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The Docks / The Bully Boys Recruitment Thread (Version 3.0)
« on: November 22, 2014, 10:49:01 am »
Bully for you, sir!

Who We Are

The Bully Boys are one of oldest and largest Guns of Icarus Online clans. Starting all the way back in March 2013, we competed in the very first Cogs tournament with our competitive team Black Flight Squadron. We made a splash in the competitive scene, winning the Icarus Sky Tournament. We've also won titles and ranked highly in various other events since. As well as competing ourselves, we’ve also organized awesome community events such as the Aerodrome. Though we don’t enter every competitive event anymore, we always make an impact when we do!

Since our founding we’ve grown into a diverse multi-game community. We play a wide variety of games together, ranging from shooters to MOBAs to classic pen-and-paper RPGs, and are always willing to try out something new. We’ve also started really getting into making videos on Youtube and streaming games on Twitch. Whether you just want to hang out and game or you want to try dipping your toe into creating online content, we’ve got something for you!

If you are a friendly and fun-loving lad (or lass!) who’s looking for other friendly and fun-loving lads and lasses to play games with, or just generally have a good time around, then you should consider applying for the Bully Boys.

Why Should I Join?

We have a Mumble server for our voice chat solution, where we do the majority of talking and socializing. Thus it is important that you are able to use the software, but if you should have trouble with it, one of our friendly techsavvy members will be happy to help you sort it out. As we are a primarily European group, you will find us to be most active during European evening times. However, feel free to apply even if you don’t fall within that time zone!

Being part of the Bully Boys assures you’ll always have people to play that hot new multiplayer game with, and you’ll have the opportunity to make life-long friends! We feel what sets us apart from other gaming communities is our focus on integrating people into a close-knit group, regardless of their skill level, as well as giving them an opportunity to express themselves and bring their ideas to life.

How Do I Join?

Sounds interesting? Head over to our website at for more info, or if you’d like to apply right away, head to to sign up!

Also, if you're interested to see the kind of stuff we do, check out our Youtube channel at

General Discussion / My Interview With Muse
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:38:34 am »
Here's an article-ized version of an interview I did with Howard and Eric. I talked with them a little about adventure mode and I felt I got a better understanding of how it would all come together. It was a really interesting discussion and I hope I did a decent job condensing it. Maybe some of you guys might find it interesting :)

The Docks / The Bully Boys
« on: April 04, 2013, 09:39:48 pm »

The Bully Boys Recruitment Thread

Do you like to take on all-comers in dynamic daredevil dogfights? Bully for you, sir! You might want to join The Bully Boys. We're a motley collection of some of the hard-fightingest greasemonkeys, gun-nuts and flyboys ever assembled. We believe being tested is the best way to improve ourselves and we're always looking for good competition.

We love a battle in the skies, but we also like to relax and share a good laugh, and we welcome the oddballs, eccentrics and jokers. We're forming a team for tournament play, with others being discussed, so The Bully Boys are worth considering if you want a piece of that action.

If you're an experienced player and want to be assured you'll have some hard-working, communicative crew to call on, the Bullies can provide. Likewise, if you're a new player, but are willing to listen and eager to learn, we'll be very happy to show you the ropes!

We're a fairly laid back clan. We have no clan tags, and if you join the Bullies and it isn't for you, we won't bully you into staying! Though we are competitive, we're fundamentally a group of pals who like to have fun with this awesome game, and we want everyone else to have fun with it too.

So if you think you'd like to become a Bully Boy (or Girl!) shoot me or Gilder a message, or catch one of the Bullies in game. Though we're open for everyone to apply, we'd like to get to know you a little bit before we welcome you into our clan.

Hope to see you in the skies, and have a bully day!

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