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The Pit / War Crimes.
« on: June 10, 2016, 06:15:06 pm » a skycaptain and Anglean blackguard engineer, I admit to not doing very...forgivable things in my service with Anglea.

A town wiped off the map.
A family shot on the streets.
Children made into my experiements.
Weapons of destruction rebuilt and remade to massacre thousands.
Locations glassed for my amusement.
Something of that nature blurred and buried within the depths of my mind.

I drink alot to try and forget the moral consequences that my actions have done in my three years serving with Anglea. To Drink and forget that im STILL in service with their Fleets.
But i doubt ill forget it, and those consequences might catch up to me.

So lets get them off our chests captains of the Sky!
What great attrocity have you done in the service of a faction?
Share it with us over a bottle of fatal alchohol!

General Discussion / Why do Friend requests only go one way?
« on: May 22, 2016, 09:30:29 pm »
Y just occurred to me that in GOI, we are able to add friends like no tomorrow.
Enter a match, right click everyone's names, and suddenly everyone in the room is a green name and you can...
Well...Stalk everyone.

I add everyone competent, fun, or downright insane to my friends list, but am I a friend on THEIR list?
And people say they add me as a friend on their list, but I have NO IDEA I was a friend to begin with.

Why aren't we getting a notification that someone sent a friend request to me?
Why don't we have friend requests at all?

It's a bit strange considering how "social" this game is after all.

The Cantina / The Romance Bulletin
« on: May 21, 2016, 06:13:12 pm »
...yknow...the life of a sky captain gets rather lonely and cold on most nights. And I'm not just referring to treks through the Northern fjords...
Sometimes we just want someone to hold us, warm our hearts, and keep us company in bed throughout the night.  but finding a pretty woman or a nice man is time consuming, and a lot of us live on borrowed time.

That's what this bulletin board is for. Advertised by the Flebes Fire cult for stoking the fires in our hearts, these boards are posted throughout the world in every bar, hotel, and brothel to let potential partners know who you are!

All you have to do is...
- post your name and your best qualities.
- what you look for in the opposite sex (or same sex, you have your lovable tastes)
- What you would do on a first date.
- current location and contact information.

This also serves as a communication board for people responding to such advertisements!
So you can potentially date a person halfway across the globe!
Perfect for the lonely and busy sky captains of the world!

(Ps. Please don't put actual contact info in...lets not give our Mods a headache now.)

Feedback and Suggestions / More game modes?
« on: May 14, 2016, 05:28:58 pm »
Y just occurred to me...
How come we don't have more game modes?

We have Team deathmatch
King of the hill
And then crazy king.

Three total.
With maps in between.
I can't help but feel somewhat limited in our choice of gameplay. While fun in each of their own rights, they become rather stale when you play them over and over.
The maps do change the strategies, but still....I'd like more game modes if you ask me.

Something like Capture the flag. Captain Hunt, or A regular Deathmatch Free for all.
As a little boost to the game modes. (I don't know what alliance mode has yet, so dont say anything about that yet.)
Here's some details...

-capture the flag you expect.
Get to the enemy team spawn, tow a giant blue or red colored buoy through to your spawn.
Avoid dying.
Now I know what you are thinking. "Won't squids dominate this game mode?"
Yes and no. Squids will likely be able to get to the flag first.
But the giant flag buoy is heavy, so they won't be able to drag it back burning at the speed of light.
It's gunna have some weight to make maneuvering with it kind of annoying, so a team effort will be necessary.
In addition, you actually NEED to have a harpoon to drag it. Otherwise ramming the giant flag is an option and that can be annoying when the other team is shooting you. (Debatable of course)

-Captain hunt.
Something I've seen from my time in Steel ocean. A random ship is selected as the captain.
This is what the other team is supposed to kill.
Once the enemy captain ship is down, your teams captain ship needs to stay alive for a few minutes. Three or five I guess.
Now to avoid certain cowardice, and hiding, the captain ship is always shown on the map. Not as an actual mark that you can see with your eyes just a blue or red dot only on the map.
In addition, The Captain ship is not going to be "visibly special" so that the whole team can focus on. The captain can blend in with his or her allies and fight along side.

- and of course, Free for all.
Short and simple.
All individual ships get their own kill scores. First to 5 7 9 12 wins.
I'm surprised that's not already in GOI. It seems real easy to do.

The Pit / Skywhale rumors.
« on: May 13, 2016, 04:44:07 pm »
Skywhales don't exist.
Or at least...SOMEONE is trying to hide them.
Pretty damn recklessly too I must admit.

I woke up finding my house covered in bulletholes and spray paint. And half my furniture ripped to shreds out on the streets. I think someone left several land mines under my rug...
...oh. Can't forget the pipe bomb in the toilet. Was a very nasty surprise.
Glad I sleep in the basement.

So...I'm just gunna publicly say it. Fuck you.
Still looking for rumors on those skywhales. Do you have a story on Skywhales?
Can you leave it here please? One without an explosive device or cyanide?

General Discussion / The Lobbies of Icarus.
« on: May 07, 2016, 12:21:32 pm »
Waiting all day for a team in a lobby is part of the GOI experience.
Some of us might not like it and scream "ready up" but of course, we simply add time to shut them up.
It's at this time half the fun begins. Conversing with others.
And sometimes these conversations are quite memorable for...a number of reasons.

For example...last night I had a nice conversation about Hentai and visual novels with some random people. My clan mates were disgusted, but they already knew this much about me :p

Now I'm not saying you should do the same thing, but what's a memorable conversation you have had in lobbies of Icarus?

And...What's the BEST way to start a conversation in lobbies of Icarus?

The Pit / When everything falls apart...What do you Scream?
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:21:36 pm »
Let's face it.

We all have had that moment in which everything that you think COULD go wrong...DOES go wrong...
And the greatest mercy is your hull collapsing in on itself and exploding in a beautiful yet horrendous fireball...

Tell the instance before your inevitable death...
What do you scream?

What single, most profound piece of language do you emphasize with your dying breath as a final f*ck you to the captain that is killing you?

World / Food of the Factions
« on: April 24, 2016, 06:45:16 pm »
For once, let's not talk about the things that the factions have to kill each other, or how they dress for battle.

Let's talk about Food.
What do the each of the individual factions eat?
Since each of them live in pretty drastic environments...Arashi and Anglea being the biggest offenders
Surely some interesting cuisine has been invented?

The Gallery / The Grounder's Arsenal
« on: April 23, 2016, 11:08:24 pm »
Welcome to my little art page in a setting of mechanical creativity.
Here we combine three things, Pictures, Story, and Concepts based from the game.
For this little thread, Im focusing on Ground equipment. Why?
...lets face it a lot of our Sky captains think they are hot Sh*t compared to armies of the ground.
So lets change that.

Welcome to the Grounder's Arsenal.

"Men of ground, Against Men of Sky,
Whilst they look down, Haughty and Spiteful,
We look up, With our Ironclad guns,
And laugh as they fall down to meet us."

-Baronies Landguard.

The Grounder's arsenal is a exhibit showcasing the many Anti-aircraft weapons that all Land armies have at their disposal to defend against Aggressive Air fleets. Whether its organized pirates or Sky fleets, these weapons ensure that the enemy WON'T leave without losing half of their ships.

The exhibit is divided into Three Categories.
Infantry based AA weapons. Ranging from High powered rifles to Horse drawn Artillery pieces and Machineguns.
Generally weak alone which is why they are always seen in  Massive numbers.

Stationary AA Weapons. Comprised of Upgraded versions of Airship weaponry to Old world Firearms.
These are always the first line of defense in protecting the remains of civilization.

Mobile AA weapons. Outfitted with AA tanks to Siege walkers.
These are Always fielded with Poker weaponry as support.

Each weapon comes with a visual representation, a small history behind their conception, and when they were first fielded.
(As a word of warning, these creations might NOT be faithful to the GOI universe And might be butchered from the game  but its Fan art so meh.)
Due to how large each of my pictures and stories can become, They might come with their own individual posts. so...Also word of warning.
Two more pictures are showing up after this, Keep an eye out please?
Thank you for viewing my Black and white pictures. Try not to laugh.

General Discussion / I found a Skywhale.
« on: April 16, 2016, 03:50:42 pm »

They are utterly terrifying.

...I was out surfing the web searching for references for drawing GOI fan art, which I hope to show the community soon, Show my terrible drawings for the world to laugh at.
And somehow my search led me to...This.

A show from Nickelodeon.
Don't really know what to say. Is this why everyone tries to hide the skywhales?

General Discussion / How to drive a veteran absolutely insane?
« on: April 12, 2016, 11:27:19 am »
Not saying I'm actually gunna use this.
But let's say...I MIGHT use this to someone that POSSIBLY DESERVE IT.

I'm a nice guy, I do my best, I do my job, and I never try to pick a fight with the captain or my crew.
But sometimes I run across a person that no matter how good I do my job or how much I follow their instructions, they just lose their shit and emotionally bash me on my efforts.

Rather than leave the game, wait another 20 minutes in que, and effectively screw over the ship I was riding on because I was captain or I was a main deck engi

...didn't work obviously,I'm a nice guy, I'm not good at making others angry.
So I thought I'd ask e forums. How do you make a vet angry?

(Note. I say veteran not because all vets are dicks, but because of their experience. They have seenalot of shit and incompetence, so it be pretty hard to make them rage. And if you can make THEM rage, you can probably make a less experienced person rage.)

(Side note. Don't say sit there and refuse to do anything. That's too easy and you are supposed to be pissing off ONE PERSON. Not the whole ship.)

As a vet, what drives YOU insane?

General Discussion / Quotes to live by?
« on: April 02, 2016, 02:49:49 pm »
Somewhere in our lives, we come across a quote from a dead (or still living) person that accurately describes our very lives in a profound way that sticks to us for a long time.
For a change, how bout we be those dead guys and describe something in GOI in a sentence or less that leaves a very meaningful impact on a new guy?

For example:

Engineer: "Your fun is built on my suffering."
Gunner: "Blame the pilot"
Pilot: "My team has failed me."

Something like that.

General Discussion / ...What IS Alliance DLC?
« on: March 13, 2016, 04:51:52 pm »
I'm a bit confused on the whole alliance DLC and I was hoping someone around here could give me some information on it.

Now I have not bought the DLC, and it's bothering me because those guns and ships are TO DIE FOR.
Metaphorically speaking anyway.

So some questions on it.
1. Why is the DLC not on Steam where main game is, and is instead on the humble store?
- my parents are stingy on online game purchases and resort to buying steam cards from a real store and use those codes. Why? The old PS3 store hack left them scared shitless. So buying with a credit card is...well...not possible yet.

2. What SPECIFICALLY IS Alliance?
The humble store tells a little, it's a coop pvE with a dynamic map, with new ships, guns, and new enemies that die in droves.
However, the main website doesn't have any info on the DLC and the humble description is a bit vague.
What game modes are there?
There are new toys to play with, but are they being added to skirmish? I know The guns aren't, but will the ships be added if we buy the DLC?

3.Does the DLC add or do anything to skirmish mode?
I'm assuming it doesn't because it's adding a whole separate game to play with, but would it change graphics or different mechanics? Everything feels brighter in the DLC, I'm wondering if it will be applied here.

4. Should I buy it?
Metaphorical question obviously, I'll buy it eventually...someday...maybe I'll steal my parents wallet or something...
But for those of you that HAVE bought the DLC, has it been treating you well?

General Discussion / Who do you look for to have a good time?
« on: March 08, 2016, 11:22:35 am »
...that could be taken out of context...but whatever, a person with a dirty mind is usually more fun.

In anycase, today's topic is based on two questions.

- Who do you look for to establish a fun and reliable crew?
Do you go to your own clan mates, your personal friends? Or are you a gambler and run The random pub matches?
Be specific now.

- Who would you declare as an enemy to be the most challenging? Henceforth, the most fun?
Is there that ONE guy that pisses you the hell off, yet somehow you can't kill?
Is it a specific clan, like the Ryder's? Or the Skyborne?
Or like any boring person, you hate everyone in public matches?

General Discussion / What makes a good captain?
« on: February 19, 2016, 03:19:19 pm »
Don't get me wrong, this is not a "how to effectively fly" with a competent crew kind of thread. Believe me, I've flown with some of the best and fought against some of the best captains way late into the night and the amount of fun I get from them makes up for the burning eyes, wrist pains, and exhaustion I get from making their ships go.

In general to me, a good captain:
Talks to his/her crew. (Preferably with a mic)
Praises effort of said crew
Generally avoids crashing into mountains.
Helps others learn.
And finally Doesn't have to win, but has fun even when losing.

So aside from those points, what makes a good captain to you?

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