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I created this second topic so you don't need to dig through the comments of the previous to find the fantastic spreadsheet that The Mann and Atruejedi worked hard on to get all your tips in and to make it easily readable. But wait, there's more!

I altered the spreadsheet so that people can only put their tips and rank them Pilot, Engineer, Gunner or All.

If you wish to discuss the tip, you can do so in the Discussions Spreadsheet which can be found at the bottom of the page.


Meaning instead of typing in this forum your excellent tips, you can put them right in the spreadsheet so you know for certain it won't be missed.

All of these tips are extremely helpful but it doesn't cover a very important topic that new captains need to know. What each ship does, and when to use them. I'd like to request adding in a second page to that spreadsheet so we can cover the general positives and negatives of each ship, until then let's work on them here!

The Spire

With three light guns and a heavy gun facing forward, a well coordinated crew can put out a stream of concentrated fire at the enemy.

Because it is spread vertically instead of horizontally, the spire can turn quickly to face flanking enemies.

Its vertical frame makes it difficult for enemy ships to go over or underneath it, making the Spire a popular choice to use for ramming.

Being a huge ship with a modest armor and an exposed balloon, the spire is very vulnerable to long range weapons such as Mercury field gun and Lumberjack heavy mortar

Its frame makes it difficult for even veteran captains to maneuver in close spaces.

The exposed balloon and large frame allows anti-balloon guns such as the Hades Light Cannon, Dragon Light Flamethrower and Carronade (Heavy and Light) to easily keep the Spire grounded.

That's what I can think of for the Spire right now, hopefully you understand what I'm looking for when you're making your posts.

Feedback and Suggestions / Player-suggested tips
« on: March 04, 2016, 01:04:01 pm »
After reading Newbluud's topic about the lack of helpful tips, I did some searching around on the forums and on /r/GunsOfIcarus and just couldn't find a list of tips suggested by players. Rather surprising since this is an always relevant topic.  So, let's make one.

To make this somewhat organized, I'll be dividing up the list into sections. General, Captain, Crew, Pilot, Gunner, Engineer. I will not be adding fluff tips onto the list, we already have too many of those ingame.

When you submit your tip(s) please:
1. Check the list to see if it's not in here already
2. Put the section name first
3. Keep the tip as simple as possible

Tips that apply to any player, anywhere.

1. In lobby, you can click the names of ships for their loadouts and the buttons to the right of every player to see their tools. This allows you to learn what to bring, and what to expect.
2. Pressing V brings up a selection of voice commands depending on if you're on the helm, guns, or walking around. Learning to use this quickly will often be more effective than attempting to type or speak clearly.

Tips for creating ships, working with other captains, and managing crew.

1. When captaining, be a pilot as well. This will be only help you collaborate with your fellow captains.
2. Having more than one gunner on your ship gives you lots of ammunition choices, but there won't be enough guns to make use of all that ammo!
3. A gunner is not always needed on a ship. Some guns only need one ammunition type.
4. Check the damage types on weapons before you equip them. Having a ship only able to do one thing may be a handicap to your team.
5. Readying up first is not always a good thing. Most of the time, your enemy is planning and deciding loadouts carefully, while you are not doing your homework.
6. To the left of your crew's names are buttons that let you see what tools they're bringing and to suggest loadouts.

Tips that apply regardless of being Engineer or Gunner

1. No matter how good a crew member you are, things will break and you will need the equipment to deal with that.
2. Engineers are capable of gunning and gunners are capable of helping with repairs outside of the guns.
3. It is better to take an undesirable loadout and suggest changes than it is to refuse and argue. A poorly equipped cooperative ship will always outperform a well equipped dysfunctional ship.

Tips for using the helm, such as pilot tools, steering and ramming.

1. When piloting, be the captain as well. This can only help you be more effective, in terms of working with fellow captains and working with your crew.
2. Know what pilot tools damage which components. If you bring three tools that damages the engines, you should see to it that you don't use all three frequently.
3. Aiming at an enemy ship and pressing B will lay crosshairs on it, visible to your crew.

Tips for players who're using the Gunner class and Gunner ammo types.

1. Burst ammunition only affects the AoE of weapons with an AoE stat to begin with.
2. More damage per shot does not necessarily mean more damage overall.
3. There is no ammunition that works well on every single gun. Check the ship your pilot is flying to see if you are bringing the right ammunition. Captains may suggest a loadout for you to use.

Tips for players who're using the Engineer class and Engineer tools.

1. Choosing buff hammer limits your ability to repair/rebuild/extinguish components.
2. Mallet is very strong at repairing undestroyed components, spanner is very strong at rebuilding destroyed components and the pipe wrench is average at both. When choosing three tools, think carefully about what you can contribute to the crew.
3. Not bringing a fire tool is often fatal. Many guns cause fires and some can stack a very large amount of fires very quickly.

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