Projectiles per Cast: 50

The heavy version of the Calais, the Chimaera is a strange weapon. While it has a rather fast reload and an incredibly low skill ceiling in order to actually get hits, the Chimaera requires decent accuracy to be even moderately effective.

The damage from the sub munitions has not changed in the slightest from the Calais, making it, at face value, seem on the weak side. However, the numbers of projectiles/rays that are cast from the detonation is heavily increased. This means that the amount of potential damage is greatly increased from the Calais, as the weapon’s primary damage output is by its sub munitions.

By far the most important and powerful part of the Chimaera is the variable arming distance. Removing the possibility for zoom, the Chimaera gains the ability to change its arming distance by 150 meters per click, reloading the weapon for the new distance. Starting at 1000 meters and going down to 700, the Chimaera has the potential for being a powerful defensive weapon, creating an area in its arc that would be very risky for a captain to attempt to fly through, and would encourage diversionary and ambush tactics.

The primary balance for this, of course, is the area inside of its arming distances. If an enemy were to be able to get within 625 meters, the Chimaera is rendered mostly useless, making ramming a ship armed with it a very effective tactic, or else disabling the Chimaera from range in order to clear out the denial zone. Attempting to attack a target with the Chimaera equipped would require hitting the enemy either from behind or from the sides, closing in on the target before the weapon can acquire and get ranging on your vessel. As such, faster, more maneuverable ships are this weapon’s bane, despite its fast reload. Any kind of ship that can engage within 625 meters, or outside 1075, directly counters this weapon and makes pairing it with the Typhon somewhat risky against an enemy armed with a Lumberjack, or any form of Metamidion.

Overall, the Chimaera is designed for mid- to long-range defensive measures, providing a hazardous zone that the enemy would likely not be able to move through. The greater range requires a much higher skill ceiling to use with the Typhon, and would give higher level players a much more skill-based, rewarding combo, and allows for lower level gunners/ engineers to be able to crew with higher level players while still being combat effective.

Props to @Richard LeMoon for the name. On my Calais post, he listed the number of weapons that it borrows from, and with all of the hodgepodge of mechanics this weapon is, it was obviously a Chimaera at best.

World / The player's role: Aces or Mercenaries?
« on: November 14, 2016, 03:07:16 pm »
Each of the factions have massive fleets and large, dangerous battleships that they can field at a moment's notice, both striking the enemy at his doorstep or guarding vital equipment or materiél factories.

What's the player's role? Lore-wise, what are we?

Are we the best captains and crews the faction can offer, the aces of the fleet, the Special Air Service of each faction, or are we simply mercenaries? Hired bough up by the best faction, lending our services to their plans.

World / So that's how they made their fortune...
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:25:55 am »
Had to spectate for a match when I thought I saw something on the side of the gun. Sure enough, looks like the world uses Mercantile weapons.

Gameplay / What's the bounty on enemy ships?
« on: November 10, 2016, 09:46:56 am »
In Alliance, you can see that, for the "Effort Contributed" section, you have a stat that shows the amount of enemy ships that you've managed to kill. Higher the number, better the Effort.

But... what's the going rate on those? I'm not even certain if just leaving them as a stat for effort is a great idea, as, lorewise, you'd reward kills like that in extra pay, so maybe add a little bit to the warchest for every enemy killed.

Say, for the weaker ships, have them be worth 2 Coin, and the Frigates be worth 5 or so, keeping the numbers low to avoid farming.

Bosses, of course, would be worth somehwere in the range of 50-100. Make it seriously rewarding for killing one, especially with how difficult they are to bloody well kill as well as finishing the mission.

Feedback and Suggestions / Alliance Game mode: Titan Hunt
« on: November 09, 2016, 01:17:21 pm »
A game mode where the main objective is to kill a set number of Titan's. Higher the difficulty, the higher the number.

But the twist is lovely for the attackers: Each Titan that spawns has the chance of one of three nerfs:

Engines Down: Boss Ship is no longer able to maneuver, but has full health and active weaponry.
R&R: Boss ship is down 1-2 health bars, but has maneuverability and weapons.
Rearming: Boss ship has maneuverability and full health, but has it's weapons down for 1-2 minutes.

The idea being that, when the Titans spawn in, they are somewhat defenseless aside from a spattering of ads and defenses. The Titans will spawn in dedicated areas, each with a ring of defenses similar to on the Defense game-mode.

The Pit / Hey, look what I found.
« on: November 08, 2016, 10:14:48 pm »

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